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on May 4, 2012
I like this book. It has some nice basic recipes that aren't overly involved and some that have a little more flair if you want to get adventurous. There are also some really unique recipes. I have close to 40 vegan cookbooks and I still found lots of good things to try that are new and different in this one.

Yes, he does use some convenience foods like Gardein but if you don't want to use those, then don't... you can sub in tempeh or tofu or even something else. If you don't want to use white flour, use whole wheat. Make your own pie crust if you don't want store bought. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make substitutions! Get over it.
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on May 7, 2012
I made the Chickn' and Collards recipes and was absolutely in love with dishes. The cookbook is great, but tends to reinforce the idea that vegan cooking uses a lot of highly processed foods in order to compensate for the lack of meat.

I think the author wanted to make the dishes approachable and fast which is why so much Gardein is used. I'm always amazed how Veganism is touted as healthy, but yet books are devoid of nutritional information, this would have been a nice feature, because I think the author uses to much oil and many of the recipes are fried.

Aside from those two points, I love the book. Great pictures, the food is easy to make and fun.
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on May 25, 2012
The purpose of this book, as the title suggests, is vegan cooking FOR CARNIVORES. If you have been vegan for quite some time; if you already have a substantial collection of vegan cookbooks; or, if you do not want recipes that mimic meat dishes, this book may or may not be what you're looking for. But it is a delightful collection of recipes, especially for those wanting to ease the transition from a carnivorous to a vegan diet, or those who are feeding both vegans and carnivores in one household.

I loved Portia de Rossi's forward. It exemplifies the reason many of us embrace a vegan lifestyle. After reading it, you'll want to delve further into the book.

I've read many vegan cookbooks and I found this one to be unique in that, as author Roberto Martin says, it focuses on adapting favorite dishes that use animal products into vegan dishes. Lots of great techniques for adapting favorite comfort foods here. The book is beautifully produced -- gorgeous color photos, nice design. I would feel quite comfortable giving this as a gift to someone who is interested in going vegan. The red beans and rice recipe and incredible sauce and dessert recipes alone are worth the price of the book. I don't miss meat at all, but I do miss dairy infused, creamy sauces and desserts. This book has shown me how I can enjoy what I've been missing without giving into using dairy products.

I tend to limit my use of soy. Many of the recipes do include soy-based meat subs, but I can either make easy changes, or use the recipes on the occasions when I do want to use a substitute for meat. I use whole grains whenever possible. It's easy enough to make flour substitutions.

I've heard comments criticizing the suggestion to use Pillsbury pie crust because it contains lard. Pillsbury does make one pie crust that is vegan: Pillsbury Frozen Pet Ritz Pie Shell Deep Dish Vegetable 12 oz. You just have to be careful in your choices. Always read labels.

I'm glad I have Vegan Cooking for Carnivores. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to those who want to limit or eliminate animal products from their diets, but who are afraid they'll be giving up traditional foods they love.
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on May 3, 2012
I am not a fan of all the pre made food. gardien and faux bacon. lots of unbleached flour, pre made pie crust, which is high in lard.
I suppose that if you are trying to go from a meat lifestyle then this vegan book would give you ideas.
However, I feel that eating vegan is very much about Health, not just not not animals. For myself, it just has too many unhealthy additions.
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on July 16, 2015
I was taken in by clever marketing on this one, falling for the title and celebrity endorsement. Because my hunter friend is getting a little tired of my tried-and-true meatless recipes, I thought I'd find some inspiration here for things to make him. Not so. If you've done any research or vegan cooking, you've already learned the introductory concepts in this book, such as typical items to stock in your pantry and how to substitute non-meat proteins in recipes. There are no secrets to make vegan food taste "meaty" as the title implies. Save your money and use Google to search for vegan recipes and be guided by the reviews of people who've tried them - it's free.
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on January 8, 2015
I am soooooo glad I looked at this in the library before I spent any money on it. The recipes are all old and are found in many other vegan cookbooks. The author uses packaged supermarket faux meats to make a number of dishes. It's easy enough for a non-chef to buy a package of grain "chicken" and add a sauce. I expect some originality in a cookbook.
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on March 27, 2015
I really love this cookbook. It's a great place for you to go to find veganized recipes of some of your favorite comfort foods - foods such as tamales, tortilla soup, red beans & rice, etc. I will admit that he *does* use some processed vegan meats, but I don't think that's such a bad thing every once in a while. This cookbook is for people who are used to eating heavy dishes that contain animal products, so as a transition, I think allowing that person to eat some processed vegan meats is a great step for them to take. I personally don't like most vegan meats, so I just substitute those in his recipes for something like jackfruit or tofu or more veggies. My favorite recipe so far has been his veggie tamales - wow! I made those for some non-vegan friends, and they were blown away. The book has lots of pictures and lots of helpful tips on how to cook the food appropriately. I think you'll be pleased if you try it!
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on May 3, 2012
I saw this chef on Ellen. I consider myself vegetarian (since Jan 2012) more so that vegan and I am always looking for new ideas. This book just arrived and I spent an hour thumbing through it. I found many recipes that I will make. He uses simple ingredients for most of the recipes. I do not have a whole foods store within 78 miles of me, but I will be able to find most of the items needed at Lowe's foods and other local stores. I have several other cookbooks that I only use two or three recipes which can be frustrating. I know I will use at least 20 of the recipes in this book as they are more like the foods I use to eat (comfort foods). This book does seem to be a jewel for beginners where as well seasoned vegans may not be as pleased. Beginners seem to be the target audience anyway based on how the book is written. Photos are provided for most but not all of the recipes and are very well shot but I would have liked for all of the recipes to have photos. The book is made of good quality paper, construction, and color.
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on October 13, 2014
Some innovative recipes. I did like the pictures and ideas. I did find most meals are pretty time consuming, so if you do not have a lot of time not idea. Some suggestions of cheese include specific brands that I do not personally like. Other food items incorporate alternative meat substitutes, which I feel I can come up with recipes like this on my own. I would have liked to see more soy free alternatives or cooking with fresh vegetables in exchange for soy product or processed items.
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on May 23, 2012
I am attempting to make the change from sometime carnivore to vegan and I loved this book for the transition phase. Lets face it, it is HARD for most people to switch over and this book makes it easier. I agree that the recipes are not always oriented towards low fat or totally health oriented, but they help in the transition phase.

Like many before me I have lamented the loss of cheese. The mac n cheese recipe has made me believe that I need lament no more. I defy anyone to blind taste it and know it is not made with actual cheese. It isn't gormet but it is so creamy. I keep the portion small and it isn't a problem.

I have never cared one way or the other about fried chicken but I am anxious to try the recipe after reading these reviews.

If your focus is natural food, raw food, or low fat this may not be the book or you or you will want to eat these recipes in moderation. If your interest is good tasting vegan food that offers some resemblence to memories of old standards go for it.
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