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on November 20, 2013
Not happy with this TV and not happy with Vizio. My mom bought this TV for us on August 31st. Approximately one month later, it would start to just randomly shut itself off then restart. I did some googling and discovered that this is a common issue for Vizio TVs. (We'll be sitting here watching Netflix or regular TV and all of a sudden the screen will go black then the "V" logo will appear and it will be on regular TV. It even logs me out of Netflix completely.) I tried unplugging the TV and holding down the power button and then plugging it into a different outlet. That didn't correct the problem. On October 26th, I sent an email to Vizio to request that they fix or replace the TV. They suggested doing the same thing I had already done (unplug, hold power button down, etc.). I tried that again and the TV went a whole 2 days without restarting.

So I emailed them again on November 14th and they gave me a customer service number to call. I called that number today and the guy on the phone told me that it would take about 5-6 days to repair and they would send someone out. Then he realized that the TV would have to be sent in and was going to schedule that. So basically they wanted me to send in this defective TV and then sit here with no TV for the next two weeks while they fix it (one week for shipping back and forth, one week for repairs.) This isn't acceptable, especially for a product that apparently has this problem a lot and is clearly defective. It's a $250 TV. Shipping and repairing it would cost that much. I just want the stupid thing replaced. Why should we have to sit here and go two weeks without out when the problem is on their end? I can get my car repaired in less time than that.

Bottom line: don't buy this as your main or only TV unless you're prepared to spend a couple of weeks without it so it can be repaired.

UPDATE January 2014: In spite of many attempts to get this resolved with Vizio, I have reached a dead end. They tell me to send a copy of the receipt and when I do, they tell me that large files have to be sent to a "photos at vizio dot com" email address. I've done that twice now. The first time, I received a reply that no cases with my incident number or email address can be found even though I used the exact same case number and email address as I've been using for over two months and numerous emails. The second time, I received absolutely no response.

Vizio's idea of customer service seems to be "ignore the customer and eventually they'll give up." They don't care if they lose a customer because another gullible one will come along.
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on January 19, 2013
This is an excellent no-frills smart TV. the picture is excellent and the sound is surprisingly good. While it is missing some features and has fairly limited menu options the excellent picture quality and built in apps make this well worth the low price.

After living with the TV for less than a week my main complaints are:
- can't rename channels
- no channel favorites
- firmware updates seemed to wipe out most of the customization I'd done to the apps and widget dock
- cheap remote without lighted buttons

- great picture
- decent sound (I had assumed I'd immediately need a sound bar but have decided I can wait for now)
- built in Netflix, Amazon, etc.
- attractive design with very thin bezel around the screen
- large screen size for a low price
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on April 26, 2013
I had a 50" LG Plasma for 4 years until the switch unexpectedly broke. Given the age of the set and that it went through multiple moves where the packers didn't treat anything gently, it seemed best to find a replacement. The room that the plasma was in has a lot of windows and a huge skylight,which meant that the Plasma was almost unwatchable when the sun was out - the reflections off the glass were severe. I suppose I could have invested in blackout blinds, or bricked in all the windows but I'm not a fan of the dungeon aesthetic.

So, I figured a LED LCD screen would be good to try.


1./ Price - $650 delivered (Prime) is pretty decent.
2./ Reflections - this screen is very visible even in bright light, which is great if you don't live in a dungeon or bonus dungeon.
3./ Smart TV - has the basic apps to watch Prime, Netflix, etc.
4./ Good looking - it has a narrow bezel which enhances the viewing experience. I am not sure what that's all about but people who come round say it.
5./ Brand - I know its a 'budget' brand but I've yet to meet someone say they regretted buying one of these things. :
6./ Image quality - surprisingly good. OK its not a plasma but if you calibrate it you get surprisingly good black levels. I don't play games so I'm not sure if it blurs when you're doing the wild thing with your boyfriends on Call of Duty 15 (no disrespect intended).
7./ Good sound for a panel- checked it briefly before plugging in the 5.1 system.


1./ In a dark room it is not as vibrant as a plasma. Then again, the super high end LCDs aren't either, despite the hype - and this is not super high end at all.
2./ It's apparently eco-friendly which means it's probably related to Al Gore and the Sierra Clubi some nefarious way.
3./ Thing weighs as much as a plasma - seriously.What's up with that?
4./ It's a bit thick but then so are all LCDs. Not Beyonce thick but there it is.
5./ Takes about 15 seconds to 'boot up'. Doesn't bother me but if you're a tier-one, high-speed low-drag, spec ops couch commando this is going to compromise your tv watching mission.

