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on March 14, 2014
I'm going to be completely honest - this is coming from a full fledged marshmallow that suffered the long 7 years after this series got the axe. A little biased or had every right to be. But just because I'm a diehard fan doesn't mean I walked into the theater expecting or having already dubbed this film a masterpiece without having seen it. To me, there were areas of the TV series that weren't as up to par with the rest of it. My greatest fear was that all of us fans had paid in advance for a film that would be more along the lines of the lower end quality and completely unenjoyable as a film seeing as it was coming from the same people that were accustomed to producing TV. While I was so excited for Veronica coming back to life, I didn't want to get my hopes up - Twilight anyone?? So I walked in expecting basically the worst and was absolutely floored by what we got. Not just the cherished Easter eggs planted for the fans but the movie itself - plot, characters, comedy! I found myself completely sucked in and on the edge of my seat. There was even a moment that made me cover my mouth in a gasp (something I can't say I've EVER done for a movie). All I can say without spoiling anything is that this movie wrapped up everything that was left hanging in the series finale and manages to give us closure while leaving open for more. After season 3 I was a bit worried about where they would take the series but now I have to say I'm super excited for more.
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on March 9, 2014
"The Veronica Mars Movie" will satisfy all the marshmallows (as the Veronica Mars fans are called). For the non-fans, the mystery and characters are interesting enough to hold their attention, but given a choice I'd suggest you watch at least season one of the TV show first.

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has explained that once the movie was funded by a crowd-sourcing campaign, he felt he had to build a story that brought all the fan favorites back together. From Mac to Deputy Leo, they are (almost) all there. So too are the favorite trademarks of the series, from the smart banter to Logan's inspiring voicemail message. Thomas does a good job of pulling so many satisfying callouts and easter eggs into the movie -- without them ever feeling forced or pandering.

The movie opening is clips from the TV show, with voiceover by Veronica (Kristen Bell) telling us the story of what happened ten years ago. It does a good job of laying the foundation to help non-fans understand (and help us memory-addled fans remember) who Veronica is and why she may make the choices she does. Unfortunately, it doesn't (and really can't) fill in all the relationships with the myriad of characters who pop-up throughout the movie. That may be frustrating to the non-fans, but hopefully the story and dialog are tight enough to keep their interest.

The plot is grounded in a good mystery, and plays out in a satisfying way. Other threads advance the character, and set the stage for Veronica's life decisions.

This movie was done on a budget that's fraction of the typical studio film. Given the number of locations and actors involved, it's amazing Rob Thomas was able to pull off a film that looks and hangs so well. For instance, loving care is shown to the sound design, especially the selection and use of music. (A hat tip to Austin's Alejandro Escovedo, who appears as a street busker early in the film.) The cinematography feels more little screen than big screen, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays on Blu-ray.

My largest concern is that the movie may be a little overstuffed with all the references and callbacks to the series, and those minutes may have been better used on updating the relationship between Veronica and key characters, such as Wallace or Mac. For instance, there is a subplot with a friendly deputy in the corrupt Neptune police force that may have not been needed.

If you aren't a series fan, you may want to knock a star (or two) off my rating. If you are a fan, you've probably ignored this write-up and ordered it already. You won't be disappointed.
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on March 14, 2014
As one of the 90,000+ "backers" of the film, I went in feeling confident that the VM team would give me a good story. What I got was SO much more. The characters are as entertaining as ever. The chemistry between Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring will make LoVe fans swoon and the mystery to solve made this wanna be PI sit on the edge of my seat waiting for every clue. SO happy Warner Brothers and the "Marshmallow Army" gave the VM team a chance to tell another tale. Here's hoping there are more mysteries to solve in Neptune, CA!
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on March 14, 2014
I couldn't wait for this movie. The minute after midnight when it was available to watch I pulled out my kindle, grabbed some marshmallows and watched. I liked that it gave some background on the show and then a history of what the characters are doing now. The mystery had me on the edge of my seat guessing just like I used to when I watched the show. The only bad thing is that I'm greedy I want another movie or bring back the series !
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on March 13, 2014
Veronica Mars was an amazing TV series and it makes a fantastic movie. This version of Veronica is older and maybe just a little bit wiser but she still has her hang ups. At the opening Veronica is living in NYC with Piz and searching for a job as a lawyer. Veronica hasn't been back to Neptune since she left 10 years earlier.

