Customer Reviews: The Vegan Cook's Bible
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on June 1, 2009
I was browsing at a local bookstore and decided to take a look at this book. Initially I was excited by the recipes - the looked pretty good. Then I was reading through the recommendations for foods to eat for various health benefits only to find that the author is telling people to eat fish!

Why in the world would you bother creating a VEGAN cookbook only to tell people they need to eat fish??? And not only a vegan cookbook - The Vegan Cook's Bible at that. Does she think that her audience - the majority of whom are probably vegan and therefore don't eat fish - will really want to read that she thinks that you MUST include it in your diet? I'm baffled by this logic.

So despite the fact that there were some recipes that looked good, I will not be buying this book, and hopefully if others follow suit it will send the author a message that fish is not necessary and including it as a dietary requirement in a VEGAN cookbook is ridiculous.
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on May 27, 2009
This is from :
But while I enjoyed the dishes I tried, I take real issue with the book's title. First off, there's the honey mention; while some vegans do eat it, it has no place in an authoritative tome on vegan eating. There are no seitan recipes here (and oddly enough, seitan is listed as a whole food, despite the fact that it's so highly processed). There are also a limited number of tofu and tempeh recipes. A bible is a complete work from which all else stems, and you can't claim completeness from a vegan standpoint by eschewing seitan and using tempeh and tofu to such limited degree. There's also no breakfast section, and the desserts didn't go to the heights of decadence that they could have.

My biggest problem with the book, though, is the Healthy Body Systems section. It looks at everything from the immune to the musculoskeletal to the cardiovascular system, including the diseases that can afflict them and the best foods for combating or preventing those diseases. And in every single one, as well as in the overall guideline to Healthy Living, Crocker recommends fish. Not only that, fish is the #1 food in the Cardiovascular section. Mind you, there's no fish in any of the recipes, but there's no place for even a mention of fish in a vegan cookbook, much less a vegan "bible," unless you're talking about a substitute.

When I asked Crocker about this, she told me, "the fact that vegans don't eat fish does not change the fact that fish is an excellent source of, for example, omega3 fatty acids." But as we all know, flax and other nuts and seeds, as well as marine sources like algae, provide the same benefits without the health risks associated with eating fish and without causing environmental damage, not to mention the pesky little problem of pain and death for the fish themselves. At the very least, if Crocker felt so strongly about the issue, she could have listed the best "plant-based" foods for each system and left it at that. But there is absolutely no excuse for recommending fish, and doing it multiple times, in a book with the words "vegan" and "bible" in the title.
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on June 10, 2009
What is the point of a non-vegan writing this cookbook? It is supposed to be the bible of veganism--the authority, the guidebook on how vegans should prepare foods--yet it is written by someone who doesn't even follow its doctrine. And then, within the pages she recommends fish and honey. It's insane that any vegan "bible" would recommend such things--it would be like the organic growing bible preaching the value of pesticides or the real bible spreading the idea of sin! It makes no sense. I would avoid this book at all costs.
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on June 11, 2009
I am not sure why the publisher made such a horrible mistake in calling this book a vegan cookbook. It is not a vegan cook book. Advocating eating fish and using honey are definitely not vegan at all. I'm hoping this was just a huge mistake with the publishing company, and not with the author herself.
However, I would suggest buying a real vegan cookbook - one written by a vegan author, with vegan recipes.
Dreena Burton's books, Isa Chandra's books, Vegan Lunch Box, The Vegan Table are great places to start, if you want a vegan cook book.
Hopefully the publisher will pull the book and rename it with something that is not false advertising.
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on June 11, 2009
The author of this cookbook is not a vegan. Fish are not vegetables, nor are bees, and using any products that comes from these animals is not vegan. Yes, insects are animals - let's play a game: animal, vegetable or mineral? That's right, now where do the bees go? Correct. Veganism is an ethical life choice which includes every aspect of someone's diet but is not limited to diet alone. This book is not only a sham it is detrimental to the biggest ethical social movement of our time. I hope the author reads these reviews and considers veganism. It is a moral choice, not a matter of preference or taste - but it just so happens REAL vegan food is delicious! If you would like to know examples of a real vegan cookbooks, see the links below.

Vegan with a Vengeance : Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock
The Joy of Vegan Baking: The Compassionate Cooks' Traditional Treats and Sinful Sweets
The Best of Vegan Cooking
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on June 11, 2009
It is appalling to me that a book titled the Vegan Cook's Bible would recommend honey and fish. She claims she worked hard for 8 months to research and write this book, well I know of other, actual vegan authors who spend more time and effort than that on their books, because they actually care about what they are putting in their books.
I find her approach horrifying! I think a book with this title would appeal to people looking to start living a vegan life and she has taken advantage of that and put bad, unhealthy suggestions in her book. Shame on you, Pat Crocker!
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on June 17, 2009
This book caught my eye right away at my local B&N because of its title, and I was excited to check it out. I flipped through and didn't see anything that made me think "I need to buy this," and - like a few of the other commenters here - then saw the word 'fish'. What?? That's when I realized I was holding a book much like one of the first vegetarian cookbooks I had received - the author of that book (which I won't name because she doesn't need the publicity, but it's not Ms. Crocker) called for chicken broth in the majority of her recipes because she simply believes it tastes better. Well, good for you, but don't mislabel your entire book because of it! Looking at the other titles Ms. Crocker has written, it looks like she's more of a The "XYZ" Bible author than a vegetarian or vegan author. Which is a shame, because this is a book that could have been really solid in the right hands.
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on June 19, 2009
Something like this should be right up my alley. I've been vegan 8 years and vegetarian 7 before that. I can not believe the gall of this non-vegan person to write a book called the "Vegan Cook's Bible," and make demeaning comments about veganism in it. This person has no standing to write this, and does it inappropriately. Please, don't be so condescending, Pat Crocker. And please, if you're a vegan, don't waste your money. I highly recommend purchasing Dining With Friends, by Priscilla Feral (a vegan cookbook by a vegan person) instead of this nonsense.
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on June 11, 2009
That there may be some useful or interesting recipes in this piece is irrelevant. There are plenty of quality vegan cookbooks for this purpose.

"The Vegan Bible" is an abomination and is offensive. Pat Crocker, who is not a vegan apparently recommends the use of fish and honey which are strictly NOT vegan.

Animal rights advocates have been fighting so hard to retain meaning in the word "vegan" since then, people have reduced it to a mere diet (rather than a lifestyle) and have stripped it of its ethical implications.

Crocker is now attacking the vegan movement by actually implying we exploit and cause harm to animals with fully developed central nervous systems, families, and sentience.

Shame on Pat Crocker.
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on July 27, 2009
This book is blasphemous, not biblical. It has nothing to do with vegans, veganism, or vegan cooking, about which the author appears ignorant since she freely endorses the use of fish and honey. A vegan diet is exclusively plant based. Fish are not plants and honey is produced by bees which are also not plants, and the consumption of neither one comports with a vegan lifestyle. Ms. Crocker needs to hang out with REAL vegans for awhile and learn a thing or two before trying to pass herself off as an expert. Too bad her editors have let her get away with exploiting the current curiosity about veganism by using the term in her title, while inside her cover she betrays the compassionate aims of a vegan life and philosophy. No self-respecting actual vegan would buy or use this book. Ms. Crocker should be ashamed of herself.
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