Customer Reviews: V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Limited Edition Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Matte Black) (OLD MODEL) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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I own the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 and the SMS Sync - and have owned the Dre. Beats Studio (I returned them). The video portion of this review compares all three headphones in terms of quality and overall functionality.... here's a spoiler - The V-Moda Crossfade LP2 are the clear winners.

Notes on the V-Moda Crossfade LP2

- Fantastic Sound - Easily the best of the three that I have compared it against. As I mention in the review the Crossfade LP2 sounds at a bit boomy on the low end and a bit sharp on the high end.... but that isn't always a bad thing...especially when it can be adjusted out with an equalizer.

- Very efficient headphones - they are the loudest of the headphones I have tried.

- Little to no leakage of sound - again - best in class

- Very nice noise isolation- it is completely passive so it does not require batteries

- Very comfortable - maybe a touch below the SMS sync by 50 - but still very good

- Build quality is very good - At first I thought the call-out of the Mil specs was gimmick. Typically, Mil specs are used for aerospace (as a precursor to the AMS specs) and military applications- and that doesn''t always necessarily mean that it super high quality... just that it followed a quality standard. In the case of the V-Moda it really does translate to high quality. Everything, including the cabling are top-notch (they are braided like high-end showlaces). The structure is metal and very solid and the joints are all reinforced. Very impressive.

- I love the case - it is very sleek and offers great protection - I prefer it greatly over the monstrous case that comes with SMS Sync by 50. The case has an interesting rubberish feel but it is very rigid. Again, I am very impressed.

- Appearance - definitely more of an industrial look when compared to the Beats and the Sync 50s, but I actually prefer the industrial look. The SMS Sync 50s don't always look right on a business traveler wearing his suit and sitting in first class (Which doesn't necessarily describe me!).

- Additional Features - The V-Moda Crossfade LP2 offers additional side-plates for "Customization" however, I see little value. It also does not offer the wireless options of the SMS Sync 50 (which is by-far its best option....although I don't think it warrants the high price), nor does it offer the stylish "It" factor of the Beats by Dre. However, for me... that is ok.

Final Verdict - For me the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 are the clear winner in the battle of high-end headphones. They offer fantastic sound with a very high-end build quality - they are still expensive, but in the case of the Crossfade I think they are well worth the money.

5 Stars
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on December 23, 2011
I actually bought a Bose AE2i and found out that it does not have enough of the bass that I was looking for. While trying to keep it in the $100-200 price range, I found out about the crossfade LP2 at the Window store. I tested them out along with the m80 and they were great. While the m80 might have a better driver for its class, I chose the LP2 due to its over the ear, which is very comfortable.

The headphone, as stated, has very minimal "branding" and come in a midnight/matte color. The v-moda signature on top of the headphone can barely be seen, and the only obvious signature is inside the headphone above the "R" in red, from Right or Left.

The bass on the LP2 are awesome. I tested them on an iPhone, laptop, and TV while gaming. The mid and highs are close to being that comparable to Bose, but it was better than I expected. I suggest turning off all equalizer, especially on any ipod/iphone, you really don't need it. If you were going to use it for gaming, it's going to blow you away! I heard sounds that I never heard before, especially with the minor sounds that we don't care or miss (winds, water dripping, etc).

The only big problem I had was that the 1-button mic cable was unresponsive. I contacted vmoda, and they had shipped me a replacement 3-button cable--they were quick about it too.

-Without burn ins, they sounds amazing--with very good mid and highs. (Tested these on Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Rock)
-Bass is controlled without disturbing vocals.
-Matte black finish
-Very comfortable, I wore it for over two hours and didn't had any problems with it.
-Very durable and well built
-Comes with useful accessories. I love the exoskeleton case, other headphones gave me a cheesy cloth bag.
-Great customer service from the support department at vmoda.

