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222 of 242 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2012
After researching several television options, we decided on this Vizio smart LED TV. What interested us:

* 120Hz refresh rate
* Wi-Fi built in
* LED screen

Set up was very easy. The TV found our secure wireless SSID and it took maybe 15 seconds to have it connected to our home network. I wish the TV connected over the 5G band instead of the 2G but we haven't experienced any lag with Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Connecting the TV to our home entertainment center was easy with the HDMI cable (not included). Our Harmony remote took about 2 minutes to update and was controlling the television soon after.

Colors look bright and blacks are very black. I've tested the TV with our Blu-Ray player, HD programming via DirecTV, games from our Xbox 360, and movies from our Apple TV. No complaints from any source and the images look very sharp with excellent colors.
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Over the course of the past 2 years; we've replaced all of our TV's with those manufactured by Vizio. Our first HDTV was a Samsung 40" that we purchased in 2007. Recently, a problem developed in one of the circuit boards, rendering the picture unwatchable. Since new TV's have come down so much in price; it wasn't worth spending the money to fix it. I've been so pleased with the performance of our other Vizio TV's, that I decided to purchase this one. Our Samsung fit into a cabinet that we wanted to use for our new Vizio, and we found that since the actual size of the TV is about the same as the Samsung; it fits into the cabinet perfectly. We also get an additional 2" of screen, which makes a difference. Setting up this TV is a breeze, and to say that I'm satisfied with its performance would be an understatement. What I especially like is the ability to watch football games without having to see a blur when the players are running down the field. I'm no expert when it comes to technology, but I think that this has something to do with the increased refresh rate over older model TV's. All I know is that the picture is magnificent and crystal clear, the speakers are decent(I'll be connecting my own), and the Internet Apps are out of this world. It takes just a few minutes to set up a wireless Internet connection, and once done: you have access to an endless array of movies, TV shows and apps from many different sources. I'm so impressed with this TV that I have nothing negative to say about it. It has everything that I was looking for, was easy to set up, and works flawlessly. I couldn't ask for anything more.
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on January 26, 2013
First I want to say the CONs.

1. It is LED-LCD Which means black levels are not that great. It is an amazing picture, and the contrast is great, but the black levels are sub par compared to my old 720 plasma. But that is expected.

2. The Sound, It is ok. you can deal but it is nothing to call mom about, I wouldnt buy this by it self. Either spend a bit more on a tv with amazing sound, or spend the money on a sound bar. The sound works, and the surround sound understanding and output is good. (you can hear the birds in the background on avatar etc..) but its just 2 measly 8w speakers.

3. The setup. OMG it takes for ever to figure out, and if you dont know what you are doing, it takes way too long. I will share my set up later.

Now for the PRO's

1. Price. 499+Tax for 42 inches with 120hz and 1080p... Phenomenal.

2. Picture detail. The detail (when set up) is superb. At least when matched with a blu ray quality movie. Gamer(the movie) just rocks your socks off.

3. Features for price. The features are awesome. The one con is no blue-tooth and no keyboard remote. I dont use the remote to type much, but when I do I wish i had the keyboard for that. I'd recommend the m420sl model by them for 50$ more. However you lose back lit LED for the Edge lit in the m420sl. Anyhow this tv has truvolume which is awesome for movies at night, or around sleeping babies, and or commercial blares. However it doesnt pass through the optical out. So if your sound system doesnt have truvolume, it's a lost feature. The apps are fun, and neat. They load fast enough, and respond 99-100% of the time. Netflix takes a bit to load, but when searching you can hit left right up and down and even if it pauses for a second, all your button presses were registered. (my blu ray player bdp2900/f7 has the slowest netflix on earth).... HDMI CEC is awesome, i have never had it in a set up before, and it is amazing. Controlling the blu ray player with the tv remote is so easy to set up, and it rules! Now just to buy a sound bar with HDMI ARC...

Additional Info...

