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on June 20, 2013
My 40 inch TV arrived today after 2 long weeks of it being out of stock on Amazon. As I waited I began to read reviews that others had written and I had ventured over to the owners thread on the AVS Forums for this TV. As I was reading all the posts and reviews my number one concern was the degree of light bleed and if it was as bad as others had stated. For anyone on the fence about buying this TV due to the light bleed issue let me tell you now. I see no light bleed what so ever. If there is I can't make it out. Blu-rays look amazing. I hooked up my PS3 to see if there was any input lag or ghosting. None what so ever. ( I did change to game mode). The sound is clear and crisp, missing some bass but well above average for a flat screen tv.

Wrap up.

Picture - No light bleed, no input lag when gaming, no ghosting, colors are very bright and crisp looking. May need to calibrate a bit out of box but not much.

Sound- Good enough for flat screen tv. Missing some bass but that is to be expected.

Design- Wonderful, looks great.

Apps- Have only signed into Netflix but it works very well and is very quick to load. Yahoo weather, news, facebook all load fast and are easy to use.

Amazing tv for the price, and feature set. wonderful quality and design.

The only minor annoyance is that it takes forever to input information without a keyboard but i'll live with it.
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on May 13, 2014
Like I tell EVERYONE, better think twice before getting into a relationship with Vizio. If you plan on using the Internet connection buyer beware! They routinely send automatic firmware updates ( you have no options if your connected). These updates will changed the audio and video quality of your TV. And then they will hang you out to dry. Your stuck with junk. My TV was sent a firmware update six weeks ago which caused my audio to be miserably out of sync with the video. My viewing enjoyment went from happy to pissed off in a blink of an eye. Customer service jerked me around. They even went as far as to tell me that if they sent me a new TV I would still have the same problem due to some cable provider BS. They have been milking me along week by week stating that they are working on a firmware updated to correct this problem ... It's been six weeks now.... Today is May 14,2014. I had this TV 7-8 months when this SNAFU kicked in. I'm going to contact consumer affairs and file a complaint. It may not get me a replacement TV but at least it will make for some inconveniences. Good luck on your TV hunt.

UPDATE: About a month after this review and after much work and aggravation on my part, they sent my the repair firmware update. After that, I disconnected my TV from the internet and got a Roku (which I love). I was once again happy with my viewing enjoyment. The Picture is very nice. HOWEVER.... on November 13, 2014, the picture died. I had sound but no picture. When I emailed Vizio, I received the standard automatic reply that they received my email and will contact me. Then about an hour later, I received an email that my case was resolved and closed. I sent a few emails after that, but no response. Goes back to BAD RELATIONSHIP. I was able to YouTube technical repair info, and was lucky enough to have bought the right part (T-con Board)from Ebay for $33.00 /free shipping. Easy to take out old board and put in replacement. It worked and I'm happy to have my TV back, but what a long ass hassle from the get-go.
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on March 29, 2014
So I tend to be a Samsung fan because they had never steered me wrong before. But after 14+ years with a Samsung LCD TV I was ready to move up to an LED. I had inquired with friends about the VIZIO models and received generally positive reviews. I also tend to use my tv to play games so I was looking for one with a good response time and this one seemed fit that bill so opted to give this one a shot.

The Good: It's picture is incredible. Crystal clear, runs much cooler than my LCD tv ever did. Setup was a snap, and surprisingly I used more of the smart features than I thought I would.

The Bad: It's speakers didn't have the clarity of my previous TV and that was somewhat of a letdown. Had sort of a "tinny" sound to it but after switching it do dynamic sound I noticed it less. The remote sucks, the buttons are barely functioning and you really need to press hard to get a reaction out of them so make sure you sync up your universal remote quickly. The power button is small and hidden in the back, and the instructions don't let you know its there. I felt like an idiot trying to figure out how to turn it on without the remote.

The Worst: This was the deal breaker with this TV. When the power of the TV is off, you will start to receive a high pitched whirring from the board that the power connects to. It can best be described as a Camera's Flash charging up or a Space Laser firing. It started off very low and barely audible, but as the days pass on it gets progressively louder. Its incredibly annoying and in a reasonably small room it makes it difficult to sleep. I had sent mine back and received a replacement from amazon only to find that this television did it as well and eventually it got worse.

its a shame because I was enjoying this TV but that sound was completely intolerable and the only sure fire way to fix it was to unplug the tv. That is a major inconvenience. This might have been ok in a larger room or one that I might not always be in, but for a bedroom TV this was a no go. I returned this and got a samsung instead.
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on December 30, 2013
I bought this for my father and there have been no end of the headaches. While the picture is all right it is nothing special by today's standards and the TV is difficult to navigate. This is made worse by the remote, which is not really functional it works about 30% of the time and even then their is a substantial lag.
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on February 4, 2014
While the picture quality displayed on this television is impressive, and its smart TV functions are mostly good (the Amazon Instant Video app was the only one I thought was terrible), I'm afraid I can't recommend this TV, especially if you intend to use this model for gaming. That's because this TV will blur and smear colors in dark scenes.

On default settings, images are surrounded by a blue aura that smears across the screen at the slightest hint of motion. By fiddling with the color temperature settings I managed to reduce this, but now the colors green and red smear. I thought I could live with it, but it's highly annoying and it destroys the mood in games that rely on creating atmosphere. It's distracting when, for example, in a horror game you come across a pool of blood that blurs and smears. Then you turn around and the edges of the door smears so much that you have to wonder if the character you're playing is on acid.

