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on January 23, 2014
I love this mouse, but have just one problem with it which I'll get into later.

First off, when finding a mouse to buy I remember reading a review from someone how it felt like this mouse was made/contoured just for him because it fit so well. I absolutely agree with that. This may be the best fitting mouse I've ever used.

The multitude of buttons on here make it very convenient to have so many things right under a finger's touch. Every aspect of the mouse is highly responsive, which is a much welcome change over some that I've used in the past.

There is a light scheme on the mouse itself that will change colors covering most of the basic colors. For a mouse function it's of course unnecessary, but it kind of adds a nice touch to be able to look at the changes over time.

The only set back that I've found with this is the double click button. As I mentioned before everything about the mouse is highly responsive and the double click button is no exception. The problem that I have is when I depress the double click button once, which should just open a program, I wind up with 9 open programs. I have fooled around with the settings to try to get it a little less responsive, but without any success to this point.

Overall I would buy this mouse again, even with the problem with the double click button. If I can eventually figure that button out this would be the absolute perfect mouse.
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on June 6, 2013
First let me say that I only just got the mouse in so I've only been using it for a little while.

I bought this mouse to replace my Logitech G5 Laser Mouse (Blue/Black) that I've had for years. I LOVE my G5; and so does my 2 year old. She broke the middle mouse button, hence the need for a replacement. If you followed the link you'd see that my old mouse if currently selling for $200 which is way out of my budget. Logitech has since redesigned that mouse into the M500 and I don't like how it was redesigned (specifically because of how they changed the wheel). This mouse by UtechSmart (a company I've never heard of) didn't have any reviews, but I decided to take a chance on it anyway over a mouse by Anker I'd been considering.

Packaging first - It looks nice and feels sturdy. Unlike packaging I've seen on other products, it was simple to open. Inside you find the mouse, user manual, and install CD. Software was an easy install w/ reboot.

The mouse - It's a really nice size. I find that it fit well in my hand. It has some ribbed rubber areas down both sides for added grips that I think are kind of nice. It's a bit wider than my G5 was, but I think I'll actually like it more. The buttons have a good feel to them and all seem to be well placed. I was originally worried about the button on the 'wing' fearing I'd hit it to often with my thumb. I haven't found that to be the case however. That button is also a bit stiff which might be by design to help prevent miss-clicks.

I really like the different way the weights are handled with this mouse over my G5. In the G5 you loaded weights into a cartridge that slid into the body of the mouse. On mine the cartridge was constantly falling out. With this one they have slots built into the body of the mouse covered with a panel. The panel is opened with a sliding switch kind of like the one you'd find to release a laptop battery. I'd added about 14g of weight to my G5. With all the weights this mouse comes with installed in the body it feels a little heavier, but not uncomfortably so.

The software that comes with the mouse seems well built, though I haven't spent much time with it yet. One note about the color change option though. The tiny button on the right side of the mouse lets you change the color of your mouse. Out of the box they are blue, green, and red. This only changes the color for the icon on the body of the mouse, not the DPI indicators on the top left. When it comes to changing the color and whether the icon pulses or not, that was easy. It seems though you can only change the first color in the rotation. I tried to set up the mouse so my colors would be blue, purple, and white. Like I said only the first would change leaving the green and red settings constant. There might be an option to change this though that I haven't found yet.

I like the feel of the clicks. The click is softer (audibly) than the click on my G5, and I prefer it this way. The G5 always struck me as being particularly noisy. The mouse wheel is, fortunately, of the sort I like. The kind that you can feel clicks in instead of being one of those free spinning sort that I personally find annoying.

Sliding the mouse around it feels very smooth. My mouse pad has a rather loud floral design on it with areas of drastic color change. It's thrown other mice I've had before. This mouse doesn't seem to have any trouble with it at all.

I haven't tried it in a gaming situation yet, but thus far I think it'll perform well.

All in all I like it. I took a point off only because it is still rather new so there might be some quirks I haven't run into yet and it seems silly that you can only change the color for the icon that's under your palm for most the time. It would have been nice to change the color of all the lights on the mouse. Also that would can't change the colors for all three selections that the mouse will cycle through.

