Customer Reviews: VIZIO M321i-A2 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV
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on August 30, 2013
Great picture; phenomenal TV. Really it will come down to the remote.

As many people have said, the remote has intermittent problems. Sometimes it would work, a few minutes later it would stop, and then start again. I had it too, it drove me nuts. I suspect there could be more than one reason, however, my reason was fixed very quickly from Vizio customer support. It's below if it helps you.

Here's what they told me about fixing remote issues....
"I would recommend performing a power cycle on your remote. Please follow the steps in this order:

1. Manually turn on the TV. (the Square button on the back of the TV)
2. Bring the remote close to the TV and point it at the lower left-hand side when facing the TV.
3. With the remote in hand, simultaneously press the Forward >> button and the Enter button for roughly 10-12 seconds. You will know it is complete when the backlight of the remote turns off.
4. Release the two keys.
5. Press the Power on button key on the remote control to test if it is properly working.

If the only buttons not responding are at the channel up and down, please perform a channel scan to refresh your listings and restore remote functionality."
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on October 24, 2013
The TV is fantastic in color and clarity. Try IMAX Deep Sea on Amazon and see the impressive video!

But don't bother calling Vizio support. The first two were rude and obnoxious. I am sooo tempted to post to You*tube the call when I finally told "Matt 567 in SD' I had enough and was going to begin recording the call. Boy did his tune change!

Use dynamic sound- a must IMHO- and turn off auto dimming. tweak pic a bit. I added some red and increased the black level to Medium. Images jump off the screen when video is in good resolution and color.

Vizio should license the IMAX I mentioned for advertising, there wouldn't be a unit left in stock!

Remember to DOUBLE-CLICK 'V' to manage apps. Weather4u is much better than stock Yahoo weather app. The Amazon app is pretty weak. No playlist, can't search prime movies, etc. It's a start, but very '2003-like' in its functionality. Linking to android in You*tube is a bit hinky at times and very limited. Hopefully these will get better with time.

WIFI remote? Nope. Your TV isn't ready to support this feature yet is what tech support says. So erratic infrared only for now. No wifi keyboard either, which makes the preceeding particularly annoying.

Big potential, but ot yet prime time in addon features. Superb base design, which is really the only part that can't be upgraded via software. If you trust Vizio to update addon software, go for it, you won't be sorry. If they don't make the improvements, we'll be made fools.

Don't forget Amazon Prime members save $10 on purchase.

UPDATE: After 6 weeks of owning this TV and a number of calls to Vizio tech support, I have to deduct a star and amend my review to 'Good potential, not ready for prime time' Apparently the remote is still the Achilles heel of this unit. It is unreliable and unresponsive. Yes, I received a replacement remote, same problem, even after I replaced the too weak batteries that came with the new remote.

According to managers at Vizio the wifi direct (WiDi) mode is still not ready on this TV- or it is being rolled out to select groups, or engineers are still working on it...depends on which story you believe.

The remote ONLY works in IR mode and the TV's sensor is at the far bottom left and has terribly weak reception.

The TV has a bad habit of crashing a couple of times a week when using Netflix. The screen blanks and is unresponsive, then the power light slowly fades on and off until it turns off, though I can't tell if it is because I hit the power button on the remote or it shuts off by itself? After about 30 secs it seems to reboot and we can turn it back on and go back to about where we were in a movie (kudos to Netflix for their resume feature!)

I've tried the factory reset, calling tech support, etc. Goodness help you if you talk to the SD office. Can't seem to get a word in edgewise. Josie 869 is like listening to a bad recorded-response system. Doesn't listen to what the customer says, much preferring to say her prefab responses, regardless of the relevance or lack thereof. A 'Push 1 for useless info' recording would be about as helpful.

Without ranting, I can honestly say Vizio's tech support in South Dakota is easily the most frustratingly irritating support group I have ever called.

In short, the product has real potential, has some great features, but not all of them are ready for the consumer, engineering dept has not been successful in correcting the failing or absent advertised features, and tech support does not have any solutions and their frustration shows when dealing with customers.

