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on August 27, 2010
*UPDATE 11-10-11* Apparently the design and sale of this mount has changed since my original review. It's now easier to install, and comes with an HDMI cable and level. Otherwise, most of my review still stands.

I was planning to make my own TV mount because all the affordable ones were so cheaply made. That was until I stumbled on this one for $25.

Wow, was I surprised when it arrived! Very nicely double-boxed and packaged extremely well. Then the construction is quality all the way, right down to the chrome-plated nuts, screws and bushings. This mount was manufactured and boxed as if it were a high-dollar item.

It only took about 15 minutes to have my 37" LG firmly hanging on the wall. Oh, and I did it all by myself.

I can't comment on the mount-to-TV screws because my LG already provided them. And I did use my own 5/16" flat washers on 2 of the lag screws since none were included, but that's just my preference.

I highly recommend this mount, I would have been happy to pay double for such quality.

Now, as usual, many of the reviews here are misleading:

*Dismiss all reviews that talk about adjacent studs, or difficulties getting screws to grab at an angle. This thing BOLTS TO A SINGLE WALL STUD VERY EASILY! Just like what's shown on the instruction sheet, you simply screw 3 of the lag screws down the center of the mount. That's all that's needed, the other holes are just a bonus for more complicated setups. DO NOT PUT 6 OR 7 LAGS INTO A STUD! You will probably shred or weaken it. Crash goes your TV while ripping a chunk of 2x4 through your drywall.

*Dismiss the reviews that mention short lag screws. They are 2", that's a depth of almost 1 1/2" into the stud after going through 1/2" drywall and the mount. If you drilled roughly 3/16" to 1/4" diameter pilot holes and didn't over-tighten your lags, it should be fine. I've mounted mine twice now, using the same (provided) lags.

*I have no idea where this review came from that complains about an adjustment knob getting in the way. My mount doesn't have any kind of knob on it whatsoever, perhaps they are commenting on a different model. There's a tilt adjustment, but it uses a wrench and doesn't protrude anywhere. The ONLY BAD PART I'VE FOUND is that cheap stamped sheet-metal wrench to tighten the tilt mechanism. No problem, I just used my own 13mm wrench instead.

*Yes, the mount can be somewhat stiff. Like another reviewer stated, just lubricate it. I used a few drops of 3-In-1 Oil in the joints.

*And bad reviews from people who didn't research or check to see if their TV or monitor is VESA compliant. That also includes the ones who didn't check to see if the mounting plate will block off their inputs. The plate is about 8 1/2" square, it shouldn't be that hard to see if you'll have a conflict. Besides, in the description it says, "Please make sure what mount your TV needs before you place order. If you are not sure, please send us a message. We will check for you." So they are giving a nice product bad reviews because they simply didn't read the description.

*Then all the complaints of trying to hold the TV to the mount while installing the screws. If you look at the pictures on Amazon you'll see the center screw hole is a "keyhole".

1. Hold the mount to the wall and mark the 3 hole locations on the wall. On the center keyhole you want to only mark the narrow slot at the top.

2. Drill (3) 3/16" holes.

3. Install center screw into the stud, but leave a small gap between the head and the drywall, you can even use the mount to test whether the slot in the "keyhole" passes behind the head.

4. Lay your TV face-down on a safe place like a mattress or a table with a comforter over it. Place the mount over the back of the TV and install screws.

5. Position the mount so the wall mounting plate is reasonably close to the TV and as close to center as possible, and simply hang it on the wall to the center lag screw through the keyhole. That should help with the weight while you screw the top lag in, then the bottom. Don't tighten anything completely until all 3 screws are in, then make sure it's level or plumb.

That's it. This is an inexpensive, very well built product that solves a simple problem. I'll be ordering more for my PC monitors and future customers ASAP.
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on January 9, 2014

I bought the mount, and its fine. For $26 bucks, if you want a mount like this, its not super sturdy, but it does the job.

Here is the problem though. I bought this item on Amazon, from seller: Warehouseseller. In the listing, at the time i bought it (Jan 2013) it specifically said "BONUS, Free HDMI cable and level"

But when the TV mount arrived it had no HDMI cable or level. Not the end of the world, but slightly annoying. I contacted the seller, and they said "oh that model does not come with a Free HDMI cable and level".

I wrote back, explaining to them that the listing says it does, sending them a link to the listing, where it could clearly be seen that it said "Free HDMI cable and level".

They replied "nope, it does not say that".

what? i thought, so i took an actual screenshot of the listing (where it could be clearly seen that it said "Free HDMI cable and level"), and a separate screen shot of my order (showing that that was the exact model that i bought).

They then wrote back, saying that was not the model i bought.

Huh? they were just jerking me around, i sent another email to them showing my order page, my order number, and the exact item purchased, and they said "oh we used to include an HDMI cable and level, but we dont do that anymore".

I wrote back, "well all thats nice, but can you send me the Free HDMI cable and level listed?" they replied "no" saying they would not do that.

So, i was like, wow, what a bunch of scammers, i contacted Amazon, and they agreed with me. Amazon apologized, and Amazon even refunded me the money, AND said i could still keep the TV stand. So ultimately (due to Amazon) it worked out OK, but seriously, be very wary of this seller.

Also, not for nothing the customer service emails from Warehouseseller back to me were not only not helpful, but they were very rude as well. AND... it says in the listing "Please report to if you receive a mount without VideoSecu logo." The TV Mount i did recieve works Ok, but it does not have the VideoSecu logo. Which (to be honest) i am not too worried about. But clearly they are selling knock-offs (although it still works), and they are rude, and they scam customers. As such, i can only recommend that you do not buy from this seller.
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on September 10, 2014
Provided screws "walked" across the stud, thus causing one to slide out. TV fell off the wall. TV survived, but not sure about my Xbox and Blu-ray player. For the flexibility and the rated weight limit, it should be a two stud setup.

