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on December 11, 2011
About 420TVL CCTV cams. First off, let me say that I read all the reviews on this camera. Twice. I could not believe the positive glowing things being said, since this is only a 420TVL cam. I usually turn my nose up at anything below 540TVL's. But since I was getting one more cam for the inside of my garage, I surmised that I could bump my high requirements down. I own 10 cameras (I have a 8 channel DVR, and a 4 channel DVR---watch out! once you get into installing CCTV cams around your house, you just might get bit by the "bug"....Camera Acquisition Syndrome!!) LOL!! I also installed my entire system. I really enjoy educating myself on the details of this. Since I am retired (ex-NASA employee) I have plenty of time to putter around. But, back to my review...the camera arrived in just a few days. I unboxed it and first thought...what a small camera! And I really didn't think that 26 IR led's would suffice to even see anything in a dark garage! ( I have installed motion lights in my garage to cut down on the electric bills. I've got them set to five minutes of inactivity. There are always those family members who 'forget" to turn off the lights after exiting the garage. Anyways, I got the camera mounted, went to my DVR room in the house, and plugged in the included 12volt adapter. (By the way...this is a 'switching" 12Volt 500ma adapter, so they ship a qualilty ac adapter. ALL of my cameras have the regulated switching adapters plugged into an uninterruptible supply. Yes, I am kind of anal. haha.) As soon as I inserted the adapter's plug into the camera cable...WOW! This camera seems to be sharper than my Sony 540TVL Super HAD camera!! Yes, the reviews are true! These are not fake reviews! This camera is razor sharp. I don't know how 420TVL can produce such a wonderful image. very, very detailed. I am running this through an Insignia LED/LCD TV ("hybrid"). It is a 32" TV. And the night vision is remarkable. Extremely clear and sharp.

As a final write up, I have always made it a point to refuse to buy the 1/4" CCD chip. I always went for the 1/3". Nowhere in the listed "specs." on this camera does it say that it is 1/4" ccd. So, I just "assumed" it was. When I opened the box and read the sheet, there it was-- 1/4" ccd. I felt that I had made a big mistake. Well, after seeing what this camera produces, I have also changed my mind on the 1/4" ccd. By the way, this camera is IP55 rated. Just for those who want to know. Here is what IP55 means, for those who really want to know:

"Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact.

Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects." Wikipedia.

So, it seems like it's good enough for my application. But my other cameras are at least IP65 rated. However, they are outside, not in a garage. The first IP rating digit (5 in this case) is for dust, the second (also 5) is for water.

I am extremely happy with this camera and might even order another to put under the tree. For myself! LOL. BUY THIS CAMERA IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN INEXPENSIVE SOLUTION TO FIGHT CRIME. You will see how the UPS guy really delivers all your packages. haha. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Free shipping sealed the deal.

The only that I don't like is the color. White. But, that's just nitpicking. I can easily remedy that with a spray paint job. Now, where did I put my X-Acto knife!

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on December 7, 2011
I spent far too much time researching these bullet cameras but I'm glad I relied on the reviews here. I was in search of a replacement/supplemental camera for my Q-See system. I had installed my Q-See cameras and while I was happy with the coverage for the areas that allowed for the cameras to get a "long" shot, the performance of the Q-See cameras for tighter distances is poor. No wonder, they are 4.8mm cameras with a much limited field of view. The images produced by the Q-See cameras and their Sony CCD are nice and the night vision is good but having installed one of these VideoSecu cameras, I'm ordering another one. The daytime image quality is very close to on par with the Q-See camera with perhaps just a little less sharpness but we're not talking about HDTV here so I'm fine with it. The night vision is as good as the Q-See. (EDIT: After a couple more nights with the VideoSecu side by side with Q-Sees, I have to give the edge to Q-See in the night vision department. There seems to be a little bit of a bluish interference with the VideoSecus. The Q-Sees seem clearer at night. The night vision range is about the same. I'm still happy though. Price versus overall performance is still good.)

