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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2012
I bought this TV last year right after Christmas. I had read the reviews at that time about the picture black out problem. It SUPPOSEDLY was being addressed through firmware updates. Well, in February I called Vizio to tell them about the ongoing picture blackout. I will say at this point that the Customer Service reps are all very well trained and polite people. And in all honesty I let this go on too long. But every agent that I spoke with had something new that I needed to try before anything could be done. This was as basic as watching to see if the light went off on the front to having to put a mirror BEHIND the TV to see if the light went off. This last step came about because my TV sits up on a mantle and I could not climb up and observe this before the picture returned. (Let me add that I was forced to take the TV off the wall mount AND remove a wood frame that had been built around the TV itself to accomplish all that Vizio required me to do.) So they sent a technician out who replaced the powerboard and the motherboard. An hour after he left the exact same problem began again. So did the phone calls to Vizio. Now they sent out a "recertified" TV. According to the CS rep, this is a new TV that has been bought back from a store like Costco or Walmart. They said that the TV would only be opened to be checked out by Vizio. So the TV was delivered and set up and seemed to work fine while the delivery person was there. After he left we turned off the TV, went out for a little while and came home. When we attempted to turn on the TV, it would not power on. The only way we could turn on the TV was to unplug it and plug it back in. So once again I called Vizio. Let me interject that we are now into August. And once again a "new" TV was delivered and the old one picked up. And once again the TV picture would black out. So another call to Vizio who now felt that the problem was on my end and possibly related to my cable. It did not seem to matter that we had run the TV through our BluRay player or Apple TV when the cable was not hooked up at all to the TV. Again the technician came out and replaced the power and mother boards as well as checked our equipment to be sure there was not a problem on our end...which there was not. Again I called Vizio and this time was told that I would receive a replacement model of equal or greater value but that it had to be approved. The next thing I received was a telephone call requesting my original receipt from Amazon. Luckily I had kept it so I was able to email it to them. (I really do not thing that they were expecting me to have it.) So now I have been told that I will be receiving a refund AFTER they have received the TV. Apparently they do not trust me to return to the TV but I am supposed to trust them to send me a check in 3-4 weeks after 9 months, 22+ phone calls and uncounted hours on the phone with them. Originally they were sending me a prepaid label and were expecting me to take this 55" monstrosity to a mailing site but saw the unwiseness in this and will be sending someone out to box it and pick it up. So that will take a week off my waiting time. I do not know about you but I do not have an extra $1500 sitting around to be able to go out and replace the TV while I wait for the new one. So I get to go through the prime football and holiday season waiting for Vizio to get around to refunding me MY money. I feel I was more than patient and understanding throughout this long, tedious, ridiculous situation. I own three other smaller Vizios that I have been extremely pleased with but I will never buy another one and I will shout from the mountain tops to anyone and everyone who will listen to NEVER BUY A VIZIO!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2012
I have owned this TV for almost a month and I think I know enough about to write a review about it. I found this model at Costco and got it for $999 before tax. I first was reluctant to buy this TV since there was a major issue; the tv kept shutting itself off when the screen quickly changed to black; as shown by the previous reviewer ([...]) but since the price was good and with costco's generous 90-day returning policy. I decided to give it a try.

The installation and set up was easy; the TV automatically updated its firmware at the first few times when it started up. The updates toke about 5mn each and I believe they may have fixed the shut-down issue since I have not seen it yet.

I compare this tv and ones from samsung, LG, ... and I could not see any differences in terms of picture quality . I do admit that most of the samsung TVs looks cooler, though, they are more expensive.

the preinstalled apps are amazon instant movies, netflix, hulu plus, flickr, vudu, youtube, facebook, pandora... you can install more apps from "YAHOO CONNECTED TV STORE".

So far I am very pleased with the purchase.
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on April 13, 2014
I have had this TV for about 3 years (so warranty is out). Bought it for $999 on sale at Costco. Overall performance was great and set-up was easy. We like the apps and use Netflix often. We do notice that the LED lighting isn't as consistent over the screen as some TV's but for the price the TV was great and the picture quality excellent.

