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on March 16, 2002
I pre ordered this album on and can't wait to receive my copy. However, I've listened to the full CD online and I can assure it's great!
This album represents a new beginning for the corrs in US. Just like the great unplugged album, released worldwide a few years ago, this CD brings some popular songs of the corrs, with 05 cover songs and very special participations of Bono (U2) and Ron Wood.
The first two tracks "would you be happier?" and "breathless", two major hits of the corrs, are played in great acoustic versions. "When the stars go blue", Ryan's Adam song, is the first participation of Bono in this CD, in a provacative duet with andrea corr. "Little wing", featuring Ron Wood on bass, is beautiful and already known by corrs fans, from the unppluged album. "Joy of Life/Trout in the bath" shows to the audience the real spirit of the corrs. They can play pop and rock songs, but never letting irish folk music behind them. "Runaway"is a ballad and one of the corrs greatest hits ever. "Only love can break your heart" is an old song composed by neil young and covered by many bands such as everlast. However, none of the bands which recorded this song managed to recreate it in such a wonderful way like the corrs did. "Radio" is another hit from the unppluged album, also found on its studio version in "IN BLUE" CD. It's great and one of my favorites in the acoustic version. "Summer wine" is also a cover, originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra. Again, it features Bono, in a breathless duet with andrea corr. It's incredible to see how they have a special chemestry going on between them. "So young" is another popular song of the corrs, in a very special live version featured in this CD. Finally, Stone's "Ruby Tuesday", featuring Ron Wood. The lyrics are great and andrea corrs does a great job on its vocals.
"VH1 presents the corrs live in Dublin" is a great CD. I'm not stating this because I'm a corrs hopelessly addicted fan, but also because I apreciatte good music performed live. It's surely a CD no one can miss.
PS: The editorial review of amazon is not fair with the corrs. They are very talented and do not sell millions of copies of their CDs only because of their looks. If it was true, they would never have a solid career for more than 10 years!
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on March 29, 2002
I first saw The Corrs opening for the Rolling Stones in Philadelphia in 1999. They were amazing. I went out the next day and bought "Forgiven Not Forgotten" and "Talk On Corners". It wasn't their looks that attracted me to them. It was the music. Great original songs and a great choice of covers.(Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, Neil Young, REM, The Beatles(a beautiful version of "The Long And Winding Road"), and the traditional Irish instrumentals. This new one is a must. The new single "Would You Be Happier?" should be a top ten hit. The cover of Ryan Adams's "When The Stars Go Blue" with Bono is breathtaking, and Andrea sings the Rolling Stones "Ruby Tuesday" like it was written just for her. This is not just another one hit wonder pop group. With a cheerleading group like the Rolling Stones, U2, Mick Fleetwood, The Chieftans, & Rod Stewart backing them, how can you go wrong. Buy this CD. WAKE UP AMERICA. THE CORRS ROCK.
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on April 17, 2003
Although not the most electrifying band as far as live performances go, the Corrs' masterful playing, shining harmonies and thoughtful stage arrangement more than make up for it. Dispensing with the traditional speeches and introductions that cloud so many live records, the Corrs produce the most clean-cut live recording I have heard in a while. If you don't count the applause and obvious floor placement of the instruments, the Corrs' sound quality on stage is just as suitable for the studio. They are just that good. With the sisters' lush vocals and ever-impressive violin and percussion, and brother Jim deftly blazing his way through the guitar and piano arrangements, the Irish siblings fire up the audience as always. Of course, while reprising some of their hits, they also include some highly impressive covers to which their guests have much to offer. U2's Bono adds his gritty-smooth vocals to the Ryan Adams hit "When the Stars Go Blue," as well as to Nancy Sinatra's sublime "Summer Wine." The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood lends his guitar stylings to the Corrs' rendition of "Little Wing," and sounds absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, when he sits in on the Corrs' performance of the Stones' "Ruby Tuesday," his guitar work is not as prominent. the Corrs also perfectly deliver one more cover with Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." Overall, the Corrs' "Live in Dublin" is a spectacular live record that plays flawlessly all the way through, from the first note to the last "good night."
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on April 28, 2002
Recorded in Ardmore studios in Dublin Ireland the family from Dundalk has managed to show audiances in America that they are worthy of sucess and recognition. It is my pleasure to review this cd and to share with those reading and interested in The Corrs work the true and amazing quality that this band holds. With the help of the Irish Film Orchestra and the very special appearances by Bono of U2 and Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones this cd packs in a full amount of energy and and spirit.
Singing some of the best loved hits from thier previous cds as well as adding in many well loved covers of classic songs for those who seek to hear a new twist on great classics. In my oppinion the cover of 'Ruby Tuesday' by the Rolling Stones is the highlight of the cd the percussion in this song hits the heart. Another suggestion of choice is Ryan Adams 'When The Stars Go Blue' featuring Bono(U2) the vocal ability and passion of Andrea Corr and Bono is truly passionate exampling true stage chemistry.
