Customer Reviews: OCZ Vertex 3 Solid State Drive VTX3MI-25SAT3-240G (2.5" SATA 3 6gb/s, 240GB Capacity)
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on June 29, 2011
I was a bit scared before buying this, since I read all about BSODs and such.
I installed it, and after a day Windows 7 x64 started freezing on me (but no BSOD).
I read around the forums a bit, and discovered that you need to alter a couple of settings to get it to run reliably.
You need to:
1) Enable Hot Plugging for the sata channel where you installed your Vertex 3.
2) Disable LPDM for the same sata channel, by editing your registry as in:

After doing this, the drive has been running flawlessly for over a week now, without a single crash or freeze or BSOD.
The drive is super fast and boots into Win7 with all boot applications loaded in less than 10 seconds.
I am running firmware 1.06, the one that came with the drive.

Having said that, these config. options should be clearly stated in the SSD manual, and they are not.
The firmware update process is a JOKE, way too complicated, although OCZ does offer an ISO for a bootable linux cd that allows firmware updating on any machine, and also the BSOD issue, although limited (less than 0.4% of users, according to OCZ), does exist for some users.

If you want something more reliable go for Intel 510 SSD, otherwise, if you don't mind running a small risk, go for this one. It IS super fast, and after proper configuration it has been running flawlessly on my Asus P67 Pro mobo.

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on April 28, 2011
Update : (My original review is not deleted you can read it below)

Don't bother buying this SSD and I'll explain why , loading in games were VERY fast, computer boot to desktop in 5 seconds after Bios screen "literally" after i have optimized everything of course, reading+writing speed was superfast etc performance wise this ssd was a beast, but then the unexpected happens

BSOD "Blue screen of death which will force your computer to get stuck/force shutdown" this SSD is not reliable at ALL in the long run, yes if you use it for 1-2hours you might get lucky and not get the BSOD but YOU WILL get BSOD guaranteed if you keep your pc on a lot, (my power settings is set to never turn off HD and everything is optimized trust me, i have followed step by step guides by OCZ and did troubleshooting with their forums+customer support for a week and the issue still remain EVEN AFTER i did RMA the first drive, i have tried the SSDs on more than 1 computer and the issue remains) so far after 3 week of use i usually get 1 BSOD a day on average, only 2 days i did not get BSOD (but again some days i got 2 BSOD in the same day) tons of people are posting about their BSOD in the official forums and OCZ answer is "RMA it because we can not recreate the issue in our lab" they want to keep you in the RMA loop hoping maybe they fix the issue later on maybe via firmware or to let your return window pass since RMA takes a while, their last 2.06 update did not help much either, it have removed the random daily freeze and replaced it with more BSOD

To make it short for you.... OCZ rushed the drive to the market, they want you to BETA Test it, you are stuck with them the moment you buy it, they will keep you in their "RMA or wait for firmware Loop" this SSD is a big "AVOID IT" for main drive (OS+Programs/etc) it will annoy you to no end and a solution atm as of may 26 does not exist neither OCZ admit it yet even when plenty of people are reporting the same issue, they will always try to blame your other hardware or software for the BSOD and never about their own SSD

If you want to be a beta tester go ahead and buy it, OCZ got no solution to offer atm, they are basically selling a product that works 90% of the time so some users wont notice it (those who use their computer 1-2hours a day) if you leave your computer +5hours a day or on all the time prepare to a daily BSOD, Until OCZ offer a solution this SSD get a 1 star from me "(would give it 0 if i can), replacing the SSD with another brand SSD or HD stops the BSOD so it's not a hardware issue from my computer, OCZ have reached a new low where they actually close threads when people complain about the BSOD, their excuse for closing some BSOD threads? not "everyone" is complaining about the bsod issue and if it was an error from their side (like buggy firmware) everyone should have the issue ! their solution is RMA your SSD if you are not happy, they refuse to admit the flaw in their SSD so don't expect any serious improvements anytime soon

