Customer Reviews: ASUS VX238H 23-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor
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on March 2, 2013
After spending about 10+ hours doing nothing but comparing hundreds of monitors taking their specs and design into consideration (I know I have no life), I ended up choosing this monitor, and I'm very happy that I did.

I don't often write reviews on amazon so cut me some slack, but I decided to add to the flawless 5 star 11/11 reviews I already saw for this monitor because it deserves it. I do believe this is the best monitor you can get for under 200$ at this time.

I shouldn't have to go over the stats, but in case you haven't bothered to look, this monitor is a 23" Asus with 1080p LED, and 1 ms repsonse time (gtg), so it's great for gaming. I watched Avatar on it, and it looks amazing. I have also played Skyrim on it, and that looks really good as well. The fast response time is very noticable when gaming which is one of the reasons I chose this monitor, I haven't noticed any ghosting or anything like that.

*80 million to 1 contrast ratio, (better than the common 10 or 50 million among many other monitors).

*The design is beautiful, this thing is very thin, and the stand is very sturdy despite how it looks.

*The picture will need adjusted after you hook it up, and I'd recommend turning the backlight down a bit.

*I like that it has 2 hdmi ports, (so one for my computer and one for my PS3/Xbox360.

*I haven't encountered a single dead pixel, which I am very happy about.

*Like many tv's, this monitor has a "game mode", "theatre mode", "standard mode" ect... to quickly adjust the picture if you don't feel like tinkering with it.

I recommend this monitor for gamers who want a beautiful display and fast repsonse time but maybe don't have 1000$ laying around to shell out on a higher resolution monitor, which makes this one perfect. And I will stand by what I say, this is the best "under 200$" monitor out there right now, and I chose it because of the beautiful design, the amazing specs, the great price, and the (so far) flawless reviews it has.

My only "grump" is that I wish there was a 27" version with the same specs...

Unless you get a defect, I can't see anyone giving this anything less than 5 stars...
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on March 26, 2014
I'll get straight to the point. If you are looking for a monitor under $200, this is it. Great picture, excellent contrast, and was pretty much the ideal size for me. If you want specifics, this is a great monitor for a 1080p computer gamer and their regular pc needs. I would say the only reason you shouldn't buy this is if your needs are lower or higher than that. Serious movie and photo editing deserves something a little more substantial, but that's why some monitors are $500+. If you don't want to play games on your pc, look for something cheaper. This is specifically made for a budget gamer looking for an awesome picture with what I would call a low to medium range budget.
I have found that the best settings are;
Brightness: 30
Contrast: 80
Saturation: 70
Color temp: user mode
Skin tone: natural
Sharpness: 80
Trace free: 40
Ascr: off
Splendid demo mode: off
Eco mode: off
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on November 22, 2013
Huge Screen
Very Bright
Super light weight and really thin!
Very easy to set up
There is absolutely no lag in the picture. HD videos look fantastic!
Great Price
It has speakers in it. I don't plan on using them, but it is nice to have them as a backup, just in case.

You will have to do some setting up of the picture. It comes really bright and just a little bit washed out, but just play around with the menu a little bit and it will look great!
The speakers are nothing to write home about, but you shouldn't buy a monitor for it's speakers anyways.
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on January 17, 2014
So this review is going to go over the Pros, the Cons, and the overall experience with this monitor.

I originally purchased this monitor a few months ago, and I'm going to say it now, it definitely is a great monitor... however, it was only after a few months that the flaws slowly came out. TL:DR at the bottom.


~~~The monitor has a 1ms response time~~~
~I originally purchased this monitor because it has 1ms response time and is perfect for fighting games and games that require extremely precise frame inputs. And this monitor delivers. I play fighting games and input based games competitively, and a single frame missed, can cost the match. And because of that, the monitor performs as good as, if not better than the BenQ monitor.

~~~The quality control is superb~~~
~I personally have two of them, and I have set up over a dozen of them for competitive gaming in our tournaments and found that they were perfect. Asus seems to have really good quality control on dead pixels and defects. And the best part? No bleeding or flashlighting around the edges.

~~~Good Stand~~~
~The stand is very solid and it is well made. They don't feel flimsy and cruddy like the other stands on monitors at this price range. Though they may be slightly crooked as one of mine were. A little bit of paper under the stand fixed that right up. Oh and they aren't detachable, which makes them more durable.

