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on November 6, 2010
Well there are plenty of reviews here already so not to rehash what everyone else has said, I will keep my review short and to the point. Overall, I personally love this game as there is nothing else on the market that covers the action genre so much as this game does. The graphics are excellent, no slow-down, detail is amazing etc. The cons are as everyone else has said regarding forgetful story, bad voice-acting, short, etc. I will say if you're looking for a deep adventure, look elsewhere. This game is all action. With that said, most of time the reason I read reviews is if it is worth spending the hard-earned funds to purchase the product. The game is short. I completed the game in a week on normal (about 7 hours). Now here is where the meat is, re-playability. If you are the type of person that likes to complete games over on higher difficulties than you are in the right place. I am attempting "godly hard" mode and am not able to pass the first section of the first level. There is some real difficulty here and it is something I have not experienced since the days of 2-D gaming. Beating this mode will give anyone serious bragging rights. Also, after beating the game the first time, there are 6 challenge modes to complete that are fun and difficult at the same time (challenge 6....yikes!!). This game should be played by everyone, no doubt about that. Should this game be purchased at full price by everyone? That's for you to decide. Just know what you are getting is a great action game that bets on replaying. No more, no less. If you need an idea of what you are getting into action wise, think Bayonetta and Mad World (same great developer). Now, how do I increase my gaming skill for this game on "godly-hard"....
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on October 26, 2010
A lot of people have been bashing this game saying it is a Gears of War clone. To set things straight, it was Shinji Mikami, director of Vanquish and Resident Evil 4, established third person shooter genre. While Gears of War are great games, but Vanquish is a different type of game in league of its own. After finishing the story on HARD difficulty and attempting couple of challenge rooms (you unlock by finishing campaign chapters), here is what I thought.


REVOLUTIONARY ACTION-PACKED GAMEPLAY: While majority of people will confuse this game with Gears clone, this game promotes you to do exactly the opposite of what is required in Gears. Gears of War promotes and rewards you cover and shoot type of gameplay. Now if you try really hard, you can probably get through this game using cover and shoot strategy, but chances are by staying in cover long enough, you will probably gate killed by either melee attacks of agile enemies, by mega lazer that bosses fire or simply by homing missiles. To get an edge over the enemies in this game, you have to be daring. You have to do crazy actions such as use your boosters, kick them on the face while jumping in the air, while in air slow down time and shoot the enemies around you. COOL, RIGHT? Honestly, the gameplay, rocket boosters, crazy melees, freeze time and shoot are BEST PART OF THIS GAME.

UPGRADE REWARD SYSTEM: Just like fasted pace gameplay, this is also something new and unique in this game. All of the weapons you get are upgradable. But to upgrade them you have to be strategic. There are two ways you will find upgrades for the weapons. One is simply by destroying enemies (or rather destroying multiple enemies in stylish manner). Other is by not using that weapon and them picking up one more of that weapon from destroyed enemies or from crate supplies which are found like every 7-10 minutes. This prevents you from overusing one weapon and exploring different weapons found in the game. Also, reckless shooting or staying in cover for too long will get you killed. If you get killed enough times (by playing recklessly), your weapons will be downgraded.

JOYS OF EXPERIMENTATION: So on one hand you have your abilities and on other hand you have at least 8 different types of weapons (maximally 4 at a time). The gameplay truly encourages you to experiment with them. I.e. use assult rifle and take out legs of big robot while you are in cover, jump out of the cover and slow down time, quickly take out the hands of the robot, boost your thrusters get close to the robot and finally melee its head off. LOVE IT JUST FREAKING LOVE IT.

YOUR SUIT, WEAPONS, ENVIRONMENTS AND ART: To me this is the coolest thing in this game. Your suit and weapons are created from "nucleus". So you will see each time the character relaxes, the helmet will be half gone and when you change weapons, one weapon will turn into another. Words simply can't describe it. Furthermore, depiction of near robotic future of America and designs of Marines and their commander Burns (with all the armor and heavy guns) is also pretty technical and to the details. I like it a lot.

GREAT ENEMY A.I.: I loved the A.I. in this game. YOU CAN'T HIDE. The enemies and bosses will come and get you. Even the weakest enemies have deadliest melee attacks. While I played it on hard mode, even on normal mode, enemies can kill you with ONE HIT KILL. Don't worry though. This is no Demons Soul. There are frequent checkpoints in the game. And the opposite is also true. You can kill many of the enemies with one hit kill assuming you do things the right way. Even the bosses you may find difficult at first have weaknesses. You just have to experiment enough and find out how. Love how this game push you to try new things.

