Customer Reviews: VIZIO E320i-B2 32-Inch 720p 60Hz Smart LED HDTV
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on February 10, 2014
First off the TV functions good for the most part. The screen is comparable in sharpness and lighting to the M series and it has a semi-matte finish which is a great improvement over how reflective they used to be. I really wanted to like the TV and if it were not for the folowing items I would have gladly kept it and enjoyed it.

The reason for this review is to focus on why I cannot keep the TV and it is going back (and to see if anyone else has the same issues). Amazon has aready exchanged the TV for a new one of the same model and both TVs that I revcieved had the same clicking and humming issues (so I assume the issue may be wide spread).

1.) When the TV is off, as other users have noted in their review there is a constant clicking coming from what I suspect is the power supply (the rate is about 10 clicks per second). Depending on how well you can hear its very noticible when behind the TV, If the room is quiet (its in our bedroom) I can hear it from about 10 feet away. The clicking stops as soon as the TV is turned on. Both TVs that I got had this issue.

2.) When the TV is on there is a noticible hum or buzzing noise that comes from the back middle of the TV panel. It seems to be linked to the backlighting intensity. I had to turn down the backlighting to 40-50 to lessen the humming. The sound from the speakers makes it so that you cant hear the humming but once a quiet period comes up I can easily hear the humming from 10+ feet away. The sound is not coming from the speakers as I have run tests and it is coming from one of the backlighting components. Both TVs that I got had the same issue, the last one seemed louder by a little.

3.) The remote/sensor is not good at all and the area of forgiveness on where you have to point it to make it register is laughable. The first TV seemed really picky and at only worked in about a 1-2 foot radius around the bottom left of the TV (it did'nt matter on how far I stood away it just had to be pointed in that specific area. The replacement TV had a better range of about a 5-6' radius around the bottom left of the TV. I tried new batteries, nothing infront or near the sensor, nothing helped. Pretty annoying. I bought the Qwerty Vizio remote and it worked slightly better on the last set but the keyboard only works for a few select things and many of the Apps do not allow the keyboard input so its pointless, which brings be to the last issues.

4.) Maybe they will fix these with updates later, but the Smart TV Apps are archaic and missing many features. I got this model because the smart TV side was supposed to be improved with a better processor (the apps load at a decent speed improved over some other brands or older versions of Vizio). Using Youtube is a joke since it does not allow keyboard input on this App (couple that with the finiky remote and good luck typing with the bad scroll select), I had to link it to my smart phone to type but the video which played fine before became very choppy and stopped a few times when trying to use phone link to play. I was hoping to be able to get by with the TV Apps but as it is I will have to buy another Roku or Apple TV to get any resemblance of a decent user interface.

The TV would be good if it were not for these issues, I would have liked to rate it a 4 out of 5. Although after getting two sets that have the exact same issues I cannot recommend this TV. I am worried that the clicking and buzzing are signs of a faulty power supply or capacitors etc. Im going to give it a week then this second set is getting returned and I will not be getting another of the "2014 E-series B" models again.

In short, anyone who has this model please check for the clicking and humming issues decsribed above and respond to this. I want to know how many others have this issue.
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on August 29, 2014
Two years ago I decided to try a Vizio for our bedroom - a 47" Smart TV, and to my surprise, it turned out to be the best TV that we've ever owned. Two months ago, we needed another TV, and bought this one. It made it about 3 weeks before there was a 6" wide vertical line down the screen. One week later, half of the screen went away. I contacted Vizio, and they gave me the "standard list" of things to try - unplug it and plug it back in (really??), etc.