This is most noticeable in games, but it is also present during TV viewing. In one show, a character left a trail of red smear as he walked down a dark hallway. This also happens when using the TVs built-in apps, so the problem is not with the HDMI cables.

I do not know if this is a flaw in all Vizio TVs, just the M series, or just this particular model. I seriously regret buying this TV. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 because, other than the smearing, this TV is amazing. It just so happens that the smearing makes this TV unsuitable for the function I purchased it to fulfill.
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on September 6, 2013
This is a fun TV to have in a den or bedroom. The size if perfect and the picture quality is awesome. The smart features are wonderful if you have Netflix or Hulu (you can start a movie from your tablet or smart phone and then send it to the TV). Now, for the sad part, the audio is pretty bad. There is no bass and it pretty much sounds like you're listening to TV through a pair of ear bugs that are 10ft away. I highly recommend that if you buy this TV to also buy the VIZIO S3821w-C0 38-inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer.
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on October 13, 2013
I have had the TV for a little over a month now and I am very happy with it. The picture is beautiful. I had been concerned that the TV might have pixlelation problems because it has only 120hz, but this has not been a problem at all. Sporting events look as good on this TV as they do on my bigger Vizio TV (55") that has 240hz.

The smart TV functions are easy to set up. I connected it to my WiFi without difficulty. It has the most recent Netflix TV App which is very nice. It also has Amazon and many other Apps.

The TV has exhibited only one problem which prevents me from giving it 5 stars. As has been mentioned in many other reviews, the remote control doesn't work properly. When you press buttons on the remote nothing happens on the TV even when you aim the remote at the bottom left corner of the TV where the remote sensor is located. I called Vizio's customer service and he suggested the following trouble shoot: push the Go and Fast Forward buttons on the remote for 10 to 12 seconds which will reset the remotes from wifi to IR. He said many remotes were sent out set for WiFi but the WiFi set up has issues right now that Vizio has not corrected. He expects an upgrade. I tried the trouble shoot and it helped some but didn't completely solve the problem. I called Vizio back and they sent me a new remote. It works better but still not perfectly. The remote is not a big problem for me because I normally use my DirecTV remote which operates the TV flawlessly.

This TV is a great value. You get great specs for a great price that is significantly below what other manufacturers charge.

I give the TV a big thumbs up--4 stars--with the remote control being the only flaw that prevents a 5 star rating.
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on July 20, 2013
I love my new flat screen Vizio! It is outstanding! Easy to hook up and operate. I superscribe to DISH Satellite and already had a very acceptable picture on my 27" diagonal screen TV that was manufactured in 2002. BUT, I wanted to hook up my computer, Wii, and other devices,,,, I checked out a lot of flat screen TV's and it was a difficult choice making the "RIGHT DECISION"... I knew I wanted at least a 120 Hz or 220 Hz system and 1080P scan rate.

The M series Vizio hit it out of the park! What a dynamic and great picture! Multi- HDMI connectors and composite connectors for my toys... and it was a quick & easy set up! A great flat screen TV and a fantastic picture... without curtains on my windows... I AM IMPRESSED! and a super value! THIS WAS A GREAT DECISION ON MY PART and I have already sent e-mails to my family (five children and 19 grand children) telling them to buy VIZIO! ! !
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on April 2, 2014
works pretty well using windows 8.1 pro. I use it for acad and revit. The standard line colors I use in acad are a bit inconsistent. A horizontal yellow line may look a bit different than a vertical yellow line and is kind of aggravating. I was a bit leary of using it for a monitor and thought I would try it, thinking that I would just use it as a TV if not good enough. Still using it for a monitor several months later and I'm on it 10-16 hours per day.
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on September 12, 2013
Had the M401i-A3 for some 4 months now. Observations to date:
- TV looks very sleek with (almost) edge to edge sharp picture and nice thin bezel design
- fits in our 36" wide cabinet using a slight offset angle to slide it back in (fraction too wide otherwise)
- set up was very straightforward - up and running in about 10 minutes; wi-fi connection was immediate
- remote seems somewhat unresponsive at times, so much so I swapped out the included batteries for some fresh ones in the first week, but does not seem to be a battery issue. Switching off, for example, is rarely achieved with a single push of the button. And there are no buttons on the TV itself.......
- Also, the design of the remote control is not great - lots of small black on black buttons, casing has sharpish edges. In need of an Apple-type designer make over.
- Nexflix app works well and it is very convenient to have the dedicated Netflix button on the remote
- the Amazon app on this TV is terrible - no watch list function, app launches slowly and only on the left hand third of the screen (so difficult to see); You have basically to do all your browsing and movie selection on line and then launch the app to play what you have chosen. There are multiple complaints about the poor app design, which Vizio blames on Amazon (see multiple messages on this topic on Amazon). So bad I am going back to my Roku to use my Amazon account on this TV
- the other apps largely seem to be junk and are slow slow slow to load (or never do, like YouTube) - feels like using an old Windows XP machine years ago. Why is this app interface so difficult for the manufacturers/ software guys to get right? After all, it's a main selling feature of so-called Smart TVs.
- I like the easy of switching from one device to another compared to other TVs we have owned

So 4 stars for TV, 5 stars for the set up procedure, 2 stars for the remote control, 1 star for the app functionality
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