CHALLENGING BOSSES: There 6-8 different types of bosses (not including few main bosses) in the game that you may encounter more than one time. Some of these bosses are very unique. While you can shoot them over and over again and kill them, it will take long and chances are some of these bosses will kill you with one hit kill. To beat these bosses you will truly have to master your skills (dodging, thrusting, slowing time etc.) Again love how this game pushes you to experiment and be tactical.

DECENT STORY: While it is not one of the best, the story still makes sense and has certain degree of suspense and mystery to it. English voice acting, dialogues and character facial expressions are pretty good. I won't spoil the story, but if you follow politics (more importantly IF YOU ARE REPUBLICAN), you will enjoy the depiction of Hilary Clinton look a like depiction of US president.

CHALLENGE ROOMS: After finishing each chapter of the game, you will unlock Challenge rooms (equivalent to Horde Mode in other games). As stated above, you have lots of abilities and weapons and campaign is rather fast. So challenge rooms are one place you can experiment as much as you want with your weapons and abilities, create new moves and punish enemies. Now don't get me wrong that is not the only purpose of Challenge rooms. As their name states, it will be a true "challenge" to finish these challenge room levels as you will have one after another hordes of enemies attacking you from all the direction. These challenge room truly adds to the replayability of the game.

VARIETY IN MELEE: Equipping different weapons will have your character do different melee attacks. All of them are unique and look pretty cool looking. Some of them are quite devastating. However, there is also downside to the melees. See Cons. section.


RELATIVELY SHORT CAMPAIGN AND NO MULTIPLAYER: I know these days most games are 8-10hrs long, but I wish the campaign was longer. While multiplayer and co-op is not a requirement for this type of games, I truly wish it had it. It feels like one of the games that is designed for co-op. Never the less, it has challenge rooms, so it does add longetivity of the game. Plus, if you get hold of the action, I know you will play it more than once.

UNIQUE MELEE: Melee attacks in this game are SUPER AWESOME. Only drawback is they are quite tactical. Using them will deal great damage to enemies, but also leave you vulnerable to enemy attack if you don't kill them off with melee or melee weapon combo. I truly wish you don't have to be so tactical when using melee and could use it as much as you want.

This is a very unique game and certainly not a clone of Gears of War (which is also a great game). If you like crazy fast-paced action mixed with futuristic weapons this is a game for you. Any body who is a fan of action adventure and shooter games such as Resident Evil 4, Gears of War and even Devil May Cry should definitely this a try. THIS GAME IS UNLIKE ANYTHING OTHER YOU HAVE PLAYED. Trust me on that.
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on October 19, 2010
Attitude. This game screams ATIITUDE. I'm a college student, so I obviously don't have a lot of money to blow, but I decided to take a plunge and buy this game Day 1. I was not dissapointed. If you're looking for an engaging storyline with deep characters, look elsewhere. All you'll find here is a big ol' can of whoop ass. This is by no means a bad thing, in fact this is a good thing because this game knows it's an action game and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. Imagine, if you will, the best action movie you've ever seen. Now, multiply that by 10. Add a cigarette smoking badass in a battle suit that enhances his every ability. On top of that, add huge mechs who want your blood. Now add Russians to the mix. That's what Vanquish is in a nut shell. I'm positive that many people will give this game a bad review because it isn't an arty game. This game is unashamed to be ridiculous and over the top. In fact, it revels in it. And to be quite honest, once you start the game you can't help but feel like a badass who's shooting everything in sight. Is this game worth 60 bucks? Hell yes. If you have some extra cash in your bank account, buy this game. You will not regret it.
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on October 19, 2010
First of if you're a fan of third person sci-fi action games then you should for sure pick Vanquish up you won't be disappointed, if you're new to the genre than this would be an excellent start too. The story is your typical good versus evil, mine's bigger than yours scenario so nothing major there. However the action is fast paced, the graphics are top notch and the controls are very intuitive and easy to pick up right from the start. As I said prior you don't play this game for the story you play it for the guns blazing, butt kicking nonstop action, which this game is packed with. However be warned, if you're looking for a deep plot or even a hide and snipe good time this may not be for you. Personally I have not been disappointed by the last few games Platinum Games released (MadWorld, Bayonetta), I do believe they are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.
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on November 19, 2010
VANQUISH is a fantastically fun, frenetically paced third person shooter from Shinji Mikami and the same studio that brought us the equally, if not more so, fun BAYONETTA which it also draws a lot of comparisons to. Like BAYONETTA, you're able to slow time down for short periods, the controls take a little getting used to, there's a scoring system, the same type of difficulty levels and the boss battles are grand. Also like BAYONETTA, once you have truly mastered the game's controls, playing the game can become near-artiistry as you rocket-slide and flip and dodge and slow time down as you cut your opponents to shreds in a hail of bullets, lasers and rockets. But that's where the comparisons stop and VANQUISH takes on an identity of its' own. So, w/out further ado, let me get to it in my normal fashion .....