I say was because when we first got it we only used one HDMI port for our FIOS connection. About six months ago we bought a Blue-Ray and Wii U, both of which use HDMI. From the first time we plugged in the units we realized there were problems with all but the number 1 HMDI port (used by FIOS box). When we used the devices on other tv's they worked fine. We even swapped out cables to rule that out. Being out of warranty and the fact that it will be hundreds of dollars minimum to fix this on an otherwise perfect TV leaves us in an awkward position.

Out of desperation we purchased an HDMI switch so at least all the units can stay plugged in. The auto switching on it can get wonky though and while the Wii U works fairly well we have trouble with the blue ray player working at all. I have read that some blue ray players have issues on Vizio TV's, so maybe that's it, but when it is plugged in directly to the working port it does work, so now not sure what to do. Swapping out the cable from the one port everytime we want to watch a DVD/Blue ray is not good to do all the time and if that one dies we are screwed.

The thing that really gets me is that these ports may not have worked from day 1, but since they weren't needed until a few months ago we had no idea they were broken. Now we have to buy a whole new TV in order to have one that works like it is supposed to.

Unfortunately, next time I will likely purchase another brand. Shame.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2012
Update Aug. 7, 2012. Returned the Sony BDP-BX57 and got a Sony BDP-BX59 Blu-ray. The new Blu-ray works with my VIZIO TV, so I'm updating the rating from 1 star to 3 stars. Still think that the VIZIO was partly to blame for the problem.


My VIZIO 55" LED TV will not recognize 1080P output from my Sony Blu-ray (model BDP-BX57). It works with 480, 720 and 1080i, but get "no signal" when trying 1080P. My cable box outputs 1080P and the TV works with it. The 1080P from the Blu-ray works with my older 33" Vizio.

Spent two hours with VISIO and Sony trying everything. The only conclusion that Sony and VISIO came to was that the problem is with the other product.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2012
Bought this TV because the 7 y/o 42" Plasma in the living room died. So we replaced THAT TV with our 42" Vizio and bought the Vizio 55" led 550sv. Costco was giving a $200 instant rebate so the Television was about $1100 with tax. All I can say is WOW!~ It's utterly fantastic using Direct TV, Apple Macbook Pro, and Bluray it shines!

The "only" complaint is where they located the HDMI inputs to the left hand side of the TV instead of the back. Had to move things around to get the HDMI cables to reach. Minor compaint...also, the remote is smallish and they tried to cram too many buttons on it but overall 5 Stars and USA Based !!!!!
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2011
I amazed when a nice product like this has a technical flaw so major that it makes it unusable. I was reading about the "self-turn-off" problem (check out You-Tube for some great videos of this) and wanted to hear from Vizio if they had fixed it.

After some fancy dancing on the phone (she read me a carefully scripted response) the poor gal admitted that the product is in fact flawed, that the technicians were working on a fix, but there was none yet. Yes, the TV turns itself off in the middle of watching it. Often.

Translate: Don't buy this TV. Simple. Done.

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on February 26, 2014
Purchased it in Late 2010 for about $1,500 (yes, at Best Buy).

Wonderful, loved it, everything I've been waiting for in a TV for 10 years - except for the occassional reset. Interestingly, and a bit worrisome - within a month, I came home after being away for the weekend to see the TV on by itself (I know I turned everything off before I left) which I attributed to an over-the-weekend reset. So I put then entire AV system onto a power strip that I could flip the switch everytime I left for a few days - just in case.

One time an update rendered most of it inoperable (this was during the time that they were finally activating the USB for use with thumbdrives); a day or so later, another update arrived and corrected all the issues.

Within the past six months, when powering on the TV - the reset function (defined as the Vizio Logo blinking for about a minute before the TV finally turned on) seemed to be happening on a weekly basis.

Within the past three months, all of my saved VIA apps kept disappearing and the bar went back to the 'default' apps. I had to recreate my account several times and reload apps that I use (I also had to re-register my TV with Netflix, Vudu, etc. each time).

Last week, I powered on and waited for the reset. After the reset, the screen would go black (no backlight just completely without power) - the TV completely unresponsive - for about 30 seconds and then the entire reset function would start all over. This would repeat about 5 or so times until I turned on the external sound system; I noted then that the already-selected TV channel could be heard but that was it.