My setup is along the following lines.
Backlight (as low as you can handle)
Brightness - 42 (minimum my tv goes before losing black detail)
Contrast - 67 (max my tv goes before losing white detail)
Color - 60
Tint - 0
Sharpness - 9

Advanced colors - custom - all at 50. (for vibrance)
otherwise i put it on natural and left it. you dont notice, and it seems more real after you get use to it

Luma to strong or extend.
MPG NR - off
Noise reduction - off
Color to color rich.
Film mode to auto (this ensures 24hz is seen) (my bluray player is best at 1080p NOT 1080p/24hz the first removes all judder)
im not set on smart dimming yet, i think i prefer it on. But on can incur mild flashing. Off is more "stable" or "consistent"
and auto backlight off.

Here is a forum I found judder test files. [...]
Just placed em on a thumb drive or hard drive I attached to my blu-ray player and tweaked all the settings until 30 and 23.976 both "panned" smoothly. If they are hopping every couple frames. Then you need to keep tweaking.
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123 of 148 people found the following review helpful
on February 1, 2013
I have had this TV for about 4 months now and think it's time to write a review on the product.
First, I am not sure you could do better for the price, so that alone is reason to buy the TV. If you're not tech geek or just need a sharp looking LED with some fancy apps then stop reading and go get the thing.
BUT, if you want more from it then keep reading.
Vizio really is dropping the ball with their app selection and some apps are pure garbage. The apps are bulky - difficult to navigate and on top that unresponsive more often than not. The Youtube app is atrocious and isn't worth much at all. Most content is blocked to be viewed on the display and the search ability is terrible. The Vimeo app seems to an afterthought and is 100% trash, don't even open it. The Hulu app lags, lags, and lags some more making it frustrating beyond belief. Their is no internet browser....Very Lame. And Yahoo being in cahoots with the company makes the light at the end of the tunnel looking mighty dim.

- The Price!
- Looks Great
- Picture is Top notch
- USB?
- It has Apps....
- Remote is cool when it's responsive

- Garbage Apps
- Keep waiting for those Apps to load
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26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2013
I did not buy this from Amazon because they were out of stock at the time (December) but I wanted to review it here because I am absolutely in love with my TV and want to defend it against the poor reviews I see on here. :)

I purchased this TV to replace an aged LCD flatscreen and was looking for a lot of features, including LED backlighting for energy efficiency, lightweight to mount on the wall, high refresh rate, smart dimming, customizable settings, and the ability to play Netflix. I found all this and more with this TV.

One important thing to note when adjusting the picture settings is that the TV will have different advanced settings for EACH MODE. You need to edit the advanced settings for each mode while using that mode. Yes this may be a pain, but it can be a bonus, because the cable TV input may look much different than the Blu-ray, etc, and you can make a mode for each one.

The picture does need adjusting to really POP.. the default settings are a bit washed-out. I used the movie "Princess Bride" to play with the settings, and I read other people's recommendations. I started with "Movie Mode". I found that turning OFF the ambient light sensor immediately improved the picture. I set the "Adaptive Luma" setting to "Strong" which deepens the dark areas providing more contrast. And I changed the "Color Enhancement" to "Rich color" which made skin tones warm and more alive.

I changed the "Color Temperarure" to "Cool" because it was a bit TOO warm but then I thought it was a bit too green, so I made my own custom Color Temperature: Red Gain 42, Green Gain 45, Blue Gain 50, Red Offset 55, Green Offset 50, Blue Offset 50.

I was happy to have so many options, the Picture settings are extremely customizable so I don't see why people can't get what they want. Please feel free to try my settings and see if it helps with flesh tones and colors in general. I consider these adjustments a "work in progress" and I plan to play with each input having a mode to suit it.

The sound is great, by the way. I have it set on surround and it is pretty rich. I swear it has directionality and is much better than other flat screens I've listened to.

