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5.0 out of 5 stars First Class 3D TV
The impressive thing about the Vizio E3D320VX is the way it is packed and the attention to detail. They give you a full sized Phillips screw driver to install the base, and eight stainless bolts when you need only six. The remote batteries are Mitsubishi alkaline, not some cheap "heavy duty" items. Both the panel and the glasses come with Vizio supplied cleaning...
Published on May 18, 2011 by Bob Drake

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3.0 out of 5 stars Bad Remote for E models
Because I love my non-3D VIZIO TV with Internet Apps, I bought this TV for my elderly Mom.

The remote is very small and you need to place the very tip of your fingernail perfectly on each button, and press the button deep down below the surface of the remote, in order to make any button work. What's worse, is that the Alphabetic keypad is placed on the back...
Published on October 17, 2011 by Barb

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503 of 513 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First Class 3D TV, May 18, 2011
Bob Drake "BobDrake" (Bronx, NY United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: VIZIO E3D320VX 32-Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with Internet Apps (2011 Model) (Electronics)
The impressive thing about the Vizio E3D320VX is the way it is packed and the attention to detail. They give you a full sized Phillips screw driver to install the base, and eight stainless bolts when you need only six. The remote batteries are Mitsubishi alkaline, not some cheap "heavy duty" items. Both the panel and the glasses come with Vizio supplied cleaning cloths.

The TV is easy to set up, and the remote has a rubberized alphanumeric keyboard on the back side, making data entry easy. The two supplied 3D glasses are of the passive, polarized variety, with the premium one contoured and the basic one flat. (However you might want to liberate a pair of Real D 3D glasses from the movie theater if you wear glasses. Both of these bend in at the temples to hug your face. The Real D 3D glasses accommodate glasses better.)

The 3D and 2D pictures are both great as is the TV off-air picture using a Terk HD digital antenna here in the NYC area. The 3D (using a Panasonic 3D player) is bright and truly 3D. (The TV indicates with a dialog box that it has detected a 3D source and asks if you want to switch to 3D.)

It has a built-in wireless Wi-Fi receiver (not an expensive extra like my Panasonic plasma) and is easy to connect using the alphanumeric keyboard on the remote.

I am still exploring the various extras. But things look good so far!

ADDED 5/21/11:

A recent Samsung ad tells the difference between the active 3D TVs that they sell (both LCD and plasma) versus passive 3D TVs like this Vizio (and some LG models). Yes, they are correct that there is a minor "venetian blind effect" (light horizontal bars), particularly on white block text, but it is not really visible when you are watching a movie. (In truth, each eye is seeing a 1920x540 image simultaneously on a passive TV whereas each eye sees a 1920x1080 image with active glasses (in succession, one eye at a time, as the L and R lenses switch on and off).) But, with the convenience and cost of passive glasses ("free" at the movies), and the cost of the Vizio TV itself, the Vizio passive "Theater 3D" is very, VERY nice if not absolutely perfect.

ADDED 5/30/11:

I've watched Avatar 3D, How to Train Your Dragon 3D, and Megamind 3D on the Vizio and enjoyed every minute.

This Vizio TV has RCA audio out whereas many panel TVs do not. (They have only optical audio out.) I output the sound to a pair of Audioengine 2 - PC multimedia speakers - 30 Watt (total) - 2-way - satin black and an Audioengine AS8 - Subwoofer - 125 Watt - black in the bedroom without a receiver, so the RCA-out audio is a necessity.

Reflecting on the CONS in another review: (1) Yes, the boot-up is slow for a solid-state device, but may have to do with the fluorescent lighting panel behind the screen rather than the LCD screen itself. (2) I do not get any buzzing at all. (3) The compact remote is a plus to me. The small buttons are no problem if you are used to the keyboard on an iphone. The rubberized alpha-numeric keyboard on the back is a plus as are the direct-connect Netflix labeled button (and others) on the front of the remote.

Keep in mind this is a $500 3D set.