I was told that all returns / exchanges had to be done THROUGH VIZIO, not the place of purchase. That's when this began to get aggravating. They first requested the receipt. OK, I took a picture of the receipt and emailed it to them (per their request). A couple of days went by for them to "review" my receipt (really?). No response. I called to follow up (nightmare by the way). "OH, ok, we need you to send pictures of the TV". One showing the VIZIO light "lit up", which it would not do. I sent additional pictures of the 1/2 screen picture. A couple of days go by, no response. I called to follow up. "Oh, I see your pictures here. Let me put you on hold for a minute (17 minutes)". They guy came back and told me that it looked like I had a problem (NO S***???). He asked to put me on hold again, as he had to get a SECOND OPINION on my pictures - ??????????? WTH? After 10 minutes, I was told that I would receive a new TV. They set me up with a shipping company that would come to my house, deliver the new one, and pick up the bad one. They set it up for August 28th between 8:00-12:00 (morning). I stayed home from work, and at about 10:30, decided to give the shipping outfit (Manna) a call. "oh, sir, that's been re-scheduled for September 4th". Would've been nice for someone to tell me about this?? That was yesterday. I was going to wait until this ordeal was over to write a review, but I'm too chapped to wait. NO MORE VIZIO, NO MORE MANNA FREIGHT COMPANY. If you've read this far down, I apologize if it seems like I'm rambling, but this has not been a good product, and the service has been horrible as well.
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on February 18, 2014
After reading several positive reviews of the 2013 32 inch Vizio, I bought the 2014 model. While the TV has many good points, I am going return it because it spontaneously goes off very frequently. Apparently, this is a manufacturing issue. I would not reccoemend it until Vizio has resolved this issue.
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on December 11, 2014
THIS TV IS JUNK! Do not buy. I repeat, do not buy this TV. I ordered it with high hopes and eagerly set it up and plugged it into my home network. I was so pumped to watch Netflix directly on my TV. Three minutes into an episode of Dexter, a high-pitched hissing noise, a blank screen, and the power on the TV goes out. My heart sunk and I dreaded the thought of having to deal with parting from my dear new Vizio so soon. I reset the TV and tried again, same result, over and over. The next day I began the return process and put in an order for a comparable sized TV with similar features from a more reputable *cough cough sony cough* brand. There are tons of reviews all over the Internet and Amazon regarding this problem with this and other makes of Vizio TVs. Vizio offers no solution... It's a lot of work to deal with a return, UPS pickups, headaches, taking a day off from work to be around for a delivery, and disappointment, etc. Just spend the couple of extra dollars (50 or so) and get a TV from a brand that know will be around tomorrow (Samsung, Sony, etc.) and have the peace of mind knowing that you wont be sold a defective product. I hope you take my advice and run! not walk away from this so called "deal" of the season.
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on February 14, 2015
I just got this yesterday. Easy setup and easy to connect to my wifi. I tried out the "Smart," and watched an Amazon Prime movie and one on Netflix just to be sure everything would work--and both streamed perfectly with no blips. The picture is beautiful (I tweaked from factory settings to make it best for me) and the sound is way better than I expected based on a lot of reviews. I do have that "going dark/light" issue every so often, but it is not anything I can't live with and isn't constant. It did NOT happen when watching movies--just TV. Got the Square Trade warranty just in case because some folks did have problems that showed up in months, not days or weeks. All in all I am very pleased and it is a great improvement over the small Toshiba flat screen I've had in the kitchen for the past 5 years. Nothing is ever perfect, but this TV is perfect enough for me.
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on October 23, 2014
Best TV ever! I received this TV last week as a wedding present and boy is it great! I hooked up my PS4, plugged in my chromecast, and shazam! I was ready to watch. My wife and I sat down for a TV show, 20 minutes in the TV just randomly shut off. Talk about making sure your customers don't get fat! Vizio thinks of everything! I called customer service the next day after the TV shut off about 10 more times that night and was connected to a wonderfully helpful lady. She walked me through a factory reset that would clearly solve the issue, after making sure that I was not connected to my wi-fi, which can also cause severe issues. Remember, smart tv's should never be connected to wi-fi. If so, you might actually be able to use them! Wouldn't want that!

So there I am, TV is all reset and settings adjusted. I pop in Destiny for my PS4 for the first time and that image is fantastic! After about 15 minutes Vizio strikes again with a major surprise! Complete darkness! Talk about a new level of intensity to a video game. Luckily by this point I was ready for it with the remote right beside me. Take that TV, power on! I kept playing for about 3 minutes and BLAMO! It struck again! Looks like they really are trying to make this game hard. After about a dozen more times I decided I did not like this automated shut-off feature. So I call up customer service and get a very friendly gentleman. He informs me that they are out of spare parts currently, so they will ship me an entirely new TV. I asked him, "Good sir, what if the same problem occurs with the replacement TV?" He responds, "Well, we will happily ship you another." Just the answer I was looking for, a promise to keep filling my life with complications!

So this morning I popped in Destiny yet again, fully prepared for the random shut offs (10-14 business days until the new TV gets here). All of a sudden, an ear peircing screeching begins coming through the speakers! I love it! I click through the inputs to diagnose the problem. Is it the PS4? No. Is it the chromecast? No. Hurray! More issues with my new TV!