Here are some settings I stole earlier. They work well.

Picture Mode "custom"
Backlight "65"
Brightness "42"
Contrast "50"
Color "50"
Tint "0"
Sharpness "6"

Color temp "Cool" default set

Advanced Picture
Noise Red "low"
MPEG NR "low"
Color Enhancement "Rich Color"
Adaptive Luma "medium"
Film Mode "off"
Smart Dimming "on"
Ambient Light Sensor "off"
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on January 27, 2013
Bought this TV after a lot of research looking for the best bang for the buck on a bedroom TV. TV's picture is AWESOME! My cable connection is just basic standard def, but still looks good. (I tried some over the air HD signals for a little while and it was an awesome picture.) I've streamed Netflix in HD and it looks very good. I still had to use my Comcast digital converter box (not real happy about that, but it's ok).

The one BIG issue you MAY run into is with the wireless connection to your router. I could not get the TV to connect wirelessly to my router at first. I have a basic Netgear wireless G router (WGR-614). Googled the issue and saw numerous reports from others about incompatibility between Netgear routers and Vizio TV's. Tried some of the solutions to no avail. Finally what I figured out is that the TV would not connect using WPA2-PSK (AES). I had to set my router to use both WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES) and the TV finally connected using the WPA-PSK (TKIP) security! The tip off that it was going to work was when I was in the on-screen keyboard screen entering the wireless passphrase it showed "WPA-PSK" above the passphrase entry box. Making this security change on my router is somewhat of a security risk, but in the rural area I live in I didn't mind. You should be aware of the possible security risk where you are if you run into the same problem.

Once I connected I tested out the Netflix app. It connected to my account and streamed my first test movie just fine (showed flipping between medium HD & high HD quality) with just some slight buffering as it got started. I haven't played much with other apps yet to report on them.

The remote does have tiny buttons, but it's not too awful for me. We have another Vizio TV and we are used to the Vizio menus.

All in all I think this was a good purchase. I knocked down a star due to the frustration of getting a wireless connection and the necessary downgrade in my router's security.
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on March 27, 2013
Why I am reviewing: Lack of reviews on this set currently with several of them giving a poor rating. Some of the issues other reviewers were having sounded like they might be user error. Either way, I feel this is a trusted brand at the right price so and the size that I needed so I went ahead and bought it regardless of the reviews.

Background: My other tvs are Pioneer Kuro models I bought several years back (and have never regretted - they are simply the best), but I needed a smaller tv for our exercise room. Based on the location of our equipment, 32" was a little small so I needed something in the 37 to 40" range and this one fit the bill nicely.

Setup: The directions for putting on the stand did not work well for me. The quick start guide had me lay the tv flat on the floor and then try to mount the stand. The problem with this is with the tv flat on the floor, unless you live in a split level and hang the bottom of the tv over the stair it is nearly impossible to hold up the tv while trying to attact the stand. I disassembled the stand and went in a different order, attaching the back of the stand to the tv first. Then I could use the stand to hold onto, lifting up the set and attaching the base. This seems like a much better process and I don't know why the directions don't follow this route.

Looks: This TV looks great. The thin bezel is excellent, giving the appearance of almost all screen. Really looks great. The speakers are thin along the bottom of the set and hardly noticeable. Overall I really like the appearance of this set.

Remote:Not fancy or expensive, but nice. Buttons have a tactile feel, with a real click for button presses. I like this approach. It also feels good in the hand.

Startup: I had no issues here. Menus were responsive and intuitive (no delays like some other review said). It found my home network just fine and the onscreen keyboard to enter network password was very quick and responsive. Easy step by step process to register the tv and apps. Picture came on at the end of this and looked great. I was in a room where the light was changing slightly from outside and I could see the tv adjust by the second. I don't care for this feature so I turned it off as other reviewers have done.

This feature was easy to find in the picture adjustment settings and while there I could see the set has a good amount of adjustments available. I generally don't like to mess with these too much so I chose one of the presets, "basketball." I chose this because basketball is my favorite sport. I like the way they dribble up and down the court. But I digress.
I tuned to ESPN (DirecTv) and was very happy with the picture. Colors were bright and the screen really looked good. Viewing angles are amazing and have come a long way over the years. I remember earlier sets where off angle viewing was challenge, with the picture looking very dim the farther off angle you got. No such problem with this set. You can view from as far off angle as you can get until you are looking at the side of the tv, with no noticeable change in brightness. Reaction times are very good and the set handles motion very well.

