Customer Reviews: VideoSecu Tilt Swivel Low profile (1.9") TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 23"-37", some LED up to 42" with VESA 200x200 200x100 100x100 LCD LED Plasma TV or Monitor, Articulating arm (20" extension) 3KB
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on December 8, 2009
I needed a Wall Mount for my 32" Sharp AQUOS. After a little research, I found that
this flat screen TV had an unusual Bolt/Mount pattern (400x400). I Chose the VideoSecu long arm LCD wall mount bracket with removable mount adaptor plate (black) ML520BE. I found out later that the info from the internet abouta 400x400 bolt pattern was incorrect. It is actually a 200 x 200 pattern. Either way, the installation was very easy. This brackett is recommended for a max weight of 60lbs. It actually supports my entire weight of 175lbs. With a small bit of help from my daughter, I was able to attach the TV. This mount is great, you can adjust it (your TV) to anyposition you desire. I will be purchasing 2 more. 1 for my daughters room (27" Flatscreen) and 1 for our family room (42" Flatscreen). I highly recommend this to everyone.
Thanks For Reading... Dave
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on February 3, 2012
Mounts of this type which are designed to hold TVs over about 20 pounds tend to be ridiculously expensive. Most inexpensive mounts I've seen have been either flush-to-the-wall mounts with little or no rotation ability, or they've been for very light TVs. The key for me is that I wanted a mount which would allow a 30 pound 27" TV to be pulled away from the wall far enough that it could then be rotated as much as possible in either direction. This mount allows us to move a 27" TV far enough from the wall that it can be rotated almost 90° - nearly perpendicular to the wall. EXACTLY what we needed.

I have to agree with reviews which say that the instructions are somewhat lacking - mine came with 4 steps printed on the box lid and no other documentation. The graphics were very minimal and lacked frame of reference, particularly the part illustrating the mounting plate (the bit connected to the TV) and it's connection to the arm (the bit mounted on the wall.) The instructions for connecting the TV to the mounting plate show the use of 4 extension arms which are included in the packaging, but the square mounting plate itself looks to me like it's drilled for every VESA standard pattern you'd find on a TV light enough to use this mount.

Despite the sparsity of documentation, anyone who's reasonably mechanical in nature is probably going to have no more trouble working it out than I did (took me about 20 minutes to figure out and hang.) The mounting plate design is fantastic. The mounting plate hangs on the arm by a large screw and washer at the top and is secured at the bottom by two small screws. You remove those before hanging the arm and take the mounting plate off. The mounting plate then can be attached to the TV separately and once that's done hanging the TV/Mount Plate assembly is as easy as hanging a picture. I was able to do it without having another person available to hold the TV up while I tried to attach screws.

Also completely missing from the documentation is any mention of the plates (one on each section of the arm) which are easily removed (two screws each) and which clamp the TV cables to the arm. They don't conceal the wires fully, but they do restrict them from moving around or getting pulled as the TV is re-positioned and generally improve the aesthetic appearance of the wiring.

The unit is extremely solid. All of the connections were tight and once the TV was mounted on the wall there was no wiggle or looseness of any kind. The mount articulates easily and with the cables secured under the above mentioned plates there is no catching or binding of the wires.

Mine came with an absolute plethora of screws and bolts and nuts, including four large screws for mounting the arm to the wall stud, as well as large and impressive looking dry-wall anchors for stud-less mounting. The arm itself and my TV are both pretty heavy, so I don't think I'd have been comfortable hanging the unit using the drywall anchors, but they're there if you want to. Having actually seen an used this mount now, I'd feel pretty comfortable hanging a TV even larger than the maximum advertised size of 46", though obviously one does so at their own risk.

One of the other reviews above says that no spacers or bolts for connecting the TV to the mount were included, but mine DID come with two different-sized sets of spacers (to separate the wall plate from the back of the TV in case you need a larger gap for wires.) There were no bolts suitable for connecting the mounting plate to the back of my TV, but as with most TVs and monitors I've mounted, the same screws that used to hold the table-top stand on to the TV were the correct size for connecting the mounting plate, so I just used four of those.

Overall - an extremely fantastic purchase. The next-cheapest wall-mount (other than the same mount under other brand names) I could find that met my primary need (being able to pull the TV out and rotate it to the side as far as possible) was over $100 more expensive, and I don't feel like I've had to make any compromises at all with this mounting arm.
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on December 27, 2011
Update 12/3/2012 - nearly a year of use and the mount still works perfect. No complaints whatsoever.