I set up the Wi-fi but have a LAN connection so I don't use it and can't review its stability or speed. My only real complaint about this TV is it seems a little slow to connect to the input you select, having to gather information first before showing a picture. The split second delay is something I'm not used to, never having had an HDMI connection before. It may be my old cables, but not worth replacing them.

In summary, I've had this TV for a month and have been watching all my old favorite movies on it, and it makes me feel like I'm in a theater again! Netflix, blu-ray and my digital tuner are all gorgeous on it. Netflix loads much quicker than my old bluray player's interface, by the way. I'm really happy with this TV and have enjoyed customizing the settings to my liking.
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20 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2013
If money was of no concern, I'd have purchased a Samsung. But I was limited this year like so many others. I found that this particular Vizio had everything I was looking for at a reasonable price. Yes I do know that all the manufacturers will be soon coming out with even better features BUT, you buy what you buy when you need it most. A resister went out on my older set and I had no other screen to watch. But I did my research none the less and finally found this out of so many versions. It fit my budget and the quality of the picture can't be beat at this price. With WiFi to boot, I can watch NetFlix and save a bundle over the cost of Satellite or Cable TV packages. I do find however that I must turn off the power and back on again when I loose my wifi signal. This isn't a Vizio only problem as I do it for my Samsung Bluray as well. Perhaps if I had a direct cable to the units it wouldn't be a factor. Nevertheless, best Vizio version for the money!
-Update 1/22/2013-
I understand why some people rated this item very low. It is because they did not really try to intelligently adjust the picture which can take a very long time (days of experimentation). Why not just try the settings people have published here. I did, and was shocked that I thought I now had a far more expensive tv. Shocked that Vizio doesn't make factory settings better *must be a reason??? My only personal comparison is my friend's 60" Samsung where you actually see pores in people's skin which is just too freaky for me to enjoy in some movies. But after making the changes as noted by another reviewer here, my smaller 42" screen looks as good as my friend's 60" theater set. He spent three weeks experimenting on his Samsung's picture settings and is now very happy. I suggest everyone here do the same because this Vizio is quite capable!

*UPDATE: February 2015*

I always recommend that people scour reviews for another owner who has published their adjustments for Color/Contrast/Temp/ETC... as this will get you a lot closer to a good color display. However, if you want to really get all the WOW! that you screen can provide, I now highly recommend also buying the *Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics* as this specialty calibration DVD or BluRay disc will fine tune your display for your eyes and a quality picture. Just take your time and you'll be truly amazed just how good your TV looks if you have a major brand. Even though my review above is good, I was WOWed!!!! by the picture after using this Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics which you can buy right here on It will not automatically tune your display for you (You Will Do The Tuning) but is an experts guide to getting the picture right! They provide on-screen patterns that you will then use to make your display look its best.
You may balk at the $40 price tag but you will be so happy after you apply their expertise in making your display show all its got!
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on May 4, 2013
Nearly every 120Hz LED has smooth motion capabilities. Sure, not everyone likes it, but it's possible to make it optional on most 120Hz HDTVs. This TV abandons that entirely. No option for the end user making the TV act like a 60Hz TV.

- Size for the money is pretty good.
- Completely LED (not mixed LCD/LED like so many others in this price range)
- 3 HDMIs on this price range TV is HARD to find.
- Super THIN.
- Base is nice, glossy, and sturdy.

- Claims to be 120Hz, but acts like 60Hz - if you don't care, then purchase a slightly cheaper HDTV at 60Hz. Same quality.
- Colors can be difficult to manage from one device to the next. Looks "dim" when it shouldn't. It's hit and miss on appropriate colors.
- Remote is pretty obnoxious. Buttons are difficult to push and the "Amazon," "Netflix," and "M-Go" buttons aren't that useful since it literally takes to clicks to get to those without those buttons. ALSO, the M-Go app doesn't even work yet! "Coming soon."
- App selection is OK, but the user interface is SLOW and BULKY. Response time is awful. My advice? Get a Roku.
- No DLNA?! Why not?! Vizio had this on all the A0 versions, but not this one? The 3d version of the A1 even has it. That was a careless decision.
- 2x8w speakers on this version. A0 had 2x10w. Not a huge deal, but the older version had some better specs, but isn't available on Amazon anymore.
- Takes way too long to turn on - or maybe I'm just not used to LED TVs.

