Customer Reviews: Verilux Clearwave Phototherapy System for Acne
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
2nd update: Note: Cystic acne is a different kind of pimple that never surfaces; this isn't made to treat cystic acne...just the regular common kind of acne breakouts This WILL effectively treat acne caused by anything on the surface of the skin such as sensitivity to products or from dead skin, any bacteria below the surface, hormonal, or due to food reactions. Cystic acne is large cysts that cannot be broken from the surface and never surface or "pop" and are exceptionally painful because of it. Some who have cystic acne say blue light therapy does work anyway but the instant results you get with this for common acne will likely not be as a amazing for you if you have cystic acne because this cannot bring the clogged pores or bacteria to the surface.

I will note that if I eat too much chocolate or lots of sugar I can have severe acne and because I learned the connection, I never do that. However, just to test this out on severe breakouts, I did just that this week... It cleared up a severe breakout overnight that was not just "a zit" but lots of them over many areas. Looked in the mirror in horror at night, Used this over my face one time, twice in a couple areas, BAM...woke up, and my skin was perfect again. Because of the large head I can do my entire face in little time. I simply have no breakouts anymore because I zap them instantly. My face responds wonderfully well to this. When the manual says about 4 weeks to a cure, (it doesn't mean it takes a full month to see any results. That would be silly. No blemish I've ever had hangs around for a full month. It means it takes a month until your face stops breaking out as it did and your skin has renewed itself and is totally clear) However, as far as clearing up individual spots, mine are gone in 2 zaps at most, often one zap.


My favorite thing is that you can replace the head of this one whereas most blue light wands make you buy a whole new UNIT after 600 uses which is crazy expensive. If you don't replace the heads after about 600 uses, any blue light want won't work as well, Bulbs dim, just like in tanning salons. Just because they are still on, doesn't mean they work so being able to replace it is WONDERFUL.My ANSR also ran out of effectiveness after 600 uses, but you couldn't replace the head so you had to buy a whole new unit. While you won't need to use these daily after a few weeks when your face is clear, that still is an unneeded expense. It's way more affordable to just buy a new head and keep using the wand for years and years.

1st update:I thought I would update my review as I"m simply wowed by this little gadget. I originally mentioned in my review that it said you can treat the same area 3 times per day as needed. I simply haven't had to any more. I put the wand head on any area that is breaking out, hold it there for three minutes, and the NEXT DAY my face is flawless. Sometimes just hours later. My skin responds incredibly well to this one and I"ve, consequently, never had better skin in my life! In fact, I wake up with tight skin--which is not typically a feeling in one's 40s. I've had overly sensitive skin my whole life and this is, frankly something I'll never go without now. I had hundreds of dollars of creams in my cabinet I had to keep buying to keep my skin where I wanted it to be but even then they often took too long to work or worked sometimes. This zaps and creates an instant flawless effect. Unlike my prescription creams that cost over $100 per TUBE and are gone in a month. Best skin I've ever had in my life...flawless both on the surface and beneath.



Original review:

I thought I would start my review with an article from the Mayo Clinic, the center for the top medical studies:

Acne treatments: Emerging therapies for clearer skin

New acne treatments -- such as blue light therapy may be an effective option more powerful than traditional therapy

Most laser- and light-based therapies reach the deeper layers of skin without harming the skin's surface. Laser systems are thought to damage the oil (sebaceous) glands, causing them to produce less oil and target Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the bacterium that causes acne inflammation. These therapies can also improve skin texture and lessen the appearance of scars, so they may be good treatment choices for people with both active acne and acne scars.

Blue light therapy. Exposing the skin to a low-intensity blue light source is believed to destroy P. acnes. This painless procedure is usually done through a series of sessions. P. acnes multiplies rapidly, however, so ongoing treatment is necessary for best results. Possible side effects of blue light therapy include temporary redness and dryness in the treated areas.