The TV was set up in a room with one window on the right side of the room. Viewing from the left and straight on I could not notice and reflectivity but moving over to the right side I could notice the reflections from the window. It was fairly bright outside so unless you are viewing off angle opposite a window during daytime hours this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
I was very satisfied with the sound as well. I left the SRS setting turned on and the sound was crisp and clear with good volume. I'm sure I won't have any issues hearing over our exercise equipment in this room.

Now it was time to try the internet features. One feature I really looked forward to on this TV was the ability to watch Amazon Prime videos. If you don't have Amazon Prime - what are doing? You are doing it wrong. The best $79.99 you will ever spend. Anyway, I pressed the dedicated Amazon button on the remote and got no response. I tried the Netflix and M-Go buttons located in the top row as well and they worked find. So checking the quick start guide, I was directed to the V.I.A. button to get started with Vizio internet apps. I was then directed to select "connected tv store" to search for apps that were not yet installed. Since I did not see Amazon prime anywhere in the menu, I was hopeful I could find it here. Upon selecting, I was advised that there was an update to this app and to select "OK" to download and update this app before I would be able to use it. This took only a minute or two and upon finishing I found that Amazon Prime was now one of the available apps. I went through the sign up process so the tv would recognize my Prime account and allow me access to content. This brought up an on screen code and I was directed to my computer to enter this on the amazon site. Once completed the tv recognized that I had registered it with amazon and allowed access to the thousands of shows and movies available to me as a Prime subscriber.
Once this was completed I exited out of Prime and attempted to use the dedicated Amazon button on the remote once again and this time, success!

I loaded up Prime and selected in Instant Videos to see the selection of HD movies available to me for free. To my surprise, Evil Dead 2 was one of the choices. I selected this movie and after about one minute it was ready for viewing. Playback was flawless, the picture looked great and I was pleasantly surprised with the SRS audio as well.

Overall I am extremely happy with my choice. I don't understand the issues other reviewers have had; maybe these were earlier production units and these glitches have been resolved on later units. I don't think there is a better set out there for $479. Outstanding value and I highly recommend if you are in the market for a 40" tv.
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on May 3, 2013
I purchased this for our bedroom with a wall mount. I mounted this about 2 inches down from the ceiling, which gives it about 6' 4" of clearance under it on a standard 7' 10" ceiling hight.... perfect as the tallest person is me at 6'.... put a downward angle on the screen. Perfect for watch late night in bed. The TV has are great picture, remember on a smaller TV 720p is just great, anything more and you're waisting your money. The 60Hz refresh rate is also fine on a smaller TV. The benifit of this TV, which is hard to find in this size, is its fully WiFi enabled with all of the apps that are good for me (Netflix, Amazon Prime Streaming, Vudu and Hulu Plus...... there are 24 pages of internet programming that can be installed. The only two that I use that are lacking are HBO to Go and Starz to Go.... This is a really nice purchase for the bedroom.
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on November 3, 2012
I've read a lot of reviews before deciding on this HDTV.This HDTV offers a superb value for anyone looking for a Smart TV that has solid picture quality for 299.00.There are a lot of 32 inch TVs with neither.I included a review from David Katzmaier Senior Editor from CNET that has reviewed this TV.Type CNET and enter E320i-A0 in the search bar and enjoy the review[...] and I included more information from VIZIO. Type VIZIO and enter E320i-A0 in the search bar and enjoy[...]. Even though it's a 32 inch TV you'll get a lot more screen real estate than you realize.Personally anyone can spend more,but why.I wasn't looking for a 1080P 3DTV and at 299.00 I am able to afford it.
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on January 11, 2013
I was reluctant to purchase this TV at first as it was only my second HDTV purchase and my first one was a 43 inch Samsung plasma TV. The Samsung's panel died on me about 2 weeks ago after working great since I bought it in May 2011. Luckily, I had purchased a 3 year warranty through Squaretrade and they got my refund to me super quick (highly recommended). I came across this VIZIO and it basically owns the best reviews for a 50 inch LED (now I see why), so after a little research I went for it and I really feel like I hit a home run with this one.

