Customer Reviews: Van Damme Collection (Bloodsport / Timecop)
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on June 21, 2009
Ah, Jean Claude Van Damme movies ... watching these brings back memories of being in middles school and sleeping over my best friend's house. We'd go to the video store, pick up a JCVD videotape, and pop it in the VCR in-between eating pizza, racing barefoot across his living room's hardwood floor, and making terrible prank phone calls. Middle school me was kind of an idiot.

Years later and I'm buying the "Van Damme Collection," which features "Bloodsport," which I haven't seen since I was a kid, and "Timecop," which I'd already purchased on DVD a little while back. Watching "Bloodsport" again, all I could think was, "Jeez, what an insanely dumb movie." But a well-made, entertaining dumb movie: it has simple characters, a rushed love story without the love (it's more confusing when you see it), slow-mo shots, and a bit of comic relief, but it also has some fantastic fight choreography and a charismatic villain. Later Van Damme movies would even steal bits from this flick, including the injured friend JCVD has to avenge (changed to his brother in "Kickboxer") and the military organization he's fled and that is now looking to recapture him ("Lionheart"). The movie looks great here - it's in Widescreen and contains some sparse special features, such as the trailer.

"Timecop" is a quasi-intellectual sci-fi film trapped in a corny action movie ... or is it the other way around? Either way, this flick features some savvy use of time travel to start the film with an entertainingly convoluted storyline that becomes clearer as it unfolds, as well as plenty of cool action sequences, decent use of CGI, and an enemy who fights with his intellect rather than his physical prowess. Unlike the standalone DVD we've had all this time, "Timecop" is presented here in Widescreen! The good news here is that the film looks excellent in Widescreen, with above-average direction and blocking used in several scenes that make full use of this aspect ratio. Also, it doesn't look like any of the picture was cut off here, so instead of it being matted, it appears that this transfer was taken directly from the source print. The bad news, and this could very well just be my imagination, is that the picture looks darker and less crisp than the one from the Standard DVD release. I'd like to know if anyone else can verify this, but it seemed less clear throughout than the way I was accustomed to seeing it, which is a shame. Also, the DVD menu is different than on the Standard DVD release and contains no special features at all ... not even a trailer.

As for the packaging, this sucker comes in a standard DVD case with the cover art pictured on Amazon. There's no chapter insert, but it surprised the split out of me by having a slipcase with different cover art! In lieu of the random pic of Van Damme seen on the DVD cover, the slipcase cover features the cover art from both "Bloodsport" and "Timecop" across the front. Finally, the disc itself is a flipper (which I've never been fond of), with one movie on each side.

These movies have come a long way since I popped them into a VCR at my friend's house once upon a time, and the presentation isn't perfect - flipper discs blow, and while it's great to have "Timecop" in Widescreen, the lessened picture quality makes it a costly trade-off. However, having "Timecop" in Widescreen and getting these together complete with a nifty slipcase makes this worth having. All right, I gotta split. Thanks for reading.
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on September 27, 2013
Two of my favorites by him. Bloodsport was the first time I saw Van Damme. And while it's a small film with some flaws here and there it sports a lot of real Martial Arts people in the contest. He's still kicking in Timecop by Peter Hyams. Hyams makes moralist plays in which the government or members of the government are bad guys and in this case it's a Senator wanna-be-President played by Ron Silver with Mia Sara as the Timecop's wife. In both of these films you get to see Van Damme do his trademark splits.
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on March 15, 2014
I have a cousin and she loved van damme I can remember her having posters of him on her wall and well since her birthday is coming up I thought what better way than to give her this!! And It came really quick.
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on January 11, 2013
Time Cop is by far my favorite Van Damme movie and Blood Sport is the first movie I ever saw him in- granted I was only about 12 and could only appreciate his doing the splits- as I got older I appreciated more! - But who doesn't love a good action kick butt movie?
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on February 7, 2016
Great movie but the copy I got was defective. Its usually safer going with blu ray if you have a blu ray player. One thing to consider-always get movies brand new whether dvd or blu ray! Still a great movie!
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on April 14, 2015
5-Stars. Let's face facts. Van Damme films are not Academy Award material...they're about the action. These two have plenty, and are probably my favorite of Jean-Claude's.

BLOODSPORT was his first starring role, and is arguably the best martial arts film since ENTER THE DRAGON. Some superbly choreographed fight sequences.