Okay, now on to my own review now that you know the medical reason for using blue light therapy:

Several months ago I bought and reviewed the ANSR beam (and gave it 5 stars) after finding out about blue light therapy. This is the most popular method of zapping acne-prone skin regardless of your age and getting truly glowing skin. While light therapy may seem like a gimmick, all you need to do is google it...It scientifically proven as the blue light kills bacteria not just on your skin, but beneath it as well. This means you don't just medicate acne that you already have, but you prevent any from ever forming.

Because I work out and sweat a lot and have sensitive skin, I have always had to stay on top of skin care or I have breakouts. I kept it under control in the past by spending over $100 a month on Retin-A in order to have perfect skin. Then I learned about doctors using blue light therapy as the newest, and better treatment.

For me, I had results the very first time I used it (see my review on the ANSR beam when I bought that) and when I use it daily, not only do I never see any blemish, it cures ruddiness and bumps under the skin so it's perfectly smooth.

I thought ANSR was the best thing on the planet.

Then I got this one.

Stop the presses.

This is FAR MORE like the professional ones a dermatologist uses. Why? My ANSR blue light therapy has 2 blue lights. TWO. This means that it took over 30 minutes morning and night to draw it over my face and I often realized I wasn't holding it correctly (you can't tell if it moves in your hand) and the blue light wasn't on my skin at all. It doesn't come with the eye protectors because those two lights are pretty darn dim. Still, even so, it was the best thing I'd found for treating blemishes and if you look through my reviews you can see I have tried everything there is because I hate it when I have a really sweaty workout week and see my skin react because of it.

Using blue light therapy was the first thing in decades to cure my blemish prone skin.


So what's different about this one?

1. 50 TIMES STRONGER TONS of blue lights...I mean, about FIFTY blue lights as compared to the two on the ANSR blue light therapy beam.

And they are stronger so I do recommend the eye gear.

2.. BETTER BATTERY LIFE Also my battery ran down far more easily on the ANSR beam than it does on this one. Anyone who complains about battery life hasn't used a blue light wand before. Due to the power needed, they all need recharging after about 6 uses BUT, unlike most on the market, this comes with a long cord you can plug directly into the wall socket OR you can recharge it on the stand. You actually NEVER have to recharge it if you don't want to. I think those who don't read this part of the directions wouldn't understand this. It looks like you have to plug the unit into the charging base when in reality you have the option to also plug the unit directly in. No recharging ever. No need to worry about battery life.

3. REPLACEABLE HEADS Better still for this one, once the blue lights die out on the ANSR, it's just done...I expect you'd have to buy another one. Now that is expensive! This one has replaceable heads and it tells you how many treatments are left on it each time you use it. This keeps the power strong and your skin flawless. If you have ever been to a tanning salon they will suggest you tan for less time whenever they replace the bulbs because they are far stronger. This is why you want a rechargeable head...otherwise it just stops working as well.

So how did I test it? I stopped using the ANSR and did a workout that was extra sweaty (the Insanity DVD...killer workout) then I refrained from washing my face right after with soap, but just splashed it clean with water. I knew with my sensitive skin that would do it...and sure enough, it started to break out.

Now, I should say that it normally takes 4 weeks for blue light therapy to get everything that is deep in your pores out. This can mean you'll see blemishes come to the surface because it's getting rid of everything below the surface. After that, keep using it and you just won't have breakouts. But this, the first night, cleared up my blemishes. It did it far better and faster than my ANSR as it was just deeper. You REALLY feel the tingles when it's been on the same area for 3 minutes. Like the ANSR it says you should use this daily, (my instructions appear to be different from the other reviewer's but the fold out card say says use it on one area of the face for three minutes, then move it to the next area for three minutes and so on and you can use it three times a day in this manner. I use it twice daily personally initially then just once daily or spot rreatment.

