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on October 9, 2014
This review is for the Vizio M701d-A3R TV purchased from Amazon last year. Like many others, I purchased this TV based on the high reviews it received from many other reviewers. Personally, I find these reviews to be invaluable and a great information source when making a purchasing decision. In fact, it's the reason I give Amazon so much business.

Initially, I really liked the picture quality - good color, image depth, etc. The blacks were so dark that the TV actually appeared to be off during very dark scenes. Up until one week ago, I would have given the TV 5 stars. Unfortunately, it failed 3 months beyond the one year warranty. I contacted tech support and submitted photos to show the defects. Vizio tech support told me I have a back light problem and that they do not repair this type of failure because it costs less to produce a new TV, so I'm out $2,198. In an effort to minimize my loss, tech support offered reduced costs on several TVs. However, upon comparing the "reduced price" to the same TV available of Amazon, the items could be purchased on Amazon any day of the week at a lower price.

In summary, Vizio will not see any additional business from this customer until they correct their product longevity issues. Fifteen months of use for a TV in this price range is definitely not getting your money’s worth. My strong recommendation to anyone buying a Vizio TV is to also purchase the extended warranty. For me, I'm kicking myself for not spending the additional $150.
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on August 19, 2013
Purchased the 55" version of this TV a few weeks ago for my son and received the 70" version a few days ago for my man-cave. Being a Samsung fan, I was very skeptical about jumping into the Vizio brand of TV's. I just couldn't justify the heavy price increase per inch between the Samsung over these new M-series TVs so I decided to take the plunge. I replaced an aging Samsung 50" plasma I purchased in 2005 with the 70" M-series and the difference is unbelievable. I am completely impressed with how far Vizio has come with its TV line.

I got very lucky on both sets as both panels (55" and 70") are good to go without serious blemishes or imperfections. The 70" as indicated by others here on Amazon and other forums, exhibits the least amount of panel flaws. I have very minimal (and I mean minimal) light bleed and only on very bright images. It is hardly noticeable on either TV and you have to force yourself to even look for it. Trust me, I'm pretty OCD about these kind of things and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I bothered to lower the backlight a little it would completely go away entirely, but I like a bright screen and since it's almost invisible to detect anyway, I just left the backlight on high.

It's not a major problem, but worth noting, as other reviewers have mentioned, you need to point the Vizio remote at the bottom left corner of your TV for it to pick up. The remote on the 70" is more responsive than the 55" but not by much. I did find a good work-around for this however. I have Verizon FIOS and simply programed the Verizon remote to handle most of the basic Vizio commands. For those with these new M-series TVs and FIOS, simply press the "ok" and 0 buttons at the same time on the Verizon remote and then enter code 424. Next press the channel changing button until the Vizio turns off, hit ok and you're now able to control power on/off, volume, and input selection via the Verizon remote (which is about 90% of what you will use your Vizio remote for anyway).

3D looks spectacular and the passive technology allows you to use any non-powered 3D glasses (hint: next time you go to the movie theater, keep the glasses and don't recycle them...they will work on your new Vizio).

The 70" updated yesterday to firmware version 1.08, which I believe is the latest version right now. As far as network connection goes, I have max bars indicated on my 70" and 55" and my FIOS router is on the other side of the house, so reception is good. I am easily able to stream content without any issues. Just make sure your internet speed is higher than 15/5. Mine is 50/25 which is recommended anyway if you plan on streaming movies and TV shows.

Rented Oblivion last night in HD and after calibrating the TV with my Disney WOW calibration Blu-ray. In a word....INCREDIBLE!! Colors were vibrant, shadow detail was the best I've seen in a flat panel TV and black levels surpassed my old Samsung plasma. If you are like I was and are sitting on the fence about buying this TV, rest assured, it does not disappoint! I am not an avid TV viewer, but I find myself really getting into it now with this larger 70" set. With my surround sound set up and this new TV, it actually felt like I was in a movie theater last night. Can't wait till football season and "The Walking Dead" season 4 starts on AMC!!!
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on July 12, 2014
Amazing TV, well worth the money and wait times. Let me put this in context, I have a $20k (equipment only) home theater room and the last panel I purchased was a Hitachi 55" plasma back 10 years ago for my family room. I use a Sony 1080p projector in my theater and needed a 70" for my game room. Looked around but did not want to invest in a non-4k set right now given that I want to replace my plasma with a 4k soon.

Decided to get a good budget set and read allot about the VIZIO. It did not disappoint. The picture is simply awesome. Looks way better than my plasma. Now seriously considering replacing my plasma with the P-Series when it's released.

Last thought, went to a retailer in town and be careful, they make these budget sets look bad on display to steer customers towards more expensive brands. Based on reading reviews I could not believe that a display with awesome reviews from CNET and others could look that bad in the store.
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on June 5, 2013
The TV does have some controller issues and like other reviews said you also can't force 3d on hdmi... During the summer they will release a firmware update for the tv to turn on the direct Wi Fi for the controller.. There is also a firmware update now for the TV that will fix hdmi issue.. Here are the steps to manually update from version 1.02.926P90 to V1.04.955M90..

Also, After a lengthy chat with specific questions asked of "Stewie", I have supposedly been given the directions to induce a firmware update:

1) Go to System > System Information.
2) Scroll down to under UTV. Look for "REG". Make sure this says "Yes".
3) Go to Reset & Admin > Service Check - Click Yes.
4) Turn off the TV and turn it back on.

