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on January 31, 2013
The setup was very quick and it had no issues connecting to my Wi-Fi. I had the TV up and running in about 15 minuets after its arrival at my door. Netflix is much better than it is on my xbox and loads quickly even with my slower DSL connection. I have not tried the 3D settings yet, but 2D looks great. I also have it hooked up to my surround sound and so I have no idea what the TV audio actually sounds like. I'm sure it isn't any better than any other flat screen TV.

Here are the settings I used for picture quality:

Start in Movie mode and change these settings:

Color Temperature:

Red Gain: 84
Green Gain: 90
Blue Gain: 100
Red Offset: 110
Green Offset: 100
Blue Offset: 100

Advanced Picture:

Color Enhancement: Rich Color
Adaptive Luma: Strong
Film Mode: Off
Smart Dimming: Off
Ambient Light Sensor: Off

The only other change I made was to increase the backlight from 55 to 65. This just causes a brighter or darker screen. These settings take care of the yellow tint that the TV starts with and makes pictures look great. If you want it darker or lighter you can cut the color temps in half or increase them by the same ratio in order to keep quality colors as well.
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on January 25, 2013
Wow. I am totally blown away by this 500$ 3D Led flat screen Vizio tv. It has exceeded all my expectations. JD Power and Assoc calls Vizio the gold standard in flat screen affordable tv's and now I can totally see why. Vizio makes another 42 inch LCD 3d tv which also from what I have seen is a great set as well but I have to say this model is the better of the two. The LED which to me outshines the Lcd model and 2 million contrast ratio ( the other has 200,000) make this 120htz tv really pop. The color and clarity will really shock you too. I have seen alot of great tv's, my family owns all the hi end 2500$ tv's including a couple of 3d's and this tv can hang with them all. The 3D is so rich and clear and the black levels are the best out of any tv ive owned (my previous set was a sony 42" Bravia 1080 60htz flat screen for 800$). I did alot of reading before I bought a new 3d tv and really didnt feel like spending a 1000$ to get what i wanted and I have to say I am one happy guy and so will you be. The one thing you hear alot of negative reviews on is usually the audio , not on this set it is outstanding. I purchased a soundbar when I ordered the tv because of the ongoing sound issues with flat screens but when i connected the tv the quality srs surround sound that came out of this 3.5 inch thick 30lb tv blew my mind. When i eventually hook up the sound bar it will only be that added bonus but the set does not require it as most models in its class absolutely do. I am watching green lantern in 3d as I write this review and i must say it was worth the research and waiting to purchase such an overacheiver!
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on August 29, 2013
The picture on this TV is amazingly good. 3d looks great, I've used it for watching blu rays, netflix, and playing ps3, and with a few little picture tweaks you can really get a great image. There's no motion blurring at all, and the contrast is just awesome.

My ONLY complaint is that the manual says to use an 8M 1.0 pitch 20mm screw to install the set onto a wall mount, however, after several trips to the hardware store, multiple conversations with Vizio Support(who also gave me those same screw specs) and some trial and error, I discovered that it's actually supposed to be 1.25 pitch. That would have saved me a few bucks, and lots of time and looking like a jackass going to the local hardware store half a dozen times buying different screws. Other than that, I couldn't be happier with this set, it works great.
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on August 15, 2013
The picture on this TV is amazing, once you can get the settings that you like (I will post mine at the end). The 3D on this TV on the other hand is probably the worst I have ever seen. You pay an extra $20 for this version over the non 3D version and believe me you get what pay for. I also have a 47" LG Cinema 3D LED TV as well and it is half the thickness of this one with much better 3D and I only paid $650 for that one at Walmart because it is not a smart TV. The apps on this TV are okay the Netflix and VUDU work great but the amazon instant video is worthless if you have prime because it is hard to find the free movies. It also has M-go which is completely useless if you have an amazon or VUDU account. There about 80 other apps (music, movies, news, social, sports, and games) but I don't have a use for any of them on my TV.(if you are looking for a good smart TV go with LG or Samsung they are the best). if you are looking for a LED TV with great picture for a great price than I recommend this one; however, if you do not already own a 3D TV do no make this one your first one. Plus all video and audio settings must be adjusted for each input plus 3D mode and for any smart TV video apps. Now for the best picture quality uses these settings:

