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82 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on December 14, 2012
After doing a ton of research on LED televisions, I had decided on the M3D550KD which has raving reviews. However, it's been replaced with a newer model. Better right? That's what I was banking on but have been sadly disappointed. Let me say before going on that I don't consider myself an overly-picky person and don't have a ton of experience with LED televisions. I'm replacing a 6 year old Samsung DLP that I've been more than happy with but it's time to get rid of that clunky thing.

This really is a nice looking TV out of the box with a really nice remote. The Visio website shows the new version of the remote with the qwerty keypad on the opposite side but it's an IR remote which means it needs a clear line of sight to the TV. I was happy to discover that mine came with the bluetooth remote with the slider keypad so I need no clear line of sight. That qwerty keypad sure saves time when setting up the different apps. As for the apps, I found them to be easily navigable and smooth enough. However, Neflix is DOA on this TV. After troubleshooting with Netflix with no success (didn't troubleshoot with Vizio because there has been a lot of feedback already saying that they're passing the blame on to Netflix). Their conclusion is that Vizio installed the wrong version of Netflix so they need a firmware update with the right one. I think that will eventually happen and if this was my only problem, I'd be happy to wait for it but it's not my only issue.

Vizio advertises this to be 120 hz but on closer inspection, it's 120 hz effective which means it's actually 60 hz with a little extra processing (which is a downgrade from the M3D550KD which is 120 hz with a 240 hz effective rate). This really makes it no better than any of the other cheap LEDs out there. I don't like this because, as with many of the faster TVs today (yes, even 60 hz is faster than my DLP), there is a certain amount of "soap opera effect" going on which can be remedied by turning on "game mode." However, this reduces the speed to 60 hz which is no clearer than my old 720p DLP TV. That's unacceptable for me when I upgraded and spent $1000 on this new TV. The preset picture settings are pretty disappointing but with a bunch of tweaking they're better. However, I just can't get it quite right. The colors are either way too vivid or too bleached which is just getting frustrating. Also, at times certain parts of the picture, especially people, go blurry when they shouldn't.

I must say that it's got decent blacks for an LED. The speakers are to be expected from such a thin TV but still decent. Also, the 3D is good, I didn't notice any artifacts or anything weird when using it. There are a few light spots (which also is a normal thing for side lit LEDs), especially on the left side but not an insane amount that I couldn't live with. There are plenty of inputs, I've been using two hdmi's, the optical and the ethernet. All of them super easy to hook up with no problems. I didn't test the wireless connection so no feedback there.

After all of this, I agree with others that Vizio pulled a bait and switch on the unknowing consumer. We thought that they'd just do a few improvements on the old model and keep making an amazing product. This isn't what they did though. They made a new model at a much better price point for themselves by lowering the quality of components, thus making an inferior product. Let me say this though, I'm saying "inferior" when comparing this model to it's older sibling. I definitely wouldn't say it's inferior to many of the other LED televisions out there. It's still a good product but it needs to be at a little lower price point to make it a decent deal for the consumer. As for me, this is going back to Amazon and my search continues. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the original version of this guy without the "E."

Update: Now that this is $100 lower than I paid for it, I would say it's more in the price point it should be. I still think that it's just OK for a 3D LED but if you're on a budget, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Now that I've got the previous version, the M3D550KD, my suspicions have been confirmed, the new version is definitely NOT a true 120 Hz. In all programming, the M3D550KD has a noticeably clearer picture even with the "Smooth motion" turned off which does essentially the same thing as turning "Game mode" on. No matter what Vizio tells you, the M3D550KD is a true 120 Hz and the M3D550KDE is 60 Hz.
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62 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on November 30, 2012
I currently own two Vizio TV's, each several years old. I've enjoyed both, though they are your basic LCD TV (not smart, LED, 3D, etc.).

When looking for a new TV, price was a deciding factor. I definitely wanted it to be smart, so I didn't need an additional box like Roku (which I own today) hooked up to it. I use Netflix and Pandora a lot, so this was a must have. Nothing against Roku because I love it -- but having it built in already is just easier. Wifi setup was part of the initial turn-on procedures (you can skip if you want), so this was a snap to get going. I did have to download the Pandora app (following a system update to Vizio Apps), but Netflix came already installed by default.

Though less important, I did want the 3D capability given I have a couple movies that have 3D options. I've never owned a 3D TV, but based on the test with Avatar 3D, I think it performed quite well. I saw Avatar 3D in the theater, by comparison this TV did produce good image quality and 3D effects, without any blurring or stuttering.