That quickly changes when Logan is accused of murder and calls her for help. Veronica is only supposed to stay for a few days but that is quickly sidelined when she realizes so much is happening in her town.

For fans of the show there are plenty of references to the TV series and the high school reunion brings back all your favorite and not so favorite characters. There are jokes sprinkled throughout for fans to enjoy but it isn't off putting to those who aren't in the know.

The movie is fast paced and full f great lines as you would expect. The story line keeps you guessing as to what really happened to Logan's girlfriend and what is really happening in Neptune. Some of the plot lines are left unresolved easily leaving room for another film or the return of the TV show. Either way this movie is definitely worth seeing. IT is an enjoyable movie that is smart, funny and dances a little on the dark side.
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on March 15, 2014
I don't know, guys. This movie seems kind of... bad?

I've been a big Veronica Mars fan since the first season. The series had many of the things that I prize in pop culture: a compelling female protagonist, a commitment to diversity, witty dialogue, and some clever race/gender/class analysis. The show, despite its weak third season, is way up there in quality. It demands to be experienced.

But the movie is a different beast altogether. While it retains a lot of the Veronica Mars charm, particularly in Rob Thomas's tight, funny dialogue, it may ultimately be the perfect example for why shows shouldn't try to make the jump to film. Even more surprisingly, it may make a compelling case against fan-financed filmmaking. Both of these faults are so densely intertwined that it's difficult to separate them.

This is a movie that never feels like a movie. On a basic level, the direction and the cinematography are strikingly uninspired. This is a straight up ugly film -- flat, boring, and horribly lit. You have to wonder where those millions of dollars went. I just rewatched You're Next, a film that was made for under a million dollars, and it's gorgeous in comparison. There's just no cinematic vision here. If the look and feel of the film doesn't make that clear enough, then the script really hammers it home.

I'm not sure what people wanted from their Veronica Mars film. If this movie is any indication, they wanted: a roll call of every major and minor character from the series, an overwhelming number of references to that series, and the rekindling of the Veronica/Logan romance. Those things are fine, I suppose. But as a movie, this really needed to separate itself from the series, and to move boldly forward in a more interesting direction. It needed a bigger scope.

One of the things I always loved about the show was its ability to lay out a twisty, compelling mystery. It's a basic part of the show's appeal. But the movie fails at even that. The mystery that "drives" the film (and I put drive in scare quotes because I really think it's the Veronica/Logan romance that is the film's center) feels like a sad after-thought. Logan is implicated in the murder, but comes out unscathed in the end. The mystery revolves around relatively minor characters, and the murderer and victims themselves are entirely new characters. When the truth comes to the surface, it's hard to avoid this question: Who cares? What are the stakes here? How does this change anything? How does it further the characters at all, other than to return Veronica to a comfortable status quo? Is this just an excuse to get Veronica and Logan back together?

The movie is so close to that larger scope, too. There's an interesting B-plot revolving around Veronica's father, Keith, and the growing class tensions/corruption in Neptune. This is something that seems to have actual stakes, something that gets at a major theme that was developed in the show. But Veronica is on the periphery of it. Bizarrely, it's mostly resolved by the end of the film by discrediting the Sheriff, and implying that Keith will return to the position. Again, it's the restoration of the status quo. Colantoni's performance is wonderful and subtle--his sadness, his disappointment with seeing Veronica return to Neptune and the mess it represents is one of the best parts of the film. But it's all pretty much wasted.

Look, I'm not saying that I wanted Veronica to marry Piz and return to New York to be a corporate lawyer. God no. That would've been terrible. It would be a betrayal of the series and of Veronica as a character. But the movie needed a little more self-awareness. The way Veronica casts off Piz is heartless, and the movie seems to miss that. It's in such a rush to get Veronica and Logan back together that even Keith is rooting for them by the end, more or less. And it's worth noting that throughout the film Veronica often questions herself. Why is she doing this? Why is she considering getting back with Logan? That introspection and conflict is compelling, and it's real. It's just too bad that movie mostly brushes it aside.