THE GOOD : Straight off - VANQUISH is pure fun. The inseparable centerpieces of the game are the abilities you have to both rocket-slide around the battlefield at a breakneck pace and slow time down to a crawl via your ARS battle suit. The two extremes playing off of each other make this game fantastically fun, because the game itself barely gives you a chance to breathe. There are brief interludes between battles as you move from one area to the next, but each area is loaded with a plethora of interesting looking robots w/ one purpose in mind : destroy you and your fellow soldiers. And they are quite effective at it. On the harder settings, it becomes quite daunting and there's a sense of realism to it all due to the robots' mechanical precision. On the easier settings it's a cakewalk and you can literally play through the whole game w/out dying once. And then there's everything in between. All in all there's a good variance in the range of difficulties available to you. As well, there are also a good variety of very fun and interesting weapons available to the player and they're all available from the start. Even the DLC weapons pack, should you decide to purchase that as well, for the $1.99 it goes for (I did and I'd recommend it as the weapons are extremely powerful and fun to use) is available right from the start of the game. All in all, the combination of interesting and fun weapons, plus the abilities to both tear like a rocket around the battlefield and also slow time to a crawl make Vanquish a must-play game for anyone who likes shooters of any kind, be them FPS or TPS. But in addition to the gameplay itself, Vanquish boasts some rather stunning and impressive graphics and sounds. The graphics are some of the more impressive I've seen as of late, as they're all quite realistic and smooth and have very polished look to them. Plus the framerate never drops once (at least it never did for me) and this is no small feat considering the level of detail and the insane amount of crazy stuff happening on-screen at any given moment. Especially when time is slowed down, you can see every bullet in the air, every ripple of the concussive shockwaves from the explosions and all the intricate detail of the surrounding scenery and robotic infantry. Add to that the enveloping sound field and you really feel as if you're right in the middle of the battle. As if the intensity of the battles themselves wasn't enough! And some of them do get intense. Vanquish isn't meant to be played as a standard cover & shoot game. You're meant to be out in the open, zooming around, dodging bullets, flipping past giant robots as they take lunging swipes at you and in general, being part of the hyper-kinetic mayhem going on. Epillepsy sufferers beware! One last small item to note that I found somewhat enjoyable, was that you can actually have your character take a smoke break while in cover, and use his discarded cigarette butt as a heat-source diversionary tactic. How refreshingly un-PC and rather funny considering your character is a former college football star who smokes his way through the game! When it's all said and done, Vanquish definitely leaves you wanting more. But that, in large part, is due to the fact that Vanquish is also a regrettably short game, which brings me to.....

