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on August 14, 2011
These are some absolutely amazing headphones, especially when you consider that they're priced well under $300. Excellent construction, and the sound is perfect for my taste. After getting them in, I've listened to all sorts of music - my tastes run from House / Electro to classical (tested with Dvorak's Symphony #9 in E Minor - lots of subtlety) to hip-hop, to Europop, and even some old Rush albums (and - ultimate test- the newly released BluRay audio version of Moving Pictures). The response curve is nice and flat (at least for headphones), and the details of the music flow beautifully. I couldn't be happier.

Other details like the detachable Kevlar-reinforced iPhone-compatible cord with remote are just icing on the cake. Normally I wouldn't really care much about what the headphones look like, but these are as close as you can get to works of art on your ears. It's not a decision maker / breaker, but to me it says a lot about a company that apparently cares about every possible detail in their products (even a carrying case that easily clips onto a carry-on bag - seriously, is there *nothing* these guys don't think about?!??).
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on December 7, 2012
If your like me, and typically don't want to stick out like a sore thumb wearing headphones in public then you make take pause when thinking about ordering these. I am a big fan of IEM's for that very reason although I have owned a good number of full sized cans in my time. Thankfully, these are actually very ergonomic and small and they really don't stick out any more than sennheiser's HD-25 II or Beyer's DT1350. They are just comfortable as well. People have made some reports that these clamp tighter, which may be the case, but the ear pads are made of some sort of memory foam type material that molds to your ears after a while of good use, making them very comfortable. So don't give up on them right away!

PACKAGING/ACCESSORIES: These come with a LOT of nice items. Including a very nice for fitting hard case to fit these quite well. You also get two cables, one for use with a phone that has a mic and push button and one that is slighter longer without the button. They have a nice fabric like coating on them, and they seem to fight warping well. V-Moda definitely
pays attention to their presentation, and they delivered in this aspect.


Overall, I like a balanced presentation. I listen to a wide variety of music, including Old Time, Bluegrass, EDM, Sountrack, Pop/Rock, Classic Rock etc etc. I don't want to have to adjust the eq everytime a new song comes up. This is what I was worried about with these headphones but because of all the great reviews on them I took the plunge.

With no burn in the sound is a tiny bit congested with the mid range and upper mids to trebles sounding as if they haven't yet been released fully. Fortunately after about 80 hours of burn in these open up nicely and present much better. It's worth noting that these are slightly ported, with a three small slits on each ear-cup. No, the person next to you on the sub way won't be able to hear the music well, but it does make isolation a little less than fully closed cans. It also adds a little space to the soundstage, which is part of what I think makes this a great portable headphone. One of the innate problems in IEM's and closed portable headphones is the lack of soundstage. While still quite a forward presentation, the v-moda, once burned in has a moderately deep, relaxed presentation that is very easy to listen to. It is deeper a presentation than it is wide or tall.

As far as bass, this headphone will certainly satisfy a basshead when called upon. But when not eq'd up it won't overwhelm the rest of the music. There is a TINY bit of bleed into the lower mids but it actually quite nice and adds to the overall laid back presentation of these. I tested the bass frequencies and I could audibly hear the 20 hz frequency and could feel it at least doing something at 15 and 10. So these definitely do as advertised. With acoustic music the bass adds nice subtle weight behind the instruments, and as I listen to that music the most, I thoroughly enjoy them with acoustic instruments.

The mids are neither forward nor recessed. Vocals are nicely rendered without much coloration and the soundstage in the mids is very nicely done. These may have a slight U shape to their frequency curve but it in dramatic and I actually really like where the mids sit. Again it is laid back, with the vocals not being iny our face, but not distant at all.

The highs are what suprised me the most. There is just enough "reverb shimmer" to be really enjoyable to listen to. I didn't expect this from these headphones and especially after burn they surprise and amaze me with this. They may be slightly rolled off somewhere, but it certainly isn't largely noticeable.

These do perform a lot better with a headphone amp. They may not require a lot of power for volume but having a bit of headroom from an amp really makes these things sing. I used a schiit LYR and a JDS 421 while testing these headphones, and while the sound is good without them, the amps take them to another level. Giving a much better soundstage and overall balanced presentation.

