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on February 26, 2002
Why doesn't anyone like this movie...I love it!
It has a great bond girl in Tanya Roberts(Former Charlies Angel). She can't act, but man is she hot! And Christopher Walken's performance as the bad guy, Zorrin makes up for any bad acting on Tanya Roberts' part. It has tons of action(i love the opening sequence), not to mention the title song by Duran Duran, which is awesome. This is definetly one of Moore's better Bond performances and I think it has a nice comfy seat somewhere in the top 10 Bond films of all time! I Reccomend this movie to bond fans, action fans, and guys who like tanya roberts(and Christopher Walken)
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on October 27, 2000
A viewer below mentioned how the scene where Roger Moore carries Tanya Roberts out of City Hall reminded him of a time when heroes were heroes. I could not agree more. "A View to a Kill" is not the best film out there, I admit, but to me, it is more than just a movie. It marks the end of the genre of the classic Hollywood hero. There are heroes today, but those actors also do comedies, dramas, and other types of movies. Roger Moore is the truly the last cinematic hero. Some of his films are not perfect (nobody's are), but his name alone is associated with action and adventure. You see his name in the credits, and you know that you're in for some sort of spectacle. For me, Roger Moore belongs up their with the likes of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Guys like Pierce Brosnan and Nicholas Cage are good, but I know they're acting. Moore was a natural. He was the last actor that you believed WAS the character. They don't make them like that anymore. That's why I love "A View to a Kill." Not so much for its content, but for what it is.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 5, 2007
When I first saw this film on its initial release I didn't know what to make of it. It seemed like it got its inspiration from GOLDFINGER and Ian Fleming's Bond novel MOONRAKER. However, it was like a jumble of everything thrown up in the air and played out in the order in which they landed. Actions just seem to turn on a dime in this film. For example: Bond is being chased down an ice-covered slope by Soviet troops in Siberia all to an exciting John Barry score. This is an excellent scene. A gattling gun mounted on a Soviet helicopter blows the ski mobile right out from under Bond. He picks himself up, grabs the runner from the ski mobile and begins to ski board down the slope this time to the musical accompaniment of the Beach Boys' "California Girls." What happened to John Barry's score? The scene and all its dramatic tension are destroyed, yet it seems to work much better today, 21 years latter.

The film looked a bit sloppy. The stunt doubles are not always matched to Roger Moore very professionally. His hair colour seems to go from brown to straw to red. In one scene when Bond is chasing May Day through Paris in a borrowed taxi, there is one camera shot where you can see that it is definitely not Roger Moore. The fight scene where Bond and Sir Godfrey wrap up some of Zorin's guards in the warehouse has to rank at the bottom of the series. The editing couldn't even salvage it.

However, your heart kind of went out for Roger in this one. He didn't have a good outing in this picture and it being his last Bond film, he perhaps deserved better. There were a few memorable scenes that do make this film a good one. After Bond is chased into the woods on horseback and is captured, Bond tells Zorin that there will be retaliation if they kill him. "You amuse me Mister Bond," says Zorin with indifference. "The feeling's not mutual," responds Bond. After that scene I was hoping that Bond would really put this fellow out of his misery. The one image that remains with me from this film is when Bond carries Stacey on his back climbing down the fire truck ladder rescuing her from the burning City Hall. As corny as that scene may have looked it hearkened back to a time in films when heroes really were heroes. Roger did a fine job during his tenure.

After Bonds have come and gone through the years A VIEW TO A KILL somehow still entertains more with each passing year.
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on January 6, 2007
The extras are very good. I like the cut scene in the police station. The music video is outstanding.

A VIEW TO A KILL is Roger Moore's last James Bond film and it is one of his best. It is the pinnacle of Roger Moore's irony and contradiction to the James Bond established by Sean Connery and brought to fruition by George Lazenby. Here Roger Moore gives greater depth to James Bond than we have ever seen making his performance one of the most endearing. Guy Hamilton established this approach with GOLDFINGER and honed it with his excellent THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, which was a mixture of action and absurdity at its best.

A VIEW TO A KILL is the most luxurious looking Bond movie. Zorin's magnificent palace and stables are the type of cinematic refinements found in GOLDFINGER, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, MOONRAKER and OCTOPUSSY. Zorin along with Scaramanga, are the best villains of the series. Zorin's a real psycho. May Day, Zorin's right hand, gives a real twisted performance right out of the outrageous 80's.

The opening pre-title sequence is one of the best. Bond is being chased down an ice-covered slope by Russian troops in Siberia to an exciting John Barry score highlighted by the Beach Boys' "California Girls" while he escapes on a ski mobile runner turned ski board. This is an excellent scene full of action and laughs. The Beach Boys' "California Girls" was a stroke of genius. John Barry really knows how to score a Bond movie!

The getaway in a mini sub disguised as an iceberg was another stroke of genius. I was on the edge of my seat. Duran Duran's opening main theme is the best of the series. It was even better than Lulu's THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Maurice Binder's main titles were his best since THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

This film is just so great. Roger Moore looks young at heart in this one. I never saw him move better. I think these are the most stunts that he ever did in any Bond movie. The fight scene in Zorin's warehouse was one of his best. I like the way he lays out the guard on the conveyor belt and gets automatically wrapped like a corrugated carton.