-Feels a little heavy at first. Wish it was a little lighter, but this wasn't a big issue for me.
-1 button mic/audio cable, wish they added the 3-button mic cable instead.
-The LP2 will feel a little tight at first, depending on your head size, but after a while it will more comfortable as you wear them.
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on December 2, 2011
I am not an audiophile by any means. This is my first pair of "decent" headphones, and I couldn't be happier. I did however compare theses to other top brands (Bose, Beats, AKG) and these were my favorite by far. I did a ton of research and you can't be the durability or the warranty on these. They sound great on my ipod and Iphone, and they isolate the surrounding noise pretty good too. They have super kevlar cords and storage case, and the headphones them self are made of high quality parts. They are also very comfortable and I can wear for hours without even noticing. I highly recommend them.
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on August 5, 2012
A little background about me to help anyone reading this understand my ability to critique music/sound:

While I am not (or at least don't consider myself to be) a "serious" audiophile or an expert on the subject by any means, I do love me some music. I'll listen to anything depending on what I feel like, and love everything from dubstep to classical/jazz to metal. I also love quirky bands/producers like Gogol Bordello, Korpiklaani, Mike Foyle and Amon Tobin, among others, that mix elements from multiple genres to create their own unique sound. Essentially, I feel that my musical tastes likely put me in a decent position to gauge the range/quality of audio equipment, since the types of sounds I want my headphones to be able to feed my ears are quite varied and different from one another, and benefit from different qualities in the sound reproduction process. For what it's worth, I've also built up some experience as a musician over the years (piano, cello, guitar)... not a ton, but enough to have a healthy appreciation for what goes into the music, and currently putz around with being a "bedroom DJ" (not nearly as titillating as it sounds, unfortunately) and plan to mess around with EDM production at some point.

Now, on to the main review:

These are my final choice in a month or so long hunt for a satisfactory pair of non-earbud style headphones. The casualties in the hunt prior to finding my prize (ordered by preference, descending):

- Soul by Ludacris SL150 (On-Ear)
- Sony MDR-XB500 (Over-Ear)
- Sony DRZX701IP (Over-Ear)
- Skullcandy HESH 2 (On-Ear)
- Beats by Dre Solo (On-Ear)
- Skullcandy Lowriders (On-Ear)
- Skullcandy Skullcrushers (Over-Ear)

In the end, these are simply above and beyond any of the other headphones I had looked into/tried out. Even the SL150, which sounded positively divine after slogging through the Skullcandy options and was a solid notch or two above the Sony models, don't compare in the end. I did *briefly* think that the bass/lower end sounds on these headphones was unbalanced with the rest of the sound spectrum, and attempted to fix the "issue" by putzing around with equalizer adjustments, something I normally loathe doing for a few different reasons, but realized in short order that I had been so focused on being critical of the headphones that I had failed to realize that the fault lay with the audio source, not the headphones (YouTube videos, albeit supposedly "HD", of some tracks I had lost my 320 kbps CD rips of due to computer issues and hadn't gotten around to re-ripping). That said, I could list the shortcomings of the other models I tried out that eventually lead me to discovering these bad boys, but that would make the review too long and it wouldn't really be a review of THESE headphones anymore. Instead, I'll just throw down a quick list of the main points that sold me on these 'phones, in no particular order:

- Sound "stage": despite being headphones, they present your music in an almost "3D"/surround sound fashion... it feels like you're hearing the sound of a cymbal crash into the distance, for example, as opposed to simply fading away.

- Nice "punchy" bass: ...not much more to add to that aside from that V-MODA acheived this while still keeping the bass in balance with the rest of the sound spectrum. Awesome!

- Ultra low-profile design: over-ear headphones, although they typically provide better sound than on-ear designs and are more comfortable than earbuds, are usually huge monstrosities that are obnoxious/ridiculous looking (compare to Skullcandy HESH... headphones that give you instant Princess Leia buns, or Sony MDR-XB500... you're a Transformer because you've got tires on the sides of your head). Simply put, these have a great low-key style that I don't mind sporting in public in the slightest. Hell, I've been gleefully showing them off to friends/family/co-workers!

