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on September 8, 2003
This is among the Cocteau Twins most beautiful and intimate records, and is unlike anything they or anyone else ever did. Working almost entirely without percussion, Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser surpassed themselves in imagining songs and settings which somehow evoke whatever in you, the listener, is most reserved and magical, the world you keep hidden even from yourself most of the time. If you don't want to get to that place, then this record isn't for you, but otherwise it is essential. In my collection of over 3000 recordings in all kinds of genres, this record has a permanent place in the top ten.
For whatever reason, the previous CD reissues of this, on Relativity and Capitol, never sounded as good as the original 45 RPM LP on 4AD. The Capitol was better than the Relativity, but still lacked the LP's warmth and detail. Now it's finally been done right and you can hear it as it should be heard.
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on August 14, 2000
I know nobody will care what I am about to say but I feel obliged to do so:This IS simply one of the most important album that ever came out of the 80's, and this is among the best albums from that band. I know there are other great albums from the greatest band on Earth, but this one is one of its kind. Well, am I overrating them? Maybe, but they have been iniquitously underrated by the 'Sophisticated New Music Critics' for ages. Not only did this album define the 4AD sound they created even further, actually casted a huge influence on the whole New Age Scene and the Ambient Scene. Yes, it is actually that good, Enya owes a lot to the Cocteau, so does a whole lot more of New Age artists and so-called-alternative artists such as Lush, even legends like My Bloody Valentine admitted that Cocteau Twins was one of their major influence.The whole album is a dreamscape, it is subtle, gentle, otherworldly... Whatever! I know this is how many people rave about them, i do not wish to use all the words which means 'etheral' to describe their music. It is just beautiful and this beauty is unparrelled in the 90's, not even by themselves, I am sad to say.(Although Otherness EP was half as good) Nobody else even came this close to the word 'beautiful'. Music of the God? I am not sure, but I am quite sure God will be very pleased with their music.
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on December 3, 1999
A beautiful, chiefly acoustic release by the Cocteau Twins. The songs evoke the feeling of darkness, winter, and solitude. Elizabeth Fraser's vocal range on this album is amazing, especially on "Ooomingmak" and "The Thinner the Air." This album was considered to be one of the most influencial albums in the ambient movement, circa 1986.
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on July 22, 2005
The Cocteau Twins were one of those bands that I had heard of but never really took the time to check out their music. The first time I heard them was on a CMJ compilation cd ten years ago. It was not until last year when I bought the remastered version of "Treasure" and "Stars and Topsoil" did I find myself under the spell of The Cocteau Twins. I recently picked up "Victorialand" this week. Like "Treasure", "Victorialand" is candy for the ears. The cd is only 32 minutes long which is the only flaw I found with the album. The album begins with the dreamy soundscape of "Lazy Calm", probably my very favorite track on the album. From there the music just flows smoothly with Elizabeth Fraser's fragile vocals. Another personal favorite is "Little Spacey". I just love Robin Guthrie's guitar playing on this particular song. His intricate guitar playing complements Elizabeth's unique vocals. I found myself entranced with the ethereal melodies. "Victorialand" is a great album to to pick for people who just started getting into the Cocteau Twins' music such as myself. The production is absolutely pristine and the music is enchanting.
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on March 27, 2001
the cocteau twins...their sound can transport you to places in your mind you never knew existed. the music on this cd is probably some of the best from this group of etheral soundscapes and design. from the "eerie lazy calm" opening of the album....all the way through to the unbelievable "the thinner the air"...this album does not stop delivering. i am a huge cocteau fan, and this recording is easily on my top three list of their catalogue. all of their music is fantastic, yet this cd just has a certain magic that can not be denied. liz's voice is soars along taking you with it in smooth fluid movements....the layers of guitar, your guide on this magical flight to Victorialand...a place of wonderment. again, you are faced with (like in most cocteau releases) not understanding alot of what liz is actually saying lyrically, but that's just don't need can feel what she's saying. when i'm walking up to the gates of heaven awaiting my judgement, this is what they'll be playing just inside the gates. that's how beautiful this music is. it is unlike anything i have ever heard, yet you immediately know it's the twins. similar to blue bell drums bass...just robin on guitars, and liz's angelic voice. picture walking through a snow covered tundra.....the sun reflected off the ice patches....a castle in the distance...then you hear a voice...soaring...sweeping... magical stuff.... i thank the musical gods for the cocteau twins every time i listen to them...and that's usually every day.
