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on September 27, 2013
Seems no one read either the box or the directions before installing this. It's stupid simple and works perfectly with my 47" LG TV. Hook it up to your TV, plug it into the outlet, turn on your TV, change your audio settings for external output via the recognized Vizio soundbar, and voila! it works. Remote works just fine, too, but it's not needed since it integrates with both my TV and cable remote. The sound quality is just as advertised -- a nice deep bass for movies and music and stereo for dialogue. No need for a subwoofer and it will blast the room full of sound! I would definitely recommend, as this is a high quality sound bar for the price.
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on November 17, 2013
Update 7/30/2014:
Wanted to post a quick update for a couple reasons. First, I just wanted to say that I've had the 38" soundbar for about 8 months now, and it's still going strong. In fact, I like it so much that I just purchased the 29" version for my smaller bedroom TV, and it works just as well.

I also wanted to quickly address some of the negative reviews I've seen. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing someone give a product a low rating simply because they are using it improperly or otherwise have unrealistic expectations. I noticed one review where the person complained that the sound bar can't be connected to a receiver, but rather is meant to hook up to the TV directly. A couple others complain that the sound is out of sync when both the TV speakers and soundbar are turned on. Both of these issues stem from the same place, and that is an apparent lack of understanding of the fact that A SOUNDBAR IS SUPPOSED TO REPLACE YOUR TV'S SPEAKERS. That is its sole purpose in life (along with streaming music via Bluetooth, if desired). The instructions even state that you should connect the soundbar to your TV, then change your settings to disable the TV's built-in (and assuredly terrible) speakers. They are not meant to work in unison. This unit is not meant to hook up to a receiver or otherwise be part of some complicated chain. The soundbar plugs into the TV, and the audio that used to come out of your crappy TV speakers now comes out of this sleek, great-sounding unit instead. End of story, and rant.

Original Review:
Bought this for use with a 52" LG HDTV. The funny thing is that I've noticed several reviewers complaining that their Vizio TV remotes don't work with the soundbar, but I discovered quite by accident that my LG remote does. Have it connected directly to the TV via the included optical cable, and I'm very impressed by the sound this thing pumps out. I was never happy with the TV's built-in speakers, and lately trying to watch dialogue-heavy shows had been driving me crazy due to lack of clarity. I was looking for a relatively cheap/easy solution, and this has proven to be exactly what I needed. I'm using it in a fairly large finished basement, and I'm very impressed and surprised by the sound it cranks out. I was just using it while watching The Hobbit on blu-ray, and it sounded every bit as full and impressive as the last home theater system I owned. For the price (even though it's gone up $8 since I bought it last week), I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on November 26, 2013
If you are considering this product you probably fall into the category of needing space, want something to look cool, and above all sound good. With this price point leave the expectations a bose cinemate experience. In a 20x20-ish room this will fill easily. The 96db rating that the manufacturer gives isn't a typical number people wrap their heads around and hard to compare competition with watt numbers. After some digging, I believe it is above 100 watts. Many at this price point is more like 60 watts. (but note that 60 watts is not half the volume of 130. Wattage continues to be a marketing tool to impress the consumer with big numbers. It is not one to one ratio with volume)

I paired this bar with one of Samsung's led the (6300 series) and as sleek as it was, the sound is bad. I mean it is anemic as its form factor. And if you have one and you don't think it's bad, then you will be blown away when you hear this bar.

Okay sound. It is crisp. Compared to lets say the typical sony bar, which is bass oriented, but muffled. The integrated deep bass that this bar is talking about, think more of the similar if not the same technology as the bose sound link blue tooth devices. (which is amazing for its size by the way) It gives warmth and body to make the sound feel whole. It especially is convincing in movies and dialogue. It allows for separate bass and treble adjustments, but realistically: you won't want to take the bass less than its maximum, and maybe treble you may want to go anywhere from its max to maybe 2 steps down if you find it to sharp. It has simulated surround which works well. Bluetooth pairing was a cinch. I didn't like it for music as much but it's okay. (i found myself putting eq to flat from my phone and using the vizio sound adjustments instead as it seemed to compete. Like if you have a bass eq setting on your phone already and then you up the bass on the bar, it reaches it's breaking point and sounds muddier)

If you want to feel bone rattling, room shaking bass, you won't. You need a sub. (this is ready for a sub output if you so choose to add one later)
The good:
inexpensive, good design, crisp, clear dialog, and some bass, great connectivity inclusive of even the optical wire, small form factor, well-built

The not so good: perhaps was its visual interface which is a row of led lights for all your adjustments. So if you wanted to adjust bass, you arrow right or left to make the led move from left to right instead of a number value or even showing the word bass. But I drive a mini cooper (so I'm no stranger to more quirky interfaces) But realistically, I don't foresee most people needing to tinkering with it much after the first time aside from volume.

My other consideration was the Polk 2000 sound bar. And it has an even higher watt rating for a non sub sound bar around similar pricing. But what knocked it out of the running ultimately was the fact that it lacked sound decoding like dts. Depending on your tv and how you mount/not mount things, you may consider looking for the feature where you can send your IR signal through the bar which those that don't (like this one) may block your remote signal to the tv. (not the case for me as the stand and the height of this bar was very close and limit the overlap to physically block tv remote signal. And i listened to all the LGs at and Samsungs at the bulk rate stores but they weren't crisp to me. Where bass was more their concern. (but in all fairness, i didn't have the remote to tinker with their settings)

UPDATE: a month or so goes by and the optical input ceased to work. (tested with different cables and different optical output devices/ hard power unplugs etc. Tried customer service email and didn't get more than an automated received email reply so instead of waiting for VIZIO, I returned it for another and will see if it was just a fluke.)