Picture mode: Custom
Backlight. 55
brightness. 50
contrast 75
color 60
tint 0
sharpness 12 (can adjust to your liking)
color temp: choose custom but leave the defaults
advance picture
noise reduction low
mpeg nr low
color enhancement off
adaptive luma strong
film. auto
smart dimming off
ambient light sensor off
this will give you white whites without the yellow tint with good darks and clear edges. note: you will need to change this for each input plus 3D mode. as well as for any smart tv apps that play video (its annoying)
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on June 1, 2013
Ordered Wednesday, May 29, 2013. Received Friday, May 31, 2013.

On Amazon this TV seems to have great reviews so I purchased it a few days ago. This was to go into a bedroom mainly for Netflix use.

When I received it I immediately started to get it set up. I hard-wired it to my router, plugged in an HDMI cable from my cable box to the TV, plugged in the power. After the initial setup, I tried to use the Netflix app - no option for "Yes, I have a Netflix Account", just "Unable to connect to the Netflix service - Try again or Exit".

I tried the YouTube app and it worked fine.

I reset the TV to factory defaults (Menu > Help > Delete Memory (Factory Restore)), but this didn't help. In fact I tried this twice over the next 12 hours.

After a search of the problem it seems Vizio has a lot of problems with Netflix. Even if your TV works fine now, a future update (that you have no control over) may bork Netflix or other services until a new patch is released. This can be weeks or even months in some cases I found online.

I called Vizio support this morning (Saturday, June 1, 2013) and the guy gave me 2 different and unrelated reasons Netflix won't work properly. He had me factory reset the TV a third time and still no luck. He said it was probably a problem with my router or that Netflix was down. I told him both my Roku and PC can view Netflix just fine yesterday and this morning and that the TV could stream HD YouTube videos just fine. Then he said it might be a bandwidth issue. I said the last speed test I did showed 52 mb/s down and 6 mb/s up. That couldn't be the problem.

He then asked me to plug the TV directly into my modem and let it sit over the weekend. What?? I said I use my internet connection for work and that wasn't an option, but I reminded him that it is wired (not wireless) into the router and it CAN connect to other online services. He then told me to send it in to Vizio (on my dime) for warranty repair.

No thanks. I told him I would just return it to Amazon and get a different brand. This was my first experience with Vizio. I'll stick with Samsung, LG, and Panasonic.

I called Amazon right after. The tech at Amazon had me try a few things and eventually said its faulty and he set up a return. UPS will be out to pick it up on Monday. Amazon is awesome!

All that said, this TV DOES have a nice picture out of the box. Tweaking it using the settings that another reviewer posted here just makes it better. The picture looks just as good my LG LCD and almost as good as my Panasonic plasma.

If you are looking for a TV with the convenience of apps, look at another brand. If you think this is a good price for an LCD and don't need the apps, this might be a good buy for you - again, the picture is great with an HD source.

** UPDATE June 05, 2013 **
I ordered a Samsung UN40EH5300 the day I setup the return for this Vizio. I received the Samsung yesterday (arrived in one day with free shipping) and everything works great out of the box. A couple of setting tweaks and the Samsung has an outstanding picture. I will leave a review for the Samsung after I've had it for a while and follow up with any problems if I encounter them.
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on August 19, 2015
Bought this exact model on Sept 11, 2013. Less than 3 weeks ago, it developed a round dark spot about 5 inches in diameter at the upper mid screen. Now, the dark spot has grown 14 inches high and all the way across the screen. I called VIZIO support and after a troubleshooting (unplug, then hold the power for 30 seconds then power up) still the same. The VIZIO rep gave me the number of ITI - VIZIO'S repair company in California.
Originally, I was quoted $219.50 as a flat rate fee and if they are unable to fix it, I will be charge $70.00. The following day, I called ITI again and here's what the customer support has to say..... (as word document attachment to email)

August 18, 2015

Hello Romeo Catbagan,

After reviewing your work orders ITI686035 our technical support team has informed me that your Vizio TV Model#: E420d-A0, Serial#: LATKNRDP00880 is not repairable by ITI. After reviewing your problem description your unit has been declared as a Panel problem. Therefore, ITI will NOT be able to service your TV at the time. I do apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing ITI as an option to service your Vizio TV.

