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on December 25, 2010
Shannon is no ordinary girl: she's a demon hunter, working with the agency to rid the world of infestations, and she wants nothing more than to finish her last mission and leave town forever. For the past two years she's been forced to work with a vampire she cannot trust, and things are beginning to get too complicated. Gentle, affectionate and thoughtful, Rafe is nothing like the vampires she kills for a living, and Shannon's changing feelings towards him are more dangerous than any demon.

This is a short but sweet novella which covers only the turning point in Shannon and Rafe's relationship and how they end up together. The plot moves along quickly, but given the considerable history between the two leads -- years of working closely together and chasing down demons -- the progression in their relationship makes sense. None of this love-at-first-sight-destined-to-be-together malarky which always strikes me as silly; this is about overcoming denial and personal issues to find love (and smut).

I enjoyed the changing points of view between Shannon and Rafe; both were distinct enough to capture my attention, and Rafe's thoughts in particular brought a smile to my face. Perhaps my only nitpick was that as soon as Shannon decides to overcome her personal issues, she has a complete change of heart and openly pursues Rafe. I found it a little odd that all her reservations disappeared so quickly.

Themed romances can be a little cheesy, but this novella stands apart for its humour: the tension between Rafe and Shannon is interspersed with often amusing fight scenes with a slime demon who has an uncanny knack for interrupting them just as they're about to admit their feelings for each other.

Fast, fun, and light-hearted, <em>Vampire for Christmas</em> is an ideal novella to bring some holiday cheer and romance to your day.
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on December 5, 2010
Felicity Heaton/Vampire for Christmas

Shannon is a demon hunter. She's on her last mission with a vampire she's been stuck with for the last two years. She has despised and feared vampires all her life, but there is something different about Rafe. Only she's bound and determined to ignore her feelings for him. It's what she does best.

Rafe, is a vampire who has no choice but to work for the agency. He never thought he fall for the Shannon, especially when she's been so difficult, but he knows she feels something for him. Unfortunately, he only has a few days for her to face her feelings before their partnership ends.

It's Christmas Eve and a slimy demon threatens the safety to all. Rafe and Shannon must team together to stop it. Will they realize before the night is over how right they are together?

Ms. Heaton has penned a heartwarming tale of discovery. Rafe and Shannon must face their past and learn to move forward to truly be happy. They'll pull on your heartstrings, make you laugh and have you rooting for them to find a way to be together.

The fight scenes are intense and the love scenes are scorching, but beneath all the slime, grime and steamy lovemaking, you'll find a sweet romance to warm you during the holidays.

I also recommend Ms. Heaton's Angel Romance Series.
Reviewed for PNR Paranormal Romance
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on December 18, 2012
I am a huge vampire and supernatural fan and with Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to see if I could find a great story that combines supernatural and the christmas season. This is what I found and I am not pleased at all. The story was incredibly slow and when the story finally did pick up, the imagery was lacking big time, saying "a big slimey green demon" just isnt enough for me to get sucked into the story. Not to mention, during these so-called action scenes the characters would stop and talk to each other right in the middle of the fight. It was just so unlikely... I was hoping this would put me into the holiday spirit and after reading, it did the exact opposite. I'm going to continue my search for a GOOD holiday supernatural book because "Vampire for Christmas" just isn't it.
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on July 28, 2014
3.5-4 stars

This was a pretty good story. I liked both Rafe and Shannon and liked their story. This is the first story I've read by this author and based off this I may try more of her work in the future.

Shannon is a 32 year old human. Her family was killed by a killer vamp when she was a teen and Shannon barely survived the attack. Since then, she’s been working for an agency that uses both humans and reformed paranormals to fight bad paranormals.

Rafe is a vampire that’s about 120 years old. He was brought in to the world of vampirism in his late 30s and lived for a time killing humans as most vampires do. He was captured by the agency and given a choice of reforming and helping them or dying. Rafe chose to live and did what he needed to in order to stay within the agency’s rules but didn't really want to reform, at least not until he met Shannon.

