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TOP 50 REVIEWERon February 8, 2015
 In my video review, I show exactly how one would use these cable ties. Hopefully, it helps you after you see how it can turn a mess into a very clean, nice-looking wrapped cable. I was able to wrap everything, thick to thin, large to small, anything that needed to tie or wrap, these cables are durable, strong and look great. Highly recommended. If this video was helpful,[...]. Happy shopping!
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VINE VOICEon November 29, 2007
As cable ties go, these are absolutely great. They're more versatile than the semi-permanent plastic cable zip ties and relatively inexpensive verses the overpriced Belkin Velcro cable ties.

There are three things you should be aware of about this product, however. First, despite the brightly colored packaging, these cable ties, as the description notes, are all black. That's not a bad thing, but know that this isn't the multi-colored package.

Second, the way these ties work is that they come in several rolls. To get a new tie, you basically tear one off the roll (like you would a sheet of toilet paper), poke out material left in the little hole on one end, then thread the tie through that hole. These don't come as 100 individual ties you can just grab from the bag, there's a very small amount of work involved in their use.

Third, the price is a bit deceptive with the current seller. Check the padded shipping charges to know the true cost.

That said, these ties are still my favorite of the few brands/types of ties I've tried. The product is a great value and highly recommended!
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on January 29, 2012
They're not expensive, thick velcro ties, but they get the job done. I just want to neatly wrap the cords to all the gadgets I've obtained as of late. Mainly, power cords for tablets, cameras and such. They do the job - nothing more, nothing less. The price was great for the amount you get, too.
Pack contained:
1 roll 25 grey
1 roll 25 black

Each tie is on a roll of 25 ; the end of each tie is perforated so you can just tug and detatch it from the next tie on the roll
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on January 15, 2010
First let me say that these velcro cable wraps are great for their intended purpose, especially if you will not be adjusting them very often after you have secured your cables. I had purchased the Velcro One-Wrap Straps, 8" x 1/2", 5 Pack from Office Depot for about $4 a few years ago to tame my microphone and guitar cables and I love them. When I found these straps (100 pack) for under $10 I jumped at the opportunity to buy them, but was a bit disappointed when compared to the 5-pack, as these are considerably thinner and have much smaller "hooks" and "loops" so they do not stay as secure as the former straps (-1 star). Also, since I use them for gigs I am constantly adjusting them and so far two have ripped at the through-hole (-1 more star) which has yet to happen with my 3+ year old straps. If you are looking for a convenient way of securing your cables and do not intend to subject them to heavy use, then I highly recommend them, however if you are planning on using them a lot (i.e. for highly used audio cables) then I would recommend buying the larger heavy duty multicolor 5 pack instead.
Update: Just to clarify a bit, Velcro One-Wrap cable ties come in two flavors (AFAIK). The first kind is a heavy-duty type that will say something like "super strong" somewhere in its description commonly found in 5 packs but that come in packs up to 25 or cut to use rolls (thanks Mike603 for the info). The second type are these which are labeled as "light duty" or "thin ties" that are reusable and GREAT for infrequent changes and/or light to moderate use - these seem to be most commonly found in 50 to 200 count packs. I use the light duty for taming the wire mess around my computer and organizing other cables around my home, but find them to be too thin for audio gigs.
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on April 5, 2015
The roll is very convenient and very easy to store. Velcro branded straps are a good value and worth the small amount of extra money to buy the name brand over the knock-offs. It would be even better if the roll had various sizes. But I'm not complaining.

To me the biggest benefit of the Velcro branded style of strap is the fact that the Velcro branded design allows you the ability to attach the strap to the cable if you want to, so you don't have to worry about misplacing the strap while you're using the cable. With other strap designs, such as the Dotz branded one shown in the picture, you will have to detach the strap from the cable when you want to use the cable.
review image review image review image review image
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 3, 2015
This is a great product to have. Unless you have sworn off all electricity and telecommunications, you most likely have to deal with cords/cables. Nothing is more annoying than when they are messy, and this can in some cases present a tripping hazard. Rubber bands, wire ties, traditional zip ties, strong, and tape can all be used for this purpose, but they all have their downsides (some of which are significant.)

Here, we have a cord/cable tie that uses a removable & reusable hook-and-loop fabric fastener produced by the Velcro brand, a name synonymous with hook-and-loop fasteners. Vastly different from the other options listed above, it is easy to apply, easy to remove, does not cause damage to cords/cables, does not rapidly degrade with age, can easily be cut (or combined) to change the size for the User's needs, and works well even when being used frequently.

You have likely seen similar products at hardware stores, but generally the quantity per-package is low, and the price high. That limits practicality if you have a lot of cords. But here you can get 100 Velcro ties for about 6 bucks. Made with both economy & performance in mind, these wraps are lighter duty than some other Velcro products offered, and are only available in a black color. They measure 8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, so they work well with most standard-sized cords (for larger cords, just connect two or more through the loops to form a single giant cord tie.) Each individual tie has a hole punched into one end, which allows the user to loop & tighten the tie to a cord/device so that the tie does not fall off of the cord when completely unstrapped/opened up.

What I wanted was a versatile, durable, removable, reusable, and affordable cord/cable tie...these fit those needs perfectly. They are well made, reasonably strong, and the Velcro fastener used is very good quality considering the price. While these are lighter duty than most of the retail packages of Velcro Cord Ties are, these work perfectly for my general home-use needs and they cost about 1/10th the price.