PS : if you plan to use this SSD for a laptop, make sure you have access to a desktop first to update the firmware or a laptop with 2 HD slots , you can not update the firmware to 2.06 if it was your main drive (external usb etc wont work too) you need to have it linked directly to a motherboard, and make sure you have SATA3 because this drive is slow on SATA 2 (compared to many other SATA 2 SSDs)

(My Original review)

If you want a full Review about Vertex 3 there are plenty of those online, I just wanted to clear something up here.
(Update : Benchmarks below at the bottom)

Regular Vertex3 120GB = 4KB Random Read 20,000 IOPS/4KB Random Write 60.000 IOPS
""MAX"" Vertex3 120GB = 4KB Random Read 35,000 IOPS/4KB Random Write 75.000 IOPS

Regular Vertex3 240GB = 4KB Random Read 40,000 IOPS/4KB Random Write 60.000 IOPS
""MAX"" Vertex3 240GB = 4KB Random Read 55,000 IOPS/4KB Random Write 65.000 IOPS
(120GB Max got faster Write IOP yep also the Vertex 3 240GB MAX IOPS Max Write speed dropped from 520MB/s to 500MB/s)

Everyone should know that The only difference between the regular Vertex 3 and this MAX IOPS Vertex 3 edition is that MAX IOPS Edition got faster 4KB random write performance 75,000 IOPS (The regular one got 60.000 IOPS only) and it also have faster 4KB Random Read 35.000 IOPS versus Vertex 3 Vanilla at 20.000 IOPS

4KB Random speed is actually much more important than Sequential Access Read/Write (Sequential speed are important mainly if you are moving or copying very LARGE files which is rare to do to be honest when we are dealing with a limited 120GB storage)

What matters for real world use is the 4KB Random speed so the increase from 60.000 IOPS TO 75.000 Write should increase performance in theory but this speed boost wont be noticed by the average desktop user, where it actually helps is when you benchmark or if you are what i call "SUPER MULTITASKING USER"

Keep in mind that Random 4KB READ speed is also increased, The random read speed increase is massive and make it now almost as high as the 240GB regular Vertex 3, it seems that OCZ decided to release the max version because many reviews actually did point out that the 120GB Vertex 3 is not as fast as the 240GB version !, 4KB Random speed is the most important thing in your SSD imo (and reliability) , even with all those improvements I'd say if you find the regular Vertex 3 cheaper you should get it over the MAX IOPS Version unless you multitask heavily, I actually bought the MAX version for 50 box less than the regular version (Vertex 3 prices are going over MSRP right now due high demand)

If you want the BEST version of Vertex 3 then MAX IOPS is better than the Vanilla version that's for sure, however you shouldn't pay much more for this version over the regular version imo unless you need the extra speed or if the price difference was not much between the max and vanilla version, pick the cheaper one and you will be happy about it.

I'm happy with Vertex 3, I would not recommend the intel 510 series due the much slower 4k random speeds (But intel got the most reliable SSDs so far it seems plus Intel 520 are already leaked and will get released at Q3/Q4 2011, intel gonna increase the 4k random speed with 520 SSDs) the M4(C400) and C300 SSDs are solid drives with fast 4K random speed that is worth a look if you want cheaper but good options.

