Customer Reviews: Hd 1080p Car DVR Vehicle Camera Video Recorder Dash Cam G-sensor Hdmi Gs8000l
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on May 15, 2014
After reading some of the reviews on here, I was a little leery about getting this camera. Good thing I ignored said reviews! This is just the type (and size) camera I needed for my vehicle. It takes up minimal space on my windshield. I've no idea why some of the people on here have had problems with either the menus, setting the date/time or not being able to record in the highest format. No problems here and the camera automatically came up in English. Setting everything up in the menu was easy! Once the memory card is full, you can either format (delete) everything on it via the camera itself, or you can download and subsequently delete everything via your computer.

NOTE: I advise using a Samsung 16GB or 32GB Class 10 TF (aka: MicroSDHC). The 16GB card will give you approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes of record time. The 32GB card should give you double that. Anything less than Class 10 read/write speed, and you'll run into issues such as shaky video and poor data transfer. I've had no problems at all with the Samsung card.

WARNING: Do NOT bother buying this camera with a TF card included unless you like to get ripped off. Buy the camera by itself and get a card elsewhere at a MUCH cheaper price!

Here are the pros and cons of this camera.
1.)Small size
2.)Can use both the windshield or dashboard mounts provided.
3.)Records in full 1080 resolution in AVI format
4.)Sound mic can be turned on/off
5.)Date/Time display can be turned on or off
6.)Can be setup for motion-activated recording. (vehicle starts to move, it starts recording)
7.)Automatically adjusts the white balance in accordance with the lighting conditions.
8.)Creates a new, date/time stamped folder on the TF card for each day that it records. (in other words, each day gets its own folder on the card instead of throwing all of the AVI files into one pile. This helps in organizing the files on your computer!)
9.)Comes with both a car charger and a standard USB cable, both of which can be used to charge it.

1.)The USB/charger cable is on top of the camera and sticks up in the air when properly mounted. I'd much prefer it to be on the bottom
2.)The TF (microSDHC) card is a b**** to get in and out of the camera. You'll need a small, blunt edge (or a strong fingernail) to push the card in and out of the spring-loaded slot. Be careful not to damage the card! Once you learn how it pops in/out though, it's not too much of a problem.
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on October 15, 2014
I am giving this 4 stars because of the price of this device. You really cant expect much from a 29 dollar dash cam. That being said, it works great, records all data just like the more $$ ones. You really cant see the license plate numbers on cars, or you can but its difficult to see, although resolution is good. If you are looking for "proof" as I did while driving, this is for you. Also, you will need to hide the power cord depending on where its located on your car. thats the ugly part.
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on July 4, 2014
-Great value
-Supports up to 32GB micro SD (any class)
-Great suction on mount
-Auto lamp (for nighttime)
-Easy enough to use without looking at the manual
-Small and unobtrusive
-Decent microphone

-Does not support 64+GB
-Mount adjusting arm not very sturdy
-Very poor battery life
-Blurry video when hot
-Loose piece inside camera causing rattling noise
-Only the included car adapter provides enough power

The little lock release on the mount where the camera attaches broke the first time I tested it. Huge lack of quality control there. Camera will still attach to the mount but is not fully secure. Because of that, it has fallen off a number of times. Suction is great, but the adjustable arm is still a little loose even after I really tighten it to keep the camera from moving.

Video quality is average even for 1080p resolution. It is still a little difficult to make out license plates, may depend on time of day and situation (shadows, lights, reflections, etc). I'm not able to make out license plates of vehicles in lanes beside me, only those close in front. Street signs are barely legible. Focus could be better, speaking of, there is NO option to adjust focus, there's exposure but no focus. It's no where near GoPro quality, but that's to be expected.

While driving, or even playing loud music, there is a rattling noise that get's caught in the audio. I found that the noise was coming from inside the camera due to a loose part or something. Playing back my captured video is VERY ANNOYING because of this issue. This has been happening since day one. May just be my particular unit, but quality control is certainly lacking.