So I highly recommend these Velcro cord/cable ties!
review image
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on October 11, 2007
You can go out and buy htose plastic cable ties at the local hardware store and walk around with a pair of wire cutters to cut and replace one of those plastic things every time you need to adjust a bundle - or you can simply use one of these handy Velcro ties. The 100 pack is great as the ties come in 4 spools of 25 ties wound together so they are easy to store and place wherever you may need to grab them. The professional look of these ties is matched by their strength and flexibility.
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on August 16, 2013
These cable ties are terrific for any cable you need to bunch up and organize. I am using them
principally on sound equipment like 18-20 ft guitar cables, 15-foot speaker cables and the
like. When I get around to it I will also organize my stereo cables and extension cords as well.

You will receive 100 of them stuck to each other in a single row; one on top of the other. They
come in a resealable plastic bag with the a plain white title card inserted in the bag that says,
"8" niversal Reusable Velcro Strip". Yes, the word, 'Universal', is missing the 'U'. Needless to
say these are made in China and quality control is poor in the editing department. This is not
about translation, but simply poor quality control in the marketing department. The 'misspelling'
does not impugn the quality of the product in any way. (See photos)

I have been using these cable ties for 2 weeks. I almost always recoil my guitar cables when done
playing and use one cable tie to bind the 18-20 foot cables. I play almost daily and so I have been
wrapping and unwrapping these ties without any problems or apparent wear-down.

For extension cords, depending upon the length and thickness, you may need a longer cable tie to
successfully secure the cord. I would also recommend using two cable ties of this size to ensure
a good secure fit for extension cords. From my wanderings on Amazon, as I shopped for cable ties,
I found there are wider and longer Velcro ties available.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and the price was terrific for the amount and quality
of the product. So I gave them 5 stars and recommend them highly. This is not a criticism but the
ties I purchased did not have the yellow and blue package with a photo on the front. The only
difference I perceive is that the ties are in a row instead of a roll and the packaging itself.

NOTE: make sure you actually attach the tie to each cable by slipping the tapered end through the
slot on the opposite end and THEN wrapping the tie around your cord. That way you will not lose
the tie and it will always be available to you. Now go out and organize to your heart's content.

ADDENDUM October 2015: Still using these cable ties and the same one that have been installed
on my guitar cables are still useful and holding up just fine. I still recommend them.
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This package contains 4 rolls of Velcro ties. What makes them different from velcro that you can buy at any sewing store (for less money) is the shape they are cut into. I am attaching a photo which shows the shape that allows you thread one end into the other for tightening. Each ties is 1/4 inch wide and 7 1/2 inches long. However they are not separated in the roll, so you can detach two ties as a unit, making a whole unit 15 inches long (and so forth in units of 7 1/2 inches).

The benefit of Velcro ties over plastic ties is that they can be reused. They are easy to adjust in size by wrapping them a few extra times or loosening.

I found many uses for these ties. From obvious ones to somewhat creative:

- keeping my computer cords tidy and untangled
- attaching outdoor art to the black iron rod railing
- keeping wrapping paper from unrolling
- for bundling ski poles, garden sticks, and other long objects in the basement for storage
- keeping glasses attached the visor in the car
- keeping my phone inside a pouch without slipping out (yet either to remove when needed)
- securing a cargo net in the back of my car
- attaching a loop that holds the cable to recharge my tablet at table level while plugged in (otherwise it was on the floor when not in use)
- several loops that are attached to my textile loom, which holds shuttles and scissors when they are not use, but right there when I need them
- used as tarp fastener to keep the tarp over objects under my deck while construction on the deck was going on

Good stuff - I recommend!

Ali Julia review
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 5, 2009
Have you ever used zip-ties to hold cables in place? How about twist-ties or those long cable "tubes"?

If you've ever had to deal with these, you know how difficult they can be, and when you're done you just never want to touch them again (as it means either bringing out the scissors for the zip-ties or un-tubing about a mile of wires.

I picked up the 100-pack of these to try and clear out the mess behind my home theater, and it worked out great!

The cable ties are a good size and the velcro is wonderful (to note: its not the "normal" velcro you find, it doesn't even feel like velcro, but it works just as good as the other stuff!) One nice thing is being able to "wrap" the tie around itself (so there is no loose end hanging off of it).

As mentioned by another reviewed, these come in "rolls", so you have to unwrap (and tear off) pieces. Not a big hassle, and probably better than a bunch of loose velcro pieces thrown in a bag (they'd stick together).

While easier to remove than zip-ties (and these do a much better job), it's still a bit of a challenge at first (since the connector sticks to itself - after doing a few you'll get the hang of it). For anyone with a home-theater, this is perfect! Bundle any AC cords, speaker wire or A/V connectors into a ball. Also works for other corded equipment that you might normally put away (such as a Rockband microphone).

The only thing I can say is better about the "other stuff" out there, is that the plastic-tubing is still needed if you want to conceal wires. These will keep the wires together, but it still looks like a long string or cables. The 100-pack is more than enough for doing a computer room (with loads of accessories) and a home-theater (8 speakers, TV, receiver and about 6-7 devices). They sell a 50-pack for a little less, but you might want to go for the 100-pack just to have some in the future.

The only negative thing I can say, is that buying these made me go around and have to cut-off all of the old zip-ties I was using before!
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