4. LESS TIME COMMITMENT SO YOU ARE LIKELY TO USE IT MORE OFTEN But here is the bonus...because my other blue light therapy wand only has 2 small bulbs I often just couldn't find the time to use it when I wanted to unless I sat down to watch TV and ran it over my face because you dont want to just run blue light therapy all over, you want to start with a small area, and slowly move it back and forth. This kills everything below the surface. When the head of the therapy wand is that small, and even when it becomes more dim because the heads on the ANSR can't be replaced, then it just took FOREVER to work. This, with the large head all full of bulbs, did more in far less time. And you don't have to move it all around because the head is large enough, you can just apply it to one spot. When it beeps it tells you your three minute treatment time is up and you can move it to another spot if needed if you have breakouts in another area. Finally, it's do-able and not the longest chore ever to use it.

Charge it for 12 hours the day you get it prior to using it as per I said, it can take several treatments before everything clears out of your skin, but after one month you should have flawless skin from then on because it kills not just what is on the surface like every other treatment does, it kills everything below it so you have perfectly smooth and flawless skin.

In fact, blue light therapy is the only thing that allows me to skip foundation for the first time in my life.

I gave away my ANSR beam...never thought I'd say that. That is more like a home remedy kit and this is exactly like what my dermatologist uses...stronger, bigger, more powerful and boy does it work!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MAKING IT 'START': This detects contact with your skin and starts working. If you don't read this part of the directions, which I didn't at first, I thought the unit was defective and would not turn on. It turns out, in order to save battery life, it IS on when you hear that first beep. Then place it where you want to on your skin and only then will it turn on. Plus that saves your eyes if you aren't wearing the goggles as you don't ever have to look at the blue light. Problem is, if you don't read this part of the directions and you are used to other wands, it won't make much sense and will appear to be defective.

I no longer have a jar full of expensive creams and soaps

No more dry skin from treatments causing wrinkles just to cure one one blemish; this has no ill effect on the rest of the skin--just makes all my pores look smaller

If you are currently using Retin-A or any other medication making you sensitive to sunlight, you'll want to stop prior to using this. A benefit is this is the same light therapy used to cure depression during winter time as it's like natural sunlight, but that also means you'll get a bit of a burn that may look like a rash if you are using any medications that tell you to stay out of the sun as it is light therapy.

Other things I've tried and reviewed on Amazon: Clarisonic and Nutrosonic (great for clearing dead skin for me but did not clear acne as well due to not killing the bacteria beneath the skin, better for topical) End-zit: excellent drying cream you can put on, clears it up pretty quickly, salicylic acid 40%: a peel that will help peel off the top layer. Which one works the best? This blue light therapy did for me.


Changing the head: You get 600 uses out of this before you need to replace the head, so if you used it twice a day every other day (and after its initial use you shouldn't need to, unlike washes and scrubbers etc that clean your skin's surface, this kills what's below it so once you clear everything out, you should easily maintain totally pure skin) you'd still get over a year and a half on ONE head. You shouldn't need to change the battery ever because it has a plug in cord that not only plugs into its stand so you can recharge each time (I charged it, per instructions, for 12 hours prior to using it the first time and away from the stand not being charged again it has lasted a week without recharging, being used several times per day for me) but it also has a power cord you can plug directly into the wand so that this shouldn't cost you much over time to maintain--30 bucks or less every 1.5 years after the initial purchase (right now replacement heads are $30; and they will likely go down I'm guessing but for 1.5 years of use, that's nothing) and that's if you use it really often...

Bottom line: When I love something I am a raving fan. When I hate something I am equally as loud. I have no ties to this company but I'm totally obsessed with this wand because it changed my life. I go makeup free ALL the time now. I know models use blue light to keep their skin perfect...I've tried 3 systems now and professional dermatologist blue light and this is the best one for me...convenience, keeps it's strength with the replacement heads, can plug directly into the wall socket, so battery is of no concern, the size means I can do my whole cheek in one zap, and the number of bulbs means it is 50 times stronger so it clears everything usually in one zap, no matter how severe the breakout.