If you've read this far, sorry the review is so long. Since I think I'm the only review I wanted to try and cover everything. If I notice anything else noteworthy perhaps I'll update later.
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This mouse is best suited to two groups: gamers and people who do a lot of repetitive tasks on computers. I will try to illustrate the benefits to each, comparing the functionality with more traditional gaming mice.


For the price, the Venus is surprisingly solid. It does not quite feel comparable to high end mice in terms of durability or ergonomics, but it does not feel like a cheap knockoff either. The wire is the braided sort and the connector, albeit chunky, is heavy duty. The surface has a matte feel that prevents slipping. Some optional weights are included, but for long gaming/work sessions, it might be best to forgo them.

The appearance is... well, it's nerdy. This mouse knows who it is for (me!). The glowing lights and alien design fit right in with case mods and gaming keyboards. Still, it is not so flashy that it would be an issue for an office or living room.


Once of the most critical factors for a mouse is how responsive the buttons are. Thankfully, the Venus has very nice, clicky primary buttons. The side programmable buttons are not as nice, with a bit mushier feel. If you know what a Wacom tablet's buttons feel like, you have an idea. They are very usable, regardless.

The ergonomics of the mouse seem designed around an average hand. I also have a G9x, which has two sizes of shells, and this one is closer to the larger size. I generally like smaller mice, but the shape works well for me.

The side buttons are contoured, making finding the right button without looking reliable.


Scrolling is smooth, with soft clicks between scroll notches. There is sadly no hyper scrolling (free spinning) mode similar to Logitech mouses, but that may be proprietary. The click works well and is easy to accomplish without accidentally scrolling.


That high DPI is no joke! With the slightest hand movement, you can control the game or move the cursor across the screen. This is good for competitive gaming, but also important for reducing repetitive stress to the hand for office workers doing the same thing over and over. The DPI is higher in the Venus than my much more expensive gaming mouse.


First, I want to mention that the software on the website was in .rar format, so I needed to download a free utility to unpack it. This seems fitting with the nerdy aesthetic, but hopefully something they will change soon.

Installing the software was painless in Windows 7 and the mouse was immediately recognized. As with other mice, all of the buttons can be programmed, along with scroll speed, LED color, DPI, etc. Profiles can be saved and loaded to make switching settings for different programs fast. Overall, very similar to Logitech or SteelSeries software.

With all these buttons, this is an ideal mouse for use with macros, such as those written in autohotkey. If you do a lot of the same tasks over and over for work, I recommend looking into it. By using this mouse, a lot of wrist and hand pain can be avoided, plus things can be sped up in some cases. This is a major benefit over standard gaming mice.


The Venus is a substantial, precise mouse with a lot of buttons to work with. It is worth considering their other mice, among other brands, if you do not need them, but for the intended audience and price it is great.

Thank you to UtechSmart for providing a review unit.
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on February 13, 2015
Got this mouse for Christmas from my mother-in-law. The Venus is the ultimate gaming mouse. I use it to play the game, Rift, and the 12 programmable side buttons have taken my game combat to a whole new level. The Venus looks great, with it's customizable lighting, and the software it comes with is easy to use. There is absolutely now mouse out there comparable to the Venus that is as amazing for the same price. You're not going to go wrong with this mouse. Next to my wife, this is the second best thing my mother-in-law ever gave me.
review image
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on June 30, 2014
UtechSmart Laser precision MMO Gaming Mouse with 16400DPI (Venus)

Usage: This mouse is mainly designed for gamers, as it includes 12 programmable side buttons and a double-fire option. You can also change the DPI settings with 16400 DPI being the highest and 1000 being the lowest with the two arrow keys. It will light up the red bar of the left of these keys to indicate which level setting of DPI the mouse is on. Each button on this mouse can be changed with the included driver utility tool. You can change what each mouse button does and also create a macro set for the buttons. The placement of the twelve buttons on the side creates two different button groups. It separates 1-6 and 7-12, while each group mirrors the other, the 7-12 group is placed lower so that you can differentiate between the buttons. There is a thumb rest for when you do not need to press any of the 12 buttons. On the other side of the mouse there is also an indentation for the ring finger to rest on. This does also come with the nifty feature of weight tuning. On the bottom, you can place up to 8 weights of 2.4 grams each. The mouse works perfectly right off the bat without any drivers, but if you want to maximize the functionality of your mouse, I definitely recommend installing the drivers.