I tested this watching a Thursday Night Football game in HD, and the signal from my digital cable box was clear and responsive. Having owned smaller TV's with less features, I can't really compare the image quality of this unit vs. something priced higher. However, being a sub-$1k TV (when I purchased it on sale) with more than adequate quality during TV and movies (2D and 3D), I can't justify spending more for the apparent same functionality and experience.

There is obviously a dispute over the impact of this TV being effective 120Hz vs. true 120Hz. I think that is the case in many TV's today, given confusing descriptions and brand-created terms. However, I judge by performance and not any specs. Effective or true 120Hz, I saw no blurring/stuttering in action scenes with this unit. Again, you can pay more for true 120Hz or even 240Hz, but its debatable if you are getting the performance that goes along with the price increase with the higher end specs.

In short, this appears to be a good TV with great options for the price. There are not many TV's with a 3D options with a sub-$1k price tag, and the addition of smart functionality is practically standard these days, so I am quite happy with my purchase.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2012
For under $1000, I do not think you can find as quality a TV as this. Out of the box, the picture blows, which is the reason I deducted a star. Thankfully, I'm not afraid to mess with the picture settings, and I now have a picture that rivals my Samsung UN55ES8000FXZA. Had I known I could've had a similar picture as the Samsung, there is no way I would've spent that kind of money on the Samsung name. Also, I love the passive 3d. It works flawlessly, and being able to use the Real3D glasses you get at the movie theaters is a real plus. If you are looking for a 55in LED Smart 3D TV and you have some tech sense, this really is a no-brainer.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon December 30, 2012
Got it from warehouse store, basically same price (with tax) except Amazon offers free shipping (with Prime) and basic unpacking and setup. I needed the easy return option just in case, though.

At first we were annoyed. My wife commented that the picture looked strange. It was the dreaded "soap opera effect", and this TV does not have a specific setting to turn off "smooth motion."

After some research, I tried setting Game Mode on, and that fixed it. Whew! It was quite unpleasant watching Dark Knight Rises like it was filmed in the As The World Turns studio.

Thank goodness for Game Mode, because this is an unbeatable price for its features. A smart TV which lets you use Amazon video, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, YouTube, some Yahoo stuff, Twitter, Skype (cam needed), FaceBook, MGo, Rhapsody ... no browser, but there is a VGA input. (You'll need to let it update to get all these apps.)

And passive 3D, to boot. It may not look as high-res as active - from four or five feet away you may see thin horizontal lines - but it'll do.

There are inputs aplenty: 4 HDMI, cable/antenna, component, VGA, ethernet, USB ...

Connecting a soundbar: HDMI 1 is the ARC port. That lets you connect a soundbar to it via HDMI and control the volume through it (you can connect the video input directly to another HDMI port on the TV, rather than through the soundbar HDMI IN). If you're connecting a Samsung soundbar (HW-E450, in my case), you need to turn AnyNet+ on for this to work. Go to TV settings, turn CEC ON, System Audio Control ON. Try the Device Discovery. You probably want to go to Audio settings and turn TV speakers OFF. The video may vanish, but just go back and select that input. That should do it!

You can adjust backlight settings manually only if you turn off the Ambient Light Sensor in advanced picture settings..

Haven't gotten the ideal picture yet ... cinema mode is darker, standard mode seems to warm, vivid mode gives splotchy faces and skin (darker, pink patches on yellowish skin).

Had an issue getting Netflix to play video. Called tech support and they resolved it. I've called them a couple of times and they were actually quite helpful.

All told, I think we'll be keeping it.

Update: sometimes Netflix fails and it goes nuts - the remote stops working. Try this:

1- Power off TV
2- Unplug TV from outlet
3- Press and hold in the power button on the TV for 30 seconds (while it is unplugged from the wall)
4- Release the power button
5- Plug in the TV in
6- Power on the TV


Un pair Remote :

1. Press the "Q" "P" and "SPACE" button on remote at the same time for 5 seconds.
2. Take out both batteries.
3. Press all the buttons on the remote, one at a time (including the keyboard). (You can skip this step sometimes)
4. Put batteries back in.
5. Test the remote