ADDED 8/13/11:

[SEE NOTE BELOW] This passive 3D TV does not seem to work in conversion mode with the newer players that convert 2D -> 3D, specifically the Panasonic 310. The 2D and 3D images are perfect, but the 2D->3D conversion results in a flickering image that is 3D but hard on the eyes. The same 310 works well in conversion mode on my 600Hz Panasonic plasma. Perhaps the problem is that the 32" Vizio is 60Hz. In any case there is an apparent incompatibility problem. If I learn how to prevent the flickering I will report back.

ADDED 9/24/11:

In Comments, C. Anderson explained how to get this set to work in 2D->3D conversion and it works. His procedure: Turn on your Blu ray player and navigate to setup, next go to player settings, then push TV/Device Connection. Go to 3D settings and then go to 3D type, click this and change it to Side by Side. [I got a warning saying that the set is capable of Full HD, which is true, but not in 2D->3D conversion.] Once you have changed it to Side by Side, the problem is fixed. Now insert a non-3D movie you want to watch in 3D, and push the 3D button on the player remote to select 2D->3D. Your TV will sense 3D content and ask you if you want to watch 3D or 2D. You will only have a few seconds to push Yes, so be ready with the Vizio remote or it will revert to 2D.

Note that there have been reports that Vizio will not act on defective sets after the 1 year warranty is up. PERIOD. They will not repair sets AT ALL. While in warranty they will replace sets with refurbished units. So buy a Square Trade warranty of your choice of length FROM AMAZON within 90 days of placing your order (not delivery). Square Trade will not sell warranties from their Website for units bought at certain stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and a few others.

ADDED 5/26/12:

Still going strong. Zero problems. Remote repelled some liquid with no ill effects.

ADDED 7/24/12:

Still going strong. Zero problems.

ADDED 5/20/13:

Still going strong. Zero problems. Works like the day I unboxed it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome 3D TV for the Price .., April 15, 2011
I had been researching 3D TVs for over a year before I bought this TV. Plasma had my vote as lack of deep black levels were something that were very noticeable for me on my last two televisions. I had been interested in Panasonic GT25 series for a while but the cost of active shutter glasses and up-keep (battery, wear and tear etc.) was prohibitive (this being a 2nd TV in the bedroom).

The first I had heard about FPR passive glasses based devices was about a year ago. They were said to be the next best thing but being a geek who has been burned before I was initially skeptical that the 3D effect would be very good. I was certain there will be sacrifices in image quality for 2D however I was actually very surprised by the image quality (both 2D and 3D) on this television. The device simply can not be beat in terms of image quality and features at this low price (Similarly capable LG TVs (albeit with 240 Hz and some extra bells and whistles) cost more than twice as much).

I have had an HDTV (this being my 3rd) for the past 5 years and this TV has the best image quality and features and costs the least.


- Even though this is an LCD panel the blacks levels are actually pretty good.
- PS3 and XBOX360 on HDMI look fantastic and there are several modes available to tweak color temp and/or brightness hue contrast levels.
- 3D effect looks amazing with both games and movies. I have had the TV for only a day so I have not had a chance to watch a full length 3D movie yet. 3D games I tried include wipeout HD which looks amazing. I had tried this game previously on a 3D Sony TV before and this one looks just as good while costing one 3rd.
- Lots of options are available for different settings e.g. Zoom has 4 settings (normal, wide, zoom, panoramic)
- Internet apps are available for flickr, facebook, NEtflix, VUDU, Amazon video on demand, Blockbuster and lots of news station. Not needing to power up my PS3 (for netflix) or my PC (for amazon video on demand) mean power savings :).
- Qwerty keyboard on the remote makes using these internet apps a breeze.
- The TV has wifi n and ethernet both which makes it very flexible. It has 3 HDMI ports and 1 component and 1 VGA port.
- It has capability to play songs and display pictures a usb disk (has 2-3 usb ports, I tried connecting my western digital passport and it worked great)but no movies. Pictures app has a lot of different transitions that make the slideshow and normal photo viewing great.
- The passive glasses are much lighter and more comfortable than active shutter glasses I had tried before. I wear glasses so I have to wear these on top of my existing ones and they have been much easier to handle than other glasses. I believe one can get clip-on type attachments (generic variety not from Vizio) for prescription glasses as well.