VH1 Presents: The Corrs Live In Dublin is a true depiction of American Sucess that has been so well deserved for this band. In the past the Corrs have toured with The Rolling Stones and gained minor achievment in the States but it was not until the relsease of In Blue(2000) that The Corrs felt the sensation of mass recognition in the USA. But with lack of follow-up to theire hit single 'Breathless'(In Blue) and attempt to release a second single 'All The Love In The World'(In Blue, America's SweetHearts soundtrack,2000-2001)the shine of sucess for the group slowly disappeared.
In Conclusion 'Live In Dublin' is not only an excellent record but is a great starting point for interested listeners, giving them old songs and new past hits and modern day revisions. A great CD for anyone who loves the sound of live music and the energy of great musicians. Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoy the cd.
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on March 24, 2002
First let me state I'm a mediocre Corrs fan. I have "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" and "In Blue" and just picked up "Live in Dublin".
The good news is with this CD is that these are the best songs I've heard the band sing. While some lyrics on "In Blue" and "FNF" are weak at times, that is certainly not the case with "LID".
Some pretty good covers "LID". Such as Ryan Adams' "When The Stars Go Blue," Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing," Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," Lee Hazelwood's "Summer Wine" and the best cover of the album would be non other than Mick Jagger's "Ruby Tuesday". Probably the best song of the album in this reviewers opinion.
Add in the best of the songs written by the Corrs, such as "Runaway", "Breathless", "Radio," and we have a great album. But it is the rarer Corr songs that really caught my ear. "Would You Be Happier?" a song that can only be found on their Import "Greatest Hits" album and Australian B-Sides, is simply amazing. I can't help but sing along after I heard it a couple times. One of the bands best songs ever! And another gem that I hadn't heard before was "So Young," from their "Talk on Corners" albums. Just a little uptempo song about the energy of having youth.
The quality of the songs chosen are top notch on "Live In Dublin". While "In Blue" has plenty of filler tracks. "LID" is a great listen from 1 to 11. Bono, frontman from fellow Irish Band U2, is a great addition in 2 duets: "When the Stars go Blue" and "Summer Wine".
So what's bad about the album? First off it's only 11 tracks. I'm pretty sure the concert was more then 11 songs! Also, these songs are performed live. The way the CD was edited together loses the whole feel of the LIVE performance. Only a couple of "thank you's" after songs, some cheers here and there are heard. It takes the whole "LIVE" feel from the CD. There's no anecdotal musings with the audience or fellow band members which you'd normally find at ANY concert. Really it says "Live In Dublin" but geez, there's not even a shout out to "Hello Dublin, how are you tonight?" It would have been great to hear a huge roar when Bono walked out on stage and such but all that was edited out.
Also as I said before, the CD is only 11 tracks long. The quality of songs is top notch. Adding some more of my personal favorites like "Love to Love You" or "Irrestible" would have added to the track total as well as the quality of concert.
If you are a Corrs fan, obviously you must get this CD. If you are new to the Corrs and are slightly interested in their music, "Live in Dublin" is definitely the place to start. They are sounding at their best and it's nice to see they have some good lyrics to work with(rather than half of the horrendous "In Blue" tracks). The lack of the poor "Live"liness being edited out. As well there is only 11 tracks(the concert had to be more then 11, really!). So those couple flaws, lands this great album with 4 out of 5 stars. Have no doubts about it though, you will be in love with The Corrs if you buy "Live In Dublin." So buy it now!
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on March 29, 2002
When Ireland's Corr family came to America the sound of pop would never be the same for a person like myself. With their mix of catchy pop tunes mixed with a bit of rock and intertwined with the best celtic musical insturments such as the violin, tin whistle, and Bodrhán the Corrs are well on their way to sucsess in America.
In the month of March the Irish siblings from Dundalk released what can be considered some of their best work to date.
Live In Dublin is a great example of this family's pure talent, through their own songs and covering the songs of other popular artist such as The Rolling Stones,Ryan Adams, Niel young and nancy sinatra.
For such songs as when the stars go blue Andrea teams up with fellow Irish sensation Bono to sing Ryan Adams 'When the stars go blue', which is such a beautiful duet between the two it sends chills down any music lovers spine, Sharon Corr plays a beautful Violin Solo in this song which brings a smile to my face each time I listen to it. By far my favorite track on this cd is their cover of Ruby Tuesday by the Stones, between Andrea's beautiful lead vocals, Sharons backing vocals and CAROLINE'S DRUMS!!!, this song gives true honor to the work of the rolling stones and makes it impossible not to sing along with this classic.
This is a great follow-up to their 2000 release of In Blue which for corrs fand in the USA made us pray for a new single besides 'Breathless'! :).
VH1 presents the corrs live in dublin is a wonderful cd I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this cd. This cd is for anyone who loves the sound of true musicians, and for any fan of classic music with the open mind to hear a new sound. The corrs are something different and you will not regret buying this trust me!. youll love it.