Aesthetics/feel: This mouse is of similar shape to other gaming mice, so it does not create too much of a shift when changing mice. The 12 buttons on the side does take a little time to get used to, but are fairly easy to use once your thumb has used them for a few days. Although the DPI-changing keys are in a somewhat compromising position (right under the scroll wheel) I find that in my experience, you don't hit these keys even when scrolling. Everything on this mouse is easily accessible and the mouse is very comfortable for a medium sized hand. This is intended for right handed people, so I'd imagine left handed people would be unable to utilize this mouse effectively. Now although the mouse is not nearly as bright as other mice, it does allow for the changing of the colors to anything in our 16.8 million color spectrum. You are able to change the brightness of the light, and control the pre-set rate of the breathing pattern lights. Because it does not have any cut outs or large transparent parts of the mouse, it stays relatively black with hints of color. This is a non-issue if you plan on using the mouse for it's intended purpose: gaming.

Final Thoughts: It is indeed a great mouse, with many great functions that unless you are a gamer, you won't utilize it fully. This is designed for gamers, and will be used by gamers. It is a little much for everyday workplaces, but amazing for gamers. I have enjoyed this mouse immensely and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in gaming.
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on October 9, 2013
My impressions of the mouse are covered in greater detail in the video, but here are the highlights.

The build quality is good. It is comfortable, quiet, and all of the buttons work well. Surfaces are grippy, which I like.

The software works fine. There are lots of options to choose from concerning what each of the buttons does and you can make up several profiles which you can choose between.

Color selection is a low priority, but as everyone has said, you can only change the color of the light under your palm, not the DPI lights.

The laser sensor is a bit picky. It doesn't like surfaces unless they are perfect, in my opinion. Large movements are fine, but fine movements were hit-or-miss until I got a new mouse pad and played with the settings a lot. Considering the fact that mousing around is the main purpose of a mouse, I can't give it a full five stars due to the amount of effort it seemed to require to make it accurate. I hear that this is not uncommon for laser mice, but my Microsoft Intellimouse seemed far more versatile in this respect.

I am also not a fan of the location of the DPI switch. Seems as though the direct-from-asia mousemakers are buying their mouse bodies from the same manufacturer, installing their own guts, and adding their own brand name. There are Anker mice which are very similar to this one (including the software) but they have different sensors. Maybe that's why everybody puts the DPI switch in the same spot, but I'm not a fan of putting something that is meant for on-the-fly tweaking for gamers in a spot where it cannot be accessed seamlessly. Details in the video.

Still, overall, my impression is very good. If not for the difficulty with getting the sensor to respond correctly to small movements, it'd definitely get a full five stars. I'd say you're unlikely to find a better mouse in this price range.
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on December 3, 2014
I absolutely love this mouse! I will admit, at first, I didn't think this mouse would be all that great because it was made by a brand I nor my boyfriend has ever heard of (and he is typically up to date on the newest gaming computer accessories). After reading the reviews I decided to try it. I am so glad I did! The quality is amazing! The custom lighting options are fantastic and the interface was easy to use. I have generally small hands, and this fits my hand perfectly. I had tried the Razer Naga, but it was too long for my hand. I find the thumb rest extremely comfortable - at first I wasn't sure how I would feel about it. I like how the rows of the 12 programmable buttons on the side are on alternating tilts, it makes it easier to discern which numbers I'm clicking (which I think is great for beginners like myself).
My boyfriend has the Redragon Perdition, and I asked him to compare it to this one...and since he raids weekly I figured he'd have a better judgement. He said they are almost the exact same mouse, just a different case, they even look similar, and he slightly prefers the Venus to the Perdition. The only thing he prefers about the Perdition is the texture of the case.
I have had no issues with this mouse at all - except that I'm obsessed with it - and I am so glad I no longer have to bear the right-click double-click issue most of the Naga's have.
review image review image
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I received several products for review from UtechSmart and all I can say is that I am impressed by their products design and quality and the company's dedication to offer great products at a great price. If anything, I am more skeptical of marketing claims on products that I receive 'for free' but this mouse deserves its high rating and this is why.


