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on October 1, 2013
I want to start by saying this is an excellent tv for the price with great picture, good appearance and hopefully good quality. I did a lot of research before buying this tv, including going to a local Best Buy to compare models (obviously Amazon had it for a better deal). I have had other vizio tvs that have lasted over 5 years with no issues so with some people saying it's a sub par brand is their OPINION. Now onto the good stuff:

Picture Quality - Every tv is slightly different, and each brand does their tv's different from another. Personally I like a brighter picture of my tv due to the fact my living room is quite bright at most times of the day. The blacks could be a little deeper like some of the name brand tv's but overall the picture is excellent for what you're buying and I actually prefer it. The M series is a Razor edge lit led tv which makes it very thin and allows localized dimming to create a more realistic and crisp image.

Aesthetics - The tv itself is quite spectacular, even when turned off. The front bezel is very small making the tv almost entirely screen with a very very small border. The stand is also very modern and sturdy so it looks nice on a tv stand or mounted on a wall.

Apps - I've personally only used it for Netflix that app alone makes this or any smart tv a good buy since there's a "Netflix" button right on the remote for quick access. The app interface itself is easy to navigate and there looks to be a lot of useful apps available, I however haven't used most of them at all.

Quality - I've only had the tv for about a month, but i purchased a square trade protection plan through Amazon as well for 5 years at a good price so even if it breaks I'm not worried about any issues (though i highly doubt there will be any).

Overall - This seems to be a very well made product that is aesthetically pleasing both on an off, though I much prefer it on. The picture doesn't produce the deepest of blacks, for that a plasma would beat it hands down, but in direct comparison to other name brand led tvs it stays right with them. I would highly recommend this tv to anyone who is interested in a new led tv, especially someone who is on a budget as it is also one of the cheapest led tvs for the screen sizes available.

Hope this helps!
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on December 7, 2013
DO NOT BUY THIS TV. Mine only last around 50 days. I went to turn it on one night and it froze on the vizio logo. I did a power cycle like the vizio customer support page suggested and the TV never turned back on. It was totally dead. This is my 4th Vizio. My first one had problems where it would only stay on for a couple minutes. The third one that I had the screen literally rattled in the frame. Now this one didn't even last 60 days.
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on December 30, 2013
Would have loved for it to work, because it was excellent when it did for a few hours on the first day
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on March 10, 2014
Got this on sale two weeks ago. My wife bought a 42" Samsung smart tv about two months ago and the apps were great, including a web browser, Netflix, Amazon instant video and cloud player. I also found Daily Burn, which has become my daily workout companion. I was looking at a Samsung set for me when the salesperson pointed out the razorLED picture on this Vizio set. It DID seem like a better picture, so I postponed my decision. When I returned to the store, the Vizio was on sale ($50 reduction) so that settled it! After all, the box had logos for all kinds of apps including Netflix. I figured all smart tvs had similar apps.
Well, setup was quite easy. I used a wired Ethernet for best streaming speed and most of the apps seemed to work except for Netflix. I then found that most apps available for the Vizio were Yahoo-based instead of Google-based, and my news apps were what seemed like dozens of variations on Fox News. Alll in all I was missing the apps I knew and loved. No Daily Burn! No web browser. And try as I may, I couldn't get the Netflix app to work. Per suggestions on the web I tried deleting the app and re-installing it, then tried resetting to factory defaults and re-installing everything (with the help of Vizio tech support). Finally tech support said it was obviously a Netflix problem. So I called Netflix. Nice support person worked through the same stuff, eventually concluding that it was obviously Vizio's problem. I complained bitterly about the finger-pointing game and she gave me several reasons why it HAD to be Vizio's problem and that was the end of that!
At this point it was MY problem. Both tech supports had been very responsive (no long hold times) and I learned a lot about the tv with the Vizio support guy. At this point all apps except Netflix worked great, even though I wasn't able to get apps I'd come to enjoy. Nothing could be done about that.
So I gave up on Vizio smart features. I really like the ease of access to setup features on the tv. Downloading and updating firmware seemed quicker than the Samsung. Since I wasn't happy with the app selection, I just bought a Roku 3 with free Prime shipping. I have all my favorite apps again, including Netflix and Daily Burn. And there are MANY more apps just waiting to be tried.
My summary: the Vizio smart tv (M471i-A2) has a great picture, easy setup, great tech support ... But the apps simply don't get it. Just buy a Roku at the same time and save yourself a lot of frustration. Apps are Roku's main reason for existing, and not just a sideline to sell television sets.
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on April 14, 2014
I bought this tv for myself in August of 2013. Loved it. Great picture. Liked the internet . Good sound. Loved the tv--UNTIL it broke. Turned it on one day and there was sound but no picture. Called tech support. They had no clue . So called the warranty center as it was less than a year old and still under warranty.