THE BAD : No game is perfect and unfortunately, as fun and as good as Vanquish is, it also has a few flaws, though nothing that's a game breaker. As I just mentioned the most glaring of these is that the game is almost unfairly short. For something this fun, it's too bad it only lasts 6-10 hours through 5 'Acts', depending on your level of skill. I'm not sure the rationale for the game being this short, but I suspect it has to do with the high quality of the game itself (graphics, sound, detail, etc.) all being fit onto 1 disc. Regardless, it's too short but it's not entirely a bad problem to have. Some of Vanquish's other flaws were the story itself and the voice acting. The story is a flimsy cold-war, Russia vs. the USA throwback, that's paper-thin and as predictable as anything. The voice acting, while not as bad as some games I've played, also left a little to be desired. But since I don't play games for the literary value I'll leave my comments on the story and dialogue it at that. Something else I found wanting of Vanquish was the lack of a multiplayer mode. While I realize that the developers stated well in advance of the release that there would not be one and for the exact reason I suspected the game is so short, it's still a disappointment none the less. We all know that nothing beats the online multiplayer experience because playing against other humans always trumps playing against AI. And considering the enemies in Vanquish are all AI to begin with, it makes this flaw even more glaring. One final thing that I wasn't too thrilled about with this game, and I fully realize this is something just for trophy / achievement hunters like myself, is the degree of difficulty in obtaining one of the trophies, compared to all the others. While I know that sounds stupid considering some trophies / achievements are supposed to be harder than others, let me explain further. There are 50 total trophies possible in Vanquish, one of those being the Platinum. The first 48 are relatively easy to obtain, either by simply playing the game & getting them automatically or by putting a little effort into a specific few. So much so, you'll be expecting Vanquish to be a relatively easy 100% completion. Oh hell no. The 49th and final trophy requires you to beat all 6 of the 'Challenges' in the game, as Vanquish also has a Challenge mode, similar to God Of Wars' Challenge of The Gods, for example. And let me say that 'challenge' is putting it lightly. While not completely impossible, some of the challenges are so ridiculously difficult and insanely hard, it just seems unbalanced compared to all the other trophies. Be forewarned that if you're a completionist like myself, you will spend MANY, MANY hours just trying to complete some of the individual challenges, let alone all of them. To be fair, there are 2 or 3 of the 6 that are somewhat manageable and not a vexing as the rest but the others will make you want to scream, pull your hair out, punch walls and chuck your controller at your TV. I guess this is where Vanquish makes up for the shortness of the game itself.

THE BOTTOM LINE : Vanquish is a fast-paced, fluid and at times hyper-kinetic game that not only boasts some fun gameplay mechanics and weapons but also some truly impressive graphics and sound and is a must-play for anyone who likes shooters of any kind. While not without its' flaws and is a little too short, nothing is significant enough to detract from the gameplay itself. It leaves the player wanting more and that's definitely the sign of a very good, if not great game.
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on February 3, 2013
Vanquish is the very definition of superficial. It is a game that can be played in short bursts with little-to-no commitment. I never once felt invested in the story or the stats. This might sound like a bad thing, but if you're the kind of person who likes multi-tasking then Vanquish can be played while doing the housework.

It is set in the future on a cylindrical city-like space station where the United States have built a new off-world colony to alleviate overcrowding on Earth. The Russians seize control of the colony with an army of Red Ruskie Robot Rascals and it is your job as Sam Gideon, a defense researcher, to gun them all down and 'vanquish' the enemy. Some plot twists come and go, but they are arbitrary. The game was designed by the team responsible for Resident Evil 4, and while you might recognize some similarities it is actually A HELLUVA LOT more like a cross between Space Marine and Turrican.

The production design is gorgeous, if repetitive. Many visions of the future are grim and dystopian, but Vanquish is filled with bright sunlight and exciting technology. It's far from a Utopia though. There are 5 acts in the game, and they are all relatively easy. I managed to unlock 57% of 51 trophies with a single who-gives-a-damn play through. It's not a game I will ever go back to and I expect you'll forget it about not long after you finish. But if all of this sounds like something you'd be interested in then it is worth picking up for cheap.

Graphics B
Sound B
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal C
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2010
I was on the fence about Vanquish for a few weeks after it came out, but I found myself playing the demo over and over again... what I liked so much was:

* Super-stylish gameplay with ultra polished mechanics - meaning it was easy to do awesome stuff and look cool while fighting with no control frustration.
* Fun boss-fights - not insanely frustrating ones... just huge bosses to fight that were a challenge but not impossible.

I finally took the dive and got the game and have to say, if you like the demo, getting the game is a no-brainer. I enjoyed the heck out of it, it is more of the stuff you like from the demo.

The story isn't too bad, it has it's moment of campy-ness, but really it is just a vehicle to get you out of the door and into the action-packed fighting which is the best part.

I thought that the lack of gore from fighting all robot enemies would bother me (I am a big action/horror/etc. fan) but it felt so good that I never felt shorted with the lack of gore. Very family friendly action and just flat out fun.

The graphics are excellent for the fast paced future shooter, constantly running at a smooth framerate (I never noticed any stutter). Nothing really more to say, if you grab the demo on PS3/Xbox 360 you can tell in about 10 mins if this is your type of game or not... if the demo bores you, then skip it, because the full game is just a lot more well-executed content like the demo.

If you dug the demo like me, then buy this, you'll enjoy it :)

P.S.> This is a single player experience only, no multiplayer. The replay value would come from trying to get higher scores between levels and go for achievements or finding the little figurines through out the environment.