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on November 12, 2002
This album is made of snow and ice mountains. With the barest touch of guitar, tabla, saxophone and the winter-warm chill of Fraser's voice, Antarctica is revealed.
Ghostly, sensual beauty of blank spaces.
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on January 21, 2003
I must admit I am a new fan of Scotland's group the Cocteau Twins, but already I have fallen in total love with their dream-like, almost opium-dazed music. I was introduced to the CT with their BBC sessions collection and was drawn-in to the strange sounds. Like an odd mix of New Wave, The Cure, and ambient music, the CT drew me into an almost heavenly world where everything is pure. I then went out to purchase "Victorialand" and much to surprised, I was stunned even more. Robin Guthrie composing beautiful landscapes of lushish flowers and all that is happy, and Elizabeth Fraser's angelic voice like a beacon of a moth that is drawn to the flame, "Victorialand" entrances the listener to be pulled into a light-filled world where everything is at peace and your only worry is being pulled out of the beautiful plane that it is. Trully one of the best albums to mellow-out and cool-off to. I honestly cannot see any filler songs here buy my personal favorites are "Lazy Calm", "Whales Tails", and "The Thinner The Air". The rest just flow into eachother like a chronological story of pure grace that happens whenever everything seems right. Nirvana-like, and almost spiritual, "Victorialand" is a masterpiece of Ambient and beautiful music. Highly reccomended!
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on July 30, 2003
The record is a masterpiece from the beginning to the end. This album is tied with "Head Over Heals" as my favorite record of the Cocteau Twins. And like "Head Over Heals", Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser do this one without Simon Raymonde. After a hard day, please put this record on, and all problems will just disappear. I think it is a tragedy that for the most part this album will never be heard by the mass majority of the people, and they are saddly never going to hear one of the most prettiest, peaceful, delicate, blissful albums ever made. And if we could hear butterflies sing they would sound like Elizabeth on this album. She always has amazed me, and here she astounds once again. Let me review my five favorites on "Victorialand".
1)"Throughout The Dark Months Of April and May". The wicked and at the same time delicate guitar playing and singing on this song is simply gorgeous. When you think the song will be going one way, they do a U-Turn. 2)"Lazy Calm". If you don't cry on this one, you have turned to stone. There is a stillness in this song any group would kill to be able to achieve, but these guys do it effortlessly. 3)"Feet-Like Fins" Pure brilliance. Here again another U-Turn song. 4)"The Thinner The Air". On this one close your eyes and experience pure ecstacy. 5)"How To Bring A Blush To The Snow". Another Cocteau Twins masterpiece. And the song title says it all about how you will feel after hearing it. Listen to this album, and be prepared to be a Cocteau Twins fan for life. I rate this group priceless and this album 5 stars.
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on January 24, 2000
"Treasure" was the first CT album I ever owned, and it was so incredible that I leapt for joy upon hearing that they had released a new one; "Victorialand". It did not disappoint! Minus the sometimes overwhelming drum machines of "Treasure", this recording is a flowing, ethereal voyage into a peaceful cloudland of fantasy, albeit with some disturbing moments ("Throughout the Dark Months...") and mournful ones ("The Thinner the Air"). My favorites are "Lazy Calm" (a slow, pastel dreamscape), "Fluffy Tufts" (a hypnotic,luscious groove), "Whales Tales" (approprately, sounds like an underwater fantasia), and "Oomingmak" (a playful trance dance). I especially love the "oooh haah" parts of "Tufts" and "Tales"; better than a Jacuzzi! Elizabeth Fraser's vocals are so astonishingly pure and lush, I could not care less about understanding the lyrics; my total enchantment takes over.Indeed, CT taught me how to listen to vocals instead of words, which helped me later to appreciate foreign language angels like Maire Brennan, Azzam Ali and Dadawa. For an escape to Utopia better than an aromatherapy bubble bath, GET THIS CD!
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on June 19, 2013
Victorialand is by far their best ethereal release, melodic throughout, dreamy, an aural meditation. Standout tracks are Lazy Calm, Feet-Like Fins and The Thinner The Air. My favorite offering from them for relaxation. Need I say the remastering is brilliant.
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