Customer Reviews: VITASHOWER SF-2000 Vitamin-C Shower Filter
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on March 23, 2011
If you are going to buy a shower filter, there are only two kinds that really work for hot water: Ones that use vitamin C like the Vitashower or the Sprite filter. Most filters rate their effectiveness using cold water. Independent tests using hot shower temperature water show that most other types of filters are ineffective in hot water.

The problem with the Vitashower is its plastic body. I have owned three and they all leaked at the upstream connection to the water pipe. the leaks get progressively worse until you have to throw it away - I mean like spraying onto the shower ceiling and walls kind of leak.

Last one I bought actually had a two inch long crack on its side right out of the box -water sprayed everywhere!

I've given up on the Vitashower and bought a Sprite instead. I will go back to the Vitashower if they ever come out with a model that has a metal body and replaceable filter media.
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on November 18, 2009
I have had horrible skin irritation since moving to where I live now (south Texas coast). I noticed that I was always extremely itchy after showering and that I had spots on my skin that resembled some kind of excema, even though I had never in my life had any problems with my skin before. I also noticed that my skin cleared up completely after about three days of being away from home. I went to Europe twice and to California, and my skin cleared up and I had no more irritation while I was away, but upon returning my skin would break out again.

It was then that I started suspecting the water. I found out that they put a LOT of chloramine in the water here. They advertised the fact that they were putting a lot of chlorine in the system because they couldn't control the bacteria, and the city's website says they use chloramine.

I read about this filter and was so miserable from itching that I decided that trying it couldn't hurt. It is amazing! My skin cleared up completely after using this for about a week. It only lasted for a little over two months though, but they do say how much chlorine/chloramine is in the water affects the life of the filter, and there is a whole lot in the water here, so I'm not surprised. I am ordering another one, as my skin is starting to break out and I'm itching like crazy after my showers again. Well worth every single penny!
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on January 15, 2012
I work in the water industry and dont like showering in chlorine so I installed the vitashower and performed an analysis using my Hach Colorimeter. This is a device used worldwide to test Chlorine levels in water. The water coming into my house tested at 2.2 PPM (parts per million) of Chloramines. This is a fairly normal range for most water utilities. On both hot and cold water the Vitashower reduced it to 1.3 PPM. This is roughly a 40% reduction of Chlorine. So there you have it: 40% reduction out of the box!! Plus it is very cheap plastic and appears to be cracking as many others have reported. Although it is cheap you get what you pay for. It works a little bit!!
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on May 21, 2011
Yes, it works in that it makes the water feel cleaner, it removes the chloramine. BUT...this thing is made of the cheapest low-grade Chinese plastic possible. It even feels cheap. On the first use of hot water, the entire top of the casing cracked clean across and started spraying water. I was able to seal it with silicone, as it's too much hassle to send back, but I will be buying one of the other brands next time.


Don't buy this, people. It'll immediately crack.
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on August 15, 2009
I installed this about 3 weeks ago and what a difference. Gone is the dry, lifeless, bodyless frizzy hair and dry skin. I had just assumed it was my diet or something that was causing the problem. It was my WATER.

This filter neutralizes Chloramine, which is a tricky little combo purfication chemical made of Chlorine and Ammonia, that many localities put in water. It has a Chlorine smell and also a pungent smell and is very damaging to skin and hair. After the very first shower I could see and feel the body return to my hair and suppleness to my skin and it has only gotten better with continued use. Vitamin C combined with water indeed does neutralize the bad stuff that is added to public water.

I am using the Vitashower with a low-flow 1.6gpm shower head. Obviously slowing the flow is using less water, but I think it is also maximizing the effects the Vitashower has on the water by allowing the water to be in contact with the filter longer as it passes through.

Installing this lowered my showerhead too much so I did have to replace my normal shower arm an inexpensive boom arm type that lets me raise the shower head. While not light, the Vitashower also is not heavy and does not stress the boom arm too much.

I highly recommend this one to those tired of their showers making them look ill.

Continued to have good success with these until purchasing 2 new ones in May 2013. The Vitamin C still does a good job on the water but the build quality of the units themselves is VERY poor. The problem is a poorly constructed joint between the shower pipe and the unit itself. Water sprays all over the place, including up to the ceiling and completely out of the shower.I don't think it's a bad washer, I think there is a gap there that no washer can seal. I tried to remove the new filters and place one of them on my original housing, which worked for a few days, but then the old plastic developed a crack and and water was shooting out. Thus ends Vitashower SF-1, for me.

**Update 2**
I discovered that the fittings in some of these units get loose during shipping and handling and that is the reason for the water leak. It is necessary to insert the right sized Allen wrench and tighten the fitting by turning it counterclockwise. It is reverse threaded so counterclockwise tightens it. This information really should be in the instructions but it is not.
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on September 12, 2013
I've seen some negative reviews on here about leaks. There is always the possibility of bad product (warranties), of course. Mine has zero leaks and very strong water flow. I had the same experience with the older SF-2 model.