P.P.S.> I bought the PS3 version, but the company that produced this has expertise on both platforms and this time didn't write for 1 then contract out the porting to another. Both platforms run smooth and look great.
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on December 10, 2013
Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a huge fan of consoles. I'm more of a PC gamer. This game is one of the exceptions. Fast paced, challenging (depending on the difficulty of course), and fun. The QTE (Quick-time events) in this game should be the benchmark for all QTEs. They're not long and laborious or tedious and wearisome. They're actually pretty awesome and satisfying. There's a progression system on the weapons that you get so I'd suggest finding the weapons that foster your play style and stick with em.

Solid release (reasonably long), story is not bad but it's not mind blowing or anything. If you're looking for a game that breaks the mold of the rank-and-file third person shooter, check Vanquish out. There's some really interesting concepts in this game that are pretty well executed.
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on October 20, 2010
This review is on the Single Player Campaign. VANQUISH is a game that wasn't talk about a lot, but should have been. I consider VANQUISH to be an instant classic hit. This game is so much fun to play. This game takes a little bit from the movies Star Wars, Aliens, War of the Worlds, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Predator and mixes them all together to make one great game. This game is directed by Shinji Mikami, who in the gaming world is considered a gaming god and a genius for making great games. I think the AI in this game is very, very good.

Anybody who has played the VANQUISH demo will tell you that that the demo is very fun to play. There is a lot of action going on all the time. But the demo is just a small part of this game. The demo just covers the very first part of this game. You think the demo was great. Wait until you play the rest of the game.

I will give you some good examples of what to expect. You play the role of someone named Sam who wears a special armor suit who fights along side with other armed soldiers against a Russian Nationalist who has taken over a space station high up in space above earth. The Russian leader sends robotic like creatures to fight against you. I noticed right away the space station you are fighting in is huge. I thought the armored space ship I was in to approach the space station was huge until I saw how small it was compared to the actual size of the space station. You'll notice how big the space station really is when the heavily armed space ship you're in crashed lands on the space station. I think the graphics in this game are pretty good. The colors in this game are real vibrant and bright.

Anyway, on game play, I was fighting along with some other American soldiers in a fire fight with some robots and I caught some robots out in the open. Well another robot came along and actually formed what looked like a cement wall in front of the other robots so they could hide behind it. I thought that was so cool. In another area, I notice spider like robots that when you blew them up they actually turn into groups of smaller spider like robots. I thought that was cool too. I noticed the robots you fight against will constantly try to outflank you and try to get behind you. That is where your armor suit you are wearing comes into play. You have this special armor suit on that has booster rockets attached to it so you constantly slide really fast across the ground to your target. Well you can slide real fast to any targets that are trying to outflank you and take them out before they know what hits them. I like how you have all kind of different weapons to use throughout the game and you are constantly upgrading your weapons all the time. The sound effects in the game are really good.

If you are looking for really good shooting game that is fast paced, then I recommend trying out this game. This game seems to have a lot of replay value. This is one of my favorite games to play right now. I hope they make an expansion pack or a sequel to this game. Give this game a try. I don't think you will regret it.
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2014
Your character is a cocky young guy in a robosuit - Check.

Your mentor on the battlefield is a big old crusty dude with a humongous bionic arm - Check.

Your handler is a genius, as well as gorgeous and flirty and her hair blows around attractively as she's giving you instructions from inside the control room - Check.

Looks like a rogue Russian who resembles Pinhead is behind all the mayhem - Check.

After watching the first few cut scenes from Vanquish, you will realize that this game unashamedly borrows from every sci-fi movie and video game that came before it, but that doesn't keep it from being a tremendously fun and fast-paced shooter. Right out of the gate the weapons are sweet and your character has some cool ways of maneuvering through the environment. The battles so far have been pretty intense, with lots of action happening all around (not just in front of you). There are many controls to learn, but they are broken down into several separate tutorials, so even casual gamers like myself won't feel overwhelmed.

If you enjoy games like Crysis 2 - Playstation 3 or Sega Binary Domain, you should really enjoy Vanquish.

The price on this game has bounced from list to dirt cheap then back up to list, so you may want to shop around.


Just finished this game - the campaign was pretty quick - overall, it was pretty fun but there was about as much swearing as there was shooting, and your character may as well have been Joe Camel for as much smoking as he did - seriously, what was up with that?!?
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