Customer Reviews: WL V911 Upgraded battery 5 pcs combo 200 mah - * New Version* by WLTOYS
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on March 1, 2013
First off, I want to say that I am very new to the world of RC helicopters (about a week). I did a lot of research into what I wanted to buy and chose this pack because of the many reviews. The ONLY reason I'm writing a review on a product like, "batteries," is because I feel some of the past reviews were a little misleading.

I have only flown my v911 indoors and am waiting for winds to die down a bit before bringing this lil guy outside. I got my v911 less than a week ago and am really enjoying it thus far! The biggest downfall to the little chopper was the battery life from the stock batteries (130mah). As soon as I find my niche in piloting the chopper around the house, the battery would start to fade and I would have to re-establish my groove with the other battery.

I ordered this 5 pack of batteries at the same time as my v911, but it was being shipped from a different supplier and I didnt receive it until 3 days after I got the heli. I only say that because this gave me a decent amount of time of using the stock batteries and I can notice some very obvious differences between the stock battery and these bigger ones.

All 5 of my batteries worked as advertised, not a single dud in the pack. So that is nice.

*Fly longer! The 200 mah battery does increase the fly time by a solid couple of minutes (which feels like a long time when you are used the the short 5-7 minute flights from the stock battery).

*The connectors are the same and fits just like the stock ones do ("upgraded" v911 of course).

*These batteries would probably be much better suited in large, open, outdoor settings.

*Weight. I have read reviews that said the extra weight just makes the chopper "sluggish." To me, the added weight does much more than just making the chopper a little less responsive. I have seen VERY noticeable issues in the handling of the chopper with these larger batteries. The added weight creates a kind of pendulum effect with your turns and general movements causing your heli to swing back and forth in large arcs before finally leveling out. Even the simple act of rotating the chopper 180 degrees from a hover causes it to swing back and forth quite a bit before returning to the hover, and sometimes because of the ferocity of the swinging motion your heli will travel into directions you weren't quite intending it to go. The chopper has a hard time leveling out on it's own like it could with the stock batteries.

*With the stock battery, the v911 could turn on a dime. With the larger, heavier battery, turns are significantly wider than they once were. If you find yourself flying indoors more frequently than outdoors, this sway effect will definitely have you on your toes to keep from flying into stuff (walls, tvs, cats, yourself).

*These batteries are not well suited in smaller environments.

*Charging the batteries. Battery charge time IS longer than the stock battery. It isn't significantly longer, but they will take a little longer to charge (not the same time as others have claimed).

The whole point of this review is to shed some light on what I feel others have neglected. If you are a primarily indoor flight guy or flying in tighter quarters, like myself, your flying is going to be much more stressful than before with these heavier batteries. HOWEVER, take these outside with plenty of room then it doesn't matter if your chopper drifts into an arc 3x greater than before because you aren't going to break anything. I would not recommend these for smaller areas, but for larger, outdoor settings they should be perfectly fine.

All in all, not a bad product. But I would have opted for the smaller batteries due to my indoor flight preference if I knew the handling was going to be so drastically affected by the weight of these batteries. Oh well, at least I have a healthy supply of "outdoor batteries" now! I'll just have to order a set of smaller once for in the house.

Also, you will have to adjust your pitches/angles and stuff on the transmitter when you switch between batteries otherwise your heli will be all out of whack.

Hope this helps!!
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on December 31, 2012
1) These batteries are the new style batteries which have the smaller white connector.
2) Each of them charged without any issues
3) There were no duds in the batch and work great with the V911 I got ( )
4) They are in fact (despite my confusion) 200mah batteries.


These batteries looked exactly like the batteries that came with my V911. As a result, I original though they were not as advertised. Turns out after the vendor provided some more info that the V911 I got actually came with 200mah batteries not the smaller ones and that is why the looked exactly the same.

To compare, an original 120mah battery is about 1.5" in length... These are just over 2" in length. The part number in the posting for these and the part number I had with my V911 don't match but are the same battery.

TC551148 and UC551148 are both 200mah batteries.

I have updated the number of Stars to 5 to match my satisfaction of this product and the extreame fast reply I got from the Vendor (on New Years Eve of all nights).
review image review image
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on January 6, 2013
The Brookstone helicopter only came with one battery so I thought I would give these a try. They fit perfectly and I like the added wait and increased flying time. I am able to fly outside with more wind without any problems.
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on November 30, 2012
Great item works as promised! and not only that but it lasts longer than the stock batteries although it is a bit heavier so you may have to adjust for the added weight.
As a side note, the batteries do charge up to their specified mAh rating.
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on January 20, 2013
What can you say, they're batteries and they work, they are longer and heavier than the stock batteries that came with the chopper, but a dab of playdough in the nose of the chopper body corrects the weight bias and minimizes the trim required when changing between original and these.