- Super tough design: Metal parts? Kevlar-wrapped cable? Super-bendable headband? Obviously you should treat them nicely and not go out of your way to test the extent of abuse you can put these guys through (it's called abuse for a reason :-P) but it's nice to know that if you do accidentally drop them or something, there's an overwhelming chance they'll make it through unscathed or with only minor aesthetic damage.

- Ultra-forgiving warranty: even if you go to town and treat them like dirt, you'll at least get 50% off your next pair. For. Life. Anything less than that within the first two years is covered 100%. Score.

- Customization/Accessories: multiple cable options to suit your needs: 3-button w/ track and volume controls, 1-button w/ mic (didn't come with my pair, but I've heard other reviewers mention it) and a plain but extra-long cable... slick case that actually looks like it would protect the headphones (compare to cheaply made bag included with Skullcandy headphones)... and last but not least, interchangeable faceplates that you can custom order in a variety of colors/designs (including your own!).

Long story short, the only reason not to get these is if you're the type of person that doesn't really care about headphones as long as they have SOME way of getting their music fix. If you're reading this, however, I'm already fairly certain that description probably doesn't fit you. Another possibility, I suppose, is if you're one of those people that doesn't realize there's good audio equipment made by companies other than Bose (a rant for different time, perhaps)... or maybe you primarily want the recognizability of Beats/Soul/SMS headphones to impress people with. Once again, you probably wouldn't have gotten this far in my review were either of those the case. Okay, I'll admit there is *one* potentially good reason to go with another pair of headphones, and that's if you're prepared to go all out and drop the money to get an even better pair of headphones, although that's likely to be at least twice as much, since I've see these compared (and favorably so) to $4-500 models in reviews by people who *are* serious audiophiles, unlike myself. For the price V-MODA is asking, though, I can safely say that I, personally, have not thought twice about my decision to purchase these.
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on June 11, 2012
I purchased these LP2 after about 10 or so hours of reading other reviews, comparing Beats to these, Audio Technica, Sennheiser & Grado Cans, it was a mixed review all around.

I wasn't certain if I wanted the on-ear experience, or the over-ear comfort. I'm glad I chose over-ear, because these LP2 absolutely kill any other on-ear with comfort.

I was torn between these and the Klipsch M40's, just because the Klipsh M40 comes with such a beautiful aesthetically pleasing look, along with the impressive set of drivers, so I purchased both pairs. This is a review solely for the Crossfade LP2 after 200-400 hours of constant, 10-12 hours a day usage, with mixed "dupstep", rock, hardcore/grindcore, hip-hop/rap, classical & of course some 80's classic rock & roll.

Pros -

Audio - Absolutely amazing high-low's. The gain isn't too strong that you have distortion when fully maxed out, and throw a FiiO E11 Portable Amp on these, and you truly get the experience. Deep, pleasing bass, all the highs perfectly coming through without any resonance or distortion. If you have these on your head without any amp, fully turned out with no EQ (this is the way music should be listened to, no EQ or Flat), you literally get the 8 inch subwoofer effect. You can feel the bass vibrating these cans, and you can hear everything you thought was there, and things you did not know existed.

EXTREME COMFORT - I literally wear these 8 hours a day at work, without any break (or need for a break) and these totally drown out all sound around you. Not only this, but with the size of the cans and the over-ear size of the cuffs, nobody can hear the music around you. These function in a similar manner to a mini-sound bar when connected through the Amp and laid on the table/desk, you get to experience these in a different manner.

Cord - The cord is a kevlar reinforced standard 3.5mm jack, with a right angle (35 degree) entry point to your MP3 player. The cord boasts ability to withstand knife/scissor cut, but I have not yet been able to test this. I will contest that my puppy (6 month old) was unable to destroy the cord when the opportunity was given.