First the actual use is awesome, but a couple flaws make it lose a star.
How we are using it : Holding a 40" LCD with VESA 400 x 400
Based on some of the low reviews either some people have received different mounts from other vendors or some changes have been made to the product. People saying it's flimsy and didn't include standoffs or hardware did not receive the same mount I did.

* Smooth articulation - all bolts at articulation points use a metal ferrule to make it extra smooth without any slop or play.
* tilt function has dual lock bolts with convenient handles - NICE! If you ever had a mount that you had to break out the allen wrench to adjust the tilt - you'll really appreciate this mounts tool-less adjustment!
* Adjustment at tv attachment in case mount wasn't installed dead level
* Very solid - even though this mount attaches with a single bracket to the wall it has zero sag.
* All the bolts, screws and washers included are each individually bagged.
* Includes lag screws and concrete bolts ***see con below concerning hardware***
* looks to include all possible screw types and spacers for most TVs
* powder coating seems very well done and doesn't chip/scratch easily.

* no cover plate for wall mount bracket - I have a very identical mount that didn't come with the vesa 400 adapter and it came with a cover plate that covers the bolts going into the wall. For a full articulating mount that could leave the wall mount exposed this looks bad. Its a cheap plastic part to manufacture and should be included
* Hardware - The bolts locking the arms use nylock(locking) nuts, but the rest of the bolts and nuts, including those that hold the adapter do not use lock nuts or lock washers. Luckily just a trip to the hardware store to get replacement locking nuts makes an easy fix.
* The VESA 400 adapter is either wrong or my tv manufacturer is wrong(I didn't measure it but I tend to believe the TV manufacturer wasn't the one in error). The adapter uses 2 bolts on each of the 4 adapter arms. Attaching the adapter as such was short on the bottom of the mount. I had to attach the top two arms with the 2 bolts and the bottom arms with just one to make it line up(or drill a hole in the arm). Given that these are non locking bolts to begin with being only attached by one bolt makes me very nervous!
* I hesitate to call this a con- no level or template included. In most mounts i've installed that included a level in the box or attached to the mount I had been disappointed in the quality so used my own level anyway and I recommend others to do the same. If you have no level at your disposal already though this may be a con. Also no template in the box,but removing the plate from the rest of the unit is very easy and I prefer to use the actual plates over a template anyway.

The bottom line - Given price and function this unit is recommended buy.
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on April 29, 2012
This mount helped me out tremendously and I highly recommend, but keep reading for some 'things to know'.

- The build is top notch. Very sturdy durable metal.

TV Mount:
- I used this for a Samsung 46" LED with a 400x400 VESA footprint. The included hardware matched perfectly, however the M8 screws provided were either too short or too long. I had to make a trip to my hardware store to get some new M8 bolts (1.25 threads) and a few washers to stack on each. Whatever you do, don't let the bolts 'bottom-out'. It'll damage the TV.

- I used the included wood screws into studs. Don't even think about mounting this with drywall anchors. It's not going anywhere if you're into good wood.

Articulating Arm:
- The arm has a couple of cable management channels. The movement is smooth. My TV weighs around 30lbs and doesn't seem to sag at all.

- You can adjust the tilt (forward and back)
- You can adjust the roll of the tv (for leveling)

Installation In General:
- Two people are best but you could do this by yourself provided enough patience and planning.

Things to know:
- The TV comes with tons of fasteners, but ultimately you will have to make sure when mounting the TV, the bolts are the right size and depth.
- I'd buy another if I needed one.
- I've read the older reviews and the issue with the 400x400 arms not lining up seem to be fixed.
- It is rated to 88lbs, but I'd stay far below that just for piece of mind sake.
review image review image review image
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on May 29, 2013
This is a VERY versatile wall mount. I would and probably will buy again.
- Fits almost every VESA configuration. This is great as often times retailers will list the wrong sizing on a T.V.'s specs and you have to return the mount.
- Provides many screw types for mounting bracket to T.V. This is useful as sometimes you are provided with the incorrect screw type with mount.
- Fits rounded backs / straight backs
- Easy to install.
- Installs into wood stud or concrete
- Very flexible arm. Pivots +/- 7.5º up or down. Can turn left to right. Can pull out about 2 feet or so. Or it can push the T.V. flush against the wall.
- Price. This is dirt cheap for a quality product.
- Seems sturdy. I'll update if it falls off the wall.