UPDATE: Since my replacement, it has been flawless.
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on November 26, 2013
I bought this to replace a VIZIO SB4021M-B1 40-Inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer that fried itself a couple weeks ago. I thought about buying a different brand but it's hard to beat Vizio on price and features, and I've generally had good luck with their products (the fried sound bar being the only exception). Here's my thoughts:

+ Good treble and mid-range sound
+ Looks nice. Not flashy and blends in with my TV.
+ Bluetooth pairing is easy and works great for listening to podcasts or music from my tablet
+ Good price

- No screen to tell you volume level, input selected, etc. Just a row of lights that blink in different ways to serve about a hundred different purposes. My old sound bar had a small screen in the middle and I had no idea I would miss it so much.
- Doesn't turn itself off after X minutes of inactivity.
- There's really no "deep bass" to speak of. The sound is good, but for a fuller experience you'll want to add a subwoofer.

Overall it's a good product for the money, but if I could do it over again I would probably buy the SB4021M again. It costs more but is worth it.
review image review image
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on March 1, 2014
Worked great, for about three weeks. Then it started occassionally crackling and popping while connected via the previously-flawless digital audio connection. Now it does not work at all, playing audio for a second or two, then several minutes of popping, then silence, then another second of audio, then popping... I'll pursue warranty claims with Vizio, but I probably won't buy another one of these unless they make it right.
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on August 9, 2014
Well, this product lasted for nearly a month then the sound quit working. First the remote quit even though I replaced the batteries several times, then the unit itself. I have had 4 experienced people look at it and no one seems to be able to find why it quit working. And to make things even better, it quit working about the same time as the warranty did, so will I recommend this product, no! Save your money and buy something that works. Very disappointing not only with this product but the fact that Amazon will not replace it. Amazon is my "go to" place for any and all items, but I think I will be a little more cautious in the future.
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on April 8, 2015
This item definitely has loud and clear sound the bass is also pretty good. The product is good for movies and gaming. The installation was easy and quick. The price for under 100 bucks I feel pretty good about this product. If you feel that during installation you are having problems with sound or the cables refer to the manual and follow the troubleshooting steps if you still have problems use the number on the manual to contact the Vizio Reps. For peace of mind I also recommend purchasing a extended warranty.
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on October 30, 2014
The sound bar itself is great. I plugged mine into the TV with the included optical digital cord and it worked right away. The new sound is much bigger, richer and better than my TV speakers ever were. Just make sure you turn the down the volume on the TV speakers all the way so they don't interfere.
Program soundbar to work with your cable box remote:
Comcast remotes are JP1 units made by United Electronics Inc. and they can control 3 devices: cable box, tv and a third like a dvd player or this soundbar. These remotes can be customized using setup codes and extended function codes (EFC's) to make the device and the remote work together.
The normal 5-digit remote codes associated with Vizio do NOT work with this device! (those codes are for vizio TV's or DVD players, not this soundbar)
You have to program each individual function (vol+, vol-, mute, power) with its own EFC code (see below).
It's tedious but it works. Just be careful and patient.
When you're done, the sound bar can vol+ vol- mute and power on/off with your cable box remote. The Vizio remote still adjusts bass and treble balance, but that's almost never for me so it stays in the drawer.

step-by-step guide for getting your Vizio Soundbar to work with your Comcast remote using EFC codes:

Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 11144 (2 blinks)
Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00169 - Vol Up - Should get 2 blinks
Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00168 - Vol Down - Should get 2 blinks
Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00037 - Mute - Should get 2 blinks
Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00165 - Power - Should get 2 blinks

UPDATE: Comcast remotes have a feature called Volume Punch Through (VPT). Most cable boxes have no useful volume function, and the remote is set up by default to make the Vol+, Vol-, and Mute buttons control the TV device without having to first press the TV button up top. You probably can notice the TV button lighting up when you press one of those buttons while in cable mode.

Change the VPT to point at the AUX device (that's your sound bar):

Press Setup until 2 blinks
Enter 993 (should get 2 blinks)
Press AUX (AUX should blink twice)

Now pressing Vol+, Vol-, or Mute will control the sound bar WITHOUT having to press AUX first.
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on November 23, 2014
This Sound Bar produces great sound compared to the TV speakers and comes close to a Sound System quality. It has good controls for Volume, Bass and Treble, TrueSound HD and TV Volume feature that stabilizes the sound level to eliminate wide swings in LOUD or SOFT levels to a more Neutral level. Great for reducing irritating NOISE from extremely loud commercials. If you like to blast the sound for movies, it works quite nicely. The appearance is very nice when Wall-mounted under the TV. The Remote control works OK but is a little finicky at times making you have to keep trying it until it responds. The only negative issue that I have found is that the Volume settings (at moderate levels) are lacking closer increments. This gives a sound level that is either slightly too Loud or Slightly too Low so you can't get the "sweet spot" that is perfect for hearing all the words but not too loud to be irritating. It needs to be a FINER ADJUSTMENT that is just not available. Not a major issue but a bit disappointing so I had to deduct 1 Star.

Overall, a good product that does a great job of fixing the POOR SOUND issues with most new TVs. I recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2013
Really nice "cheap" sound bar- even comes with the optical cable (although its quite short- in fact all three including cables are short- so order a long one if the sound bar isnt going to be set-up close to the TV).

Packaging was good, instructions were clear and set-up went ok with a bit of trial and error.

Makes a huge difference over the tiny speakers in my LCD TV, especially while working out.

And the special discount for Amazon Prime customers made this a smoking deal.
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