My take is this - it works great, provided you install it correctly (and with an appropriate shower head). First rule of threading fittings together that you want to be air or water-tight: Use plenty of Teflon tape. Yes, a lot! How do you know when it's enough? When you feel some resistance while you're threading the pieces together. Also, it should go without saying that the tape needs to be installed in the same direction that you tighten the filter and shower head (clockwise)... so your tightening continues to tighten the tape; if it is backwards the tape will come loose and get chewed up. Don't overtighten the shower head on to this filter; it's a plastic thread. Tight its tight, but too tight is 'broken'.

Finally, I believe that this filter should be used with a standard flow shower head. We're using this filter with a Culligan C125 filtered head, because it is a great quality shower head and not any more expensive than many non-filtered heads. There is a removable water restrictor plate and o-ring inside this shower head - remove it! All of the low-flow shower heads create more backpressure and more chance that your Vitashower filter will leak. If you want to save water, turn the flow down on the actual faucet, or take a shorter shower.

I replace the entire Vitashower unit when the media runs out (rather than just replacing the filter cartridge) - it's cheaper to just buy a whole new one (as of today). I'm on my 5th or 6th one now, and have had no problems with leaks. Occasionally I will get a couple drips of water (literally, that's all) that leak out between the filter cartridge and the top, but that's it.

UPDATE 8/21/15: I've been keeping close track of how long the filter lasts (when it runs out of Vitamin C - you can see it), and unfortunately my most recent one only lasted for 4 months... this is for two people taking regular showers. I believe that the original literature quoted changing every 6. The filter really works and I will continue to use them, just disappointed that I need to use 4 of them per year.
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on March 30, 2010
I ordered two of these shower head filters and one of them worked fine but the other one broke after several days. The nut that fits onto the shower line broke. I tightened it to stop the leak and evidently the nut was not strong enough to take that and the material the nut was made of must be somewhat subpar because it cracked in the middle of the nut during the shower and hit my wife in the middle of her back when it broke off. I had used these same filters before and never had this problem before. I want to add to this review and say that the other filter broke at the same place as the first one. I will not buy these again as the attachment hardware are subpar and probably due to the fact that they were made in China.
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on January 8, 2011
Cleared up the chlorine & the chloramine (sp?) very well but after 1 week the housing on the top of the canister opened up in a long jagged tear. Quality issues with the plastic must be the problem. We are returning it.
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on February 16, 2012
This filter used to be almost twice as expensive as it has become. I have been using this product for over 5 years, and it has kept our skin from drying out. We live in Los Angeles, where both Chlorine and Chloramines are used in the water, and it appears to filter both of those. When the filter runs out (which is hard to notice unless you're always checking the little window in the bottom of the filter), you'll know it because your skin starts to dry out again after a shower. Without this filter I notice myself having to use twice as much lotion after a shower. We have two showers and the filter is installed in both.

The filter lasts for about 4 months with an average of about 12-13 showers a week of short to medium length. Installation is simple. Make sure you use the teflon tape that comes with the filter, and wrap at least twice on the threads from your shower pipe in a clockwise direction, so that twisting the filter on to the threads does not take the tape off. Do not over-tighten! Get it just to a very loose snugness with an adjustable wrench, then turn the water on to test. If you find you have leaks, tighten a little bit at a time.

One big note is this does reduce water pressure, by about 1/3. We had to get a different (smaller) shower head since the filter lowers the head height, and since the reduced water pressure means you need to get a head that still provides a generous flow of water.

I like this filter because it works. I just wish it lasted a little longer and didn't reduce the pressure so much. I was still pretty satisfied until about a month when I installed one and as soon as I turned the water on, the plastic around the part that holds the filter up completely cracked all around as if the plastic was bad. I returned it and fortunately Amazon refunded my money, but I started looking around to see if I could find better filters. I've purchased three others, and will be testing those against a brand new Vitashower that I just installed.
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on October 10, 2011
After several weeks of Vitashowers, I can firmly say this product does what it claims.

My skin no longer dries and flakes after a shower (I live in New York City with chlorinated municipal water). And most noticeably, my feet are much less scaly (my shower drains slowly, so my feet spend the most time in water).

There is one caveat that users should know: the filter works best with hot water.

My first few showers with this filter were during warm weather, where I only used lukewarm water. And I felt none of the benefits of de-chlorination. After reading other customers' reviews that talked about there just being a block of vitamin C inside the filter and that the water is de-chlorinated by coming in contact with it, I hypothesized that my showers were not hot enough to dissolve sufficient amounts of vitamin c into the water.

So on my next two showers, I cranked up the hot water as much as bearable, and sure enough, the results were as I expected. I smelled the chemical odor that other customers have reported, and the water felt more slippery; both signs that the filter was doing its job. And afterward, I felt the benefits to skin I mentioned before.

If my conclusion is correct, then I would assume that there's a direct correlation between how hot your showers are and how long the filter will last. Hotter showers = shorter life span.

Note about installation:

This item comes with a small roll of plumber's thread seal tape, and a small pamphlet with very minimal instructions.

I had to google how to use the plumber's tape correctly because the instructions do not explain how.

Two tips:
1) wrap the tape in the same direction as the threads
2) don't use too much

With the help of a few online articles, I was able to install the shower filter and have no leaks.
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