I hope my mini review were helpful :)
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on May 19, 2011
Let me start out by saying that I am in IT and have over 25 years of professional experience in working with and maintaining computers. I purchased this OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb MAX IOPS SSD drive from Amazon last week. Although the drive so far has worked fine, I have found out after purchasing it that OCZ's latest Toolbox (Version 2.36) does not support a firmware update to the primary boot drive. Also, a new firmware update was just released late last week by OCZ for all Vertex 3 SSD drives. Essentially, due to OCZ's incompetence and shortcomings of their Toolbox utility, you will need to install Windows onto another working hard drive and then configure your Vertex 3 as a secondary (non-bootable) internal data drive in order to perform the necessary firmware update. Needless to say, this solution is completely unacceptable to any reasonable person and requires many hours of additional time to perform a simple firmware update! Even worse, if you want to use this in a Mac, there is currently no good firmware upgrade solution for you (short of installing Windows and upgrading it on a Windows PC). After numerous phone conversations with OCZ's technical support group and countless hours of time searching their on-line support forums, I have come to the conclusion that this product is not even close to being ready for the consumer market and essentially was released prematurely. Most competing SSDs on the market today currently support firmware updates to a primary SSD drive, especially considering the fact this is now third-generation SSD technology. I am planning to return my OCZ Vertex 3 to Amazon and would strongly advise anyone who is not extremely computer savvy and willing to spend several hours of additional time against purchasing this product. Speed is always a great attribute in SSD drives, but being able to easily and reliably upgrade and maintain your SSD drive over it's lifetime is even more important, and OCZ clearly doesn't understand this!
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on September 4, 2011
OK, let's start by addressing the other reviews. One: BSOD hasn't been a problem for months, it was a firmware issue, it has been fixed. This drive is rock solid stable. Two: Mr. "25 years in IT" might need to hit the books. I've got 10 years in IT, and upgrading the firmware is far simpler than described. If you boot off the SSD, and need to upgrade the drive's firmware, you defintely DO NOT need to install Windows on another drive. Step one, download an ISO for a bootable Linux live distribution. Debian is good. Go ahead, I'll wait.. OK, now burn it to a disc. Now, boot from the disc (you'll probably have to press F12 or some such during bootup to get to a boot selection menu). Now you're in Linux. In all likelihood, you've booted to a graphical environment, but if all you see is text, don't fear the command line, it loves you. Download the Linux-based firmware updater, unpack it, make it executable (chmod 777 fwupd), and execute it. Read the README for more details.

Anyway, fantastic drive. Properly connected to a SATA3 port (using a good controller, no first-gen Marvel, sorry), it easily reaches the advertised read/write speeds. Firmware updates in the past months have resolved all stability issues, and my system now runs 24/7 with this drive. So good, I'm planning to get a second to put in a RAID0.
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on June 4, 2011
Like everyone said do not buy this ssd
every day i get bsod/freezing
ocz blames us ,delete forum posts
again don't buy a sanforce 2**** drive
especially from Ocz
corsair having this problems also but they don't blame their customers and do not delete forum posts
and taking this issues Seriesly
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on May 24, 2011
I installed this SSD in a laptop. When the laptop goes to sleep (or if I put it to sleep), the drive will not wake up. I have to press and hold the power button to shut off the computer.

OCZ released a firmware update for the Vertex 3's that might fix this issue (among other issues) fairly quickly after the drive was released, but there is no way to upgrade the firmware on my drive.

OCZ blocks firmware upgrading if the Vertex 3 SSD is the Windows Boot Drive (which it is, of course, in my laptop).

OCZ also blocks upgrading the firmware if the SSD is connected to a USB to SATA adapter.

So, I have no way whatsoever to upgrade the firmware. I do not own a tower where I could connect the drive to a secondary SATA controller. (And honestly, I shouldn't have to do that in the first place.)

$300 and no way to update the firmware so I can fix the issues? In 2011? This is astounding, and a complete blunder on the part of OCZ, who could not care less.

Avoid these OCZ Vertex 3 drives!
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on June 7, 2011
my primary reason for buying this SSD was that every HDD I put in my macbook pro was clicking and would cause certain I/O intensive apps(entourage/VMWare) to hang for several seconds at a time. installed Snow Leopard (10.6) on the drive via USB cable, swapped in the drive, booted up and copied over data from backups.
doing some basic raw dd testing for reading and writing I am able to get 500+MB/sec read and write. truly amazing I/O in a laptop. all apps are super snappy including entourage opening my 20k message mailbox. this is how the laptop experience should be.

