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on September 5, 2009
Lynda Hilburn weaves a delightfully wicked story around Dr. Kismet Knight. This tale provides a wonderful metaphor for each reader to question and explore their personal foibles and personality biases. The question Kismet Knight faces is one we each confront every day - how willing are we to expand the boundaries of our belief system?

As a practicing psychologist Kismet Knight thinks she has seen it all, only to be confounded by a series of encounters, each more challenging, each leading her deeper into an altered view of life in general. Would any of us be so inclined; would we readers respond in kind to these incremental alterations in our lives?

In Kismet's internal dialog we glimpse some wonderful, entertaining and hilarious observations, ones we have all probably echoed in our own lives. As a gentleman reader I find these insights titillating - so that's what women think!

As in all literary endeavors the author's intent lies in creating a tale of such compulsion that the reader cannot help but be drawn along. Lynda Hilburn has woven such a tale; a story filled with a perfect feast of luscious images which entertain while subtly daring each reader to see the world in the widest possible view.
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on February 8, 2008
I thought The Vampire Shrink was well-written and a fun book to read! I enjoyed it very much because it had just enough sex, just enough blood (for a book about vampires), and a splash of humor. The main character, Kismet, like most of us, cannot bring herself to believe there are actually vampires living amongst us. When she comes face to face with the handsome and charismatic Deveraux, she gladly discards her previous doubts and willingly believes in vampires! I liked the subplot with the FBI agent and the cast of characters created by Ms. Hilburn. Most of all, I enjoyed getting to know the character of Kismet and the peek we were given into her thought processes! I cannot wait for the sequel, Dark Harvest!
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on June 9, 2008
The VAMPIRE SHRINK is perfect for anyone looking for an intelligent read. It's more intellectual than an action/adventure story--a refreshing twist on a popular sub-genre. Ms. Hilburn stays true to her characters in this complex exploration of the heroine's odyssey of self-discovery. Clearly this was written by an author who understands human psychology as only a licensed professional could. The VAMPIRE SHRINK is so believable, that when I finished the book, I was certain I could find Devereux's lair if only I had more time to explore Denver! I can't wait until DARK HARVEST, the next in the series, comes out in October 2009.
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on March 30, 2012
I've always been a huge fan of Vampire fiction and The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn was one of the earliest I read , so when I read that she was doing a new cover , I thought that I would do a review and ignite it to all those readers out there who have yet to discover its awesomeness.
If you love Vampires and Pyschology , then this is for you and if you love the suspense and mystery element then you have that chucked into the mix also. I have a thing for covers and at the time I had the cover on the far right but I would have to say my two favourite covers is the one on the far left and the one 2nd to the right.
In The Vampire Shrink , we meet Pyschologist Kismet Knight , she runs her own office and the thought of Vampires actually existing makes her laugh , to her there is no such thing as the supernatural . That is until one of her patients who goes by the name of Midnight , longs to become a vampire and opens Kismet up to the fact that their is a huge gothic Vampire following in the nightclubs. When a tragedy occurs and girls start turning up dead with their bodies drained of blood , it seems that maybe Midnight was telling the truth and then when Deveraux , an 800yr old sexy as hell Vampire who reminded me of Eric from True Blood appears at Kismet's office needing her help. She may be persuaded to change her whole view on the supernatural , especially when sexual tensions and passion starts to flare up and she finds herself unable to stay aware from Deveraux. Who knows, becoming involved with Vampires , may be a whole new profession for Kismet.
Find out all this and more in an exciting Vampire series , that everyone should read as it has the fun side of Tate Hallaway's Vampire Series , the therapist side of MJ Rose's The Butterfield Institute and combined urban fantasy of authors like Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks.
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on March 13, 2008
The Vampire Shrink had me from page one. A can't put down until read all the way through kind of book. Dr. Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist wanting to help all the vampire wannabes from their delusions. I was sucked into the story and I went along for the ride. It had me laughing to almost sobbing my heart out. A must read for all you vampire lovers.
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on September 5, 2009
For someone who had never read a "Vampire" novel before, I found this read quite an adventure. I believe it has appeal far beyond being simply of the vampire/romance genre.

Eaves dropping on Dr. Kismet Knight's internal dialog brought many knowing nods and even a few laugh out loud exclamations. As one who has conducted therapy sessions I readily connected with this wonderful psychologist. Kismet's evolution into an alternate world offers a perfect vehicle for exploring issues around her personal views and the challenge and willingness to open to new ideas.