And so the nightmare begins. They first schedule a tech to come out a few weeks later to fix it. He arrives. Can't fix it. So he calls Vizio. They then schedule another tech to fix it. He comes a week later. He can't fix it either. He calls them. They were going to schedule a third tech but I said enough was enough. So then I call the warranty center because they just don't ever call you. Now they say they will send me a refurbished tv but they have to send someone out to pick up the old one. To my house. In a rural area 300 miles from no where. So My tv broke March 14. It is now April 14 and I call yet again. They can't bring me another tv now until May. WTH? And there is nothing I can do. They won't send me a tv because someone has to bring it personally because apparently they don't trust me to send the other one back. I spent 600 plus dollars on their product and I trusted them. But apparently I don't get the same courtesy. I WILL NEVER BUY VIZIO AGAIN. EVER. . So go ahead and buy this tv but hope yours doesn't break because if it does it will take a miracle to get it fixed or replaced.
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on April 6, 2014
The latest firmware is defective. Can't network share and use this TV.
Hard to calibrate.
Wi-Fi remote and TV freeze up and require one to pull the plug to get
it to function again.
Uneven gray raster.
LED bright spits on right top and bottom.
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on October 25, 2014
I love this TV. The color accuracy is bar-none compared to other TV's I've looked at in the stores. I've had this TV for about 6 months now and finally got around to mounting it to my wall. Added with a little ambient LED light behind the screen, and it looks fantastic. The 3 HDMI ports support more than enough for what I need, and if you use devises like Chromecast, it automatically switches to the chromecast upon starting a stream (which I love).

Highly recommended and a pleasant surprise from a brand I wasn't that familiar with. Vizio gets 5 stars.

Amazon prime shipping made it to my door in 2 days and although this is a large / heavy item, the packaging was MORE than sturdy enough for regular transit. Very pleased with Amazon's shipping so far.
review image
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on May 25, 2014
It's been two month we have this TV but truth be told I am a bit scared that it can go bad any day because when this TV was first delivered to us, after one week of normal use we had green tint all around and remained there no matter what's the input source is. However if you turn it off and wait 5 minutes and turn back on it will be gone. We tried different power outlets and cable, internet, DVD player etc. and we never got that tint again so I don't know what caused it but I asked Amazon to replace it anyway and they did a fabulous job in replacing it in within 48 hours.
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on March 23, 2014
I bought this TV in July 2013. In March 2014, I skipped forward and the picture and sound was no longer in sync. I called Vizio after Dish replaced my Hopper twice. When I called Vizio, I was told there was not a problem with the sound and picture. After I hooked the Hopper to another TV that did not have this problem, I called Vizio again whit what happened or did not happen on my older Vizio, I was told there is a problem with this TV. A Firmware related problem and it should be fixed in April. Other than this problem, I like the TV.
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on August 1, 2014
It's not that great. I own a 37" 720p Vizio which I purchased several years ago and LOVE IT.. I purchased this unit when I re did my living room and moved the 720 to the bedroom, and now spend the majority of time watching tv back in the bedroom. However, rather than give an initial review when I first set it up, I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and live with it for awhile.. Now, about about 6 months later, I absolutely hate this 47" TV.. for many reasons:

- The picture on this one never stays calibrated and varies between channels and programs, so you find yourself adjusting the picture most of the time, which is incredibly frustrating. It also it took the first few months to get the blue hue toned down. This can be done by selecting "normal" for the picture (not to be confused with "normal" for the screen aspect ratio)

- I don't know if it's 1080, but everything looks great on the 720 (both old and new movies and broadcast tv), on this TV, if it's not brand new programming, it looks HORRIBLE.. Watching new shows and the live news looks great, but if they happen to go to file footage from over 5 or 10 years ago, it's all blurry and washed out... This is not enjoyable to view... and I have a true HD broadcast signal on every channel.

- The audio on this one compared to the other tv is piss poor and instead of placing the incorporated speakers in the front (LIKE COMMON SENSE WOULD SUGGEST), they placed the speakers in the back; probably because they want you to spend extra for a vizio sound bar - which is not happening....But I've noticed if you turn on the volume leveling and switch it to stereo instead of surround, it's not nearly as bad.. On the older vizio, perfect sound..and in the front.. I also don't care to use sound bars and surround sound receivers because there always seems to be the risk of the audio being a bit out of synch with the video because of the processing - very annoying.. Plus, living in an apartment, 5.1 and 7.1 isn't very neighborly or considerate..

- The apps on this tv are pretty disappointing too.. I have 2 Roku 3 units and they are far superior and run more efficiently and smoother than the ones on here. The apps on this also lag and buffer quite frequently and take forever to load, not so on my Roku units.. Also, the Amazon app when selected prompts the tv to go off... Which is how it should be left.

- The remote is yet another issue - it sucks.. Many times it doesn't register or work when you first hit the buttons.. Luckily the older tv's remote works with this one too..

I only use it now when friends are over, or I'm in the kitchen and want to continue watching something I started in the bedroom. I watch a lot of DVD's and Blu Rays, and use Vudu to access my Ultra Violet Library in 1080p HDX and even have dozens of movies in my personal library on Amazon (in HD and SD), and again, on the 720, everything is perfect, every time, on here, only 10% looks decent, and the goal in the entertainment media industry is to keep upping the def, so you are forced to re-buy it again and again.. NO THANKS.

Now the industry introduced and is talking about 4k, and I can only imagine how bad that's going to make everything look.. which is why they are encouraging people to re-buy stuff mastered in 4K (NOT HAPPENIING).. Fortunately, like 3D, 4K is a bust - D.O.A... because it's uneeded technology, and that's what this was.. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to home entertainment, and I'm all for a crystal clear high def pic and the best audio, but they should have stopped at 720p, because I cannot stress how horrible older stuff looks on here, and what's worse, it was about $150 higher than the current price when I bought it on Amazon back in February..
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