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on November 19, 2012
In my ideal setup I would not be mounting speakers (or use bookshelf speakers for that matter), but due to the limited space I recently moved into, mounting was the only solution. I've been looking at mounts for a while and narrowed my selection down to the particular offerings from Pinpoint and Rocelco. I almost pulled the trigger on one of those mounts until I stumbled upon these, which seems to be a new item since it never came up in search results before. I ultimately bought these because of the price and that they look identical to the ones from the previous mentioned brands. When I opened the box I immediately noticed the excellent quality of these mounts. Now the speakers I'm using weigh 20 pounds each and I absolutely did not want to drill and put screws into them and was afraid the foam pads wouldn't cut it. The only feasible solution was to use something called Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive. I've used this stuff before when I had my speakers mounted on stands and it works real well, so well that it took a good amount to effort to separate the speakers from the stands.

After finding the studs in the wall and screwing the mounts in (they come with a plastic cover to hide the scews), I tugged on it with a good amount of force; they're not going anywhere. Next was to mount the speakers. I put blu tack on the sides and the surface the of mounting plates and placed the speakers on top; tightened the clamping screws and adjusted the position of the speakers. My speakers are 12" deep and there's enough clearance for them to pivot 180 degrees. These mounts aren't designed to tilt much, the photo I posted shows the speaker in it's max tilt position. I've only had the speakers mounted for a day, not enough to determine stability which only time will tell. So far I can say I'm pretty content with the way are and will keep a close eye on them; I am after all taking a risk with some expensive speakers. If you can, secure your speakers with screws, unfortunately it's not something I want to do on something with such a nice finish. Besides that, this is an excellent purchase with tremendous amount of value and installation was simple and straight forward.

UPDATE 02/14/2013: So it's been nearly 3 months since I mounted them and they're holding strong. My speakers have not creeped forward or moved at all for that matter. I have complete confidence in these mounts and still think they are the best for the price.

UPDATE 11/17/2013: It's been a year now and the mounts are still in the same place. Speakers haven't moved a millimeter. Truly an excellent purchase.

UPDATE 03/24/2016: Two years ago I moved the speakers into an office setting. Overall they've been mounted on the stands for about 3-1/2 years and have never given me any doubts about its ability to do its job.
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on April 1, 2013
My rears on a 5.1 are pretty big for surround speakers (not giant, just under 10 lbs.each), but don't come with ANY sort of mount holes, points, bolt holes, nothing. Really not cool for surround speakers. I was gonna try some cheaper "universal" brackets, but, like others, balked at screwing into the speakers (even though mine aren't that expensive or good-looking). Just seems like a bad idea, especially with these mounting brackets as an alternative.

They hold the speakers very well, and these are perfect replicas of mounts that cost almost twice as much. (Well, they did when I bought them. Since I ordered these, they've gone up from $35 to $45.) I used velcro, instead of the oft-suggested blue tac. Not crazy about the blue stuff, anyway, plus it's blue, velcro's black, like the speaker brackets and my speakers. Plus I did test first, and the velcro adhesive pulled off my speakers without leaving a trace. Other than my own preference for velcro, I can't speak to whether it works better than the blue stuff, but I'm convinced it works better than screwing in the tiny screws to my particle board speaker cabinets. I used 2" wide velcro tape and cut strips long enough for the front and back of the speaker bracket, then went under the bracket in the back to the bottom of the speaker again. With the clamps on the side, no way is that coming loose with a 7 degree tilt.

I had no problems mounting the brackets or the speakers. Everything was straightforward. Mounted to studs and had no problems with included screws. Maybe other folks had trouble trying to use the included plastic wallboard hangers? I guess if I was trying that, I'd have gotten better hardware too, but I can't imagine hanging bigger speakers without using a stud. I'd go off center on my listening area first, and just adjust the volumes of the two speakers to compensate. Had to be a little careful using a drill to screw in the hanger on two of the screws because the drill was too wide to go straight in, but didn't strip any screwheads. Then again, I've used a drill to drive/un-drive thousands of screws, so maybe that's the difference?

The only suggestion I had was in the design of the speaker clamps. The mounts would be about 50% more stable if the bracket had a little lip on the front to help hold the speakers in. I'm pretty sure all speakers have flat fronts, and a 1/8" lip would not cause any problems with grills or speaker edges, but would go miles toward holding the speakers in place when tilted down. The front of the speaker would rest against the lip stopping any forward progress and the clamps would then just be responsible for keeping the speaker from tilting forward on that pivot point. I guess this might limit the size of speakers further, but with an existing limit of 13" deep, I don't see how.