- None that I can think of. The TV has surpassed my expectations for its price. To nitpick it is not 240HZ, or LED backlit, does not support PIP or POP. There are less options available compared to TVs that cost more than twice as much.
- After a couple of weeks of use I can definitely say that the TV is a little slow to start compared to my older HDTV, granted this one has internet apps (implying an embedded processor with an OS that needs to boot) but it is a noticeable difference. Since, this feature was not something I could test with other floor models, this could just be the norm for internet enabled TVs.

UPDATE APRIL 16th 2011:

- Confirmed that movie playback from usb disks is not supported as mentioned in the manual.
- I had a chance to watch some more 3D content (Tangled 3D, Super stardust HD, mortal Kombat 3D demo, KillZone 3 3D demo) and played around with some internet apps like Vudu and netflix and all looked great. I have not tried the wifi n link as I have it connected via wired ethernet. Vudu has a test festure built-in that tells you what format (SD, 720P, 1080P would be most suitable as they are priced differently. There are not a lot of choices though and the prices are pretty high (4.99 - 6.99 for 720p to 1080p rentals) but they are sometimes better than Sony Playstation Network especially for 3D movies.

UPDATE APRIL 25th 2011:

- Added more information and my thoughts after a couple of weeks of use.
- I also tried IZ3D with every setting but could not get 3D (for PC)to work over HDMI. Maybe it will work over RGB but for my setup HDMI looks and works better so that is not an option I was going to try.
- I would also like to add that sound quality is actually decent on this device, depending on the source of the original material sound is clear. I was going to buy a sound bar for this TV (since it is in my bedroom) but i guess i can wait until the next version comes out in July instead of buying last years model.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Deal for the Price, April 18, 2011
This review is from: VIZIO E3D320VX 32-Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with Internet Apps (2011 Model) (Electronics)
If you're looking for a 3D internet connected TV, then this is the one to buy. This TV is probably the best overall value out there right now. Picture is incredible and sound is adequate. By "adequate" I mean that the sound is good enough if this is a TV for your room. If this is a TV is for a family or entertainment room, you may want to buy external speakers just to improve the overall quality of sound.

The internet connectivity and available apps is really nice. If you are a Netflix or Hulu+ user, this will be extremely convenient. There is plenty of apps for sports updates too.

3D is a really nice touch to the TV. I've tried a few things in 3D and can say that you really will get a solid 3D experience from this TV. However you can't be sitting anywhere you want to. The manual comes with a diagram of "optimal 3D viewing". From certain side angles you won't get the 3D viewing.

The only major issue I've had with this TV is when using a PS3 to play video games. Ghosting (motion blur) can be an issue as well as awkward pixelations and lag when viewing in 1080p. Vizio support was more than helpful with this. They recommended changing the output settings on my PS3 which ended up fixing the problem for the most part.

Overall I highly recommend this TV for anyone who is looking for the most advanced TV tech available, while still being able to afford it.

**UPDATE 5/14/11: PS3 Settings to Reduce Ghosting and Eliminate Lag**

After playing with a ton of combinations of settings I found the following PS3 settings to work best while gaming in 2D. These settings were based on MLB 11: The Show because that particular game had the worst ghosting issues out of my games. Other games, may not need these settings. The TV settings listed below are absolutely necessary to have. It will eliminate any lag that you might experience.

PS3 Settings:
--Go to 'Video Settings' and set '1080p 24HzOutput (HDMI)' to OFF.
--Go to 'Display Settings' and change 'Video Output Settings' to 720p. To change this setting you have to choose 'Manual' when it prompts you to choose.
--The only other setting (which I'm not positive I actually changed or if this setting was default) was in 'Game Settings'. I have 'PS Smoothing' set to OFF.

TV Settings:
--TV Settings: Hit 'Menu' on your TV Remote and go to 'Settings'. Make sure the 'Input Source' is set to whatever input your PS3 is using. Go to 'Game Mode' and choose 'ON'. This eliminates all lag while gaming which was a huge problem initially.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Think 3D HDTV is a phase, think again!, August 3, 2011
Vizio 3D HDTV Review.

I knocked off one star because of the poor design remote and the mediocre sound of the HDTV.