The steeplechase scene was also great and real suspenseful. I didn't know that Roger could ride a horse like that. When he breaks away into the woods that was really well filmed just like the similar scene in MOONRAKER.

The Eiffel Tower scene where Bond is chasing May Day through Paris in a stolen taxi, is one of the greatest scenes in the series. It was so amusing. When Bond's taxi gets cut in half I thought he was done for. However, he keeps up with her and manages to crash a wedding on a moving barge. Crazy stuff! This kind of thing is what made the 80s so great!

Q had some of his best scenes in this film. The microchip briefing in M's office was good and reminiscent of MOONRAKER and OCTOPUSSY. I liked Q's surveillance machine. That was very innovative. It was also good to see Bond, Moneypenny and M all at the races. General Gogol had some good scenes too. I like when he puts the cassette in the player in his car and it starts playing the Japanese Spa music. That was really funny.

The underwater scenes in this film were excellently filmed. I was holding my breath when Bond taps the tire of the sunken Rolls for air. That was very innovative. Zorin's San Francisco pumping station was also done well. When Bond was underwater I thought for sure he was going to get sucked in by those propeller blades.

The sets in this movie were great. The interior of Zorin's airship was very reminiscent of GOLDFINGER and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Zorin's mine was one of the best sets from the entire series. Just like SPECTRE, Zorin eliminates undesirables just like they were terminated similarly in THUNDERBALL and YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.

Stacey was the best Bond girl since Mary Goodnight. You really feel for her. I almost thought Bond was going to leave her in the elevator shaft the way she was screaming. Bond saves her just in time. She was also great in the fire engine chase and the ultimate battle between Bond and Zorin on top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This film has it all: action, suspense, humor, laughs, terror, set designs, great underwater scenes, car chases, an great John Barry score and one of Roger Moore's best performances.
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on June 2, 2000
All in all, I'd have to say that this was a below-average Bond film. The girl, Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts) threatened to singlehandedly bring the entire movie down herself. She is easily the least interesting off all the Bond girls (a geologist who works at city hall? Pul-Leeeze!), and she did a very poor acting job to boot.
Still, I can't help having a lot of fun every time I watch this. Stacy aside, all the characters are interesting (Zorin, MayDay, Jenny Flex). This film goes all over the place: the Eiffel Tower, aristocratic England, diving scenes, horse races, mining scenes, the Golden Gate Bridge, and finally a blimp (emblazoned with the famous "Zorin" logo of course)!
It's so off the wall that it works. Roger Moore is hitting on girls a third of his age (of course from the looks of it he was 93 when he made this one), there's action all the time, and a far-fetched but interesting plot.
There are many better Bond movies than this, but somehow this is one that I like to watch quite a bit. I really can't defend my liking this, I just do!
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on May 8, 2015
I have every one of the Bond Films now. That is the only reason I purchased it. Untill A View To A Kill I thought Never say Never Again was the wrong James Bond movie but This Turkey make the final Connery Bond opus look like the CITIZEN KANE of Espionage Films! Where do I start of how awful this film is. Tanya Roberts displaying all the dramatic skills of The Barbie doll she so closely resembles both physically and mentally. The waste of Christopher Walken, Patrick Macnee, Grace Jones. You know the film is in trouble when the Duran Duran Video is better than the actual movie!!!!!
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on October 7, 2012
A lot of thought and work was put into this Bond movie.. This is one awesome movie!
This movie is full of suspense and action! Beautiful scenes and great acting!

This movie will not disappoint you! I don't know why so many don't like this Bond movie.. We own all of the 007 and plan to get the new that comes out this years once its on DVD...

We love Bond and we think all of them are great and add a different flavor to each one... That to us is what keeps us coming back for more! We love the snow scene, bridge, water, and so so many more! You will have to watch this to see all of the great scenes and gadgets! This is one Bond movie that you do not want to miss!

Our family loves A View To Kill! You can and will watch this one over and over! This one also had some funny parts! Comedy yeah! You will be surprised by so many different turns this Bond movie takes!

Beautiful landscapes, water, clothes, you name it, its in this movie!

Well back to more Bond! Its 007! What is not to like? Don't listen to the negative reviews or you will miss out! We had so much entertainment and fun with this one and you will to!

Go Bond!
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on July 20, 2012
A View to a Kill (1985) is one of Roger Moore's best bond film despite the fact he loathed it. The film takes place in mulitple locales (Siberia, France, USA) and while the plot was underappreciated in its time, it holds more value now since computers and technology have a greater impact in global society.

007 recovers a microchip from Siberia and traces its origin to Max Zorin (Christopher Walken), Bond travels to Paris and meets with a private detective and undercovers Zorin's shady horseracing scheme involving steroids. After a thrilling chase in the streets of Paris, Bond infiltrates Zorin's grand estate and discovers a greater plot involving microchips. Bond escapes certain death and travels to San Francisco, CA and meets Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts, Midge from "That 70s Show"). Bond and Sutton discover Zorin's plot: To destroy Silicon Valley by causing a massive earthquake thereby wiping out all of Zorin's competitors in one stroke. Assisting Zorin is his notorious henchwoman May Day (Grace Jones)who gives Bond a run for his money and his life.