Ok, in all seriousness, this TV is a piece of trash. Customer service had me do a factory reset, skip the set-up wizard, change the screen to wide, and make sure I wasn't connected to wifi. The fact that they know their has issues when connected to wifi is comical. Save yourself the headache, stay away from this line. Random shut offs and ear piercing screeches are not fun. I am quite confident the next TV will have the same issues and at that point we will be requesting a refund. Their customer service is ironically incredible. The problem is, when I purchase a product I don't want to have to speak with the customer service deptartment; I want the product to actually work.
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UPDATE 4/11/14: Amazon just released this morning the new Amazon Instant Video app for this TV, which is great news. The TV now streams Amazon Prime videos... the interface is a little strange - instead of the format of the Netflix app which is full screen the Amazon Instant Video app just takes the left third of the screen... however I was able to navigate just fine and streamed a movie in crystal clear HD. (Until today, this TV displayed a "coming soon" message when you tried to access Amazon Instant Video). My original review follows below....

Overall summary: The brand-new (as of February 2014) just-released Vizio 32 inch HDTV is a huge improvement over the 2013 version (the E320i-A)VIZIO E320i-A0 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED Smart HDTV in both size (much thinner) and in sound quality. Picture quality is also excellent. With the exception of the Amazon Instant Video app (see below), the apps work well - they are fast and are updated versions to what I had on my Samsung TV that this replaced (e.g. the Netflix app is much more streamlined). Advanced features like DLNA networking need more development. No web browser that I could find but not an issue for me. Overall this is the first 5-star review I've given to a Vizio product... I am very happy with this TV!

Longer review:
I have spent the last 12 months trying to find a 32 inch TV for my small home gym. Basically I want to be able to watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and other internet based video offerings on this TV. I began this quest with the predecessor to this TV, the 2013 Vizio E320i-A0. I found that TV to have an acceptable picture, but the sound (just like on a 37" Vizio I purchased the year before) was TERRIBLE. I decided to "upgrade" to the Samsung UN32F5500 Samsung UN32F5500 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) which had higher video resolution (I didn't notice) and much better sound (which I did notice). That TV worked OK until last month when Samsung released a firmware update which crashed Netflix for thousands of users (including me) and they were unable to resolve it. Amazon stood behind that TV and now I'm back to Vizio with their new 2014 model which I really love. I'm done with Samsung and was happy to see that Vizio is rated #1 in customer satisfaction (no, I don't work for them, I just love my new TV ha ha)

- Picture: WOW, just an amazing, clear, bright picture. Yes I know it's 720p vs 1080p but it doesn't matter to me.... it looks better to me than the Samsung which was a 1080p. Blacks are black. Motion is handled well. The edges are the same as the center near as I can tell. It has different video modes (game, vivid, etc) so you can set it how you want it. Note that the factory default is energy saving and they recommend other video modes for the best picture. And speaking of energy savings, the rating says this uses $7 a year, down from $9 last year.
- Sound: VERY decent. Note I'm not going to say this is surround sound with big bass and Captain Kirk whizzing by your head. For that you need an external sound system. But the tinny AM-radio sound of prior year's models is replaced by very very decent sound. There also different sound modes in the settings area to allow you to customize. Sound and picture are very subjective but I'm happy with both and I sure wasn't with my other two Vizio's. (The first Vizio I added a sound bar, the second Vizio I returned for the disastrous Samsung model mentioned above).
- Set up / etc: This TV is significantly lighter than last year's model. And the narrow bezel means that basically it's almost ALL Screen you're looking at... you don't even notice the very small frame around it. Even the box this comes in is smaller than the 32" Saumsung box ( I still have it so I can return that model ) and the 32" box from the Vizio last year. Literally I can lift this TV with one hand -- it's that light. It was a pleasure to install. Speaking of installation, you turn it on and it immediately guides you through a few basic questions (language, how to you get your TV service), it scans some channels and then BAM it's up and running. The Samsung spent almost an hour scanning channels (this TV is plugged into digital cable directly so it only gets 1 free channel) and then another 20 minutes deleting the scrambled ones. The set up on this is very intuitive and FAST.
- The remote. This is the same as least year's remote. No back light. No big buttons. But you know what, I like it. My Samsung remote had a backlight and looked like a 1990s-era cell phone, 12 inches long and tons of buttons that I never used. Yet it was missing a few things this remote has, namely hot key buttons to go straight to Netflix, M-Go and Amazon video. I love those buttons. Also this remote is light, easy to hold, and when it falls it is sturdy (yep, already dropped it on a hard floor, no damage). Even though the buttons are small, they are logically laid out and I found myself not looking down after a few minutes of using it.
- Screen mirroring (sort of..): New for 2014 is what Vizio is calling "Second Screen Interactivity" which means that supported apps (right now it's just Netflix and Youtube) allow you to stream videos to the TV similar to Apple's Airplay functionality. You see a little icon on the screen as you are playing a video in one of these apps and it then plays on your TV. Right now this is limited to just those two apps and does not work with videos stored on your ios device or with other apps (e.g. Amazon Instant video app). I have only tested this on the iPhone but Vizio's materials say this also works on Android devices. I hope more apps take advantage of this feature in the future.
- Online user manual: Normally I don't get excited about an online user manual but this one is clear and easy to navigate. 62 pages long.