As long as you do NOT want WiFi Direct (WiDi), a wifi remote, or a reliable RF remote function, and you are okay with rebooting your TV every 2 or 3 days when it crashes, the quality of the display is excellent.

It may be a GREAT TV in a few months, but for now those with little patience for malfunctions and calling frustrating Technical Support lines are better off waiting or selecting a different product.

*Update 3 Months:* Cut 2 more stars for lack of warranty support

After 3 months of owning this TV, I have come to loathe Vizio. More than a half dozen calls, including to a "Customer Service Resolution Specialist" who "I promise I will personally call you back" about this TV that crashes when watching shows and STILL does not have any wifi remote capabilities.

Each time I call support (this time I tried customer service instead of useless tech support line) it is a knock-down, drag-out battle to get past the front-line operator who will say anything to get you off the phone with nothing more than false hope the tv will magically heal itself.

Customer service goes to South Dakota just like the tech support line. I don't know what they are feeding the folks there, but they sure don't care about honoring warranties or dealing with customers. They must be running a competition to see who can get a customer off the phone the fastest- no resolutions or solutions even attempted at this point.

They have repeatedly offered- yet refused when requested- to replace this defective unit. As a last resort, they are sending a tech with parts to look at this tv. I have a feeling the intermittent problem will not be found or fixed in a short visit and I'll be stuck again with this tv.

I so want to throw this thing out the window! Sure it will mean losing the money paid, but life will be much more pleasant without the repeatedly frustrating calls to Vizio!

I've downgraded this product to BUYER BEWARE status. Decent product specs on paper but still never delivered full feature set such as wifi remote, and an absolutely horrible company for quality control or warranty coverage.

Read any of my other reviews and you'll see I've never had to give such a poor report on a product or company. Yes, Vizio really is that bad in this case.
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on May 31, 2013
I was in the market for a solid PC monitor that would be primarily used for gaming, and decided to give this TV a shot since it had rave reviews here on Amazon.
I've never been a big fan of Vizio products - being fairly uninformed when it comes to TVs, I tend to stick with brands like Sony and LG, having always considered Vizio to be the cheaper, less appealing counterpart to their offerings.

I was wrong.

This TV is absolutely beautiful; the outer border is very slim, which puts the focus on the gorgeous display, and the overall design of both the set itself and the stand that comes bundled with it is very aesthetically pleasing.
In the few days I've spent with it, I've been genuinely excited to try every game and movie in my posession just to see it done justice, and the multimedia gamut I've thrown at it seems revitalized by the capabilities of the screen. PC gaming on this set in particular has been a treat.

The built-in "Smart TV" functionality wasn't a selling point for me, but I must admit that being able to start up Netflix with the TV remote while laying in bed is fairly neat. Naturally, this could be done from anywhere in the house thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, and all of the software preinstalled on this TV is accessible, straightforward and easy to use - starting up with just the push of a button.

Finally, I'd like to stress what a good investment this has been for me: it's one of those products that looks and feels lot more expensive than it really is, and the same could not be said for any of the other TVs I saw on display at Best Buy (where I made my purchase). Vizio, thank you for an excellent product! I would recommend this to anyone that harbours interests similar to mine, but I'm sure it would also be excellent for just plain old watching TV.
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on November 23, 2013
This is a joy to watch, but painful to use. The upside is I've never seen a picture this good in this price range--better than even higher cost models. The downside is the remote control, and the unit's slow response time to the remote control. Apparently Vizio decided to make the best possible screen, and cut costs everywhere else.

And don't lose the remote--there isn't even an on/off button on the unit--it's a screen with an incredibly thin bezel on a reasonably strong stand, period. The remote will not work at all beyond about 5 feet away. This is doubly frustrating because the response is slow even when you are in range--it's sometime difficult to tell if the unit is just taking time to respond or simply didn't get the remote signal.

The remote itself is cheaply made, and I found myself repeatedly pressing buttons just to do one thing. The remote is back-lit, so you can see what you're doing in the dark--a nice idea, except you have to press a button to get the light to turn on--which means pointing away from the unit to press a button just to get the back light, then pressing the button you actually want.