Of note, the metal is very solid and did not give at all even with the fall.

Would not buy again
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on March 10, 2015
Says it works with "most 22"-55" - VESA 400x400 mm" most being the key word. I could not get the arms to fit my TV properly. It would only work if I added one screw to the arm instead of the required 2 screws (see attached photos). The result was the arms were not stable and the bolt to the screw goes underneath the arm, which makes it VERY difficult to properly tighten. I could have taken a chance and mounted it, God forbid the screw came loose and the TV dropped on the floor. I called customer service to figure out what I was missing. The agent on the phone, a woman, was one of the rudest agents I have ever experienced in MY LIFE. She was short with me and said it works on all TV's 'so to speak', if it doesn't work then I am doing something wrong. I said does it fit on ALL Vesa 400x400? No she said, but even if it doesn't it can. But the worst. Even if I decided to proceed with the unstable assembly. The arms covered the power cord outlet and the component outlets on the back of the TV. So I couldn't use it, and still turn on the TV regardless.
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on July 30, 2015
It's marked as the best seller and seems great but in less than a week this wall mount has destroyed my wall and my tv. Thankfully no one was hurt but I will now have to repair my wall and replace my TV.
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on January 30, 2014
I have a 50" led on it and after one week it is sagging and can not support the weight of the TV. I have to ask my cousin to come help me install a replacement and will be returning the ones I bought. DONT use for more that a 32 MAYBE 40"
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on August 28, 2010
OK - at first I was very skeptical to purchase a very inexpensive $25 wall mount for my 40" LCD Samsung tv set since most people used it on a 32" LCD or smaller set. However, this wall mount FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and rivals $200 wall mounts in terms of functionality and pars $125+ wall mounts in terms of construction quality. I am an intermediate to advanced level DIY-er, but don't work with my hands for a living, and managed to get this mount installed perfectly. One person can do most of the installation, but once you are ready to mount the LCD, you will need some assistance holding it up and positioning the LCD in place (I used an empty box with a pillow help raise the set, and my wife's help to position it in place). My LCD is located in the corner of my living room over a fire place. Given the fact the LCD is at a high location, I wanted a mount that not only can be positioned to rotate left and right, I wanted it to be TILTED downward towards the viewers/ sofa couches. This mount has more features than many others out there(my friend paid $180 for his mount at a retail store and doesn't have all the adjusting options). If you know what you're doing, you will have no problem with this mount. It even allows 'some' degree of user error by letting you rotate the LCD clockwise and/or counter clockwise from a standing position in case you did not use a leveler or measure properly. All necessary screws, bolts and instructions were included for my set.

Here are a few tips to make this product absolutely incredible:
*If you apply just a single drop of lubricant (I used Finish Line Cross Country Lube) at each rotating/moving joint, this wall mount will have the motion of a smooth high end articulating arm that seems to have ball-bearings!!.. it is SMOOTH and STURDY!
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on December 27, 2013
Guess I just received a third party product.
Couldn't find any VideoSecu logo on the mount.
Some of the screws appear rusty as well
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on January 4, 2015
I bought this based on the glowing reviews for this mount, however I'm not too happy with the mount. The first problem is the instructions ask you to drill a 7/32 hole for the lag bolts however the lag bolts that were included in my kit were too small for the 7/32 hole and one of them stripped out completely. I had to drop the mount down a few inches and redrill smaller holes and the lag bolts grabbed perfectly. The second issue I encountered was the instructions tell you to use washers when mounting the plate to the back of the TV. The only washers that would fit are used when you mount the arm to the wall, this lead to a trip to the hardware store for the correct washers. I have one of their tilt wall mounts also and it is awesome, but this kit I do not recommend. This mount is no where near as stable and the TV seems to bounce for a long while after you touch it.
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on July 19, 2015
Wanted to share my experience with this mount when mated with the LG 42LF5600 TV. I ordered the mount anyway, despite seeing all the users who said it doesn't work with this model TV.

While it is true that LG's placement of the inputs (in the middle of the back of the unit) is not ideal for most all full-motion/articulating wall mounts on the market, this VideoSecu ML531E mount does work and allow just enough clearance for the power cord and HDMI cable - but only if you use the spacers provided with the TV in conjunction with the plastic sleeves (spacers) provided in the mount kit.

1. Attach all four expansion arms to the mounting plate a per the wall mount instructions and photos.
2. Screw the two spacers included in the box with the LG TV into the BOTTOM two mounting holes on the TV. Attach the mounting plate using the 10cm length screws included in the wall mount kit (see photos)
3. Attach the top two expansion arms of the mount to the TV using the plastic sleeves/spacers and 20cm length screws - all included in the wall mount kit

That's it. Using the spacers in this manner provides the clearance needed for your power and HDMI cables.

I took an extra step and used a 90-degree HDMI adapter - simply because I had a 3-pack on hand for other TV's. This was not necessary as I could have plugged my cable directly into the port first, then attached the bottom right expansion arm to the TV.

Use the photos as illustration, it might help tell the story better. I provided a photo of the two LG spacers as well as the 90-degree HDMI adapter. If you don't have the LG adapters or threw them out already, you can easily come up with a couple more spacers and longer M6 screws at your local hardware store.

Hope this helps folks out who thought this mount was not compatible with the LG 42LF5600 - or provide enough confidence for new buyers with this model TV to install it properly without hassle.
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