In conclusion these are some of the best portable headphones out there, comparing well to the SennheiserHD-25 and the Beyer 1350. And now they are a little cheaper. The presentation is a little thicker and dark then the sennheiser's but overall I am very pleased with these and will keep them. I do wish that I could switch pads on these just to see how it would affect sound. Let me know if you have found something that works as an alternate pad. Great value!
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on March 26, 2012
This is coming from someone who owns many high-end headphones such as the HE-500, Denon D7000, Grado RS1i, LCD2...To my ears, the V-80/M-80 is second to none of the on ear category. The sound as a whole package is smooth and pleasing. Comfort could be better though, and it's the only flaw.

Only other contenders to the on-ear supreme is the Sennheiser HD 25-1 and Beyerdynamic DT1350. But both of those are at a higher price, this makes the V-M80 a no brainer.

Highly Recommended
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on October 14, 2013
It started with my V-Moda Crossfade headphones (M-100, LP & LP2) which I am a very huge fan of. Then my wife tried my M-100 and was so amazed by the sound. So, she asked me if I could get her one... and asked if V-Moda has anything smaller as she finds the Crossfade M-100 and LP2 too big for her. So, I bought her a pair v-80's. Sound quality wise... just about the same as the rest of the normal Crossfade series... they just got smaller. I still prefer my LP2 and M-100 for their size. The V-80 is perfect for people with smaller ears and for ladies.
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on November 4, 2013
Best headphones I've ever had, and vampire themed too! Very comfortable, great quality sound, they seem durable, and the aesthetics are awesome (In internet terms: it looks awesome, feels awesome, and sounds awesome)
Highly recommended, I know they are pricey but they save you from buying s***ty 30$ headphones over and over because they break
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on December 28, 2011
As a hard of hearing 35 year old customer, finding a good set of headphones is a difficult task where at a reasonable volume I can hear everything. Some are all thump and you can't hear the vocals, the highs and lows, some are "tinny" and sound like the old string and 2 used plastic cups tied together.

After doing WAY more research than I probably needed between Beats, Aviators (Skullcandy), Vmoda Crossfade LP's, these, and the M80 (which by the way are the exact same headphone), I opted for these as the price was a good bargain and after Christmas I had some spare cash to roll towards an audio solution.

While I am no audiophile, I have tried many types and brands of headphones. Skullcandy Ti, VModa Remix, Skullcandy Skullcrushers, Shure SE115, Beats Tour, Skullcandy Hesh, and probably a couple I forgot about. Through all of these I looked for comfort and great sound quality.

While they may have one, they often didn't have the other...

Today I received my V80's from, I was very pleased with the entire package as VModa really goes the extra step towards the presentation of these products. I haven't burned them in all the way but I have been running them for the past 11 hours and the sound is getting warmer.

I can hear all the parts of my music plus parts I never had heard before. The bass isn't so heavy it rattles your brain out your nose, but it's there and blends nicely with the ambiance of the music. The vocals, highs, and mids are very smooth and it all sounds uniform together. I have been sucked into my own little world for the past many hours and haven't taken these off yet. They sit lightly on my ears (ON the Ear), and can be twisted around for a better fit, but I have a small head with small ears so I didn't have to move things around much.

Types of music played on the headphones already at 50% of the volume on my 5th Gen. iPod Classic and my Macbook Pro
Guns n Roses
Tori Amos
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix
Sneaker Pimps
Ice Cube
Weird Al Yankovic
Nine Inch Nails
Courtney Love / Hole
Smashing Pumpkins
Led Zepplin
Pink Floyd
Faster Pussycat
Mother Love Bone
Sixx AM
Tribe Called Quest
My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult
Beastie Boys
Motley Crue
Red Hot Chili Peppers
and quite a bit more music

If I were you and you had the cash to invest, I would for sure give these a shot, VModa has a test drive program, if you don't like these within 60 days you can return them, no questions asked and Amazon is an authorized dealer. What have you got to lose. Just remember, my opinion is mine, and with music and headphones, it is all based on user experience, to take ANY feedback with a grain of salt. Good luck shopping and if you get these I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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on November 11, 2014
Saw these on sale for $110 shipped, so I had to get them. Had them on my wishlist since they were $200. I use these mostly for my flights home each month, and they are awesome. I'd have to say that my ATM-50's are a tad bit better, but these are WAY more portable, with a bit better bass, but not as good of a soundstage.

They also come with a beautiful case and 2 chords, one including a mic and volume control, which works great.
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on August 11, 2012
I've had the V-Moda's for about a week and I can tell you that these are truly a great set of headphones. Start with the packaging: very nice, durable, stylish, enclosure with plenty of protection for shipment.