Raving. Fan. Lifechanger.
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on October 15, 2012
OK, so i got the Verilux Clearwave because i work in a salon and i'd been using the ANSR beam previously but i'm not too concerned about needing red light therapy at this point. So along comes the Verilux which i was really excited about and i couldn't tell you if it did or did not work because i was so fed up with it after several uses it has been stashed in a drawer. Why? Here's the scoop, while i think that the concept behind this product is fantastic and sound the design is flawed. What if i have acne really badly on my chin or nose you would think oh i'll use this on those areas. wrong. The Verilux head has to be directly in contact with the skin on all parts of the head for the light to stay on, so unless it is on a flat surface of your face (forehead or cheeks...or sometimes chin) then its going to turn right off. i was really bummed that i wasn't able to use it like it was advertised, especially after spending the amount on it that i did :( Maybe they'll come out with a more compact version that is able to reach the "hard to get to" areas.
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on March 8, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, the VERILUX is NOT RECOMMENDED for use on severe Nodular or Cystic acne. But if you have an occasional pimple, I think it works great. Also, if you are using any prescription product such as Retin-A or other medications that cause hypersensitivity to UV light, you might get burned or rashes from this product.

I have had great results with the VERILUX CLEARWAVE ACNE TREATMENT WAND and find that it is a great alternative to acne medications that contain Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid and other harsh ingredients that can dry skin out, especially adult skin.

Trust me, I've used everything from Clearasil to Pro-Activ and often with mixed results. Most products will dry my skin out, so I'll have to skip a couple of days, but with the VERILUX, I've experienced none of the side effects that I experience with the lotions.

I have adult acne and tend to breakout in stages, with my pimples being very big, sometimes developing into boils, so I always have to have something to combat my breakouts.

In my experience, it would be very difficult to use the VERILUX WAND over large areas of your face and body. It's not impossible but it would be time consuming and difficult to maneuver, so I recommend that you use it for spot treatments. Also, the instructions recommend using the wand for no more than 3 treatments per pimple in one day, and no more than 2-3 times per week. So you should only do 9 treatments max per pimple, per week.

The wand works by shining UV light onto the pimple, which penetrates the epidermis, and kills the bacteria that causes the acne. Each treatment consists of holding the wand on the pimple and it shines the light on it for 3-minutes, so it shuts off automatically. From there you can move onto the next pimple if you have any.

***** TREATMENT (FYI, I stopped using any lotions or cleansers that help fight acne once I started the treatments) *****

1.) I started getting a big pimple on the side of my cheek, near my nose, and it was painful, swollen and red. The picture posted above is the beginning stage and I know from experience that this type of pimple goes from that, to more inflamed, swollen and painful, and usually takes about a week and a half to clear up, usually leaving a mark. As soon as it reared its ugly head, I did my first three-minute treatment with the VERILUX.

2.) The next day, even though the pimple was still red, I could feel that the swelling had greatly subsided and the area wasn't as tender to the touch. I gave myself another treatment in the morning and followed that by another at night, before bed.

3.) I continued treating the pimple twice a day and it cleared up by the third and fourth day. See photos above.

I wanted to write a review then and there but it could've been a fluke so I held off. Of course, I started getting another big zit on my chin, which started off the same way as the one on my cheek. So I began treatment on that one.

Again, I did twice daily treatments, morning and night, and it cleared up the pimple by the fourth day, even though there's still a slight mark where the pimple was, but there's no swelling or tenderness. I also used it on some smaller breakouts and it helped clear those up, too.

Here are some drawbacks of the VERILUX ACNE WAND:

* 600 Treatments - You must replace the light head after 600 uses.

* Charging Light Is Bright - You should charge this in the bathroom because the light is really bright when it's charging. And the lights animate, going up and down, but the light will go out once it's completed.

* You Must Wear Protective Goggles - The included goggles have a small elastic band and is a little uncomfortable to put on. I thought that the band could be better designed, but it's thin so you can use the wand near your temples.

* Light Head Must Come In Contact With Skin - I guess this is a safety feature but the light head will not turn on if it's not in direct contact with skin. So you can't use it on your scalp, which I wanted to do because I've been breaking out on various parts of my head and putting creams there is impossible because of my hair. If you have a heavy beard it might not work.

* Head Gets Warm - The head doesn't get too hot but it will warm up if you use it on more than one or two areas for treatment.