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My rule of thumb has always been that if I can find three songs I really want to hear on an album, then I will add that album to by 1000+ CD collection. That dictum usually applies to artists who are not currently a part of my collection, which does not apply to the Corrs, but the problem is that I have been listening to just the last three tracks on this album pretty much all afternoon. At some point I am going to have to get tired of these and get to the rest of the album again, but it has not happened yet. Part of if it is because I am have always been a big fan of the Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazzlewood duets, so when the Corrs and Bono do a cover of their "Summer Wine" I am already hooked. To extend the figurational logic, the line would be the group's original song "So Young" and their cover of the Stones' "Ruby Tuesday."
I know I am supposed to look at Andrea, Caroline and Sharon and start salivating, but as my music collection clearly proves I like vocal harmonies in general (e.g., Indigo Girls, the Weavers) and sibling harmonies in particular (e.g., the Everly Brothers, the Judds and even the Smothers Brothers). Summer Wine is more than just a duet between Andrea and Bono because she is still doing vocal harmonies with her sisters on her verses and I know I have an additional weakness for new harmonies on covers of old songs. Besides, after several years of Irish Fest in Milwaukee I also have a growing appreciation for Celtic violin playing (have you ever seen a heavy metal band fronted by a violin player?).
I would also make the argument that the Corrs are one of those bands that sound better live, which also might also have something to do with the production values of this VH-1 special. Lots of live albums fail to capture the flash and fire of the performances we have seen, but "Live in Dublin" does not fall into that lamentable category. The venue is clearly the perfect size for the Coors to perform. This mini-concert is a solid blend of original material, most notably "Would You Be Happier?" and "Runaway," and some choice covers, including Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." The only complaint is that there are but eleven songs on this album, but you know that the clock is always ticking on these televised concerts. In the Golden Age of Television they did live studio plays that ran 90-minutes and maybe some day these music video channels will take a hint and let the good times roll for another half-hour. "Live in Dublin" is a solid album without a single hole. I bought it for my wife but she is not going to get to hear this one for a while.
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on July 10, 2002
The United States definitely needs to open it's eyes. It needs to open it's eyes to a great band that has a lot to offer. It's very sad that for some Americans, the only Corrs song they've heard is "Breathless." There's SO much more to this band. It's amazing. This album is just incredible. When it came out, I had no fears about it at all. I know The Corrs. I know the kind of music that they make. I trust them. With Forgiven Not Forgotten, Talk On Corners, Unplugged, and In Blue, they have managed to produce incredible music. In addition to that task, they perform this music live and leave audiences around the world absolutely speechless.
Let's talk about the album, shall we? "Would You Be Happier?" is a great track. Some people say it's too poppy, but when The Corrs play it live, it really brings out the song.
Anto's guitar solo in "Breathless" differs from the album version, and boy does it rock!
"When The Stars Go Blue" is an incredible cover. Bono does a great job, and Andrea's voice is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I've listened to the original song by Ryan Adams, and frankly, after hearing The Corrs' version, I was a bit disenchanted with the original. Just me, though.
"Little Wing" is great as usual; no one had doubts about that one. They've been doing this song for years. "So young" is as lively and upbeat as always, and of course they played the famous "Radio", which manages to bring back familiar and very happy memories of MTV Unplugged from a few years back.
"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" is nice as well, and "Ruby Tuesday" is just incredible.
If you love The Corrs, buy this album. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't. If you don't know The Corrs, buy this album, but buy "Talk On Corners" with it(just because it's a great album).
The Corrs have done it again and again and again. That's why I never underestimate the power of The Corrs!
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2002
Amazing. This is a joyous, splendid collection of music and magic. It has been a long time since I have felt a tingle from a vocal performance but Andrea, Sharon, and Caroline are in wonderful form during this recording. Only Love Can Break Your Heart is rendered so well it borders on the sublime. Runaway, if you don't have it on another recording, is worth the price of the CD alone. The instrumental piece Joy of Life/Trout in the Bath is full of life and verve.
The recording captured the vocals and harmonizing beautifully. Every track is a joy and the CD gets better with repeated listening. Would you be happier? is pure fun. I am beginning to realize the Corrs are one of those few groups that come around every generation with the ability to connect through lyrics, music, and vocals with their audience in an amazing way. I don't think it would be possible if they were not creating the product from the ground up. What is astounding is they do it with covers on this album also. But they truly make the songs their own and they make you forget you have ever heard them before. Treat yourself or someone you know to this CD.
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on December 14, 2002
Ashamed as I am to admit it, earlier in 2002, I had never even heard of The Corrs, much less any of their music.
Through my wife, I became aware of the single 'When the Stars Go Blue', written by Ryan Adams. At the first listen, I was HOOKED.
This is an absolutely gorgeous performance, highlighted by the vocal duet of Andrea and Bono. I purchased the CD, and cannot possibly recommend it more highly.
While all 11 songs are excellent, I have surely worn out the grooves by now on 'Stars', 'Radio', 'Summer Wine', and 'Ruby Tuesday'. The latter, in particular, is that rare entity that I actually find superior to the original (sorry, Mick). There is a very nice cover of 'Little Wing', as well as inspired performances of 'Would You Be Happier', 'Breathless', 'Runaway' and 'So Young'.
This is a fabulous compilation of a truly great live performance. If you have any taste in good music at all, buy this at any cost!
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