The physical set-up of the unit is a bit labor-intensive--once you figure out how to attach the stand, i.e., you have to turn the unit on its face (I did this on a bed) then attach the stand--the unit is not heavy, but still awkward to deal with.

The Remote has 3 buttons dedicated to NETFLIX, AMAZON, and something called MGO. Using a button in the center of the remote brings up all the wireless content providers--assuming you're setup with your WiFi source, which did not take me long, and was no more complicated than setting up a Roku box.

Occasionally on boot-up the unit will display "looking for updates." This may mean it could add digital sources at sometime in the future...maybe. For now the options are: Netflix, Facebook, Rhapsody, MGO, YouTube, Yahoo sports, Vudu, Yahoo profile, Yahoo weather, Yahoo news, flickr, Yahoo finances, HuluPlus, Twitter, and WebVideos.

YouTube videos have a neat function--instead of using the unit's search function, you can find the YouTube video you want on your PC, then type a series of numbers, and the TV will play whatever it is you have on your PC. I have not been able to get similar function from the other available sources.

The sound quality is OK, loud enough, but no low end. You'll want some kind of external sound system for any immersive experience.

Lastly, I had problems with the unit playing games--there is a noticeable lag in response to the game controller--the screen doesn't tear, ghost, or judder, it just doesn't respond in true real-time. This is not a problem with any other viewing except gaming. I can't recommend for gaming.

For one of the best pictures with a built-in "Roku" capability at this price point, this is it. For the worst interface, this is also it. I haven't had it long enough to know about reliability--I fear the remote will not last long--even one drop on the floor would finish it off. I gave it 5 stars because what it does do well is does very well-- I just accepted the slow interface and cheap remote
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on January 1, 2014
I purchased this specifically to stream internet videos, and access over the air broadcasts. I've had Vizio TVs in the past and been pleased.
- Picture quality is fantastic.
- Over the air tuner works well with an indoor antenna.
- The industrial design is great - its a good looking TV.
- The remote control is as awful as everyone says, and unfortunately ruins the user experience with this TV.
- The YouTube app is JUST PLAIN BAD. It is buggy and works poorly in my experience. Perhaps they will work out the bugs.
- The other streaming apps that I've tried so far work work fine.

If you're not purchasing specifically to stream YouTube (one of my primary reasons), and you have a universal remote you can use, you'll likely love the TV.
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on January 26, 2014
We got this to replace an ageing 25" CRT TV. That should explain some of the context. Virtually any flat panel TV picture is superior to what we had, so if I rave about the picture quality of this TV, please keep that in mind. Having said that, after several weeks of research and shopping, I found it difficult to decide whose picture -- Samsung, Sony, etc. -- was objectively "better," though each brand's implementation seemed to have slightly different baseline properties of brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Most of these are adjustable in ANY TV's properties control, however, and so many other variables -- room lighting, angle, distance -- enter into picture quality that comparing models side-by-side at an electronics store is pretty pointless.

What I can say is that, in our small living room, with either overhead or indirect (lamp) incandescent lighting, at a distance of ten feet, and viewed directly, the picture quality is outstanding (streamed, DVD and BluRay content). There is a little glare from a window on the screen surface (which is glossy) during the day, but it's nothing that closing the curtains can't fix.

The software controls and features are excellent. The TV is easily set up and, on the one occasion that I needed to speak to tech support (setting up the channel scan), I found the technician polite, helpful, and informative. The implementation of Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon streaming video (among others) is excellent. If I have a complaint, however, it is that the interface fr Amazon video doesn't seem to let me access my Watchlist, and I must search titles directly, though there is not difficulty finding titles that I have purchased or rented.