Thank you!

Alexander Iruegas
Customer Support Team | ITI - Indusys Technology, Inc.
210 Baypointe Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134
Office: 888.248.2708 option #2

After knowing this, I started searching the web for VIZIO tv problems, because I thought mine is an isolated case. But alas, there are countless VIZIO TV victims out there having all kinds of problems including mine. If the TV will last at least 5 years, I can take it. But for a TV to last only barely two years is like being ripped off. I remember being proud of myself for buying an American product. But I am totally disappointed by the kind of product this company makes. Below are links to sites where countless VIZIO tv owners are commenting about their purchase. If there is a negative 10 for review purposes., I'd give VIZIO a -11. Their product is just tantamount to highway robbery.

Here are the links for your research if you are considering to buy a VIZIO product.

The photo attachment is the side by side of my Dell (19 inch) purchased in 2001. On the right is the 42 inch E420D_A0 with an obvious dark spot running across the middle of the screen. And the worst part is, it is UNREPAIRABLE!
review image
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on May 12, 2013
This television exceeds all my expectations many times over! The quality of the HD was to be expected, love the smart tv features, but the 3D is just outstanding!! Price was fantastic. Arrived quickly. Would definitely purchase another!
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on February 28, 2013
My Tv just arrived today and this is a great deal. Amazon price matched Dell's price of $508 so i got an Awesome price on an already inexpensive Tv.
Pros: Great price, decent selection of apps, the remote has an Amazon instant video button(and a Netflix button). I tested the 3D function with Crysis 3 and was quite pleased. The 3D causes little to no eyestrain versus the active shutter type Tv's which can become very uncomfortable during a movie. The buttons make a very satisfying "click"(not a noise, you feel the button click) when pressed and have a very grippy rubberized finish(the remote itself is glossy plastic on the top, and matte plastic on the bottom.)
Cons: Remote has very small buttons but can easily be used with one hand. For size reference, the remote is 5 3/4" by 2" or slightly skinnier but a little longer than an iPod touch. The apps are a little laggy. You have to wait a few seconds for the app bar to open, sometimes the apps freeze for a few seconds. The amazon instant app takes a long time to initially buffer(about a minute-vs 20 seconds on my computer), but it does not stutter at all while playing. I am running over Wifi, but all of my other devices are much faster when used in the same location as the Tv. The Tv has a yellow hue but Zachary's settings fixed that(they are a great starting point but i might tweak the settings a little). The glossy finish is a literal dust magnet, but now i have an incentive to clean more often.
Even though the remote is tiny, it is still very usable but i wish the buttons were slightly taller(are wide and skinny. 4mm tall, 10 to 14 mm wide. The volume, channel, amazon, Netflix, and directional buttons are a little larger though.
If you are still using Composite or component video, note that you can only have 1 type plugged in at a time since the jacks are shared between those two types.
Finally, my Tv did have 1 stuck or dead pixel, but 1 in 2.7 million is a really small failure ratio, and it is only visible if you are within 2 feet of the screen.
If you are on the fence about this, buy one, you won't regret it. The colors are rich and vibrant, the bezel is very slim(1/2"), and the 3D works great. Why pay more for the same features? Even my listed cons are minor enough for me to not even think of knocking off a star.
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on January 25, 2013
As the title states this is the best TV I've ever owned, and I've owned over 10 flat screens. 3D is perfect, WiFi is flawless, screen is amazing...sound is excellent....LOVE THIS TV.
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on May 7, 2013
Gave this to our son for a graduation gift. The 3d on this thing is amazing and the apps built in are fantastic. The remote is laggy though and sometimes seems to not work at all.
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