* Unit Will Shut Off On Low Battery - The unit will turn off in the middle of a treatment once the battery gets low. I got about 8 treatments on one charge.

* Comes With Charging Stand - You can charge with or without the stand.

Anyway, see the pictures that I posted above to see the results. I'll continue to use the VERILUX CLEARWAVE ACNE PHOTOTHERAPY SYSTEM from now on. I took off one star because of the price and the fact that you must buy replacement heads in the future.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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VINE VOICEon February 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I do like this product, between my Clarsonic Pro, Glymed facial wash and this Clearwave I see a difference in my skin. I have mild acne problems, with mild blackheads. I notice that when I am PMSing, the acne is a little worse in general and always on my forehead.

We are a 1 income household so for me, this is a nice treat as we can't afford going to the spa to get facials every week, that is why my husband bought me the Clarsonic Pro. I also feel like this is another special treat for me because of the same reasons.

It works well with my Clarsonic to clear up my forehead breakouts and blackheads. I use this every other day 3 min on head on my forehead.

Although this does work I think the price to maintain this is a bit high. You can only get 4 -3 min treatments out of 1 charge, so if you have more than a few spots to treat, you have to recharge (this can be a pain) the battery is 24.00 to replace and the head is 35.00 to replace.

While this is by far cheaper than a weekly trip to the spa, it's not for everyone due to the expenses of replacement parts. I also feel that if I didn't have my Clarsonic Pro, that it would work, but having my Clarsonic I, definitely think it would not work as well for me.

I strongly recommend a good facial brush, scrub and great facial wash in conjunction with this product and I think you'll be super happy as I am! :)

UPDATE: 03/10/12

I went from 4 stars to 3 as I find it ever so annoying to keep charging this, plus I used it 1X on 1 spot on my forehead a few days ago and went to use it again and the battery was dead (yes, after 1 - 3 min cycle) I have been checking reviews from other sites, and there are many complaints about battery life. I thought I might have a faulty battery per Chandlers comment but it's just a poorly made battery. I am still happy with how it does help with acne but they need to design a better battery for the $35.00 price tag for a replacement!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now of course since I have hit my fifth decade, I don't have the kind of serious acne that hit me as a teen. However I still have the same oily skin. On one hand, that's nice, as I don't yet have many wrinkles, but on the other I still get some pimples, whiteheads, etc. Oh well, silver lining....

I have two areas of problems on my face- my forehead with smallish classic whitehead pimples, and my chin where I get ingrown hairs and stuff from shaving.

This product worked like a charm on the mild forehead breakouts. Now, on the shaving issues- not so much, but really there's only so much this sort of treatment can do with a ingrown hair- the hair has to break out before any `cure' can be 100%. Mind you, there seemed to be less of them, and they had a smaller "bump" etc.

Of course, if you have heavy acne, you should consult a Physician.

Chandler has given a wonderful review talking about the science behind this product. Please check it out.
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on February 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have struggled with acne since my teens. Although I'm an adult nearing 40, I still have breakouts (although not nearly as bad as my 20s). I still have daily blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores. The Verilux Clearwave Phototherapy System is working. I had concerns since I have darker skin, that the photo therapy may not penetrate or work. Where I have applied the treatment, whiteheads and blackheads tend to disappear by the next day. In fact, the right side of my face had a mild breakout due to hormonal changes. I applied the Clearwave system (which is a three-minute long treatment per spot) and by the next day, my acne had reduced, and by day two, disappeared. So, I'm pleased. Usually it takes longer than that, with the horrible effects of scarring.

The only thing I didn't like about this system was that it was difficult to get it to start. Yes, you hold the button down, and it beeps twice, quickly, letting you know when it will start up,but sometimes the light itself won't come on until 20 to 30 seconds later. This frustration aside, the clearwave does work.
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on April 16, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My 16 year old daughter has been using the Clearwave system for about 3 weeks now. Her breakouts range from severe to moderate acne problems. Once she started using the Clearwave system, I noticed a mild change in her acne after just a few uses. The more severe the acne, though, the LESS of an effect I saw from the device. It has only been a little over 3 weeks, so we will see how the device performs over a longer period of time.