- Requires Drill, Socket Wrench, a stud to mount it on (no drywall mounting). Note: This is going to be common among T.V. mounts, but this is still a con in my book as it requires more tools/resources.
- INSTALL TIP: Instructions fail to mention that screw caps should be removed before fastening the mount to the wall. Failure to do so will require you to unscrew the mount and pop the caps off and fasten the mount again. Not too difficult, but frustrating when you're holding up this mount against the wall and trying to keep level while your wield your socket wrench.
- The vertical angle pivot could be bigger
- T.V. requires a special wrench (provided with mount) to adjust tilt.
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on December 9, 2010
This unit is well made and seems sturdy for TVs up to 42". I'm not sure I would go much larger or heavier with this single arm/single stud mount. The variety of holes provides an opportunity to secure many different TV models.

Note that this unit does not come with a selection of hardware (ie bolts) to secure it to your TV, nor does it come with any spacers or standoffs to mount the TV to the mounting plate, which would be required in some cases. I'm giving this mount only 3 stars because you invariably will need to track down extra hardware, and the MFG website is basically non existent. The manufacturer could provide PDF templates online, installation videos, known incompatible TV models etc to help consumers decide if the mount is for them and if it would even fit their TV before purchase.

Unfortunately this unit is not compatible with Panasonic TC-P42 and perhaps other similar Panasonic models (smaller and larger). The problem is that this mount completely obscures the power input jack on the TV. There was no possibility to modify it to work without severely compromising the integrity of one of the mounting ears or using long standoffs which I did not feel would be secure, so I had to return the unit. Before purchasing this unit, be sure your power input jack or other jacks are nowhere near the center of the TV or anywhere in between the mounting holes for that matter - because this unit obscures nearly everything between the TV mounting holes.
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on August 6, 2015
The universal back plate has fit 3 different brands of TV's of varying sizes. There are multiple types of screws provided that will allow you to fit your TV to the plate which easily mounts on the arm. When I put up the second mounting system we decided to switch TV's between the basement and bedroom. This took 5 mins total as all that was needed was lifting the tv off one arm carrying it upstairs and putting on the mounted arm in the bedroom. Great product, outstanding price and VERY easy to install.
Despite its competitive price, the unit exceeded all expectations. The kit came with multiple adapters and mounting bolts that fit a vast array of flat screen televisions.

Just know that if you're looking center your TV between two objects (i.e. sconces) on a wall or on a mantel, you'll need to install the mount off center to accommodate for the alignment of the pivot bracket. Sounds confusing, but you'll see what I mean when you install it. :)
review image
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on December 5, 2012
Well I got the kit yesterday. Got the mount on the wall kinda easy. The top screw and bottom bolts have some type of thing blocking it to go in and screw down all the way but I got the top 2 in fine just not the bottom. But it wasn't really a big deal to me. Then we get ready to mount the plate to our 42in 400x200 vesa tv and ran into problems. We spent 1.5hrs trying to figure out how to get the plate mounted using only the supplied extension brackets and still couldnt figure it out. There's only 2 mounting points on the back of our Insignia TV. We got frustrated and left it alone. I won't touch it for a few days because it is very misleading and too frustrating for the average person to figure out who has a 400x200 VESA tv. I will not be buying this again and if I can't figure it out in a few days I am going to return it for a different kit.

After more messing around with it during my lunch break I have figured it out and put it up. I'm still unhappy with how it is mounted. The entire plate itself is not flush against the tv. But where I have it bolted in is pretty firm. But the TV is up on the wall. Fully funtional.
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on December 13, 2011
First the good:
It mounts securely to the wall and is discrete. It also looks quite nice and gives the TV a lot of mobility . Overall I like the product a lot.

However, the bracket holes did not match up with my Sony Bravia 46". I had to put on the extensions but it still did not fit in the holes provided. So I had to drill 2 new holes and expand one already made hole.

But this was ok, since this thing is made out of sturdy steel and it doesn't compromise the integrity of the unit at all. It just made a bit more work for me to get it all to fit properly. Now it's mounted and looks great! And for the price it's a great deal.
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on March 16, 2013
I bought two of these. The first one I bought to hang a 50" Panasonic plasma TCP50U50 (about 40-45 lbs). The bolt pattern on it is a little odd, but with the extensions I was able to use this mount. I have the TV extended a bit away from the wall normally, not flat against it. It's been up for about a month and there's no sag or any issues. I used the hardware that came with the mount and it worked fine. Although with any of these mounts you could always get some stronger bolts if you felt the need.
The second mount I used for an older Vizio 32" LCD. That bolt pattern is VESA 400x200 I think. It's been up for 3 weeks with no issues, The arms on these are a little tight at first, but you can adjust tension. Overall a strong mount for sub-$30.
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