There seemed to be several excellent VideoSecu cameras here on Amazon but none of them offered the mounting option this one does. I have done an under-eave mounting with my cameras and these mounted are very accommodating. They mounts have quite a range of motion and can be mounted under or behind the camera. The range of motion blows away the Q-See mounts too.

The main reason I bought this camera is the 3.6mm lens. It was a good choice. The field of view is significantly better than with the Q-See's 4.8mm. I have posted a couple of cellphone camera snaps of my security monitor showing a before and after of the same location where the camera was mounted in the same spot at about 20 feet up. If you need a wider field of view, these cameras are great and the price makes it a steal. (EDIT: Added two more comparison photos after buying another one of these cameras. I am even more pleased with my purchases!)

Note about Warehouse Seller: They were fantastic! I have bought cables and this camera from them and they were extremely fast. My orders were processed within hours and to my door in under 3 days. (EDIT: Second camera I bought was shipped and received almost as fast. I'm still happy.)
review image review image review image review image
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on December 27, 2012
I gave this camera a 5 out of 5 because I honestly feel these cameras are a great deal for the price I paid which was $35 (each) shipped to my door. Not everyone can afford to shell out a lot of money just to put in a home security system. I purchased two of these VideoSecu IR24S cameras to monitor our driveway after a robbery and I have now had them installed outdoors for about 3 weeks with no issues even through the recent frozen December frost (currently about 25 degrees F at night). I love being able to just glance up at my monitor now 24/7 when I hear something outside rather than running to turn on the porch light and then to a window to see what's going on out there.

The video clarity on these VideoSecu IR24S cameras is great for a 420 TVL CCD camera - night or day. I bought two of these cameras to replace the two cameras I had purchased at Harbor Freight made by Bunker Hill Security which were also about $35 each. The video is much more clear than the Harbor Freight cameras and the IR light at night is also much brighter. The night view on the Harbor Freight cameras was basically worthless but these cameras by VideoSecu have a much better picture. I can actually see inside the cab of my car and truck at night if they are parked facing the cameras. It was well worth returning the Harbor Freight cameras after waiting a few days for the VideoSecu cameras to arrive using the free super saver shipping method.

I combined two of these cameras with an old outdated computer I had just laying around and two PCI style analog video capture cards I bought off of Amazon and Ebay for about $15 each to create a very cheap but adequate home security system. My budget to do the whole system including 2 cameras, 2 cables, and 2 video cards was about $120.

I currently have two of these VideoSecu IR24S cameras connected to my old Pentium 4 / Windows XP PC tower equipped with the two Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 (Internal PCI style) video capture cards for video input along with the Blue IRIS security software made by Perspective for motion detection video recording.

I paid about $70 for the 2 cameras together and they came with the correct working power supplies.
I paid about $18 more for the two 50' power/video cables together (also offered through VideoSecu) that you WILL need to mount this camera anywhere outside.
I paid about $30 for the 2 Hauppauge PVR-150 video tuners together (used).

Great picture quality for a $35 analog video style security camera with just 420 TVL.
Bright IR lights for night vision mode with just the built-in 24 IR LEDs.
Automatically switched to the night vision mode when needed without a dark window in between.
Comes with a the power supply and a warning sticker :-).
Very easy to mount and install using supplied hardware.

