Customer Reviews: Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light for Kindle, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Keyboard (Graphite)
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on December 28, 2010
This is a great light for any Kindle, and the best part is it's rechargeable so you never need to replace batteries.

The Pros...It's lightweight, and easy to attach to the Kindle with either of the 2 cuffs provided. The smaller "A" cuff is suggested for attaching directly to any Kindle. I have a leather cover, and actually used the larger "B" cuff so both the cover and Kindle fit inside the cuff snuggly. The light can be unwrapped and positioned in whatever way is most comfortable for you. It lights up the screen brightly and evenly. I haven't tested the 15 hour charge claim, but it does seems to last a long time. When not in use, the light can be coiled back into the small plastic storage unit. Light is only an ounce, so much lighter than the additional 7+ ounces of a lighted Kindle cover. You can also use this on real books (huh? remember them?), so quite versatile.

The Cons.. If you use a Kindle cover, you can't close cover without removing the light. The light goes on so easily it's not a big deal, but I wish there was a carrying case for the light/USB cord. The other downer is the $39.99 price, but I figure it's worth it since you'll never have to buy new batteries. Overall I'd recommend it!
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on January 4, 2011
I bought the light Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light for Kindle (Graphite)before Christmas to be a back up to my Verso, old fashioned battery powered, clip on light that I like very much.Verso Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (Graphite) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] A Verso with a rechargeable battery and a light wand that wrapped around the unit made it seem perfect for travel. I like my Kindle naked with gel skin, so the fit was perfect. The price was terribly high I thought, but it seemed worth it. After getting the light home and following all directions I was so disappointed by the quality of light displayed (almost a yellow tint) and the lack of brightness - that I plugged it back in thinking for some reason it needed longer to charge. Not the case at all, after letting it charge overnight - the light was still terrible. I returned the light and will not try again, figuring I can buy batteries for the Verso I have for some time before I get to $39.99. It is possible I got a defective model, it happens, but not willing to try again at this price and hassle to return. Gave this high marks for sleekness / design / coolness factor and fit, but terrible marks for brightness (which is why we all want a light) and poor marks for battery because it just couldn't power the light.
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on December 19, 2010
Very convenient light to have with the Kindle. Very bright light will light up the screen and then some. Then when you dont need the light you can wrap it around and lock it out of the way. Plus it comes with 2 different clips so you can use it on other sizes of devices.
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on May 14, 2011
This was a great light for about 5 months, until the bulb began to flicker and then a few days later, died. I cannot find any information on how to replace the bulb or if in fact it is replaceable; I examined the light socket closely and the bulb looks like it's not designed to be removed. I am guessing the Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light is destined for the land fill, like so much other junk product. Going forward, I will make sure any Kindle or book light I buy comes with a replaceable bulb. If you want to spend $40 on a light for a Kindle, I would recommend something else.

Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light for Kindle (Graphite)
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on January 6, 2012
I ordered this book light for my Kindle keyboard. The reviews were all over the map, but I decided to give it a try--hoping that I'd get a good one, and not one of the duds that others have reported here.
No such luck.
I charged the book light for 8 hours. It doesn't charge.
The light shines nicely only as long as the light is plugged into a power source. But the point is that it's supposed to be rechargeable and it's NOT supposed to be tethered to a cord.
I really like the size--small enough to fit into my Kindle case pocket. I like that it's (supposed to be) rechargeable--so no batteries. I was pleased with the intensity of the light--which did light while it was plugged in. I like that it can be nicely attached to my Kindle. So, I originally rated it with two stars.
So...the book light is now repacked, and I've printed the return mailing labels, and it'll be on its way back to Amazon for a replacement.
Stay tuned. I'll report back here when I receive the replacement.
(By the way, I'm really disappointed that I splurged for one-day shipping and now I'll be waiting for the replacement. That turned out to be a waste of money.)

UPDATE 1/17/12: Now it's a one-star review. The second light was a dud. Same problem as the first: won't charge. I plugged it into the power source for 36 hours. It won't charge. Light intensity if really good as long as it's plugged into the power source.
This little light is a big disappointment. Nice size; nice in principle. It just doesn't work the way it's supposed to work.
So I'm hoping the manufacturer will get the bugs worked out--do whatever is necessary to FIX IT and try again. Until then, don't bother buying this light. At the very least it's unreliable. It's a waste of time and money.
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on January 25, 2011
I love this light, especially because it's not battery powered so it's a tad bit green! The function and fit is terrific and it "wraps" up very neatly. I especially like the adjustableness (if that's even a word) of the light placement. I would highly recommend this and I do not get that yellowish tint that another reviewer gave it.
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on February 3, 2012
I bought my first light in white from Barnes & Noble. I really liked it, but it wouldn't hold a charge so I returned it.

But there were so many positive reviews on the light that I decided to try again. I ordered it in graphite from Amazon. I knew that if it didn't work, I could just return it. This time I got a good one. It's working just great. The light is very bright and the flexible arm allows me to position it so there's no glare on my Kindle. I liked my other light, but it would dim over time. It seemed a waste to replace the batteries before they were totally dead, but I was unhappy with the diminished light. Now I'll just be able to recharge.

During a trip I lost my light so I went to B & N for a new one. It didn't hold a charge. I returned it and ordered one from Amazon. It didn't hold a charge. I returned it for a replacement. Thankfully, the replacement works. So out of 5, only two actually worked.
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on January 13, 2011
This is by far the best light for the kindle. I think I have bought every single light available and finally I got it right by buying this one! The others use up so many batteries so quickly. That got expensive! I love that this is rechargeable. I think this is the best light yet. The charge last a very long time and you can move the light around with ease. I just love it!!
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on February 28, 2011
I was a little skeptical of this product based upon some of the feedback on this site, but have been very happy with the light, including brightness and life of battery. A spotlight it is not. But, I was looking for a subtle light that wouldn't drive my spouse crazy but clearly is enough to read a kindle, and this meets the bill. Sleek design matches kindle finish, which makes it look like they should go together.
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on January 4, 2011
I just received this a few minutes ago. It came already charged and clasped well on my Kindle 3. The weight is unnoticeable. The light is very bright. If the light is directly over the reader, there is a glare, but I moved the light tip where the reflection would not glare from the screen. This worked very effectively. I am so excited to try this out during my commute to/from work on the bus! I couldn't rate on battery life since I haven't had this long. The price - $40 - is expensive, but the rechargeable battery, with unnoticeable weight, and the USB cord provided seems to justify the price. I had the choice of returning the cover for a lighted cover or purchasing a separate light. I opted to buy the light separately so I wouldn't need to replace the cover should the light not work properly. I'm happy with this purchase
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