TIMECOP is a film I've wanted on DVD for years, but held out back on purchasing as I didn't want a pan-and-scan version. This widescreen presentation is fabulous!
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on April 4, 2013
two great movies 1 great price that is like a steal. timecop is about him in a special police force that can go back in time and stop crimes from happening. and blood sport he goes to a tournament for vary lethal fighting. blood sport is actually based on a true story and you will be able to see his records at the end of the movie. both 2 thumbs up.
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on November 7, 2010
Warner's serves up two solid Van Damme products,Bloodsport(released Feb/88) and Timecop(released Sept/94),on one DVD.This the first time since its' initial release onto a grainy VHS format in the late 80s that I have had a chance to view Bloodsport;it still doesn't fail to entertain.Sure it's not Academy Award material with its' thin plot and caricatures as leads but I like it.
The story revolves around Frank Dux,a real undefeated martial arts champion of the late 80s(his impressive credits come on screen at the end of the movie).He goes AWOL from his army post at attend a Kumite championship match in Hong Kong.He is doggedly pursued by two investigators from the Army,one being Rawlins played by Forest Whitaker in an early role.Having been trained by a former Japanese martial arts champion,Dux wants to become the first non-Asian to win the coveted prize of a Kumite sword.
He arrives in Hong Kong and becomes fast friends with fellow American Ray Jackson played by Donald Gibbs,who was well known in his roles in the Revenge of the Nerds franchise.Qualifying rounds lead to preliminary bouts which in turn lead into the final punishing tournament.Dux's main protagonist is Chong Li played by Bolo Yeung who is a bloodthristy opponent out for Duxs' hide.The final moments of the film are tense as Li and Dux square off.Dux has the upper hand until Li throws some powder into Dux's eyes which severally restricts his sight.However reaching back into his earlier training days with his teacher he pulls out the needed strength to finally defeat his opponent.
The movie of course has its' tense moments of action with a varied martial arts program but it also has its' romantic ones along with a few comedic moments.One such latter moment comes when the two army investigators are in a restaurant trying to eat food with chopsticks and marveling at the good taste.A Hong Kong police inspector comes in and he is asked to join them.He says he never eats there,some conversation takes place and they all walk out.Rawlins throws a nearby Chow dog some of his lunch and he turns his nose up at it!Subtle but humorous;almost thrown away.Also there is some trivia I have never seen elsewhere about this movie that I thought I would pass along.There are three judges and the main one who delivers the opening speech and later presents Dux with his Kumite sword is voiced over by legendary actor Keye Luke! The movie is transferred well onto DVD and is presented in its 1:85:1 a/r.There is the original trailer and some cast and crew specs given.A fresh faced Van Damme is seen here in top physical form and I give this film around 3 1/2 to four stars.
Timecop is on the flip side of Bloodsport and it is one of Van Dammes more popular films.It concerns the story of Max Walker(Van Damme),a security man who's wife has been killed in an explosion as he leaves for work.One day he is offered a job in a newly created corps of personnel assigned to police time.This is appropriate as he eventually finds his wife's death was not as a result of a robbery but a hit for him.It seems a Senator McComb(Ron Silver)who is on the board over seeing the time police is seeking election as president.To finance his campaign he has enlisted the help of others to go back in time to steal money,such as a gold bullion shipment during the civil war or to make money out of the stock market crash of /29.Walker catches on to his scheme and goes back to stop his various time infractions.At the same time McComb realizes the threat Walker poses(the killing of his wife)and does everything he can to stop him.In the final showdown Walker manages to push McComb into himself,from an earlier time period,and kills him.He then goes back to the day of his wife's murder and manages to save her and his other self.Walker returns through the time portal and to his new life with his wife and a young boy he never had before.
There are no special features here and it is presented in its original 2:4:1 a/r in a pretty good transfer.It has a very intriguing Sci Fi concept and Ron Silver cuts a mean and sadistic figure as Sen.McComb.I also give this 3 1/2-4 stars.
Certainly for Van Damme fans these two movies are indispensable;one of his best earlier 80s efforts along with his more broadly successful 90s one.They may be on a dreaded double sided disc but is is still recommended.
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on October 16, 2011
Van Damme at his best. Bloodsport is one of his best "early" movies and Timecop is one of his best movies ever. Great stories, action and fun to watch. Highly recommend for any Van Damme lovers.
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on October 7, 2014
Both movies are pretty good, in my opinion. The action, fighting, and splits are all very captivating and interesting to watch. If your a Van Damme fan, you'll want to buy this.
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