The included mounting bracket is a little lightweight and would not stand up to very much abuse.
Did not include the required video cabling needed to install this camera outside.
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on April 16, 2013
I bought this to add to my camera setup. Mine are currently all bullet type from Harbor Freight, which work good, but mainly straight line of site with blinders type view. Original one covered my truck and most of driveway, this one covered my entire front yard. The viewing angle is phenomenal. even better you don't get the whole fish eye look from the angle.
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on January 11, 2015
I purchased this based on others overwelming positive reviews. 4 out of 5 starts with 352 customer reviews should say a lot for a camera. So, I purchased this VideoSecu and the ZOSI 1/3" 800TVL (4.6 out of 5 stars) to compare, and keep the best one and return the other. To my surprise the cheaper ZOSI has much better resolution, and it should with it's 1/3" sensor and 800TVL. My DVR only supports 480TVL so I though maybe on the recording side it would be similar. The VideoSecu says the resolution is 420TVL but it appears to be way less. It seriously looks like 100TVL image scaled up 400%. It's very, very poor image quality with only 1/4" sensor. I decided at that point that I would return it. One of my older cameras infrared lights are going out, so I thought I might as well keep the VideoSecu to replace my old one in the back yard where I don't get much action. I started to adjust the bracket to get my angle right and noticed the tightening washer to the base plate was cross threaded. I got some pliers on it to work it lose and the upper part of the bracket just shatter on me like it was made of porcelain. I'm not kidding, I barely applied any pressure and it just broke. Check out my picture for proof. My conclusion is this camera is made cheap with very poor image quality. I do NOT recommend buying this camera.
review image
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on October 20, 2013
Purchased this camera for the low price. As in other reviews the picture is washed/ very dark/ not clear.. You can see that there is a car there but can't tell what color it is as an example..Put it up this morning/ returning it this afternoon..As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for most of the time..
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on April 11, 2013
For this current model (white), my results were pretty unspectacular. I have this set up on a rear patio and a more expensive Sony CCD model in front. The difference in images between the two is stunning.

Resolution on both is so-so, but the area where this VideoSecu really falls down is in contrast, shadow detail, and dynamic range. The image is COMPLETELY lacking in any shadow detail and looks like it has about 3 stops of dynamic range, worse than the camera on a 1st generation iPhone. If you have a scene where there is a sunlit ground area in part of the image, and shaded areas in the rest, the camera will expose to not blow out the brightest area and completely kill any detail in the shaded area, making it appear way too dark.

Looking at the same lit scene with the Sony CCD cam (forget the model, it was about $75 from Amazon), the dynamic range is MUCH greater with much more gradation visible from light to dark.

I am very much wishing I'd spent another $50 or so to get a good camera for my back patio, as now that this one is installed it's a pain to take it out and reinstall a new one. Not sure if I will be keeping it or not. Well, for 30 bucks or so, nobody should expect too much!

UPDATE - I just saw this camera's night vision performance and upgraded the rating from 2 to 3 stars. It actually does quite well at night with very good illumination and decent detail. MUCH better than the daytime performance. So if your main concern is night vision performance, then this isn't so bad.
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on November 17, 2010
This camera is hard to beat for the money. Works great right out of box. I wanted surveillance for front door, this fits the bill perfectly. Image is sharp & clear. I considered another brand from another source but decided on this one. I couldn't be more satisfied & happy with my choice. For my purpose this is the one.
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on November 21, 2011
I bought this to use to monitor my cargo yard here in Afghanistan, it's a lot better than the POS camera that I had before but it's still not perfect. You won't be able to read license plates or any of that stuff but it'll let you know what's going on.

Like I said, it's a good little camera but there are some annoying flaws. First, the mount is made from really cheap steel. If you mount it outdoors near any kind of wind, you'll need to reinforce the mount because it keeps coming loose and starts flopping around. I just used a couple small pieces of duct tape and it works great. The other flaw is also for outdoor use. When the IR lights turn on, if there is any dust in the wind, the reflections on the dust particles will make it look like it's snowing outside. It doesn't really detract from the picture quality, after awhile it's even kind of soothing but just so you know.

Bottom line, not bad at all. I'm buying 2 more. Oh, and you do need to buy the accessory cables, it doesn't come with them.
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on February 22, 2011
Great camera! Mounting bracket allows angle adjustment. Easily connected to a Q-See system. Does not include connection cable so make sure you have that. The mounting bracket could be sturdier but so far adequate.
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