Still, the best alternative I found for those with bigger speakers and no built in way to mount.
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on March 13, 2013
I recently setup a home theater system. For my surrounds I am using Infinity Primus 153s. So, I was in the market for brackets that would adequately support these speakers. After searching on Amazon I found myself trying to decide between these VideoSecu and the Pinpoint AM-40B brackets. I read some reviews about the videosecu that mentioned weak welds, but then I found others that seemed happy with them. So, I decided to go for it and purchase these since they were like half the price. I am very glad that I did. I found them to provide satisfactory support for my rather large surround speakers. They look pretty decent as well. If you are between these two brackets and on a budget, go with these! They are an excellent value. I would recommend getting some of the Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive. If you put some under the speakers it really helps them feel more secure and even less likely to shift, though it probably isn't necessary as they grip pretty tightly to the speaker. Also, there are pads supplied to fit on the brackets so that the clamps won't damage or affect the finish of the speaker.
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on March 19, 2014
I am used to using the plastic Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts on my previous speakers. The kind that rotate every which way and seem impossible to get just the right angle and tight enough to hold, lol. I upgraded my home theater system. My speakers weight 14lbs. The cheap plastic ones were out. I searched the net for heavy duty side clamping mounts and came across three- VideoSecu (these), Pinpoint and B-Tech. All get good reviews and are good products, I am sure. Here is how I made my choice... Breakdown:

VideoSecu MS56B: $35, 5.3-11, 13 deep, swivels 180, hold up to 33lbs, 10 degree tilt
Pinpoint AM40:$54, holds speakers 5.5-11 wide, depth unknown, swivels 180 degrees- 90 left, 90 right, can hold up to 50lbs, only has a 7 degrees tilt.
B-Tech Ultragrip Pro: $70, 5.3-11 wide, depth unknown, swivel 180 degrees, hold up to 55lbs, only has a 7 degree tilt

They all have similar specs, but the price point and tilt was especially important to me. They also listed the speaker depth. I could not find that info on the others here or at their main sites. VideoSecu excelled in all areas that were important to me. With my previous mounts I wished they could tilt more toward my hearing point- just left or right of my ears. The VideoSecu were the least expensive, that does not read cheap. My speakers weighed 14lbs, I did not need to pay for the extra bulk. They had the important 10 degree tilt vs the 7 of the other two.

They all install similarly according to their instructions. I did use the side padding and small mounting screws that comes with them to both side and bottom mount. Even though the side clamps tighten very secure with the padding, I wanted the extra security of the small wood screws. It was easy to mount the wall plate to a stud then slide the mount cover over to hide that installation. There are bolt caps to cover the unsightly ends.

Adjustment. Can we say easy? I tightened the main bolt just tight enough to hold my adjustments in place. I swiveled left/right for the direction, then tilted down to my desired angle. The angle was perfect. When right, I tightened the main bolt and I was done. Easiest mount I have ever worked with.

5 STARS - It is inexpensive, mount is clean looking, does not appear unsightly on the wall, constructed well, easily installed and easily adjustable.

I plan to upload photos to see them installed and hopefully give an idea of size and appearance.
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on March 28, 2014
Good speaker mounts. They were very sturdy holding the speakers as meant to be held. I ended up actually flipping the mount upside down to hang the speakers from it rather than hold them on top. I needed the speakers at a lower level and didn't want to bother with taking the mount down (plus I may have stripped a few screws putting them in.) You're probably better off buying your own screws, the ones they provide are aluminum and strip fairly easily if you use a drill to put them in. Regardless, I clamped the sides together as tight as I could get them, then put screws through a few holes on the sides of the clamps into the speakers themselves to ensure they are held solid. I don't suggest doing this unless you are using cheaper speakers you do not care about putting a few holes in. I used my rear surround speakers in my theater room and it seems to work great.

I will post a picture of how I hung them if I can figure out how to do that.
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on November 23, 2012
Reviews are hard to come by for speaker brackets. Plus, the product descriptions rarely answered all my questions. After examining the batch of photos available here (Thanks!) I decided to take my chances with these VideoSecu mounts to hang my bamboo Audioengine 5+ speakers.

I'm happy!

Out of the box I saw neat welds and precise machining. Nothing was missing in the nuts and bolts package. The flat black finish is perfect. While installation is straightforward, the instruction sheet eschews gobbledegook.

Once installed I got the surprises I was looking for. Firstly, the clamps which hold the speakers in place can be tightened securely so retaining screws need not be added. You don't have to damage the speaker cabinets. I'm watching closely, but after some high volume testing I'm not finding any give in the mounts' security. They hold tightly. Secondly, the speakers can be rotated through 180+ degrees, a feature I absolutely need for my situation.

Speaker brackets are by and large overpriced. At $25 these are worth every penny. I'm happy.
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on May 4, 2014
I was in the market for speaker mounts to hang my Infinity P153's. I was trying to decide between these and another pair that were 30 dollars more. Based on the recommendation by other Amazon customers I went with these. I'm glad I did because I saved 30 dollars.

Here's my setup:

Speakers: Infinity P153
Dimensions: 13.5 lbs; Height: 13", width: 7 3/8" and depth: 10.5"
Mounting surface: Studs

Hardware and Observations of the mounts:

The speaker mounts look good, but the welding is horrible. It looks like whoever made them used the minimal and slapped it together. Where was the QC? If it didn't say it was rated for 30 pounds I'd have a hard time believing them. The carriage bolts looked solid but the wood screws are cheap. The screw heads require a large phillips head screw driver, but I never used them. (This was based off a recommendation by another review.) The washers are cheap and I never used them either. The lock nuts for the center carriage bolts look decent. And the bolts to secure the brackets seem to be working so far and haven't stripped, even after several adjustments. (I compared the washers and wood screws to ones I bought at a local hardware store and there is no comparison.)