When the story begins, Rafe and Shannon have been working together for a couple years. Rafe is completely gone over Shannon but she keeps him at arm’s length. Rafe has found out their partnership is ending and they have one last mission before that. Rafe wants Shannon and hopes that she’s able to return his feelings because he’s determined to tell her the truth about his feelings before they split for good. Shannon has been fighting her feelings for Rafe, trying to suppress them so she doesn't have to think about it and confront them. She’s gone so far in her avoidance of her feelings that she was the one to ask for their team to be split up. The agency wasn't happy about it but agreed. Rafe and Shannon go out to fight a demon and it ends up being a little more difficult to kill than expected. As they try to figure out how to kill the demon, things between them escalate and Shannon’s feelings won’t be suppressed any more (and Rafe's never really were). After dispatching the slime demon, enjoying some hot shower time together and having a honest discussion between them, Rafe and Shannon end the story ready to start their HEA together.

This was a very enjoyable little story. It was short but did alright for its length since the couple’s relationship was set up and they had history to help propel them in to a believable situation (within a PNR at least). I liked both Shannon and Rafe...Rafe was kind of a sweety for his woman and Shannon was a good heroine and I liked that she faced her fears rather than run away. I’d recommend this story. :)
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on December 30, 2013
Vampire for Christmas

What happens when you partner a Demon Hunter with a Vampire? Not telling you. You’ll just have to read this enjoyable Novella released for the holidays. But I will give you a smidgen of the story.

Shannon was employed by the Agency as a Demon Hunter after an attack on her and her family by a Vampire which left her entire family dead.

Rafe is also employed by the Agency and was brought on to see if he could be reformed. You see Rafe is a Vampire and did what Vampire’s do, hunt for their food.

When these two were paired up as partners you have to wonder what the Agency was thinking. Rafe and Shannon were partners for two years and were getting ready to do their last mission together. Shannon had requested to go solo and be assigned elsewhere. Rafe had different ideas about that. You see Rafe was falling in Love with Shannon and took all his ever loving will power to control himself. Shannon was also falling for Rafe and fought those feelings and emotions tooth and nail. Her inner voice kept reminder her “for god’s sake a vampire killed my family, this is not acceptable.” Shannon would go out of her way to ignore and throw hurtful remarks towards Rafe keeping him at arm’s length. But he never once gave up he had to tell her how he felt about her but the time never seemed to be right. Until on their last mission they had to battle a big blob of snot. I don’t know what else to call it. LOL. Just an FYI Rafe always maintained his gentleman control. Really an enjoyable read and only took a few hours to devour. Enjoy. Five Stars for this one and thank you Felicity Heaton for some holiday smiles.
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on November 29, 2013
Actual Rating is 3.5 Stars

My Initial Reaction…
I’ve had so many Felicity Heaton books on my TBR for such a long time, so when I saw this short holiday novella I decided it was time. I really really enjoyed it and will definitely be making my way to her other books as soon as possible.

The Characters…
For a novella, the characters in Vampire for Christmas, were remarkably well developed. Shannon and Rafe both work for the Agency hunting down demons and vampires and the like. Shannon had an encounter in her past, which unfolds for us as the story progresses, that made her want vengeance. Working for the Agency just made sense. Rafe is her vampire partner. And after two years working together, he’s in love with Shannon. If she’s honest with herself, she loves him too. But she’s too scared to love a vampire after what happened to her, and the big question is – will she let down her defenses before it’s too late?

I enjoyed the relationship between Rafe and Shannon – it felt natural and not forced at all. Felicity did a good job making me believe that these two characters had a long history that I believed, even though I didn’t actually get to see it. That’s so important for me, because I really don’t go for insta-love and was thrilled that this didn’t even feel like it. As for their background stories, they were developed well, but I really didn’t find myself caring too much. I knew that Shannon had something bad happen to her, but I really didn’t care if I ever found out. I guess I wasn’t invested in the characters at that level. That was fine though, because I cared about them in their present and the back story only served to make the present a little more complicated.

The Story…
Technically Vampire for Christmas has a plot besides the romance between Rafe and Shannon. Their work for the agency has them fighting some goo demon. I frequently forgot that the demon was part of the story and found it more funny than scary or something to be worried about. He flew slime at them… slime that seemed to be nothing more than gross. So there was never any anxiety or feelings of danger on my part. It was neat to see Shannon holding her own, to an extent, with the demon and Rafe though. I did find myself wondering how these two had survived for two years, considering the trouble they were having fighting off this laughable goo demon.

