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on May 5, 2011
First of all, Excellent quality, very durable mask.
It's not one of those cheap plastic ones that can bend and break easily. However the price is not so great but if you're willing to spend 30 dollars then YAY.
The only problem I have with this mask is that there is NO ADJUSTABLE STRAP. So if you have a small head, don't bother getting this unless you're just going to hang it on a wall. Luckily I can wear this, it's just not snug. But there's no way a revolutionary can run away from their totalitarian government without this mask falling off. If you have a big head or know how to sew, then lucky you. You can at least sew the strap to where it fits you. But the rest of us are kinda screwed.

Great to remain "anonymous", also gave it 4 stars for educational value, this is a good chance to teach people about Guy Fawkes and oppressive governments.

and by the way, I ordered this from amazon directly as NEW, I can already tell this is not a new product, the elastic cords weren't even holding the mask to the box, the inside of the mask wasn't clean and on one side of the strap, the sewing is already coming loose. I had to clean the inside of the mask with alcohol wipes and now I need to learn to sew.
very bad amazon, very bad. I would return this for a new one but I'm too lazy to do that and then I would have to pay for return shipping.

So, overall, great mask, I just wish they would put an adjustable strap on it.
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on October 13, 2011
Just got mine today, AMAZING. Excellent material, note...I also ordered the $5 plastic one which is also great quality and would be nice for a potential Halloween costume for those looking to save the money.

Vendor must have read previous reviews because mask now offers elastic strap with Velcro for size adjustment.
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on February 6, 2013
It really wouldn't have been hard to make this a decent, FUNCTIONAL mask aside from the fact that the weird, cartoonish, greenish hue of the mask that makes it look like it's glow in the dark (it doesn't). Also the plastic isn't as thick as I would expect it to be for $20. I wouldn't call it a 'Collector's Edition' mask-I was just call it a regular mask (that's weirdly colored). I showed my friends and they said they all said the same thing (and took it in the bathroom to see if it glowed in the dark). WHO RATED THIS MASK 5 STARS??
And what bother's me the most is that it's not a functional mask. There's only a thin piece of foam glued to the forehead that holds this mask off your eyelids and lips. I guess I could use a hot glue gun and put thicker pieces of foam on it that lifts it off your face so you can talk, breathe and blink, but I'm more likely to just return it and look for a better one on ebay.
Did I mention this mask looks green?? If anyone loved the movie as much as I did (or wants to participate in Anonymous protests) then buy a legitimate Guy Fawkes mask, NOT this one..
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on June 12, 2012
The quality of the material is great. Makes the mask durable, but the mask has some clear physical defects. One eye is cut badly, making it difficult to wear. One of the Velcro straps is minorly frayed at the end. The mask itself has scuff marks, including a prominent black mark on the tip of the nose. The inside of the mask was dirty and required cleaning. The box was dirty and scuffed, and the box flap to the mask itself was already open when I got it out of the shipping box.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed in this purchase, and I'm going to see about returning the item.
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on October 20, 2011
Overall this is a great mask but there are some problems (with mine at least). The right eye on mine is cut out down into the cheek while the left is cut perfectly causing it to look crooked. It is pretty obvious too, so I will never actually wear this damn thing. I would like to return it for another one but I doubt that would be possible. If you would like to own this mask I would recommend trying to find it in a store as to check for any defects before you buy it. I am fairly pissed off and extremely disappointed in this purchase.
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on June 24, 2011
The mask came obviously came from the basement. It had dust on it and one of the plastic strips was broken so the mask was flopping around in the box, so they threw some bubble wrap in there. thanks for giving me the bottom of the barrel for my money.

The mask itself is short, doesn't completely cover your chin and it sits far from your face, severely restricting breathing and vision. Not what you want if you plan on being on the move. This can be easily fixed by using a safety pin on the excess strap. I'm a big guy too, so you'll need to adjust, guaranteed.

As far as cosmetically, its good.

Like I said if you adjust so the mask is flush with your face it greatly improves vision and breathing.

We Do Not Forget. We Do Not Forgive.


Overall I'd recommend, the flaws were minor and its what the Mask represents that makes it priceless.
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on September 20, 2012
Ordered this mask for a halloween party. I promptly sent it back. When we took it out of the box the first thing we noticed was the green tint. I even commented that it reminded me of the Goblin. I could have sworn it was supposed to be white... Upon closer inspection, we found that the paint job for the shading around the nose was messed up, there were scratch markes on the tip of the nose, and it was dirty. I really don't believe that this is the actual "collector's edition" since no where on the box does it actually state that. I don't recommend anyone to buy this mask.
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on November 11, 2012
This is a decent quality mask made of sturdy material. It is not a top of the line mask like you might pay $80 for from someone that does that sort of thing but for the price you pay it is durable, good looking and adjustable. A few things worth noting:

*The item arrived boxed and in good condition; however there were a few smudges here and there which told me the item was likely repackaged. I had to spend a couple of minutes with a rag and some vinegar to clean off the smudges.

*Although the strap which holds on the mask is elastic (with a Velcro fastener) it is a snug fit and for someone with a large head this may be difficult to wear unless you know someone who can sew/tailor to adjust the strap for you.

*On the plus side the eye-holes for this mask are surprisingly well done. They provide a very nearly unhampered field of vision while still managing to be a snug (but not uncomfortable) fit. The eye hole portion of a mask is a particular nitpick of mine and the main reason why I don't generally wear masks without a very good reason. Thus is why I was especially pleased with this mask.

Overall I was very pleased with this purchase and would buy again.
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on December 31, 2011
The main thing people want with these kind of masks is durability. And this is a good example of how durable a mask should be.
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on October 26, 2011
Hey folks. So for starters, I bought 2 Guy Fawkes masks...this one, and another from a different company, less expensive price. The saying proves true, that you get what you pay for, but I kinda expected this. This mask is as most of the other reviews say....VERY durable, and thick. Details are great. Coloring looks weird, until you don the rest of the outfit, and then the coloration goes well for a shadowy figure.

The ONLY complaint I have is as follows. When you don the hat, it forces the chin of the mask out away from the face, making it slightly harder to see, and exposing a bit more of your face. This mask actually is a perfect mold to my face. So actually, it just may be that the hat needs to be a tiny bit bigger around.

I added (from the suggestion of another amazon buyer) a bit of net over the inside of the eyes, adding a bit of mystery as to who is behind the mask. "Who? Who is but a form, following the function of what...what I am, is a man in a mask"

I suggest adding a tiny bit more of the padded foam or such on top of the existing foam that comes with the mask, just to add a bit more comfort, as when you don the hat, it tends to put A LOT of pressure to the forehead.

Other than that, this mask is an excellent buy, and if you take care of it, it may serve you on another day in the future. Enjoy! I know I will.
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