I have been shopping for a 3d HDTV for several years... I am very slow in buying into new technology, but at this price, I could not resist.
I was very hesitant to get an active shutter system since the glasses ran around 80 to 130 dollars a piece. Imagine what would happen to those 80 dollar pairs of glasses in the hands of 8 year olds? I like to have friends over to watch TV for `movie night'/ Knowing 3d movies are being made more-and-more; Having an investment in $800 to $1000 just for glasses was just simply not an option. When I found out passive TV was coming out, I knew I had to check them out as soon as they came out. So, off to Best Buy to see their 3D HDTV Demos.
I was impressed! Now, the passive seemed almost as good as the active shutter. But knowing I could get 40 pairs of paasive glasses for the price of one active- I was sold! Remember, the passive TVs use the exact same glasses you get FREE at a RealD 3D Movie Theatre!
Now, some people that get motion sickness may have problem with watching 3d movies. This set allows you to turn off the 3d too. It also tells you if a movie is encoded with 3D before playing it in 3D and asked you if you want to watch it in 3D or 2d!
I would suggest buying two pairs of 3d to 2d glasses so a couple of guests who want to watch your 3d movie in 2d can and those that want to watch in 3D can use their 3D glasses. The 3d to 2d glasses cost about $9 each. I bought two pairs.

PICTURE: The depth of colors and details of pixels are VERY nice. Brightness and Contrast of the HDTV is amazing with just standard TV broadcast, HD is even better. I actually had to turn the brightness down because it was TOO bright for my normal night time viewings. There are so many picture settings you can tweak from the Picture Menu that EVERYONE can find the perfect setting for their liking if they are willing to take the time to tweak them. The response time with fast action is very good, very little blurring, and 99% of people would not even notice. There is a lot of talk between 60hz, 120HZ, 240HZ and 480 Hz and the New 720 HZ. Most movies and HDTV broadcast are at 24HZ... so any set over that for normal cable broadcast will be overkill. Blu-rays runs at 59.94Hz at best/normally at 30hz....all game consoles Xbox360, PS3, Wii run at 30hZ and are up-converted sometimes to 60hz. 120Hz is way good enough for 99% of the people out there. Make sure you have quality HDMI cables between your HDTV cable converter and your Blu-Ray player. The set has 3 HDMI input jacks in the back and one HDMI on the side.

SOUND: The Sound is honestly worse than I expected. I have read other reviewers about the poor sound, but did not expect it to be as weak as it was. It is fine for normal news viewing, or children shows, but if you are into Action Movies... you should expect to add a good sound system to this TV, or a Sound Bar at the very least! Believe me, when I say, the sound is tinny at best! I added a Bose sound system... it really adds 50% to viewing pleasure with great deep base sounds and crisp highs! Note, even the highs are weak with this TV not just the bass. If you watch nothing but news... you'll be happy. But, if you watch Tron in 3d with the TV's sound system.... You'll be disappointed not because of the Picture, but because of the sound. Note, this set DOES have one single Optical out jack, so plugging this into a sound system is a snap! I have an optical 7.1 stereo headset I use when playing FPS on my PS3. Having this optical out is another plus for the TV.

3D: The 3d TV makes you feel like you are watching something happen live from a window, not that the picture comes out of the TV but that the TV has Real live Depth to it. It still makes you feel immersed in the movie.

Games: I have a PS3 and a Wii, so I can only speak about them. The Wii, a brighter bigger better contrast TV will make the Wii look good. Now, The PS3, W-O-W, Playing Black Ops in 3D or MotorStorm in 3D is simple a "WOW" experience one must see-to-believe!
I am a big Battlefield 3 player, so having a bigger set will make you a better player. I went from a 32 inch set to this 47". So, this makes a vast improvement in enemy locating.

Mounting: I have this set mounted above my gas fireplace; it is on a adjustable wall mount which I pull out from the wall a foot and normally have angled down at a 15 degree angle. Watching 3d movies is not a problem until you get over 45 degrees from center. 2d shows are fine.
We have a maximum viewing distant from the TV at 11 feet. I would not recommend sitting closer than 5.5 feet away. I think the sweet spot is around 6-11.5 feet away.

