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on March 28, 2012
In commercial kitchens this knife is invaluable. They use it for chopping vegetables, trimming fat from a large roast, and cutting pizzas and wheels of cheese. After I left the culinary world, I missed it and bought one. Now, with just a family and friends to cook for, I use it to cut squash and melons and large vegetables including onions--a hold over from my restaurant days. Despite it's size, the knife feels controlled and sharp; with a little practice, you'll feel comfortable mincing a single garlic clove. There's nothing to fear so long as your knife skills are developed.

Also, you'll find the blade length helpful in other applications. I use it to cut dough, awkward shaped breads and large roasts. Keep it sharp and it'll be a great bread knife. If you don't have a big cutting board and use it, this isn't the knife for you. Since you went looking for a knife this big, you'll probably use it more than you think you will. I do.

One point of advice: If you're going to use this knife to scoop minced food off the cutting board into a pan, don't clear the knife with you finger. Either use the pan to scrape the knife, or use a dough scraper. The blade is so long and tapers so gradually, your finger is over the blade and moving toward the edge before you know it. If you're not used to a knife this big, pay close attention to your cutlery habits. On the second week of my restaurant job, I sliced my thumb badly. I learned quickly to be careful and follow the rules after that. It's important to have good knife skills around this knife, if you're sloppy, you'll cut yourself. Otherwise, you'll love it.
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on September 18, 2012
I find this knife to be comfortable and it has held up quite well, but the geometry seems all wrong for a chef's knife. It is more suitable as a slicer for roasts than it is for rock chopping vegetables. It's like the blade should be taller and have more belly, but instead the knife is either on its tip or heel most of the time. If it works for you, then that is great, but I felt the need to chime in with another perspective.
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on August 4, 2013
Bought this because Wife didn't like using my 35 yr old 9.5" Sabatier (Chef Au Ritz) chef's knife. She found it to be too large, too heavy, and too difficult to control. After seeing this repeatedly win top honors from Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country, and particularly since it cost less than $30, I decided to get it on a gamble and hope that she'd find it more useful than the other.

It's a couple months later and she LOVES it.... and so do I. In fact, my old Sabatier has now been retired (in a scabbard, of course) and this one now resides in it's former slot in our knife block. It arrived quickly, well padded, and crazy-sharp, and while I do have to toch it up on a steel a bit more often than the old knife, it's a trade off I'm more than willing to make for this lighter, easlily controllable workhorse. And if it doesn't hold up as long, I can still buy 4 or 5 of these for what my old knife cost over 20 years ago. I can easily live with that to have a knife that I now reach for instinctively instead of occasionally.

UPDATE: We now have used this knife for over 3 mos., and Wife & I are in agreement. It's become our go-to blade for most cutting jobs. As mentioned earlier, it arrived new with an insanely sharp edge. I did find that, following a moderate amt of general use, it now needs a quick touch up on a steel before each use - admittedly more attention than the Sabatier that it's replaced required, but a trade-off I can live with at this price point.

I'll soon be getting out my Chef's Choice sharpener for the semiannual (pre-holiday) sharpening festival of all our knives, so I'll know more then (hope to restore that now diminished "crazy sharp" edge we so fell in love with originally). Meantime, it's just a matter of a few passes on a steel before each use and the blade is restored to an almost original edge.

A last thought: I've not seen it mentioned earlier (but who reads all 2000+ reviews?), but an unexpected benefit was discovered during 3+ mos of daily use. Wife and I, now officially "senior citizens", are both learning to deal with daily arthritis pain. The large, textured grip of this knife, plus it's lighter weight, make it much easier to securely grip and control on bad days. I recommend this for anyone with ostio- or rheumatoid arthritis who still enjoys working in the kitchen.
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on February 1, 2010
A gift for my mother (age ~72) She seemed thrilled with the knife. The chefs blade design is one she had never had. Cooking is one of the few pleasures she can still enjoy and this knife adds to the enjoyment. Large white handle (good for arthritic hands) fulcrum design for easy "roll chop" action. Good thick blade does not "wobble" or flex when cutting tough foods like squash.
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on December 16, 2014
Great chef's knife. Does all that it should easily and the sharp edge is easier to keep due to the high quality metal and grind put on these. I think it would be very difficult to find anything that outperforms this knife in a meaningful way no matter how much more you paid for it.
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on February 22, 2012
If you work in kitchens this knife is a safe bet. People don't like big knives but having this one is very useful. It can be used as a slicer, great for watermelons wheels of cheese etc. This knife stays sharp, just needs to be honed.
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on August 10, 2015
Versus those other German-made high end knives, this is an extreme value for the money! Nice feel, user friendly handle, high quality forged steel, super sharp (Keep it sharp people! Knives do lose their sharpness and remember... the sharper a knife the LESS-LIKELY you'll cry when slicing an Onion!) You MUST PURCHASE a knife guard with this! Protect the blade.
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on October 21, 2013
Needed a large knife to cut sheet cakes and couldn't ask for more than this knife. Had trouble finding a 12" knife with a flat edge on the blade near the handle. Didn't own a Victorinox before this, but would definitely consider the brand for future knife purchases. Very happy with this one.
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on October 31, 2013
I heard a review of this knife on NPR and immediately ordered it. I love it! It comes with different color handles. It chops and cuts so well that it's become my go-to knife for all uses. Very sharp and stays sharp.
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on August 25, 2015
This knife is not a showpiece. It's not a wonderfully hand-forged piece of glam that will wow people at first sight. It isn't going to look like a million bucks in 20 years once it picks up a layer of patina on the grip and the blade goes all carbon black...

What it is, is an absolute workhorse of a knife-- sharp as hell, light (but not too light), and just tough as nails. It will do everything you need it to do, it will do it well, and it will do it all without one jot of extra maintenance or special care on your part. If you want a status symbol, look elsewhere (and bring your checkbook). If you want to cook, on the other hand, and want the tools to do it right, this thing will last you a lifetime and do it with ease.
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