One big issue I have with this dash cam is after work, when my car has been sitting in the sun for 8 hours, all video recorded on my trip home is extremely blurry. So blurry, you cannot read ANYTHING, the only thing you can make out is what make & model car is in front of you and trees and buildings that remind you of the location. Signs and license plates are impossible to read. It's just fine in the morning or at night, but under heat, it falls flat. I try to refocus it by putting my hand in front of it, but that doesn't help in the slightest.

Bottom line, would I recommend this product? Honestly, no. I doubt it will do much to help your case in the event of an accident. It's the bare basics, if you just want some security of having an extra eye on the road, then for the money, it's not a bad choice. However, you may have to pay more to get a better product. Hence, I gave it two stars; I'm not gonna rate it 4 or 5 because it's under $50; a good product is a good product, a bad product is a bad product. I hope you found this review helpful, hit that button if you did!
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on February 28, 2014
Five stars for the camera and price. However,
Got it in 2 weeks in a cheap thin hard paper in bubble package- fine. It would have been nice to know it used a micro SD {but class 6 or 10?] beforehand to save another few days waiting. I figured most of the settings out, really did not change anything. Manual is minimal but OK.
That said, the screen is very nice and it works good overall. Many options and this is a great camera besides dash cam dvr. Can also be used as house security cam. Seems to be more detailed than the full blown house system I have already and it records the best video overall over all of my other dashcams.

EDIT: I finally found the [ABC] language screen and scrolled UP and got it to show English, what a hunt.

The statement in the ad says: "1080P,24fps,720p,30fps HD Resolution;MJPG Format;Not H.264 Format"
Funny, the manual says AVI or H.264, no MJPEG option. Default is 1080fhd 1920 which works fine on mine.
The battery seems OK for now, unknown how long it goes on it's own.
This camera only records huge AVI files, not the more efficient H.264 as it states in the 'manual'.
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on September 26, 2013
This is a cool little dashcam for under $50.

It lets you switch between a standard still image camera, video, and an image review mode. The camera can easily be detached from its mounting bracket in case you need a camera in hand in a hurry. It comes with a USB cable and car charger and has an internal battery which for me didn't seem to hold a charge for longer than a day. The menu is easy to navigate.

The camera claims to support 1080p with at least a class 6 MicroSD card, but I found this not quite to be the case. I tried using a SanDisk class 10 card and then selected the highest resolution, but still I got the message complaining that a class 6 or higher card is required. I contacted the seller from whom I bought the camera and they even sent me a class 6 card they claimed had been tested with 1080p to work, but that one didn't work for me; they basically said there's no way to get 1080p to work and recommended I just use the lower flavor of 1080p, and added that even if it did work, the frame rate would be a rather sluggish 14 fps. Ok, fine.

The video quality even at the lesser 1080p setting is acceptable but not great. The lens seems a bit out of focus, but in daylight faces and license plates are recognizable if they're close enough. The camera also has some IR LEDs in front for night illumination but even with just headlights the video is acceptable.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 8, 2015
Frankly, for the usual going price (anywhere from $15 US to $30 US), this is a pretty decent little dash cam... as long as you are aware of the main limitations I found:

1) Designed to be always powered - preferably by the included car jack. The battery is about 10 minutes... it's mainly there for quick mobile camera shots.

2) Really short battery life when not powered - like 10 minutes (needs to be emphasized)

3) Audio Recording quality can change depending on the external power source you use (but video remains consistent) - you can switch audio recording on and off. It's nice and clear with the included car jack, but with other power sources, mechanical interference can show up, from negligible to horrendous.

4) The whole "Night Vision" aspect is mediocre. Does use IR LEDS on the front, but they are apparently pretty short range. Still, it's something extra. Probably best used in conjunction with the camera mode.

I had zero issues with the highest quality (1920x1080 16:9) and the lowest still looks good, both in the original and the compression format I generally use. My video is compressed and changed from the original JEPEG video AVI format to WMV 640x360 (16:9) at 10000kbs due to Amazon's file size restrictions. I have an 8gig class 10 card in the camera, and I strongly recommend using a mini USB to USB cord to transfer files - just far more easier than removing an SD card.