Re Pair remote :
1. Press the Green Button and RED Record button for 10 seconds.
2. It should now be paired.
3. Test out the remote
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53 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2012
This TV is your typical bait and switch for holiday season. Vizio produced a tv with amazing reviews, the m3d550KD...this is not that TV. The KDE is an entirely different television. It was rushed into production to replace the KD because it has significantly lower performance and a much higher profit margin for Vizio. The TV was so rushed, it doesn't even come with the correct parts. The TV and base are fine, but the neck is the wrong part and can't be used to connect the TV to the base. Since I can't stand the TV up, I can't even do a proper review of the TVs performance; however, if Vizio sends me the correct part I will update this review with how well the TV performs...which at this point I wouldn't expect much. Please search for M3D550KD before you purchase this TV. You will see Vizio made a model "M3d550KD" for about 3 months and it got great reviews. Then just prior to the holiday shopping season vizio canceled production of the KD and started pushing out the KDE. Now ask yourself this. Why would a company stop production and start a new production line on a TV after three moths, especially when that TV was getting great reviews? The answer is fairly simple, and similiar to the games some PC component manufacturers play. Make a great product, then make a s***ty product with a nearly identical model number. People will naturally think the second product is just a newer version of the earlier product since it has nearly the exact same model number...but alas it's just a trick.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 1, 2013
I did a lot of research on which TV to buy, and decided to go with CNET's recommendation (which was the 240Hz model), but when I went on Amazon, the only one I could find was the 120Hz model. I decided to buy this one after I purchased a Panasonic that had horrible black levels. I have watched several movies on the Vizio and am happy with the picture. I haven't used the 3D option yet. The other issue I had was the "Soap Opera Effect." If the odd smoothness bothers you, just go into TV Settings and turn Game Mode "On." (If you change the game mode in the picture settings of the TV...i.e. the mode that changes the color, etc, it will not help, you have to change it in the main setting area). Once I turned Game Mode on, the viewing was more cinematic, rather than soap opera.

Very slim design
Easy to set up
Plug and play USB capability
QWERTY keyboard on remote
Decent variety of apps

No DLAN capability
TV has slow response to remote commands

Overall great TV, may just upgrade the remote.

Update Edit 6/4/13

I have been using the TV for a while now. I have no complaints. There is one minor thing that may bug some people however. It seems the TV automatically adjusts for low light, and bright light scenes. If there is a scene that is between the mark of low vs bright light, you can see the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen flicker a bit as the picture is changing. This is not a deal breaker or even a big issue for me. I am happy it has the automatic setting, so I don't have to float through and find how to change the light settings in the middle of watching something. Just something to be aware of.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on February 20, 2013
I ordered this TV on a early Friday morning. It was in my living room late Tuesday morning only because Monday was President's Day. The price dropped $131 from the time I added it to my wish list to the time I ordered.

I am replacing a 6.5 year old Sharp 42" Aquos. The Vizio is like 1.5 inches thick as opposed to the 5.5" of my Sharp. I was almost afraid to install wall mounting bracket screws. No only is is slim, is is rather light weight as well. I am amazed that there is no flex to it and that something this slim and light did not shatter the glass during shipping.

Setting up the TV was rather simple. There was no problem connecting to the Internet, I was able to adjust the picture to my preference and the sound, ah the sound, amazing from such a slim unit. It puts my old Sharp to shame.

I have not tried the 3D feature yet. When I do I will update this review. The 4 pair of passive 3D glasses is a real nice touch.

The only real concern I have is that there is no physical On/Off switch! I hope that the remote is far more durable than it feels. I like the slide out QWERTY keyboard. I have small hands and have no trouble typing on it.

I was able to add and remove Apps at will. No problems there either.

The only negative I can list now is that the picture looks a little 'soft' even with DISH HD. It lacks a tad of crispness that my Sharp was producing. I will play with the controls a bit more to see if this can improve. This is my first TV with a 120 mega hertz refresh rate and I have read in many placed that it can produce a bit more 'soap opera' effect on programs than the good old 60 mega hertz of days gone by.

I would have given this TV 5 Stars if it had a physical On/Off switch. I guess I am just a bit old fashion and like that one button. Otherwise there are enough HDMI ports and inputs to hook up just about anything you can throw at it.

VIZIO, is a great value brand and appears to be making nice quality products. i don't know about durability, but if it can match my 2007 Sharp Aquos (which still works fine) then I will declare VIZIO a top tier #1 vendor along with Samsung, Sony and Sharp. Yeah, it appears to be that good, at a price the others can't begin to match. Great bang for the buck.

UPDATE #1: Thanks to a comment left, I did find the power button. It's on the right side. A small button on the back among others. However there are labels but they are in black as well.