Applications: Can get access to Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Rhapsody, Weather Channle, News, and several others. Not great app program, and I can not figure out how to update firmware.

Netflix: I have this TV connected via the wireless portion included on the set. I did not test the direct hardwire connection. The wireless works VERY well. It rarely stops to buffer movies. I have an extremely fast internet connection that gives me 45Mbps direct connected and 16Mbps via my wireless connections. The TV works very well.

Amazon Prime: Same as Netflix... works very well.

Remote: Its okay, could be ALOT BETTER... the buttons have to be pressed EXTREMELY hard to MAKE work. The worse thing about this TV is the remote!

Overall: Well worth the money! Just Note...that you probably will need to buy a sound bar or a cheap surround-sound home theatre system to REALLY enjoy action movies.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Crystal clear 3d at an exceptional value, April 4, 2011
I was impressed with how well this TV produced flawless 3D effects without any ghosting at all. 3D Blu-ray movies appear brighter and even more rich in color through the polarized glasses. As opposed to some of the active shutter glasses I have tried out, the lightweight polarized glasses are less strenous on both the eyes and the nose they rest on. The TV also works well with the PS3 and generates an immersive 3d gaming enviroment. While I was easily able to link my computer to it through the hdmi port to play my downloaded 3d content, I was a little dissapointed that I could not access 3d controls while trying it on the RGB port. I also could not find a way to make it work with nvidia's 3d vision. However, I am hopeful that Nvidia will provide support for this TV in a future driver release. The TV can normally autodetect 3D content but when it doesn't you can push the 3D button on the remote for easy access to the SBS, TB, or Sensio 3d settings. The wireless setup was very quick and easy and involved no more then picking out my network and typing in my password. I also really like the one touch buttons for VOD, Netflix, And Vudu. The full QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side of the remote allows for painless browsing of online movies and TV shows. In conclusion, for the features, screen size, quality and price of this TV set, it's a fantastic bargain and I fully endorse it.

IMPORTANT NOTE -- When using the TV for gaming, make sure film mode is off or you will experience massive input lag.

Update: after a bit of tinkering I have found that the TV works flawlessly with IZ3D drivers on the interleaved setting, you don't even have to put the tv in 3d mode for it to work and it produces some truly amazing pc 3d gaming immersion. Don't even bother with nvidia 3d vision its a dead end on this tv, the IZ3D software works with both ati and nvidia cards.

Update 2: This TV is now listed on the Nvidia 3dtv play site as supported through the Beta 285.38 drivers. I bought the $40 program but the tv does not seem to detect the 3d signal from my nvidia gtx 285 card. I have both posted on the nvidia forums and sent a support email. I shall update again with the results.

Update 3: I gave up on Nvidia for my setup, it may very well be an issue with my particular gpu, I was able to get a refund on the program and I have since switched to an amd card with a built in sound card and actual hdmi output. it works just fine with IZ3d and runing the hdmi from my computer straight into my receiver is a big plus.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Deal On A 3D TV!, May 3, 2011
C. Ramos (Hagerstown, MD) - See all my reviews
Earlier I gave this TV a negative review for 2 reasons:

1. 3D would not work with my Playstation 3 and Killzone 3.

2. Games had noticeable lag during gameplay.

After some tinkering around, I resolved both problems.

The problem I had with 3D is that since this TV is fairly new it REQUIRES 1.4 HDMI cables to enable 3D content to work. So if you plan to use it with an older HDMI cord, think twice. Online forums may tell you otherwise, but take it from someone who's experienced severe frustration from the issue, YOU NEED 1.4 HDMI CABLES FOR 3D.

The problem with gaming lag is because of the default settings on the TV. You have to go into settings and enable "gaming mode". Until you change this setting on the TV, CoD and other fast paced action games are virtually unplayable due to input lag.

After those problems are dealt with then it's smooth sailing for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. It's a great value for a TV with these features and it really does perform. Only other gripe is that the main speakers are very underwhelming. Which is only a problem if you don't have a speaker system.

As of right now this TV is not available on Amazon, so I'd advise anyone looking to purchase it to go to their nearest Walmart and pick it up. You can't go wrong with a deal this good!