There are no fancy gadgets in this film but you don't need them when you have the awesome Duran Duran theme song, Christopher Walken and Grace Jones in the film. The DVD looks great on a HDTV and I hope a Blu-ray is available in the future.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 25, 2014
Roger Moore, who was closing in on 60, even admits he was too old to play James Bond. And this was his 7th and final appearance as 007. Even with a long-in-the-tooth Bond, that wasn't the biggest problem. The film starts out like many Bond films with a flurry of bad guys (Russkies as usual) chasing Bond down a Siberian mountain on skies. Some excellent stunt skiing for the stuntman playing Bond, devolves into a cartoonish transformation to Bond on a quickly created snowboard. When The Beach Boys' "California Girls" starts playing, I just shook my head.

The story features a former KGB agent named Max Zorin, played by a blond Christopher Walken. Zorin is aided and abetted by May Day (Grace Jones) who also is his on-call mistress. He plans to corner the market on the newly developed microchip by flooding the Silicon Valley area, south of San Francisco. How you ask? By blowing up a section of the San Andreas Fault which would drain the San Andreas Lake.

The first half of the film is a bit of a drag unless you want to gasp in awe at the beautiful French country estate where Zorin lives and raises thoroughbreds. Perhaps the best thing going in this section of the film is Fiona Fullerton who plays a Russian spy who hops in the hot tub with Bond. That's one gorgeous girl. Not that Tanya Roberts isn't. She plays the typical sweet girl out to get revenge on Zorin for fleecing her father out of his property or some such thing. The acting in the film is universally terrible, especially Ms. Jones who overacts in every scene she's in. That includes one where she takes the dominant role in bedding Bond. The frightened look on Roger Moore's face was more real than acting I'm guessing. Even Walken is just a bit too glib in his psycho-killer role. Duran Duran provide the title song which like the film itself, isn't one of the best in the Bond franchise. If you are a fan or want to complete your collection, go for the excellent Blu ray.

While this may be one of the lesser Bond films, it's one of the best Blu Ray transfers. Using a 1080p video resolution and a 2.40:1 aspect ratio, the film looks brand new with this excellent restoration. The colors pop, the snowing ski scenes are beautifully shot and show up well here. Film grain remains which adds to the contrast and texture of the overall look. No complaints. The audio is exemplary as well with the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 filling the room with an excellent audio experience. The adapted original stereo mix is still mostly up front, but has been tweaked to involve the surrounds with the usual Bond action (helicopters, gunfire, car chases, etc.) Subtitles are available in English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Extras Include:

Commentary: Featuring director John Glen and members of the cast and crew.
*Film '85 BBC Report (SD, 4:37)
*Original Promotional Featurette (SD, 7:45)
*The Streets of San Francisco - Deleted Footage (SD, 3:03)
*Float Like A Butterfly - Test Footage (SD, 1:32)
*Deleted Scenes (SD, 6:27): Four scenes.
*Alternate and Expanded Angle Scenes (SD, 3:08, 1:29, 1:51): Three scenes.
*Inside A View to a Kill: An Original Documentary (SD, 37:28)
*The Bond Sound - The Music of James Bond (SD, 21:38)
*A View to a Kill Music Video, Performed by Duran Duran (SD, 4:32) Really bad.
*Exotic Locations (SD, 4:28)
*Theatrical Archive (1080p, 5:53): Includes three trailers.
*TV Broadcasts (1080p, 2:08): Four TV spots.
Image Database: An extensive collection of stills and promo images.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2005
Roger Moore must love skiing coz he's at it again in the pre-credit sequence, complete with a terrible version of "California Girls"(though regardless of this silly part, the film tries to go for a more serious tone like For Your Eyes Only). This movie isn't looked upon so highly by fans. Most complaints seem to be about Bond's age. Sure, Moore looks pretty ancient by this time, but it that's what makes it kinda funny. It's the same campy and fun feeling I get when I see a 64 year old Bronson wiping up the streets of New York with street gang punks in Death Wish 3. In fact, Moore must be getting senile or have cataracts coz he voluntarily has sex with Grace Jones(okay, fine. Maybe I'd do it just to say I did, but keep that under your hats). Anyhow, aren't British secret service agents allowed to be over 50? Anyhow, plotwise it's pretty much Goldfinger with microchips replacing gold. Christopher Walken plays a more psychotic brand of Bond villain. John Steed(Patrick Macnee) himself even shows up in a small role. Tanya "Beastmaster" Roberts looks wonderful, but is pretty much just a screaming damsel in distress. I do like the way she screams, "James!" Kind of makes me wish my name was James. Regardless of it's critics, I think this film is rather fun, and Moore, though older, certainly knows the role and keeps his dignity as Bond. Personally I think he went out with a bang.
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