The prior review was at first install. fast forward 10 months after zero problems, the drive is dead. completely. not happy. hopefully OCZ will replace it without hassle.
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on June 1, 2011
I get BSOD everyday with VERTEX 3 which is a story that VERTEX 3 Users share, after a full month of OCZ being in denial about the issue they finally did admit that the BSOD is a serious issue they are facing right now, they had to admit it because everyday there are few threads about the BSOD issue in their forums EVEN after they try to delete/edit/ban users who talk about the BSOD it was out of control so they were forced to knowledge the issue , check every forum+newegg/etc everyone is effected by the BSOD including Agility 3 users, these drives are not compatible with Intel SATA 3 Specs and that's why they are getting daily BSOD you might be okay with none SATA 3 port but whats the point of buying Fast SSD if you are limited with SATA 2 speed if you want it to be reliable.

People told me to stay away from OCZ due their past scandals and scams (google it) but i didn't listen, i couldn't resist those reviews who pretty much said this SSD was the best and etc, never again, if you want good a SSD get M4 (C400)/C300 since it's cheaper now or Intel 510 series (Sadly intel 510 is not as fast but it's very reliable, C400 is pretty close speed wise to VERTEX 3) those SSDs are very similar in performance during real world use, you can only tell the different between Vertex 3 and other fast SSDs by benchmarks or the BSOD obviously.

The BSOD happens on average once or twice a day, if you use your computer 1-2hours a day then you properly wont notice it, but if you keep your computer on all the time (to have msn messenger open or steam downloading game etc) prepare to wake up next morning with a BSOD.

OCZ will not refund you your money and will offer you RMA at best, the moment you buy it you are stuck with them, even the RMA drives had the same issue btw.

vertex 3 FIRMWARE can not be updated on a laptop with a single HD Slot or a boot drive, in order to update the firmware you must have it plugged directly to a motherboard (USB wont work) and it have to be none-boot drive (also the firmware does not fix the BSOD anyway)

Vertex 3 is now on the market for 2 months (the none-max iops) and it still have the BSOD issue, if you want to waste your money get these unreliable drives or if you want to beta test things for free As of June 2011 a solution does not exist, OCZ right now want users to beta test it "literally" and courage people to send them their setup hoping to find a solution since they lie clearly and say "we can not recreate the issue with our setups in order to damage control the issue i guess unless they have 2 computers in their lab"

0/10 Product stay away from it and do yourself a favor, if you have this drive as your boot drive it's defective imo, should not be allowed to be sold to begin with and get pulled from the market, OCZ is doing nothing other than stealing money from people and they know it, This product have a serious issue and a total recall should take in place just like what intel did with their Sandy bridge recall but intel cares about their rep unlike OCZ.

Don't complain if you bought this drive and was getting BSOD everyday. and trust me when i say this, i have tried everything to let these drives work and so many other people, hundreds of reported cases in OCZ official forums and ZERO Case solved they even have a sticky topic regarding the issue but offer no solution and ocz still says we can not recreate the issue with our OCZ computers.
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on June 4, 2011
This is my first time doing business with them however, they sent me a bad SSD. The drive was DOA.
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on September 10, 2012
After the motherboard loaded, it took just 12 or so seconds... to not only get on my desktop, but to open chrome and login into my email (perhaps being on windows 8 makes it slightly quicker, I can't really say since I didn't have 7 on the SSD)

Managed to get a 240GB refurbished for $160, the bigger programs on my PC like 3ds Max open atleast twice as fast ( and i'm sure for those who have it know that it takes its sweet time to load up )

As a tip, don't play with raid unless you know what your doing, I corrupted my original hardrive and had to reformat

If your going to run this side by side with another hardrive and you hooked it up properly but one doesn't show, you need to go into disk partioning tool and create a new simple volume/assign it a drive letter

SSD is a very visible performance upgrade (operating system should diffidently be installed on it)

One final thing, your motherboard may or may not use all the potential of 6 gb/s, mine uses 3 gb/s, unfortunate but it's still extremely fast.
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