Update should be sent within 24 hours if it is available. Update is only downloaded while TV is powered off, but plugged in. Ethernet or wireless does not matter.
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on August 21, 2014
I got about eight weeks of use out of my M701d-A3 before the backlight completely failed. It took Vizio two weeks to get me a replacement TV ("recertified"), and *that* TV failed two weeks to the day after it was delivered. As I write this, I will be waiting *another* two weeks for Vizio to deliver my third M701d-A3 ("new" -- not that that instills any confidence). I've recommended Vizio to many people based on what I understood was their quality and value, but this purchase has already proven to be the worst consumer electronic purchase I've ever made. I am thoroughly disgusted. (And the only way I could stomach Amazon requiring me to give this junk one star is the fact that Vizio's customer service has been good, agreeing without run-around to send me replacement TVs -- maybe because they replace a lot of defective TVs.)
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on February 27, 2014
Feb 21, 2014 we bought this 70 Vizio tv. A friend has this very same tv and recommended it whole heartedly. We decided to purchase this and replace our Samsung 50" plasma in the living room.
My wife was reluctant to spend this much money on a tv, since we aleady have 3 larger plasmas throughout the house, but I insisted that a 70" would look amazing.
Amazon shipping got the tv to us in 4 days, which was way better than the original company we purchased it through (sam$club). After unpacking the tv and mounting it above the fireplace, we were ready to turn this puppy on and see how it looked. We had to put the tv to the test by playing the absolute best 3D movie out there... The Avengers in 3D.

We sat back and were amazed at how awesome the picture is on this beast. So many times throughout the movie, both my wife and I just said "" at various points throughout the movie. It was amazing enough for her to say she was happy that we spent the money we did on this thing. Since then, we've had quite a few families come visit our house and the tv is the first thing they notice and want to see in action. Just about everyone leaves the house saying they're going to try to get one now.

I was skeptical of Vizio, as I've never purchased this brand before, but they totally delivered on this product. I almost regret not going for broke and purchasing the 80", but at double the cost, I really couldnt justify that price.
I totally recommend this for anyone looking at spending a couple grand on a VERY quality tv for their household. The 3D is absolutely amazing, way better than any theatre experience I've had.
The issue of the remote is not a big deal: just point it at the lower left hand corner and everything is great.
/////THE ONE ISSUE: I still can't, for the life of me, understand why they would advertise Amazon Video on the box of this tv, and even put an actual button at the top of the remote controller specifically for Amazon Video, knowing that the application does not work. I thought it was a problem with just my tv, but after contacting Vizio and Amazon, it's a known issue that all 2013 and 2014 Vizio TVs are incapable of having the Amazon Video app work due to some ClosedCaption requirement that has yet to be resolved in over a year and a half. ridiculous/////

Either way, we ended up using Amazon Video through our 3D blu-ray player, so it's not a big deal. Just bothers me that they put the logo on the box and product images just to sell it.

Awesome tv though. I totally recommend it. No regrets.
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on July 7, 2014
We just bought the 70" model of this television for fathers day and couldn't be happier! I have one other vizio, a 50" I have had for about 10 years. I did have a problem with that TV where the sound card went out and you can't get sound from the TV itself, but we've always used surround sound. The new TV however I have been checking reviews, researching and have viewed at several stores. It's funny because at some stores like sams club and costco where there is not a sales person making money on the sale the picture was beautiful and it other stores that are marketed towards selling the more expensive TVs the picture looked less that bad, especially when setting next to the $5000+ models. I ended up purchasing the tv from Best Buy (for price, not because of the quality of the picture at the store) after getting it home and hooking it up I couldn't be more happy with my decision. I know there is a complaint about the remote, but I haven't had any problems. My TV is mounted on the wall and it is hooked to our cable box, which i would guess most people have. So the remote doesn't get used often, but haven't noticed problems when I have used it. We have rented movies off of Netflix and the cable box in 3d and there was no lag time and the picture quality is amazing!! We watched the movie epic and the colors and scenery in 3d were terrific, better than the theater! The cable channels also are beautiful, especially in hd. And again we have it hooked to a surround sound for full effect! Though the sound wasn't bad on the TV. I would recommend this TV to anyone!
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on July 29, 2014
I have the same problem as others (BACKLIGHT GOES OUT) with my VIZIO E series 3D TV that's just a couple (1 1/2) years old. I tried all of the "quick fix" options. They didn't work. I emailed VIZIO customer non support - got their standard "MORE THAN A YEAR - NOT OUR PROBLEM" ANSWER. I have had NUMEROUS TVs that kept working into the DECADES, but this is my first TV that I've EVER had a problem with. If you value your money, STAY AWAY FROM VIZIO no matter if they do get a initial "good review" from someone. IMO - cheap TV - cheap parts - no longevity!!!
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on December 1, 2013
Out of the box I didn't like the picture so I changed the settings to the ones another user posted in this thread. Now I couldn't be happier. The picture has such great depth that regular HD channels look almost 3D. I was able to move my Hulu control box to a different TV since the Vizio has the app built in.
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on October 19, 2014
We bought this TV after last Christmas. We have been using it for 9 months with mixed results. The 3D is kind of blurry and the images remain separated no matter how far or close you are to the TV. We have to shut the TV down a few times a day when it freezes and hope it will work when we fire it back up. Today my kids were watching cartoons when the entire right half of the screen when black with some green blotches. Luckily this TV is consistently such a POS, as other reviewers have mentioned, that it fizzled out within 1 year of use so our factory warranty is supposed to cover us. However, had this junk held up a few more months we would be SOL so I suggest investing in the extended warranty for a few hundred bucks. Or just going with a more reputable brand. I will keep this review updated as we navagate Vizio and Amazon's warranty process.
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