Went through the Vizio troubleshooting with the Rep and they stated that service was needed; however, it is now out of warranty, so they gave me a number to call. Too expensive to repair.

I love the Vizio offering (Matte screen, VIA Apps, multiple HDMI, using it as a second screen for a PC, etc.) so I decided to purchase the newest 55-inch (although this version comes 3D ready - which I'll never use but may come in handy one of these days).

I had already removed the TV from the wall mount in anticipation of the newest arrival today and, on a lark, decided to plug in the TV one more time. Guess what! It started up without a hitch, screen was up/apps worked/remote worked. It was already too late to cancel the delivery so I watched a movie with the TV laying against the wall, rotated on its side for about 15 minutes.

Then a message popped up from Vudu that the network could not be found and the entire screen froze. 30 or so seconds later, the screen went completely black again and it started its usual reset, reset, reset.

I'm hoping that this new Vizio will save the day; if it last only three years again - I'm going to have to look elsewhere.
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on January 31, 2013
Other reviewers are right on.

We got the TV Thanksgiving of 2011 and loved it. The picture was great. Internet apps on the TV were neat but we didnt use they except Pandora. As time went on things got worse. The sound started cracking while watching TV.

About 6 months after purchase when the TV was turned on the sound began to pop in and out for the first 3ish minutes. About half the time the sound would go out and not come back with out shutting the TV off waiting for a few minutes and starting over.

Around 12 months from purchase when the TV would be turned on, not only would it not have sound pop in and out the picture began to freeze. So I would turn it off and turn it on which worked in the begining...but now about 14 months after owning it there are times neither the remote or the power button on the TV work. So when the screen freezes I have to go unplug it. Then replug and wait for it to reboot. It seems that the problems are getting progressively worse and more frequent.

I just got onto see if any one else has had similar problems and saw the reviews. I have not contacted Vizio where it has been more than 1 year I dont think they would do anything. I usually plan on having appliances til they die as this one seems to be nearing the end of its life...I do not plan to replace it with another Vizio. Its to bad as the picture is great when it works but I will not ever buy another Vizio. This was too much money for the quality of the product.
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on April 8, 2012
I decided to give this TV a try based on a very good price. Unfortunately it failed to deliver what I consider an above average to great picture, with skin tones being the biggest variable. The picture settings always seemed to be a trade off between brightness and colors that were either washed out or over saturated. The few times I could find an acceptable balance it would seldom carry over from program to program which resulted in constant setting re-adjustments. This is the only TV I have had where I could not get a "natural" picture that was consistent over a variety of programming.

There was no issue with edge light flashing or the set turning itself off. The overall picture and detail is good but outdoor sporting events is where detail and color inconsistency suffered the most. It produced feint vertical, shadow-like bars along the panel edges anytime a camera panned over grass surfaces, which sometimes is the result of a inferior anti-glare coating.

The remote is poorly designed as it tries to fit in too many functions in too small a space. If your hands are bigger than a six year old, you will have issues with both the placement and the size of the buttons. With wifi, internet apps and 240hz, Vizio does offer a lot of value for their price but ultimately this is just a good middle of the road TV with nothing that sets it apart from hundreds of other sets. The shadow like bars on the edges of the panel made it an easy decision to return mine.
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on April 2, 2012
From the moment I took the unit out of the box, assembly was easy. The base is very sturdy with four fasteners securing the base to the unit.

Love the four HDMI connectors available on the side. They made access easy to plug my surround sound system to it (Onkyo HT-S5400 7.1-Channel Home Theater System).

All I did was press "power" and that as they was that. It could not have been any easier. A handy display pops up on the upper right hand corner to let you know what resolution is on.

The remote is excellent as it has a full qwerty keyboard on the flip side to work the full complement of Apps that are included (Netflix, Amazon to name just a few).

The quality and feel of the image is absolute top of the line. I cannot imagine having a better picture than what this Vizio unit produces. The first thing we did was to watch a Chelsea FC match. WOW WEE..!!! Just like being there.

This unit cannot be matched in performance and price. Kudos to Vizio. Outstanding.!!!
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