Again, I'm not sure what people wanted out of their Veronica Mars movie. Judging by the other ratings, this is exactly what they wanted. And that's fine. Thomas clearly felt a need to give those fans what they wanted, and he definitely succeeded. However, I think the outcome shows that this is no way to make a movie. And if it's the case that this really is just a love-letter to fans, then I think it's fair to say this isn't a movie. At best, it's an extended episode. A bad one, at that. It isn't even as good as a minor-great episode of the show, like "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough." At worst, it's a pandering mess. I wanted Veronica to move forward, but, like her fans, she seems stuck in the past.
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on May 15, 2015
I came late to the world of Neptune and Veronica Mars. Although I’m of the age of other Marshmallows, the show somehow completely escaped my radar when it was on TV. I have a small but manageable obsession with Ira Glass, and one day I heard him and the “This American Life” crew talking about the Kickstarter. I was intrigued, and started watching the Veronica Mars TV series available through Amazon Prime Instant Video. Flash forward 2 weeks later, and I am completely obsessed. At the end of the third season I sent some regrettable texts (in all caps) to my friends that had been supporting me during this journey, and they reassured me that there was a movie. I downloaded it immediately.

While the immediate jump in time was a little jarring, I don’t know how people survived so long without it. The movie was exactly what it needed to be. This isn’t to say that it was…good. In fact, there were a few moments that were lol terrible. The writing in the scene with Ira was particularly cringe worthy (my poor heart!). The whole script spent a lot of time on exposition and then even more time on inside jokes that only super fans would get. I think they tried to make it for too many people, which watered down the final product, but I also understand the reasoning behind it. It’s a flawed movie and I was confused by some of the choices, but I was just so happy to get more of the characters that I love. Veronica and Logan forever, but maybe next time find a uniform that fits him.
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on March 28, 2016
I was hooked on Veronica Mars and binge watched all of the seasons while working in my sewing room. When the last season ended abruptly I almost cried. I HAD to know what happened to Veronica, her family, and her friends! I felt like they took away my best friend. When I saw that this movie was made I jumped for joy! I LOVED it!!! It was just like the show and did not let me down. If you loved the show while it was on TV; you will love this movie! If you have never seen the show; you may be lost and you will not appreciate this movie for all that it is!

Now, please make another one! I really miss my Veronica Mars!!
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on March 14, 2014
Having just watched the movie, I enjoyed it, but am left with the feeling that something was missing. I think it was that I saw all the old characters but didn't get much time with any of them including Veronica and Logan. The movie was essentially what would have been a full season's mystery condensed from 22 eps to a movie. All the filler eps and mystery of the week eps were gone and they often held the best character moments. Heck, the first Logan and Veronica kiss was in a mystery of the week ep. I would have preferred more time with established characters and left out some of cameos from stars who never had anything to do with the show originally.

There was a lot of pre-movie complaints that Piz was in it at all. My thought before viewing it proved correct, Piz was there because the writers were doing their best to bring us in, ten years later, where we last left the characters. Veronica was last seen with Piz so we meet her again with Piz.

You could tell they were trying to hide the early stages of Kristen Bell's pregnancy with the way shots were presented and the way she was dressed, frumpy for a woman in her late twenties. Jason Dohring seemed very thin, but still a great actor. I wish we had more time with Logan to either see how he was the same and yet different.

I question why they built the mystery around the one character whose portrayer refused to return, confusing me as to who she was. Leighton Meeseter was too busy doing nothing since Gossip Girl ended to do it I guess.

In the end, the movie wrapped with the kind of ending I like. Loose threads are all tied up, but I was left with the notion of what direction the characters' lives were going in so, sequel, webisodes, novel or nothing, I can make up my own future for them.

Oh, and don't listen to the critics who say Logan in uniform tops the green sweater and puka shells...nothing beats the sweater :)
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on January 9, 2015
Wish they would have filmed this when Kristen Bell wasn't pregnant, as it is a bit distracting, lol. Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good. I could wish they had shown more of her internal thinking (via the diary mode of narration they used more in the series) throughout the movie. More explanation of Logan's character change, I can read between the lines that he joined the military to get himself under control (disciplined life) after beating up Piz at the end of season 3, but it isn't stated strongly enough. And it would have been great if he had said something about wanting to be worthy of V and/or any worthwhile woman. Her relationship with Piz, her current fiance and boyfriend from season 3, could have used some more explanation. I loved the narration at the end explaining her final decision though. Still, I enjoyed the romp through Neptune and the stellar performances of so many characters from the show: the public defender, Wallace, Mac, the nefarious Mr. Kane, a few familiar deputies, and Weevil! Enrico Colantoni is an amazing actor and plays her dad so well! Overall, I think most fans will enjoy the movie, I know I did.
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