Picture Quality:
Having previously owned the 43 inch Samsung Plasma, I can definitely say the blacks are nicer on the Samsung, but that's be supposed to be a strength for a plasma TV. Being an LED, this VIZIO has more than adequate blacks in its display of HD and even standard channels. The overall display of standard channels on this VIZIO have a decent looking picture. HD movies are true 1080p and beautiful.

Sound Quality:
I think the sound quality of this TV is adequate, not awesome, but adequate. If you're wanting an impressive home theater experience from an audio standpoint then I think a sound bar or a surround sound system would be the way to go here.

The TV, out of the box takes about 15 minutes to set up if you're taking your time. The remote is a little small, but unless you have massive hands it shouldn't be an issue. When you go to turn on the TV it takes about 15 seconds from when you press the power button to when you see the screen display the picture. Maybe that's too long for some people, it doesn't bother me. The Wifi connection process is fast, smooth, and seamless. As far as the Smart TV features go, it's very non-invasive. Pops up at the press of the big "V" button midway up the remote and it displays the scrollable bar along the bottom of the screen with everything from Netflix & Hulu Plus to YouTube, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook.

I know this review has nothing to do with a Squaretrade warranty, but I felt compelled to reiterate that their warranties are so valuable. I bought a 4 year warranty for this TV that cost $99.99, but I found a 35% off coupon code that made the warranty only $70 after tax. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Overall, I would say if you're looking to go bigger than the 40 inch range with a HDTV that really delivers in quality and performance without breaking the bank, then this is the TV for you!
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on June 11, 2013
In general - if you want quality - you usually don't get it cheap. But with VIZIO - specially with this specific model - it's great in every way, and still priced REALLY LOW - specially considering all the features included!

I have always bought higher end TVs - by Samsung & Sony. They do deliver quality - but their prices are also on the much higher side. I needed to buy another TV - for my basement den/office. I did not want to spend much - as my primary TVs were in the living room & bedroom - both LEDs - one by Sony, one by Samsung. After checking out a lot of reviews - and even going to Wallmart / Bestbuy etc to actually watch this VIZIO playing side by side with other TVs, I decided to go for this TV.

Well, to keep it short, this TV has EVERYTHING :

- Superb Picture Quality.

- Really pure Whites : Almost none of the low/medium price TVs are able to deliver proper whites. But this one produces really accurate whites.

- Really deep blacks. OK - perhaps not AS deep as those high end LEDs with local dimming, but no casual viewer can tell the difference. I actually do look very carefully - but even I will not be able to casually notice the difference. Infact, when blacks are REALLY deep - there is a problem too - details in the dark areas of the picture are rendered completely black too - destroying picture details I actually prefer a level of darkness not intensely black.

- SMART TV Options : It has them all ! ....Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, etc etc. The SMART OPTIONs INTERFACE is slightly slow to maneuver, but once the videos are started - they play flawlessly. Connecting to my wireless network was easy.

- REMOTE : Well, if you are going to be extensively using the smart feature - for using with Youtube / Netflix etc - you may want to buy a remote which comes with a QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side. These are available really cheap - on Amazon or eBay. I bought a used one for just over $10 - and it works perfectly. The remote included has everything - but lacks the QWERTY keyboard.

- SOUND : Sound is good - loud & clear - vocals are clearly heard. However, if you are seriously into great sound quality - you may want to buy & connect an additional sound-bar, or an external sound system.

I set the picture to VIVID - with GAME MODE enabled. That got me the best picture quality as per my taste. You will have to play around with the settings for a while to get the right picture quality. Out-of-the-box settings are not optimum.

120Hz is claimed - though it is not a true 120hz. I have SAMSUNG'S high end 120hz TV - and though there is a little difference in very fast motion - but you have to actually look for it to notice it.

Overall - for approx $400 (including shipping!) - this is a SUPERB DEAL & a SUPERB TV ! Specially as your secondary TV, or TV for the kid's room.
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on November 22, 2012
Just got the TV yesterday and hooked it up this morning for the Macy's parade! Amazing is all I have to say. Install is easy - just attach the base if you are not wall mounting. Took about 10 minutes from box to watching TV. The apps are what make this entire thing so worth while. Before we were streaming video through demand with our blueray player - now you can stream right from the TV, which makes it seamless. You can also watch TV on the side while browsing for a movie to stream. I love the technology.

The thin rim on this TV also makes the profile smaller and increases the viewing area.

Best 2012 purchase and I didn't even have to leave the house!
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