UPDATE 05/14/11:
Did some more research and found out that game systems can output 3D with 1.3 HDMI cables since they were created before the induction of the 1.4 standard. 3D Blu-Ray Players on the other hand have emerged much more recently and therefore are only compliant with the 1.4 standard. Hope this helps.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Non-expert review (just being honest with you!), April 30, 2011
I have to tell you that I'm not an audio/visual expert. I wear glasses (if that makes any difference) and am prone to headaches (which is relevant to 3D material).

So far I only have 3 3D Blu Ray movies (Tangled, Tron Legacy, and Piranha) and have only rented one other (Bolt) so my expertise on this TV is fairly limited. With that said, I've over-all been extremely pleased with the 3D output of this TV. Keep in mind, this TV doesn't require active-shutter glasses (and I'm not even sure if those kinds of glasses will even work with it). It uses basically the same glasses that you get from seeing a movie in "Real-D" at the theater--hence the name of this "Theater 3D" TV. In fact, I saved a couple pairs of the 3D glasses I got from seeing 3D movies in the theater and they work with this TV as well--which is nice, because I can have friends over to watch the 3D movies without having to shell out a ton of cash just for the glasses.

Be warned though, the 3D experience won't necessarily always be good--that depends on the source material, not on the TV itself. For instance, the 3D of Piranha, and the 3D from Time Warner On Demand, made me feel kind of woozy. Time Warner uses (at least on the free 3D shows it has available, that I've watched) the top/bottom 3D approach and that makes me feel horrible. Hopefully that gets phased out and only the side/side approach gets used. Piranha looked decent at times but I'm afraid it uses the t/b approach and it made me feel crummy too.

Still, with the right source material--like Tangled and Tron Legacy, as well as Bolt and I'm sure many others--the 3D can and does look stunning. It may not be "Full HD" (based on other reviews I've read) but I can't really tell. Sitting 8 feet back, the 3D looks like Full HD to me and the 3D looks awesome. In fact, my dad--who hates seeing 3D movies because it always makes him feel sick, and who says 3D looks poor anyway--was actually very into Tangled 3D at home. He said, with a bit of surprise and even a little smile, "it actually looks a lot better than in the theater."

The video quality... I shouldn't really have to say it, but it's great. One of the first things I watched when I got this thing home last weekend was an NBA game and it was SO much better on this TV than my previous (a 32" Samsung 720p). I nearly felt like I was at the court. It could be clearer, and I still noticed some "blocks" (don't know the technical terms) when there was a lot of fast action, but those moments were few and far between. I only noticed them when I got up close and wanted to see them. Sitting back, you couldn't tell.

Besides the 3D, there are other things that make this TV well worth it. First is the Vizio Internet Apps aka VIA. I love having Netflix, Hulu and Amazon VOD right on my TV, without having to switch to another component. You have the VIA button--as well as Netflix, Vudu and Amazon VOD buttons--right on the double-sided remote control. Besides those video services, you can also download Vizio apps such as NBA Game Time (which hopefully, next year, will have League Pass), Showtime, weather, eBay, Facebook, Pandora, a lot of different local news apps, games, Twitter, etc. They all seem to work well, although the Netflix app would be better off if updated (to resemble the current PS3 Netflix app).

Second is the remote control which, although not perfect by a long shot, is really cool. For one it's fairly small and thus easy to use. One major plus is, as I mentioned before, the back side which sports a QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately (maybe) the buttons are not extremely easy to use. I expect the typical buttons to require a bit of force--to prevent hitting buttons that you didn't mean to--but the whole point of a QWERTY is to be able to type faster. Well, the fact that you have to really push the buttons slows you down. Of course the problem here is that if they were easier to push, you'd be pushing them all the time while gripping the remote. Maybe Vizio could redo the remote to have a slide or flip cover for the back?