The writing style flows easily while evoking a very kinesthetic sense and as one who strongly leans in that direction, I found this especially engaging. Kismet describes so many interesting details, including facial expressions and body language, fleshing out the scenes in a wonderful and captivating clarity.

Perhaps one of the best features in this novel lies in the self-deprecating humor Kismet displays. She has an uncanny ability to weave her way through her clients complexities while dancing to a merry tune in her personal life. Good on you, Girl!
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VINE VOICEon November 5, 2007
This is an enjoyable and new twist to the paranormal genre. Particularly I enjoyed how lots of the questions you anticipate asking, the author smartly gets there before you and solves your diliemma. Kinda like--why her, why now--and you're there! This seems like the start of a new series and will be an auto-buy for me if I see anymore by this author.
Feel comfortable investing your $$ in this particular and unique new group of characters.
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on February 18, 2009
The Vampire Shrink was a well written book. It is about a Psychologist named Kismet, who meets a new client that tells her she has met a vampire named Devereux and decided to become a vampire. Kismet thinks the girl is delusional until she meets Devereux herself. Over night her life is plunged into the vampire world. She starts having feelings for the 800 year old vampire and is soon caught up in the middle of a tug of war between two powerful vampires. One wants her, the other wants to kill her. I liked this book because is was fast moving and the characters were all very well defined. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
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on November 30, 2008
I have read all kinds of vampire books and I found this one wonderful, sexy, and HOT!. I loved it. I loved Kismet and her Vampire. I can't wait to read the next book Dark Harvest. Couldn't find it in any of the area bookstores all sold out. Having to order it from Amazon. Can't wait until it comes in.
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on April 5, 2012
Fate or Kismet?

Kismet is defined as "fate or destiny" and after having read Lynda Hilburn's "The Vampire Shrink," this reviewer is quite convinced that that is a story that readers are destined to love.

As it happens, Kismet Knight PhD, is also the unlikely heroine of our little tale. In Kismet readers will find a woman who should have the world on a string...beautiful, talented, brilliant...empathic.
Yep, that's right!
Look out Sookie Stackhouse, our girl Kismet's got skills.
The thing is she's afraid to use them.
The fact is Kismet is afraid of pretty much everything that doesn't involve other people's problems.
She uses her practice and her quest to solve the psychological 'rubic's cubes' that are her patent's minds to escape her life's own 'unsolved mysteries'.

Midnight is Kismet's newest and strangest patient. A young lady with a troubled past, an uncertain future, and a story that will change Kismet's life forever.
Oh yeah, she's got fangs too!
Well sorta.

Is She Crazy? Or Is It Devereux?

What's not to like here? He's rich, cultured, and Norse god sexy. He's also Kismet's second fanged client. Only...his fangs are real. Devereux is an 800 year-old vampire and the central character in Midnight's couch confessions to Dr. Knight. Though her psychic bells and whistles go hay wire every time he comes near her; our dear Dr. just can't see the fangs right in front of her. She can however, feel the HEAT.
The attraction between these two is strong enough to create black holes in space.

But, there are no such things as vampires...right?

Out Of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

If there is one thing that Dr. Knight can't seem to get enough of, it's mysteries, and after the biggest one of her life literally walks into her office, the floodgates open and all bets are off.
The story told here has everything that a reader could want:
1. Murder
2. Mayhem (most of the fanged and bloody sort)
3. Love triangles (seriously...triangles, as in more than one)
4. Mysteries
5. Psychology
6. Magic
7. Romance (sex not sold separately)
Wanna read it yet?

In short...
This book is many things: paranormal romance, mystery, psychological thriller, and comedy.
Lynda Hilburn skillfully manages to craft an intelligent story that encompasses a wide range of varying genre elements in a way that is simply unputdownable. Her characters are likeable, unique, and completely fine with being flawed, weird, or 'off their beams".
The pacing of this read is never rushed and the transition from action to drama or romance is seamless and never predictable.
The scenes within this book are written in such vivid detail that each one etches itself in the mind of the reader in much the same way that a favorite snapshot captures a treasured memory.
This story is one that wraps itself around you like a blanket fresh from the dryer. Leaving you smiling and happy long after the book is closed.

...and as if all that was not enough, it's the first book in a series!

Wanna read it now?

This review was cross posted from my blog.... and is published without the author written excerpt included in original post.
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