I will say that the sound quality is excellent. It tends very slightly to the treble, but not too much. It is stereo sound, of course. I have almost no interest in surround sound (this is, after all a rather small living room) and though I have a very good sound system, I find that I am usually content to listen through the TV's speakers.
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on October 13, 2013
i have been blown away by this set, as has everyone else who's come over since i purchased it. i use it primarily for playing games on my PS3, but occasionally watch Blu-ray films or downloaded media as well. i used the calibration settings found in another review as my guidelines and after a little tweaking have a more or less perfect picture. sure, local LED-dimming would be nice, but in a set this size and this price, the value is absolutely unbeatable. i spent about 4 months researching before deciding to buy this one, as i desperately wanted to upgrade before the launch of the PS4 later this year. motion is smooth, blacks are dark, the backlight makes the picture really pop and even in a well-lit room on a sunny day there is very little glare, much less than my last couple of HDTVs, both from Samsung.

a couple years ago i never would have considered buying anything other than Samsung, Toshiba or another of the big names, but Vizio has made some tremendous strides over the last few years. this is a feature-packed set at a price significantly below what the big guys are offering, and frankly, i'm sick of paying for the name on my electronics.

the set is also aesthetically pleasing. it is simple but the bezel is so thin it really is almost edge-to-edge picture. and of course, the depth of the set itself is incredibly small.

one last note: i haven't used any of the Smart TV features/apps. i run everything i use (Amazon, Netflix, Vudu) through my PS3 so i can't speak to how well that stuff works.

in closing, if you're looking for a feature-packed 32" HDTV to compete with what the major companies are making, i highly recommend you give this one a chance.
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on June 4, 2013
I really like gadgets and new technology. Almost every review out there says Samsung is the company to watch for SmartTVs and LG is the close second. Every review I read said Vizio is cheap and ok for the money but not great. Samsung has these cool features like being able to control your TV with gestures or voice commands. But I was looking for a 32" TV and Samsung's lower priced 32" TVs were 1080p with 60Hz and the higher priced one is almost double the cost of the Vizio M321i. Amazon has a great return policy so I thought I'd take a chance with the Vizio M321i and I'm glad I did. In a brightly lit sun-drenched room the screen looks great. For setup I plugged in a keyboard to type in email addresses and passwords - I thought about getting a wireless keyboard for the future but haven't found a need for it.

There are three ways this TV could be improved:

1. Include an internet browser.
2. Allow fast switching between apps (e.g., between Netflix and Amazon so I don't have reload each time).
3. Don't show apps in the store that are not compatible with this TV.

It's nice looking. The picture is exceptional. The sound is ok. The remote is easy to use. The navigation is simple and the app selection is ample. I'd buy this TV again even though the interface isn't as fancy as Samsung's.
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on April 9, 2014
After a downloaded firmware update and the screen being stuck with no way to access input selection or any other feature of the TV.
the third person I spoke with from vizio actually was able to get it reset.

--unplug tv hold down power button 30 second take batteries out of remote press all buttons ( this discharges the internal components)
-plug tv back in
-put batteries back in remote
1 turn tv on
2 Hold Down FAST FORWARD >> and ENTER for 10-15 seconds with the remote pointing at the ir sensor on the TV ( bottom left corner)
3 turn tv off
4 turn tv on - you should be at the screen asking you to do the below step
5 Hold down RECORD and GREEN BAR

Tada --- setup menu -- allowing me to select the inputs and model information of devices I am hooking up and finally all the features worked including amazon instant and Netflix.
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on September 27, 2013
I bought this TV for my office, it is essentially on in the background with the news on all the time. The price and picture quality for the office setting is great. I also setup the wireless with ease and streamed some content through Amazon prime. The dedicated Amazon Prime button on the remote made it a snap to access. I don't really use the TV for watching shows or movies, so after playing with the streaming for a day or so, I stopped using that aspect of it.

Given the purpose of the TV, I would have given this a 5 star rating except for my recent issues with the TV's signal detection. Essentially, when you turn on the TV it looks for a video signal and if it doesn't detect one, it will turn itself off. This has only started happening in the last month, so I'm not sure what has changed (bought it in June). I make sure to turn on the cable box first (and I know it's on) and then turn the TV on. The picture comes in with no sound and then within 5 seconds the picture goes out and throws the no signal detected and then turns itself off. If I turn the TV on and off enough times, sometimes this takes up to 5 times, it will eventually stay on. Once its on, it's on all day and everything works great.

I have scrolled through the menu options to see if this signal detection is something I can just disable, but I don't see it. I rather just have it stay on until I turn it off, no sleep mode or signal detection or whatever it is doing. It's driving me a little crazy having to turn it off and on multiple times every morning.
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