Once you open the packaging you find that the headphones come inside an absolute great case. Not only does the case provide protection for the headphones, it's probably the coolest headphone case I've ever seen. The fit of the headphones inside is really secure, so much that if you have to extend the sides they don't fit. I have to extend the cans 6 clicks to get a good fit and in order to put them back in the case, I have to fully retract. This is not a big deal and I would prefer knowing that when I put the headphones in the case for travel they will be protected.

The build quality of the headphones are second to NONE! I've had Bose, Beats, Shure, and Etymotic headphones and the build quality on the V-Moda's are amazing. The Bose are the only one's that come close and Beats are just overpriced garbage, and if I owned an establishment couldn't in good conscious sell Beats (rant...breath-sorry). The V-Moda's are very durable and when you hold them in your hand you can feel the quality. I would consider the Moda's the best quality you can build in without making the headphones so heavy you're unable wear them for an extended time. I've listened to the Moda's for several hours with no issues of feeling the weight on your neck or head.

The Moda's are definitely comfortable. The pads around the drivers are very cushy and form fit nicely on your ears. You can adjust the position of the cans by extending the sides, which click nicely in place. The Moda's are not like some headphones I've had where you get them adjusted and over several hours the cans continue to drop and your constantly fidgeting with the position. Once you put the Moda's where you want them, that's where they stay.

Sound quality is very good and comparable to Bose. Very crisp, clean, highs and nice solid, rich, lows but not overpowering. If you're looking for a very clean, balanced, rich, sound then you won't be disappointed. If you want to bounce your eyeballs out of their sockets and don't care about sound quality... order the Beats (breath).

I really like the overall styling of these headphones. I think it's the perfect mix of style and functionality. The fact that you can customize if you wish is pretty cool and I may order a set of custom shields in the future.

Bottom line: I love these headphones and would buy them again in a minute.

So... my one little issue with the Moda's and what somewhat irritates me. The cables that come with the Moda's are a very good quality and probably the best I've seen with any headphones but this model didn't come with the 3 button control. Why???? With a 3.5mm plug, you know they will be used with an iPod or smartphone. To produce such a quality, well designed, functional, and thought out pair of headphones and then charge $20 for a 3 button cable, I will never understand. It should be included and yes V-Moda will get $20 more of my money because I will purchase it but... C'mon Moda! Why go 99.9% of the way and then skimp out on such a small option. Still love ya!

Stop reading the reviews and just BUY them!
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on February 7, 2014
I'm one of those headphone freaks that buys the best of the best. On my desk i have a massive headphone amp with glowing tubes and premium interconnections, overpriced DAC and Sennheiser HD800s. I'd rather not tell you how much I invested in my rig.

Well, my daughter loves music too but I'm not about to spend a lot of money on my 13 year old. I read good reviews on the V-Moda and the price was right for the V-80s so that is what she got for Christmas. And WOW, was I shocked at how good these babies sounded. They blow away almost every other mobile headphone I've ever heard. My mobile headphones are the Beyerdynamic 1350s and I sometimes find myself borrowing my daughters V-Moda headphones when I workout or go on walks.

EVERYTHING about these headphones is great. Bass is full. Balanced mids and highs. Construction is first rate. Removable cable. Comfortable. quality travel case. Easily driven by any mobile device.

The only two minor negatives I can think of is that the highs are a little too bright for my liking and are a little fatiguing to my ears. The other negative is that they are on-ear headphones rather than over-ear; it's a personal preference thing for me.
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on January 9, 2014
Better than Beats. But then again, the standard iphone cheapo earphones are better than Beats.

The sound coming from these is so unexpected, especially from a relatively smaller company such as V-Moda. Also since it has a True Blood collab, I thought it would be even gimmickier but the sound is what matters. Notes are crisp and clear. It is not as heavy on the bass as Beats but that's good. I don't want my ears to be vibrating from overwhelming bass, that's just ridiculous. Sound stage is pretty good for the size considering these are on the ear. Size wise, the picture makes it seem a lot bigger than what it is. These headphones are very small and compact. Although they don't fold, they are still very easy to store and toss around because they are so durable. The cups have a metal shielding and hinges and arms. Headband is very stretchy and can fit any head size. The only negative is that they are on ear so finding the correct fit takes some time. I do adjust these every so often when I am commuting but it's a small tradeoff. These also go on sale from time to time. Anything below $130 is a good price. Also, they aren't bad looking either and come with a wicked case.
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