The real story in Vampire for Christmas is the relationship between Shannon and Rafe. And that was very well-written and enjoyable (as I’ve already suggested above). Felicity is very good at creating a believable relationship and sexual tension is so few pages. And when she gets to the good stuff… it’s oh so good! Hot, sexy, steamy!

I have to say I was a little disappointed by how small a part Christmas played in the story, since I did pick it up as a holiday read. It’s part of the story, yes. But it could have easily been left out and the story wouldn’t have been changed at all. So it was a backdrop of little importance and that made me a little sad. Oh well, I still enjoyed the novella.

Concluding Sentiments…
Vampire for Christmas is fun, sexy paranormal romance. Don’t expect to be thrilled by the action or thrown into the holiday spirit, since both elements are backdrops for the romance. But if you like a quick read with some great sexual tension that does pay off by the end, this is one for you!
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on April 17, 2016
Given the length of the novel you wouldn't think there would be time to pack as much into it as the author manages. It's a well rounded story, just enough backstory to develop well rounded characters and it is very entertaining. I have read this particular tale at least three times since I downloaded it and will likely continue to read it.
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on April 25, 2012
This book is the type I enjoy reading- romance and supernatural creatures, like werewolves, vampires, etc. I did like this book, but there were a few things throwing me. Like with the monster throwing slime, I couldn't understand how in the middle of it they could just pause and get lost with each other. This thing could kill them, but their feelings are more important in that moment? Also, she goes from "no way" to "all the way" with a blink. I know it's fantasy and although I liked it, it just didn't win me over. If you get it from one of the daily specials they have and it's free or inexpensive then give it a try but don't spend a lot of money on it.
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on March 2, 2013
No real story or excitement. Whoever compared this writer to JR Ward, Christine Feehan and other top paranormal romance writers is sadly mistaken. The book was boring and honestly have cared little for other books she has written. This had no real substance to draw a reader in and keep them interested. I read it because I wanted to give the writer a chance to redeem herself from other books of hers that disappointed me.
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on July 20, 2013
A loving, sometimes heartbreaking story full of emotion, strength and courage, and the ability for one woman to overcome a horrendous past to trust and love again, even a vampire as she looks deep into his “soul” and “heart”. Vampires may not have either but Rafe has an abundance of both. Action scenes with humour added as a bonus and a Vampire For Christmas

Rafe is 6f+ of dark sexiness, athletic physique and deep brown eyes…oh yum. To top off the exterior internally he is sweet as honey he is always there for Shannon to heal her wounds, listen to her, and encourage her in her lack of confidence as a hunter, even if she has ignored his existence for two years in order to hurt him and push him away. Shannon is hurting from her past so although her heart jitters and her pulse rases she refuses to admit that the reason for the sensual feelings are HER feelings for a vampire, a forbidden love for her. Together they are sweet and sexy as can be. A love that is forbidden but has grown and flourished with the test of time and circumstances

Rafe yearns for Shannon but doesn’t have the words to tell her, especially now that after 2 years of working together the demon hunting agency is separating them as a team sending them in different locations around the country.

During their last assignment together Shannon shows Rafe affection for the first time, becoming attainable to him, and the fear of what the outcome of the last attack on her could bring allows Shannon to admit to herself that just this once she yearns for Rafe to hold her close, protect her so she could feel his arms around her.

Rafe being as sweet and loving and all things protector of Shannon does all that is in his power to find the demon species that attacked them in his resources to know how to destroy it and heal Shannon if need be in his fear of loosing her. Also finally confirmed to Rafe is why Shannon has been distant and unable to show let alone share her feelings for him, enraging him out of control that someone had hurt his love. Being persistent, sweet and understanding (I am in love) as he needs to know who and how.

Breaking Shannon’s barrier, both finally confide in each other. Why Rafe is still with the agency, his feelings for Shannon, and how he became a reformed vampire. Shannon confides why she hasn’t celebrated Christmas for so long and why she is with the agency.

Love does blossom as with Rafe’s help Shannon has been able to enjoy Christmas again as time spent with him over the 2 years had healed most of her pain, inviting him into her home for the first time. Being the gentleman that he is till the very end no words or actions are forced from Shannon until she initiates them, even when Shannon does initiate the next steps in the relationship Rafe holds back in fear of scaring her back into her shell and not wanting to hurt her

A well recommended short story for all fans of paranormal romance and especially Ms. Heaton’s. Not to be missed!
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