The cons:
- As of this writing, when you go to the Amazon Instant Video app you get this message: "The Amazon Instant Video application is currently unavailable while we are working hard to bring you an updated, feature rich application. For more details, visit" I'm guessing / hoping this will be fixed soon, but not too cool to ship a TV with an Amazon button where Amazon doesn't work. I spoke with Vizio (great customer service via phone by the way, short hold times and good representative) and they said that Amazon is updating the app to comply with FCC requirements around closed captioning. I spoke with Amazon and they said they are working on the app but have no date of resolution. So for now, no Amazon Instant video on this TV. I PROMISE that when they fix this bug I will come back and put an update RIGHT HERE.
- DLNA sharing. As you might know, DLNA is a standard which allows media devices on the same home network to "see" each other and exchange files. So for example, this TV uses DLNA to see my movies I have stored on my computer. While Vizio gets a plus for the TV immediately seeing the rest of the network and being able to browse files on my computer, it gets a big negative for not being able to play video files that my Roku can. It was able to play some .avi files but struggled with .mp4 and .mpg files. In some cases it displayed a message that the "codec is not supported" and in others it just ignored "play" commands. I tried using my PlayOn server to see if the encoding that Playon performs would help this TV play the aforementioned files. Nope. In this area Samsung was stronger and Roku is still the best at being able to play anything you throw at it.
- No web browser. Most of the Smart TV's I've used have rudimentary browers. I haven't found on one here so far. I wouldn't use my TV to browse the web but some might be looking for that feature. I will keep looking for it and will update this review if I find one but a Google search indicates this is a long-standing yet unfulfilled feature request.
- No update feature. I assume this TV downloads updates but I've searched all over the menus and I cannot find an "update now" feature for firmware or apps. This might be a plus if it's all seamlessly automatic in the background.

That's it. This is a phenomenal TV at a great price. Vizio has come a long way from last year's model in picture quality and especially sound.

Hope this helps!

UPDATE Feb 20th: As of today, the Amazon app still doesn't work.. TV still displays a "under development" message. Also I have not had the issues with the TV cutting off that some others have had... that concerns me. I hope that doesn't start or else this goes down to 1 star!

UPDATE March 6th: Still no Amazon Instant Video and they have taken all references to Amazon Instant Video off the product page... not a good sign. I'm updating the headline of this review to reflect the lack of Amazon as this seems like it could be a permanent change? Strange since there is an Amazon button on the remote.

UPDATE April 10th: Amazon still says they are working on this app. I just bought a second unit of this model for my sister and it has the same Amazon issue. ALSO the wireless setup was problematic -- until I plugged it into an ethernet (hard wire) connection and let it update.. then wireless works GREAT. So if you are going to do a WIFI only install, be sure to turn it on and let it sit about 10 mins connected directly to the internet to download new firmware.
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on December 7, 2014
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on September 8, 2014
Bought on 6/11/14 - called customer service on 8/10/14 after several days of problems (the TV would not respond to the remote - had to unplug power to reset and then first remote command was the last until it was unplugged/repluged). CS sent a remote and a repair service with 2 of the 3 boards inside - those did not work, but they were to order the 3rd and try again. After not hearing anything for 2 weeks called CS again and they offered to replace the TV. OK so far. Manna delivered today (and their WHITE GLOVE service is not what it is indicated to be - only took out of box and set it up on stand - would not even plug in power cord). They turned the tv on to show that it worked, but nothing was connected to it, so how do you know it "works"? Within the first 5 minutes of going through the menu to set up, the tv stopped responding to the remote. Called CS again and they say I probably have something "in my home" that is causing the problem. Went through several steps with SR. Tech specialist and it is working AT THIS TIME. We will see if my problem comes back.
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on July 29, 2014
I wish I could give this TV 0 star. The TV just shuts itself off RANDOMLY when I watch Netflix. I tried to kill all the timers in the setting menu but to no avail.
DO NOT buy this TV if you live in the 21st century and want to watch Netflix or any other streaming app.
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