I bought a Vizio 3D Blu-Ray player. Hooked it up to the TV and the screen had problems properly displaying the 3D picture. I called Vizio at 3:15pm on a Saturday afternoon, they close at 4. The rep was most kind and helpful. Turns out that I just needed to eject the disc, and load it again. The 3D worked just fine and I must say the quality of the 3D is superb. Vizio uses passive 3D, the kind used in movie theaters. I was very impressed with Vizio's USA based customer service.

The screen is glossy, very glossy. it's almost like having a black mirror. The blacks in the picture are some of the deepest black color I have ever seen on a TV. I guess this is an advantage of LED backlighting.

While I was taking to the CSR at Vizio I decided to check out the extended warranty. They do offer a it via Square Trade. I took out a 3 year plan for $89. I am waiting for the full details to sent to me. With a TV this size, I thought it would be worth the expense. I have only bought one extended warranty before on my first MacBook, and used it once. It more than paid for itself. I would recommend a 3 year plan as most TVs will exhibit problems within this time period. The extended plan also has service tech come to your place. No bringing in sets of this size for service. That's a good deal.

HDMI port #1 is not working. I use a Sony Home Theater in a box system to add 5.1 channel sound to the TV. I noticed that the Sony can not pass through a 3D signal to the TV. Everything else about the Sony works fine with the Vizio.

The set offers Skype. However only a Vizio web cam will work with Skype. My Logitech 9000 will not be of use. The set would not recognize my Pandora sign in. I'll keep working on that.

At the end of week one, I have no overall regrets. While the screen is far more glossy that I would like, it does offer very deep black color and is the right size for 3D viewing. The viewing angles are wide with virtually little loss of picture quality.

UPDATE #2: I got in touch with VIZIO customer service about the non-functional HDMI port #1. They had me run some diagnostic tests, but they did not resolve the issue. VIZIO shipped a new unit to me, the delivery company took my broken unit off an entertainment stand, hooked up the replacement to the stand and made certain that everything worked before they left. I had been a Sharp LCD buyer prior to this VIZIO, but due to the customer service and that they stand behind their products, I will be a VIZIO customer for years to come.

The 3D is amazing. I got a copy of Avatar and the 3D effects are simply stunning. No problems with the screen being too dim or any artifacting in the picture. Simply amazing 3D.

Netflix on the VIZIO works like a charm. It's actually a better experience on the 55" TV than using my Apple TV box. When watching a series, like House of Cards or Archer, one episode ends and the next one starts. With the Apple TV I would have to go back to the series menu, select the next show, hit the control button a few times and the series would start playing. With the VIZIO app its just automatic. Nice touch guys.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 20, 2013
The picture is great, the 3D is even better than a movie theater and the apps work great. I am very satisfied with this TV. (It's my second Vizio)

I would recommend picking up a sound bar with subwoofer. The stock speakers are a little on the tinny side. And don't be afraid to tweak the picture settings.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 3, 2012
I just bought this TV and I must say is has a nice picture but I can't get the Netflix app to stream. I have tried everything and it still wont work. So I am having to use my PS3 to stream Netflix. Very disappointed with that aspect of it. Other than that, no problems thus far.
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19 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2012
I had this tv shipped to me early December. This tv is supposed to have in-built-wifi & should connect to my internet instantly. What I found out after setting up the TV is that it was not able to stream videos using my Netflix account. I contacted Netflix & Vizio - Netflix confirmed there is no issue with my account and that the TV is defective if it is not able to play videos.
Note that Netflix works on anohter smart tv in the house.

Here are some of my exerience with Vizio customer service that I wanted to share with you. Clearly at this point I am frustrated with the quality of customer service I got from Vizio.

With wireless connection -
I am not able to play videos from netflix.
Vizio support tried resetting tv and my account few times with no resolution. Vizio support pointed finger at netflix and vice versa.

Vizio support is not even willing to talk with netflix when I offered to initiate conference call with netflix.

I have anohter old smart tv and a WII (in additon to computers), bought couple yrs back. All connect to same network using wireless connection, with no issues playing netflix!

With wired connection -
The wifi tv is not able to connect internet.
None of the Internet Applications work.
TV fails to connect to internet. My computer works on same wired network port with no issues.
Vizio support responded by saying that this issue is related to the modem ... My computer works on same wired network port!

I would ask everyone to STAY AWAY from this piece of junk from VIZIO. Currently have initiated my online return process !

In nutshell (this is what I get from support):
If you can not play Netflix - its netflix issue
If TV fails to connect intenet with wired connection - its my modem !

Bottom line:
Stay away from all VIZIO products to avoid dealing with vizio support. They are all well trained to disagree with customers on all problems. What a Customer Support and what a product !
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