Anyhow, I love the TV and have no regrets buying it. The only problem I have is not having under-$100 access to some of the more popular 3D movies. Bugger.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value 3D TV with plenty of features!, June 4, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've had this TV for almost 2 weeks and I am very pleased with it. Keep in mind I rated this TV based on value not on picture quality. The 3d picture is stunning and works very well, the passive display does mean it cuts down the resolution while in 3d mode, but given it's flicker free and very inexpensive that's not a big deal breaker. The glasses are lightweight, battery-less, and inexpensive. Those wanting to buy must understand that this is and economy TV, meaning that its primary focus is value for your buck, It won't rival the picture quality of the new 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio led TVs. Being under $700 puts it at a price that with its specifications and features rival similar 2d CCFL LCD TVs. It does lack 2d to 3d like sets that cost at least twice as much. Overall I think this is a tremendous value, especially for those buying a TV anyway, you get a good 2d TV with the option of using 3d.

-Under $700!
-3d is great, no flickering or having expensive glasses to charge or break, you can use Real-D glasses you get free at the movies.
-Great with ps3 for playing 3d blu-ray movies, 3d MPO picture viewing(works with 3ds pictures), and gaming(3d adds a lot more to gaming than it does movies).
-Wifi and apps- Surprised Vizio include both wifi and apps at this price. Pandora, Netflix, Amazon Video, and much more are available.
-Full function remote- Not only has tv functions and a qwerty keyboard, but also supports CEC for controlling hdmi devices(ps3 control works great for bluray playback and menu navigation).
-Ample amount of settings to change- Changing the picture to your liking is easy, also has a game setting to ensure you get lag free play when gaming.

-3d up and down viewing angle is limited and slight cross talk when a very bright color overlaps a a very dark background.
-3d resolution is cut in half. In order to work with the lightweight polarized glasses every other horizontal line of pixels is polarized differently. This means in 3d mode each eye gets a 1920 x 540 resolution image, when displaying full HD 3d most won't be able to tell much of a difference. This is also not a big deal for this reason, 3d Blurays are the only content I know of that output full 1080p 3d at this time. The PS3, due to processing limitations, cuts games down to 720p when in 3d, current internet and cable streaming send half of full 3d by squeezing 2 images into one 2d hd stream.
-Lacks backlight uniformity of leds/plasma, Uses CCFLs which causes a slight brightness banding effect that is noticeable on solid and panning backgrounds. I'm not overly picky, but a perfectionist will likely want another set.
-No 2d to 3d conversion.
-Sound does lack richness and bass of a external system, does fine for my small room but those with a big room may want to invest in a sound system.

I gave it a 5 out of 5 not because it produces a perfect picture, but because it is a great value and meets all my expectations. It has the potential to be the best selling 3d TV this year. Keep in mind while 3d is the main reason people will by this, 3d is just an extra feature not a mandate and it is still a good 2d TV to buy in case you want 3d in the future. Back to 3d Gran Turismo 5!!

Feel free to post a comment or question...
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great TV. Fantastic 3D. Phenomenal Value!, August 24, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I purchased this TV after buying a Samsung UN46D6400 LED TV and returning it to Samsung for a refund -- Samsung was great to work with, by the way, and I would buy from them again only because they acted honorably in the spirit of customer satisfaction. That being said, having bought the Samsung for $1,300, I felt somewhat like I'd been "ripped off." Sure, the TV's contrast ratio was through the roof, and the image quality overall was bar none, but I believe the contrast ratio, in addition to the high-gloss coating Samsung applies to its screens, exacerbate any screen uniformity issues, and the unit I had suffered from HORRIBLE clouding and "flashlighting." Furthermore, though it was a 3D-ready TV, it included no glasses (which are pricey), and accessing any internet apps would have required the purchase of an external wifi dongle, an additional $80 or so. In short, I would have had to spend about $1,500 to use the Samsung's 3D and internet features, and I still would have been stuck with a TV marred by poor backlight uniformity.

For the Vizio E3D420VX, I spent a total of $668, and while this TV is 42", versus the Samsung's 46 inches, it includes two pairs of 3D glasses and has 802.11n built in. I set it up, connected my PS3 via HDMI, and breezed through the setup procedure. It picked up my wireless network quickly, and I was immediately able to access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and all of the other available online content. My PS3 looks fantastic, but the icing on the cake is the 3D. It's not just $668 good. It's very, very good, period. I've played a few game demos and viewed some of the free 3D content available on PSN, and so far, I'm really impressed with what I've seen (and having been partially responsible for the development of Dell's Alienware AW2310 3D gaming monitor, I know 3D).