In the end, I would recommend you get a 60Hz with better specs elsewhere for the same cost. You won't "see" the 120Hz in this TV since they removed all hints of it. Perhaps Vizio was catering to people who don't like the "Opera" or "PAL" look found in smooth motion 120Hz HDTVs, but it would have been easy to make it optional for this. If you want a "smart" TV, get a Roku or netbox or something else with faster response time and more apps with ACTIVE developers.

It's a good TV, but could have been about $50 - $100 cheaper given the fact that the TV doesn't really live up to its specifications for 120Hz.
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60 of 79 people found the following review helpful
on November 26, 2012
To say I am extremely satisfied with this tv is an understatement. Easy to set-up...took less than 15 minutes. The picture and sound are excellent...crisp and very clear! So far, the wifi (and apps) all work well...Average loading time. It's a great tv to watch a live sports game on...No fuzziness or lag time as I've experienced with other tvs.

I researched tvs for a few weeks before I opted to purchase this tv and I still haven't found a deal as good as this one, especially given the great quality. I highly recommend.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2013
I read some reviews regarding the picture and sound quality and the sound is fine. Yes it would sound better through a surround sound system, but for stock sound it isn't bad. The Smart TV set up was easy and my wife is all over the Netflix! This is my first LED and the picture on the LCD in the living room is brighter so I'm playing with the settings to see if I can improve the quality. All in all for the price, size of screen, and it's a Smart TV, this is a very nice deal.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2013
We went cable-free about 18 months ago. We watch some stuff via an antenna but most of our viewing is in the form of streaming video. We've been using this thing for about four months. For the price I suppose it was the best option without excess wires but it's not perfect by any means. It's not uncommon for the thing to freeze up or crash. There are times when none of the buttons respond. However, I wouldn't say it's a daily problem but it's not like it has only happened 2 or 3 times either. Just be forewarned, there are still plenty of bugs in this technology.

The apps end to be slow to respond and a lot less user friendly than apps on other devices I own. Netflix is decent for our needs. We're usually accessing our content via the "Recently Watched" section so that's not hard to navigate. Of all of the apps, it's probably the closest to functioning like the computer-based version.

We occasionally use Amazon Prime streaming but you do have to pay close attention that you are choosing a movie that's included with Prime vs. something you have to pay extra for. The YouTube app is pretty awful. It doesn't access your viewing history, won't let you navigate through the individual videos in a playlist (as in I can't jump right to video 11 of 18 in a list), nor can you scroll through the videos of the channels you're subscribed too. Even the search doesn't really deliver optimal results. In my opinion, the only way to make use of YouTube on here is to create a playlist on a computer and then watch it via the TV.

I do love some things about this TV though. We can plug in a flash drive and play many types of media without putting a PC and HDMI in between. (Although weirdly I have a jump drive with about 15 videos on it all in the same format, created the same way and one of them will not play on the TV.) There's an app called "Media Center" that will connect to the PCs on our wireless network to steam content from them. That means that any pictures, music and videos on computers can be accessed wirelessly. We used this to play a photo slideshow set to music for a birthday party.

All in all, it's an ok product for the price. There's definitely a lot of room for improvement with this technology but at least we only have to deal with the power cord instead of a jumble of wires.

Other info worth noting: We stream via a wi-fi connection and had to switch internet providers almost as soon as we got this TV. Our old DSL connection only delivered about 3mps (and couldn't do better because of our distance from the transformer), which was insufficient for streaming to more than one device at a time. We switched to a cable internet service, which generally gives us about 15mps, and with that we can stream videos on at least 5 devices simultaneously.
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