~~~It's Matte~~~
~Please... never ever get a glossy/glass screen for gaming or everyday use. Glossy/glass screens, as I've personally experienced, are terrible because they have TERRIBLE reflection, and eventually give you a headache and are distracting from having to look beyond the reflected image. It's true, with glossy/glass screens the colors pop out more and it feels higher quality... but beyond that... stick to matte. As for gaming, you want to have matte because you need to see the details with clarity and not be distracted by the reflections. However, Glossy screens are great when you wanna watch videos and multimedia.


~~~No VESA Mount~~~
~I originally bought two to put on my desk, but after some time, I eventually got a different third one (which has a VESA mount) for triple monitor gaming... but I was extremely disappointed that this monitor doesn't come with the standard VESA mount. The Sundial stand, while sturdy, take up a bunch of space on the table, and because of their awkward circular and sloped shape, there's really no way to make up for the lost space on the table. Although it is a great place to put things inside the sundial; such as figurines and mice. You're going to have to unscrew remove the entire bezel, and really modify this thing to get it to mount it somewhere (which voids the warranty and can cause some serious damage). The stand is not detachable!

~~~Panel Lottery~~~
~While quality control is good; no dead pixels or defects, there definitely is a slight difference between the two panels that I had received. One has a slight tinge more of green and the other one is more red when viewed straight on. The chances of getting two panels that are identical are pretty slim. Though, panel lottery is a pretty common with manufacturers. I'm very critical about my monitors, so it may be unnoticeable to others.

~~~Viewing Angle/Color Reproduction~~~
~While the viewing angle is great, the colors become extremely washed out or they color shift on different angles. This is standard with LED screens of these kind. But for graphic design and triple monitor setups, this monitor really falls flat. The reproduction to print is impossible with these. I know they aren't marketed for graphic design and they do have pro monitors with proper color reproduction... but an IPS display will get you much richer colors with better viewing angles (at 2ms with the VS238H-P model) which really wouldn't make that much of a difference if you aren't a competitive player. This monitor looked TERRIBLE next to my IPS panel and my color calibrated Cintiq. The preset features make the screen initially look extremely green and unlifelike. And the initial color setting on this monitor was CRAZY high. It was burning my eyes out. A setting of 30-40 was more realistic for brightness. If you were to use this monitor alone, you probably couldn't tell how inaccurate it is. After some tinkering, I got it pretty close to accurate colors..


This monitor is a great monitor for it's price (when it's on sale!).
It has a lot of general benefits and is a jack of all trades.
It's a great monitor for competitive tournaments because they're easy to carry around and setup and have crazy response times.

it lacks VESA mounting holes which can be a deal breaker for multi monitor setups.
It's stand is not detachable.
Not good for graphic designers who need color accuracy.
Wide viewing angles are great, but far off compared to the quality of IPS when it comes to holding the color.

.-`:My Opinion:`-.

~This monitor is good for a hardcore competitive gamer (those that are out there to win money and need the proper equip).

~If you aren't a hardcore competitive gamer, get the VS238H-P, it's way better on every level at the cost of a slightly more flimsy stand and 2ms response time compared to 1ms.

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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2014
I purchased this monitor solely to use with my new Playstation 3 (Yes I know, I'm a late adopter...) Since I don't own a television, I wanted something small but functional that would serve as a high quality gaming display but not cost twice as much as the gaming console itself. I chose this monitor after trying several different models out for a few reasons:

- There are 2 x HDMI ports on this monitor. This is great if you plan to use this to display multiple devices such as two gaming consoles, a console and a PC, smartphone, Apple TV, tablet, you name it. I also like that the ports are directly on the back of the panel, so you don't have to fumble around plugging in cables from a hidden underside I/O ports as in most monitors.

- This monitor is very thin and sleek. If you want to get creative with your furniture, this monitor can easily be concealed in a bookcase or be placed out on a countertop or table due to its thin dimensions and small footprint. Also, theres a small power cord that plugs into a power supply (brick) rather than a fat power cable that plugs into the back of the display. I definitely like this feature as it makes concealing cables much simpler a task.