Functionality - Long wearing periods go by as though you don't have anything on your head. I have a large head, and typically I wear a cap as well, so I have to wear these over something, and you literally do not feel them for many hours. Eventually, your ears will get tired of having these on, but that's at the 5-6 hour mark of constant music & wearing. No discomfort on the top of you head, or anywhere on your face from constant contact.


Audio - These do not pack as much synthetic bass punch as a pair of Beats would, or as some pairs of Seinnheiser open cans would. The low's seem inconsistent when compared to mid-high, which is mostly due to the mid-gain on these headphones, when turned all the way up it seems that the drivers overpower the rest of the sound quality, but this is easily remedied with a small amp (FiiO E7/E9/E11) or just by not listening to at max volume. There have been only 10-15 hours of usage that these have actually been on my head with full volume on my music player, as you never need this, but for those of you who are bassheads, these are not the best headphones for you, but be warned - you will miss out on so much more if you pass these.

Functionality - These do not have a break-down, and the carrying case you are given feels.. at best, flimsy. It is not a quality issue, as you can tell it's a good hard shell by knocking on it, but it does not give the same feeling of pride as the Klipsch M40s will. This should not be a concern for those of you who will properly store, but please note you cannot disassemble anything on these but the cans side panel, which I had absolutely no care for.

tl;dr version--

These are impressive cans. As my second pair of sub $500 headphones, I was impressed from the get-go. After 20 hours of burn-in, the sound quality improved drastically. The bass was not as high as I would have liked, as they did not match my friends Beats, but in every other area of Audio, comfort, and aesthetics, these blow the Beats away (or for that matter, any other equally priced cans).

Comfort A+
Audio A
Aesthetics A
Cord A+
Function A
+AMP Usage A++

Over all, I would highly, HIGHLY suggest if you are on the wall about buying these, that you do it. You will not find better headphones for this price, and you will not be upset with yourself. At first if you are going from an already mid-high quality, you might not feel these are that great. But after the burn-in, and after wearing them for hours (and hours and hours.. and hours), you will understand this reviewers opinion.

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on January 19, 2012
First of all, the sound isolation. These headphones aren't good at that at all. Without playing music, you can hear over 70% of your surroundings. With playing music, you can't hear anything. These headphones aren't good at keeping external sound out and keeping internal sound in. These things leak pretty badly. Also, the awkwardly shaped ear cushions can be a little bothersome to those with large ears, like me.
Now that we got that out of the way, here's everything else: aka, the good. I just wanna start by saying that the sound quality is very good at low volumes. And when you turn the volume up to wear it's decently loud in your ears, that's when things change. These headphones take a turn for the best at high volumes. Right when I cranked the volume up on these, I was surprised at how I experienced my music. It was almost as i'd never experienced music until I got these. Sound quality is AMAZING.
Others might say that these feel a little heavy. I would honestly disagree. I think they feel great in my hands, it feels like I'm holding an actual pair of REAL headphones, not just some cheap ripoff. These feel sturdy and built to last.
How comfortable are these? Well, the ear cups have memory foam on them. When you press them in with your finger, they feel extremely pleasant. The headband may feel a bit hard to the touch, but it's really not. When you put these on your head, you enter a new world or comfort. These headphones feel snug, while not squeezing your head too tight. I even shook my head around while wearing these and they didn't slide around at all.
Now for build quality. These are made of metal. That should be enough. These are TOUGH. I mean, those military tests they did, are true. I bent mine flat, and no damage was done. The only problem with it I have is the metal pieces that hold the earcups on the sides. I dropped them once, from about 3-4' off the ground and one of those metal things came out, and it was really difficult to put it back on. But that shouldn't be a problem for anybody.
Let's see:
Sound Quality: 9/10
Comfort: 9/10
Build Quality: 9.5/10
Sound isolation: 4/10

Overall, these are amazing headphones. You should only consider not getting them if:
1. You don't have the money
2. You have big ears or big ear lobes
3. You want headphones that don't leak sound
4. You don't like the way these look.