˕ 6 FT LONG BRAIDED CORD - They clearly understand that some of us, gamers, keep our rigs under the desk so a long cord always helps and 'braided' means fewer tangles.
˕ WEIGHTS - Indeed, this inexpensive mouse actually comes with 6 weights so you can adjust it as you see fit. Just beautiful.
˕ RIGHT-HANDED ONLY - Not a positive by itself. Some gamers are not right-handed and I do hope that they may consider a left-handed version because with a mouse this good they'd make a killing. But designing it specifically for one hand it comes in the proper shape.
˕ EXTRA BUTTONS - Well, it's a gaming mouse so it's got to have it. They count 11 but that's stretching it a bit or... maybe not if you want to count the wheel's right or left tilts as 'buttons' but, yes, you do get a few extra buttons, anything from 4 to 6 when compared to a regular mouse, depending on how you count them.


This is briefly, what we are talking about:

˕ Polling rate up to 1000 Hz
˕ DPI up to 8200
˕ Adjustable sensitivity
˕ Adjustable mouse pointer speed
˕ Adjustable scroll speed
˕ Adjustable double-click speed


Each button can be assigned any of the available functions (see pics) which include advance commands such as DPI control, media commands (it's more than a gaming mouse) such as play or pause, single key assignments and, yes, recordable macros.

You can save up to 5 profiles accessible through the mouse utility app and you can save on your HDD and later load as many profiles as you care to create. And, no, you do not have preset profiles for some popular games.


Whether used as a 'regular' mouse or as a gaming mouse, this thing is simply awesome and to be able to get one at this low price is well... exceeding my expectations. This is one of the most responsive, smoothly moving, hand-fitting mouse I've used in a long time. My regular mouse is a Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse (more buttons) but I would seriously consider switching to this one if one of my gaming kids didn't beg me to let him have it. He is currently using a Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse (way more buttons).

So, here it comes my 5-star rating.
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on August 20, 2014
The mouse was DEFINITELY worth the low price I paid for it and the mouse itself works well, but at the same time if you're serious about gaming and your gaming peripherals, I would NOT recommend this mouse.
As I said, it functions nicely, but the mouse driver/software is about as bad as they get. I've been trying for about a week to try to change my mouse settings (DPI, light effects, etc.) and every single time, the program has loaded infinitely (I've left it for 8 hours at a time) and left my settings unchanged. This can be a major issue for some people, myself included, so I will be replacing this mouse.
That being said, if you're looking for a decent entry-level gaming mouse, this is the one for you.
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on August 6, 2014
I have a 12 year old sister that I introduced into PC gaming, giving her my M18x laptop. She's tiny, so I thought she wouldn't be able to handle all my weighted mice, and she couldn't. I was trying to find a high quality mouse for about $60 but I realized I only had about $30 left in Amazon. I came across this and did my research. I figured it would suit her, seeing that she wanted ANY gaming mouse.

I have to say, when it first came in, I wasn't that impressed. It came in an average looking mouse box. The mouse looked really cheap, as if it wasn't worth $25. But the rubberized frame of the mouse was comfortable. The wire is braided and it has plenty of basic colors for lighting. Since I only play 3200-3600 DPI, it was great for me. Tracking was superb, as I tested it on 3 mouse mats; SteelSeries Qck, Razer Goliath, and the stock Alienware mat. As you may know, the Razer Goliath is a terrible mat and I know from experience by testing a wide range of mice on it even after calibration. Razer's own mice don't even work on their Goliath. But this mouse was actually the only one that actually could. Even though it is laser precision, it tracks almost any surface. The only problem I had was that this mouse takes literally a minute to boot after plugging into a USB (Both 3.0 and 2.0) port. I checked in all my computers so it wasn't a faulty port, but the mouse USB itself.
I recommend this mouse for the average starters to PC gaming. You couldn't go wrong. Even I, as an extreme PC gamer, thought this was a rip off before ordering, but I regret ever saying so.
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