- The stand is sturdy. I don't know why the majority of computer monitor stands are so darn flimsy and wobbly-- but this one is not. It's extremely sturdy, although the "ring" shaped foot does take a bit more space on your desk compared to other similarly sized monitors. Personally, I prefer sturdy.

- Screen Performance: This is definitely a strong contender for gamers. The 1ms response time makes "ghosting" or shadowing of fast action scenes a non-issue. The colors/contrast are also good for the price, however, compared my Apple Cinema Display it doesn't have nearly the depth. I have tried adjusting the color settings considerably and have only gained modest improvement over the factory/shipped settings. It ships at 100% brightness, which is entirely too bright in my opinion. Setting the "splendid mode" to "standard" and changing the brightness to ~50% while increasing the contrast seemed to deliver the truest colors for gaming, in my experience.

- Resolution: This is a full 1080p HD display.

- Built in Speakers: The speakers are not meant to be extraordinary. They are comparable to laptop speakers or smartphone speakers, but they are sufficient. They are completely invisible which is one of my favorite features of this particular monitor.

Overall: I am extremely pleased and feel that this is the BEST Asus HD Monitor available under $200. The thin dimensions, two HDMI ports and built in speakers along with the full 1080p resolution and 1ms response time makes this an ideal budget gaming display.
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on June 11, 2013
This montior is awesome for the price.

Please be aware that if you wish to mount it, it is not compatible with VESA mounting hardware as there are no holes in the back to attach a bracket. I had to return mine for a refund, sadly.
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on January 22, 2013
FIrst of all, I am not some ASUS employee, just clarifying.
I bought this monitor because I wanted to upgrade from my 1680x1050 clunky old monitor
And boy is it change!
Gaming on this puppy is intense especially with the 1ms response time. No ghosting. period. The 80,000,000 contrast ration makes colors extremely vibrant.
The quality is also great for movies and casual PCers (yeah i just said that, deal with it).
The Monitor also comes with cool feature which allows me to switch between different preset settings that are fit for certain things, for example a Gaming setting and a Movies setting.
As for problems, there are none. No dead pixels, worked on arrival.
Great monitor 10/10 would bang again
BTW i made an unboxing video
I may get banned for posting this but it's quite helpful to see the monitor
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Bought this for gaming. It is very lightweight and has a great cost/video response time. Enjoying it quite a bit for RPG gaming. It had a rebate when we bought it, and we did get the rebate so ASUS does honor them. Not height adjustable, is tilt adjustable. You need to get an HDMI cable, it does not come with one. Speakers acceptable but not fantastic. Two HDMI ports.

One note: Asus states that SO 13406-2 standards allow 3-5 “bright or dark” pixels and that your monitor has this many it will be “considered as an acceptable LCD monitor”. As soon as you get the monitor, check it. Do not wait to give it as a gift later or to install it later. If you have a dead pixel send it back to Amazon. I have done this with no trouble with a different monitor. But Asus will tell you that 5 or less dead pixels is acceptable, which for most of us is not.
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on March 25, 2014
The first few weeks I had this monitor, I felt like I'd made a mistake buying it. I tried repeatedly to adjust it using the onscreen menu but even with my best adjustments the contrast was low and the colors overly saturated. About the 10th time I tried readjusting the picture, I turned Smart View off. Bam, I had plenty of contrast and could reduce the color saturation to a more reasonable level.

My conclusion is that this is a good monitor for the price, but the documentation should better explain the use of the various modes and adjustments. They are not as obvious as one would think,
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on July 16, 2014
I originally bought a different 23.5" ASUS monitor that had good reviews, but found that the font rendering on the big monitor was a problem. There was a distinct "ghost" image to the right, which made the whole effect blurry and hurt my eyes. I'm a programmer, so I work with text all day; wonderful graphics are a nice secondary consideration. Even using the HDMI connection didn't make any difference with the ghost image. Lesson learned, I headed down to my local brick-and-mortar to do some hands-on (or more accurately, eyes-on) comparison shopping. I found that the ASUS VX228H did a nice job of text rendering. Not quite as crisp as a good $300+ monitor, but pretty close; and $300+ is just not in my budget. I brought home the VX228H and I'm lovin' it.
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