Another Amazon review recommended going to the hardware store to purchase other screws, washers and lock washers to properly secure the brackets. I went to the hardware store and brought everything I needed to see what I needed by comparison. This is what I purchased:

• 2 washers (unknown size. I went by the included washer.) These go on top of the locknut with the center carriage bolt.
• 6 x 2" wood screws. (SO much better quality than what came in the packaging.)
• 4 x lock nuts (based on the size of the clamp bolts) I used these in conjunction with the bolts on inside the clamps. I just removed each bolt and placed one on the inside each of the screw head. I'm confident the clamps won't come undone.

Because the hardware I purchased wasn't black I went ahead and spray painted them to match the hardware of the mounts. (excluding the wood screws).


This was pretty straight forward. Just find studs, mark and drill. I placed the top screw first then made sure the bracket was level before marking the other two screw locations on each bracket. After that, I installed the cover, which slides over the bracket arm. Then you place the swivel seat on top of the bracket arm and slide the carriage bolt down into the washer and lock nut. Before placing the speaker on top of the mount I went ahead and pre-adjusted the clamps so it wouldn't require too much adjusting when it was seated. I also used blue tack on the sides of the clamps. A little goes a long way and chances are you'll be cleaning it up. I think about inch to inch and a half is more than enough. I also placed a small amount at the rear of the speaker. This stuff works. Seriously.

After making sure the speaker was seated correctly and at the desired angle, I ahead and used a socket wrench (size 13mm socket) and tightened the bolts. The speakers are well secured and not going anywhere. There is a "little" play at the back of the speakers, but Im not sure if it's the size of the speakers or what. I'm not concerned because it's hardly noticeable unless I rock the speakers.


Overall I am happy I made the purchase and they seem to be serving me well. It looks good, clean and simple. Just how I like it.


• Does the job
• Looks good with the speakers
• Easy to install
• For the price, they can't be beat
• Directions were well explained


• Cheap hardware
• Poor QC with the welds
• Not made in the USA (c'mon VideoSecu, there is NO reason or excuse that you couldn't find a metal shop in the USA to make these. Not to mention have them provide quality hardware. I would have paid twice this if they were made here and had better hardware.
• Price evidently went up from 25 dollars to 35 dollars and apparently the hardware hasn't changed. Any reason?
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on May 17, 2013
Although I cannot assume this is how everyone's experience went with these mounts, one of mine broke (and only after 10 minutes or so of holding my speakers up). The mounts looked/felt pretty solid and the setup seemed very easy. I will admit that the latter of these assumptions was very true (took me less than a lunch break to set them up); however the initial assumption was dead wrong. I setup my speakers onto the mounts at the end of the day - again, very easy to do - just unscrew the guides until they fit your speaker, put it on, then screw the guides until tight. I added the foam strips on both because I did not want to dent or crack my speakers.

Anyway, after they were both mounted, I started messing with the controls on the back of the main speaker when I heard a loud smash. I look back and it's the other speaker on the floor. I didn't understand why it happened so I checked the mount - everything looked good. I thought maybe I didn't tighten the screws enough so I tightened them even more. I put the speaker back on and watched the speaker slowly tipping toward the front of the mount. I looked to the right of the mount and realized the right "guide" piece that holds the speaker in place was coming off the beam below it. The weld or whatever was there securing it was just stripping away. I took the speaker off and the piece just hanged there. eventually it was barely hanging by a sliver of metal so I broke it off. These mounts claim they support up to 33 lbs. The shipping weight of the speakers were 18 they are even less than that.

There is no reason that piece should have come "unglued" from the beam below it. It did and I am now in need of new mounts AND speakers (I am not going to keep just one of the speakers and I'm sure they won't just sell me 1). I am going to try getting into the speaker and fixing it since getting a faulty wall mount probably won't be covered under the speaker warranty - and I guess I will try and rig the piece back onto the unit. The other one is still staying strong with the exact same speaker (hence the 2 stars) so I'm assuming this is just a case of bad quality control and I got the s*** end of the stick. Just a heads up for those of you considering this product - China products are notorious for sub-par quality control.

EDIT: 1 day later the second one just gave out and my other speaker just fell to the ground. This product is now officially trash. I hate returning things. 100% disappointed.
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on May 9, 2014
looks nice in my finished basement holding 11lb Klipsch bookshelf speakers. Very sturdy even when mounted straight to 1/2" drywall with some good anchors (50lb Rated x3). Very Adjustable, able to rotate completely around for a variety of speaker placement options. Be sure to buy some Blu-Tack if you want to avoid unnecessary drilling into your speakers. Solid product would buy again.
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on June 26, 2015
These are working great with a pair of KRK Rokit 5s. Super solid. I mounted them to the studs in the wall with the included hardware. I would definitely recommend these.
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