A repeat of my review on the OLD STYLE:

As far as their usefulness in the overall scheme of things, if you plan on flying very much you'll definitely want to get a set, but...

Having the USB charger adapter and spare batteries has made the V911 chopper much more enjoyable. Being able to swap out for a new/charged battery allowed for much more flying time, as well as maintaining interest with the younger generation.

If you're planning on buying the extra batteries, wait on the batteries until you see which style you get with the chopper. A replacement V911 B&W I recently purchased was shown advertised with these old style batteries, but showed up with the new!!

I mark each one with a letter (A,B,C...) so that I can try to make sure I use each one about the same amount of times. As soon as it comes out of the chopper, it goes into the charger, and I grab the next letter and start flying again.

On the durability issue, no problems so far, but given the stubborn nature of the plug of the battery and trying to wrestle it on to the chopper I feel that somewhere along the line something's going to get broken.
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on December 1, 2012
Seller sent the correct item, these DO have the New v911 connectors!

They Charge as fast as the tiny stock 130mah,
But provides MUCH longer run times!

These are about a quarter longer than the stock batteries but
seems to balance the copter better than stock.

Thumbs up!
Great to see more and more Mod parts for the now legendary V911!
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on January 28, 2013
When I got thies I must admit I expected a little more. Two of them work great lots of extra power. They last halve again as long as the 120 Ma. But there is two of them for what ever reason effect the yaw right of the heli, and there power isn't much better than the 120's. So therfore I have to fight it to keep it up in the air. And the last one was just a dud. Don't hold much of a charge, and is pritty much useless. But if they could all be like the first two it would definitly be 5 stars. But two out of five for 25 bucks, can't see the 5 star rating. Guess what I'm saying it's pritty much hit and miss with theis guys!
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on January 11, 2014
Reading Brian's comprehensive (and most helpful) review helped me to clarify my own experience.

Like Brian I am new to RC helicopters - the v911 is my first, I have had it about two months now - and I bought the 200mAh batteries pretty much straight away and all 5 worked fine (unlike one of the 130mAh batteries that came with the v911). I too have only flown it indoors so far so I cannot comment on outdoor performance (though there are plenty of videos on YouTube).

The extra flying time with these 200 mAh batteries really does make a BIG difference - I always pull a face when the surviving 130 mAh battery comes up in my charging rotation - and the slightly longer charging time is not a big deal.

Unlike the original (130 mAh) batteries, these 200 mAh batteries do not come loose on every little impact (which requires you to re-synch the controller with the hell). In fact I have only had them come loose a couple of times, both pretty hard impacts. The little white connector on both of those batteries now wiggles around a bit but both continue to work perfectly.

Regarding the effects of these batteries on the v911 in flight:
* Yes, the larger battery does add significant weight to this very light helicopter - the change in balance really requires re-trimming the controls, though it isn't really a big adjustment and if you switch to exclusively using the 200 mAh's you only need to do it once.
* I actually prefer the balance with the 200 mAh batteries, it feels more stable in hover and low speed maneuvering
* I can see how one might describe the v911 is "sluggish" with the larger, heavier 200 mAh batteries but the helicopter is still quick and agile yet it feels a bit more tame and to me, as a beginner, that is a good thing.
* I have noticed the pendulum effect / tendency to keep moving a little bit, particularly after moving forward / backward. This effect is also present with the smaller 130 mAh batteries, it's just not as noticeable. Another reviewer (Workin Grandma) suggested "a dab of play dough in the nose of the chopper body" as the solution, something I intend to try out when I get my hands on some playdough. It doesn't put me off flying indoors at all - the effect is not that bad and you need to maintain active control of the helicopter in an indoor setting anyway.
* The extra weight of the 200 mAh is not enough to significantly increase your chances of breaking anything except maybe the helicopter body. I've crashed my v911 many times in the last couple of months and the only damage so far is a few small dings in the body paintwork and a couple of notches on the rotor blades. No damage to the furniture yet, not even to the paper lamp shades.
* Finally you may have noticed that for the last minute or so of battery life, the helicopter wants to rotate. This effect is still present with the larger battery but with a longer flying time it does not detract as much from the fun.

In summary, I highly recommend the 200 mAh batteries and would buy them again in a heartbeat.

** NOTE: These particular batteries are for the newer v911 - see the small white connector at the tip. Be sure you get the correct version for your particular helicopter, as they are not compatible with the older version.
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on July 26, 2013
I'm very impressed with the lipos. I have my Turnigy 9X timer set at 4:00 on the V911. I'm sure these batteries could easily go 5 - 6 minutes, but I don't want to over-drain them. After 4 minutes of flying circuits, these batteries aren't even warm, a great sign that they have a suitable discharge rate for the V911.

I think they still keep the V911 in good balance, and look forward to buying another set soon.
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on January 12, 2013
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