One more thing, these headphones look GREAT; if I haven't said that before. But yeah, those hexagon shaped cups do no justice to people with big ear lobes.
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on February 12, 2013
When i purchased these, all i wanted was a pair of headphones of good build quality and great sound quality. For me, great sound quality...was simple...does the music i am listening to sound nice,given the playback device and whatever is driving the sound....yes or no.

I opened up the box..fearing that half of the cost of the headphones went into packaging and branding. Opening the headphone case itself...revealed a beautiful red velour interior...and an awesome looking set of matt black headphones. I was totally sure at this point that i had been duped and all the cost had gone into packaging and aesthetics.

I could have not been more wrong. This is the first pair of headphones I've had that i can understand and hear what "soundstage" is. Where the music doesn't sound flat....not in pitch mind you, but in dimension. Crisp highs,....high-hats ring like they are sitting in your ear. Balanced mids...Rich lows and Bass you can feel.

Caveat: Ive used these headphones nearly every day since Christmas on a mid-range Onkyo system, iPod, and (multiple laptops and desktops (playing the same source music)). The source they are plugged into makes all the difference. Sadly..the iPod is okay..but only okay..its a mixed bag depending on the type of laptop/desktop depending on your playback device and audio card. One of my laptops is every bit as good as my Onkyo.. Point being...the headphones are of a high enough standard that the quality of the track you play..or the device you play the track on..will matter. Other headphones...less expensive may never of known the difference..but with will. If you are the type to have 50,000 downloaded tracks at 92kbps...these may not be the headphones for you....but if you ripped all your cd's as lossless....these are your headphones.
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on February 5, 2012
These arrived in the mail yesterday and, after listening to them all day I can honestly say these are the best headphones I have ever owned. I listened to songs I had heard a hundred times before yet I had never heard them like this! I was listening to one song and I actually heard the singer inhale between stanzas! Also, the bass is incredible. I'm still charging the Fiio amplifier which will make it sound even more amazing, I'm sure, but even straight from the box the bass is pretty damn good.

Also, these are the best looking headphones I've ever owned. I was originally going to buy the "beats" headphones but after doing research I decided on these instead. I have to say, I find these to be way more stylish than the plastic look of the beats with that very loud "B" in the earphones.

One caveat though: I got the scare of my life just five minutes ago as I was listening to these headphones off my iphone and the wire got caught in the door of the refrigerator as I closed it, pulling the entire headset off my head and smashing it to the floor. When I picked it up, the right earpiece had come off and was literally hanging by a thread (the threaded braid that attaches to the headband)! I was so pissed because I had seen the youtube trailer of the guy throwing it halfway across the room without a scratch on it and on the website it's touted to be made of "military grade" metal blah blah blah. Anyway, after my mild seizure and cardiac arrest I looked it over and found I could just pop it back into the metal holder so that's what I did and so far it's working fine.

Other people have given negative reviews on this. Honestly, I have no idea what they're talking about when the say the sound quality sucks. To me, these are great.
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on January 11, 2013
I like these headphones a lot and I wanted to love them but, unfortunately, I can't. They sound and look amazing. They feel well put together. The cords, case, and other accessories are really cool. But, like I said in the title, these puppies are not for large ears. They fit my ears like on-ear headphones and end up clamping my ears against my head as if they were in a vise. Because of the size issue, I'm returning them. It makes me extremely sad though. They're so damn good looking and sounding. If only my ears were normal sized or these were designed to accommodate larger ears as well.
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on March 4, 2013
I received these yesterday and can't say enough good things about them. From reading other reviews, I was worried about two things:

1. They would look too big or too industrial / military. They do not, they are the perfect size and look great.
2. They would be too heavy. Not sure why people thought this, they feel light on your head and do not look big at all.

The sounds quality is great as other posts have pointed out. I have listened to Beats by Dre, and these are better for half the price. Just buy them already.
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