I'm also very happy with some of the TV's other, less prominent features, such as its RCA analog stereo output, the option to turn-off its power LED (thank you, Vizio, and praise baby Jesus!!!), and its clever QWERTY remote. I have a 2.1 receiver with two bookshelf speakers and a sub, and it's becoming more and more difficult to find a TV with analog stereo outputs. With this Vizio TV, I was able to easily connect my receiver and use the TV's remote to adjust the volume level. When my receiver was connected to the Samsung TV, I had to use the receiver's remote to adjust the volume level, because the Samsung remote's volume control becomes disabled when the TV is configured for "External Speakers." Being able to turn-off the Vizio's power LED, while a minor feature, is a HUGE plus to me; I had an older Vizio TV whose illuminated logo I quickly became annoyed with, so to be able to view content with one less visual distraction makes for a great bonus -- it's really nice to see a company like Vizio being mindful of details like this. And speaking of details, while I've noted complaints about the QWERTY remote, the only thing I can ding if for is not being back-lit; however, at $668, I can't balk. In fact, even in the dark, entering text using the remote's keyboard is far, far more convenient than having to use what is usually a poorly executed on-screen substitute.

As for the Vizio's picture quality, it's not perfect, but it's still very, very impressive, especially at its price-point. Contrast is good, clarity is very good, and after calibrating the unit, its color reproduction is, in my opinion, extremely natural and transparent. Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with its ability to render HD content. It does suffer somewhat from backlight uniformity issues, and it's black levels don't touch those of plasmas or LED TVs, but in comparing it to the Samsung LED TV I had, I have to say that even in dark scenes, this TV is far more satisfying to watch; as mentioned previously, I suspect that the astronomically high contrast levels afforded by LED TVs actually work to exploit any clouding and "flashlighting" issues that may be present. In the case of this Vizio CCFL TV, its lower contrast ratio actually makes for a picture that is, overall, far more uniform.

As a consumer who feels as though truly solid values are becoming increasingly difficult to come by, I have to say I'm very, very happy with my purchase of this Vizio TV. It's a great HDTV with fantastic 3D at an incredible value. Highly recommended.

Update: The TV is still working to my expectations. I have noted that, on occasion, the Vizio Internet Apps will act a little wonky (won't start or exit), requiring a second (or third) press of the respective button on the remote. I've also noted a minor uniformity issue that affects the TV's picture only when the majority of the screen is white or near-white; there are three VERY slightly darkened vertical "bars" that run down the center of the screen. They're so faint that I'm fairly certain they've been there the whole time and that I simply hadn't noticed them until recently. They're not bad enough to be considered a deal-breaker, so I'm still very, very happy with my purchase and I would still recommend the product to even my very best friends.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Bad Remote for E models, October 17, 2011
Barb (United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: VIZIO E3D320VX 32-Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with Internet Apps (2011 Model) (Electronics)
Because I love my non-3D VIZIO TV with Internet Apps, I bought this TV for my elderly Mom.

The remote is very small and you need to place the very tip of your fingernail perfectly on each button, and press the button deep down below the surface of the remote, in order to make any button work. What's worse, is that the Alphabetic keypad is placed on the back surface of the remote - so that you are in danger of pressing those keys while trying to push in a button on the top of the remote. It's difficult for me to use, and near-impossible for Mom.

Really bad design. I called Vizio, and the person I spoke to agreed it's a bad design. He spoke to his manager, and came back to apologize again, and tell me that I couldn't even purchase a better remote from them because the E model TV frequency doesn't work with their better remotes. The only option would be to buy a cheap generic Vizio remote that will NOT run any of the features (just basic TV channel switching), and save the bad remote to infrequently run any of the TV's features.

He said this remote comes with all E (3D) models. The other Internet Apps Vizio TVs come with the bigger remote, with the slide-out alphabetic keyboard. I love that remote. If the person using this TV has arthritis, etc., I suggest you do not buy any of the models beginning with E.

(By the way, the indent in the bottom center of the TV is not a dent - it's part of the design. He said that I was not the first person to ask.)
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