She says there is no discomfort when using the Verilux, and she has been trying to keep up with the treatments. I think it does require a little bit more commitment than using any of the over the counter offerings currently available. Her skins does look clearer and less oily, though and I would guess this has a lot to do with helping with the mild acne breakouts. It does require constant charging of the battery, but that's not a big deal. She generally recharges it after each use. I would recommend this product for mild acne breakouts, and maintaining a daily skin treatment regimen. I have not seen good enough results YET to recommend it for severe acne.
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VINE VOICEon March 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My sister has been getting frequent acne breakouts now that she's hit her teenage years so I got light system for her to try. She has used it for several weeks and so far there has been some improvement in her skin. The redness from her acne is less noticeable and there are less breakouts overall. Her skin is still not perfectly clear, but it has made enough of a difference that people who hadn't seen her in a while commented on how good she looked. She likes the light better than a rotating cleansing brush because it doesn't aggravate her already irritated skin. She has tried many various drugstore and prescription acne medications before and while some have helped, the side effect of most of them was very dry, irritated skin. The light wand has improved her skin without the drying side effects. Since it is working, she's going to continue using the light and I'll update this review in a couple months with a progress report. If you're looking for some instant miracle cure for acne, you'll probably be disappointed, but it does seem to be a worthwhile product to try for someone suffering with breakouts. Obviously everyone's skin and type of acne is different, so it will likely work better on some than others. The instruction guide gives more specific info on what types of acne it is designed for. Basically it's for mild to moderate acne and not recommended for someone with severe nodule acne or severe cystic acne. If you have either of the latter forms of acne, the product won't help. The system comes with goggles to protect the eyes from the light. As far as the battery charge, we charged it for 12 hours before using it like the instruction sheet said. The battery charge has held pretty well unlike some other users have found. So far, we're happy with the results and glad we tried this.
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VINE VOICEon March 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Verilux Clearwave Acne System is a handheld device that delivers timed "doses" of blue light that studies have shown to be effective in treating certain types of acne.

It is lightweight and features a head that is replaceable once you exhausted all of the measured treatments. The head that comes with it is blue light. There is also a red light ("soothing") head available from Verilux (though as of last week they were completely out of them and they were not sure when they would be back in stock) which appeals to me as I am in my mid-30's and have acne and my skin is starting to show signs of aging (a childhood spent at the beach getting sun poisoning did not help!)...

The nice thing about the Verilux, compared to the Tanda Zap, is that the treatment head is larger, so you can treat a bigger area in one shot. You can also treat multiple areas, but I did notice that after 5 "doses" in one shot, my Verilux Clearwave gave me the code that meant it had gotten too hot, so I couldn't do my whole face and neck, but could do considerably more area than I could with the very small treatment head on the Tanda Zap.

As far as skin clearing- it's not instant, it's not rapid clearing. I do think it is preventing new outbreaks more than treating existing pimples. I treated my face, but left my forehead alone for two weeks and the rest of my face is clearer than my forehead. It definitely did not help me with a hormonal breakout, as I have always been prone to. I think, for me, I am going to look into getting one of the older model Verilux lamps that you sit in front of as it seems like it would be faster than treating so many areas 3 minutes at a time, with this treatment head.

I am glad that I spent the $50 to try the Tanda Zap before trying this, so I knew what to expect as far as clearing capabilities and sensation (once the bulb warms up it feels kind of soothing...otherwise, no notable sensation from the Verilux. The Zap vibrates while you are using it)... I will update my review once I have more treatments under my belt and if I get my hands on the red treatment head.

Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device
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on May 2, 2012
I have used the product five times so far (I only use it once a day, right before bed), and it appears to be helping me with my acne tremendously. However, I recommend applying some sort of heavy-duty anti-aging product (maybe even a red light treatment, which is recommended) immediately afterwards to avoid wrinkling of the skin. Remember that this is basically tanning bed technology, so be careful.
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