One note about the included mount - the top pivot does move, but it takes a little effort. I have to push my camera forward on the mount, stabilizing it, and twist. However, I can't get my camera fully on the mount like it is pictured here, but it does slide on well enough for a secure fit.

Aside from the limitations I mention, the camera is pretty easy to operate even from the driver's seat, simple Plug-N-Transfer file setup, good suction mount, long included car jack cord, and the original video formatting looks far better than my Amazon compressed versions; all in all very economically priced dash cam that I think performs beyond its pricing, as long as it is used in the optimal setup (plugged in via car charger, using the battery/Night IR for camera shots). Wouldn't be surprising if lemons are floating about, yet I am very pleased with the one I have, and at this price point, it's certainly worth a shot.
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on September 4, 2014
I purchased another dash cam over a year ago and it didn't automatically record over old videos, so you had to format the SD card constantly, about every hour with an 8gb card. I got used to this and was okay with the maintenance until I finally found an actual useful moment for the cam. Immediately after formatting the card, some absent minded guy pulled out in front of me while it was raining. I simply could not stop and the only video I had was 14 seconds before the collision. It was enough.
Now, this little gem has full 1080p recording, 60fps, and automatically keeps recording, by deleting the oldest video which is not marked for saving. to mark a video for saving, just click the mode button while the thing records a video. Fantastically simple.

If you are related to me, you are getting one for Christmas.
Oh, the old one saved me from a ticket and the company I drive (an 18 wheeler) for from a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Even got a criminal investigation going on the guy who pulled out, since you can see him look at the camera right before he started pulling out of the red light.

If you don't have a dash cam, get one. This one doesn't have all the gps and bells some have, but it is amazing for the price.
The only complaint I might have had was a very blurry inmate quality, but there is one of those protective plastic stickers over the lenses. Once I found and removed that, this thing has exceptional optical clarity. I can zoom in on a recorded video and make out license plates at quite a distance.
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on February 28, 2015
I'd like to address a few *issues* that people have been having. This device does not choose when to record out of no where. There is a setting for 'motion activated'. It sounds great which is why people are probably turning it on, but if you drive a route that is flat and not changing the camera will turn off because it is not seeing any motion. If there is any action it takes a few seconds to activate. Just turn off motion activated feature and it will record the entire time you are driving plus 10 minutes if the car stops running for whatever reason (it has a built in emergency battery).

There is a second setting to pay attention to and it is how long you would like the segments to be recorded. You can choose between 3 and 10 minutes, which I use 10 minutes. This means every 10 minutes it is still recording, just starting a separate segment. My drive to work is 15 minutes so I have a 10 minute recording and a 5 minute recording for my entire trip. It does not miss anything and by default records up to the last 10 hours in these 10 minute segments. It will overwrite the oldest segment of recording when it runs out of space.

If you want to save a recording so it doesn't get lost you plug the cable into your computer and copy that segment. I have driven about 30 hours total with this camera and cannot express how fantastic it is. It looks like all of the negative reviews are of people who did not pay attention to how the camera works. When it goes to a new segment the timer does start over but the rest is still there.

Motion activated is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make with this device because it really will just stop recording if you're sitting in traffic not moving or driving next to a lot of corn fields. Since this is off by default the only way to have this issue is to set it in the menu. (which by the way the instructions are junk. Just play with it and figure it out)

TL;DR: Device is fantastic. Just don't pay attention to the timer and for the love of God don't turn on motion activated.
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on February 4, 2015
This unit is a sweet little thing. It's very small, the mount is very good, and the camera quality is very good for the size and cost.

Unfortunately, it stopped working after 2 days. Screen gets weird and the system locks up. System reset, hardware reset, nothing seems to work. It's basically worthless. I cannot recommend this item.
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on June 5, 2015
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