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227 of 231 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
Definitely worth the price but there's a reason it doesn't cost more. Still, I would purchase these as inexpensive gifts.


1. Good picture quality
2. Easy to use
3. Great price


1. Power cord is so short you can't use it without an extension cord. This is not an exaggeration unless you are planning to place the frame on the floor.

2. The card reader doesn't have a secure hold to protect the card; such as a bay cover or 'click' into place.

3. The software distorts many photos, stretching them, but does not alter others. I have been unable to discern what protects some but not others.

4. Only reads jpg files so any other files on the disk will not appear in the slide show.
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182 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2012
I received this digital frame as an early Christmas present from my girlfriend. I'm an amateur photographer and pretty critical about how my shots look. The frame is vibrant and the images are crisp. I have compared it to others in the store for alot more money and this one gets my vote every time. It was very easy to set up, and looks great on my desk. The only complaint I might mention is the power cord is only about 2 foot long.
review image review image
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122 of 133 people found the following review helpful
on April 8, 2013
First off, let's call a spade a spade. This screen is advertized on Amazon as "800x600" (which by mathematical calculations is a 4:3 aspect ratio, so anyone expecting higher quality than 800x600 is mistaken on by the description of the product.) However...

As acknowledged in many of the reviews, the length of the AC adapter cord is closer 36", not 2-feet as described by others. In fairness however, I found that the lengths of the wire was still insufficient to accommodate my needs of an 18" table *plus* the ability of using extra slack in the wire to pull it forward for settings and removal of the memory card. To add insult to injury, the size of the power adapter plug is not a common size, making it further difficult to replace the 5-volt adapter with something with a longer wire. Ugg!

Being 800x600, one cannot expect photographic quality from this device; you're not paying for this kind of quality. Frankly, I about several years ago I purchased a similar product and realized I was on the "Bleeding edge" (not the "leading edge") of this technology. Not much has changed in this time span apparently.

For example, how hard would it be (a rhetorical question for the programmers) to code a "desolve" fade from one picture to the next? Honestly, does anyone know of any paper-print picture frame that changes from one picture to another with some fancy-smancy wipe effect? I don't say that in critique of this particular product, but of an important point: If we choose to change pictures in a physical frame, we don't see distracting graphics grabbing our attention, right? Well, what's the point here?

This lead me to a couple of realizations about the point of purchasing this product (purchasing advice):
1. DO NOT purchase this as a "slide-show"'s not worth the work.
2. Plan on only landscape pictures, or at a minimum, "square" portrait pictures. Anything resembling portrait is too compressed to be useful.
3. Since this isn't really intended as a "slide-show" device, plan on putting pictures on it that you'll tolerate more than 30 minutes.
4. Delete "garbage" pictures, like when you went to the zoo with your kids and took a picture of the elephant. Yea, it was fun at the time and the kids still get joy of looking at the singular elephant on your computer/tablet today, but in the context of a "Photo Frame", looking at an elephant for 30 minutes can drive one crazy.
5. If you have portrait pictures that you *must* include on the drive, crop them to be as square (or better still closer to 800x600 as possible). But honestly, square pictures (which are displayed with black borders) are acceptable.
6. Whittle down your pictures to those you are willing to look at for long periods of time (as the point of a "Photo Frame"). if you have two pictures of your child's birth and 10 pictures of their first birthday, I would suggest balancing the ratio for a more even display ratio.

Back to the device itself, the picture is quite good and except for the setting of "stretch", everything can be left as-is. I'm not sure why "Stretch" is a default, because even a moonlight setting would show an *oval* moon if stretched, so be sure to change it.

The front physical design is sleek and nice, but but back leaves a lot to be desired This specifically addresses the fact that the SDCard (*not* Micro-SDCard) sticks out beyond the base. In other words, if you have a two-three-year-old who likes to put their hands on things, you can reasonably expect that the SDCard will be broken in half.

Misc. Notes: This device only supports a standard SDCard (not "Micro-SDCard", USB drive, or anything else). Though I'm recording this as a negative against the product, in fairness I should report that of a 4gig SDCard, I'm only using 125meg (986 files). Since SDCard's have dropped in price so dramatically in recent months, I can see it easy to purchase multiple SDCard's based on local themes (like "Christmas"), and putting the appropriate cards in at the correct time.

Features: Though I didn't initially think I'd initially like the automatic screen dimming and screen blanking feature (which blanks to both an analog and digital clock), I must admit I was wrong on both counts. The light sensor that detects when it's time to switch from photo's to a dimmed clock works quite well, as does the clock timer. I HAVE NOT used the calendar feature as that seems more oriented towards business users who need to see the calendar at every second of the day, which doesn't apply to me.

Bottom line: If the seller would list that the product comes with a short cord, I would change this review to a 5-star. The picture quality is good, the ability to program the turn-on/turn-off time is great, and not being a image proof-reader, the picture quality is quite good.

I would strongly recommend it to others who can pre-load it with landscape portraits (close to 800x600), and those who aren't going to put a magnifying glass to the screen.

Hey folks, it's a photo frame, not a digital image proof-reader...accept for what it is, OK?

PS: Please rate my review as positive, or if you disagree, post a comment. I promise to reply to all comments that are negative until I've answered your question in a positive perspective (for you, not the item).

****** UPDATE 4/22/2013 ******
It must be reported that a bug exists in the randomizatization of pictures of this device; something I could not report on previously due to the need of long-term experience. It's not signifancant, but very relevant.

First, the timer function that turns the photo-frame on and off at a given time does indeed work perfectly. I used to have mine set to turn on at 6:00AM, and then turn off at 10:00PM, until...

That was until I discovered that the exact same pictures sequenced in the exact same "random" order every day. THAT IS NOT RANDOM!!! After turning off the timer and letting the thing just dim a night, I find that it does the closest thing to random that I can expect from it. STUPID DEVICE PROGRAMMERS!

Please let me explain the last statement. When the timer turns on at 6AM, it would display picture 23, 14, 104, 13. On the very next day, it would again display picture 23, 14, 104, 13. And so forth and so on. I never recognized this in my earlier review because it took a few days to notice that at 8:30AM I saw the same picture as yesterday (and the day before). The solution is to *not* use the timer feature.

Secondly (and admittedly less important), the random function used in this device is ancient technology and quite poor. Think about it for a second; doesn't "true random" mean that the same picture might display every other picture for 5 mintues? Sure! Because random has no set pattern (or another way to put it, a pattern is included in the random sequence)?

Modern day random devices like MP3 players examine the list of files it is to "randomize", compose the list, and then plays it (making sure duplicates don't re-appear). At the end of the entire "random" list, it repeats construction of the randomized list to ensure you hear true random listings.

However, this picture frame fails to follow that inherit logic, and will display the same picture from time-to-time without regards to the fact that the specific picture displayed one hour ago (I have my frame set to change pictures every 30 minutes).

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a deal breaker, but I'm only cautioning you that this frame doesn't do random in a way that your car CD player or portable MP3 player does (eliminate duplicates in the random list). In the case of this product, it *will* very well duplicate images.

I bought this using "Points" on my credit card, so it was essentially "free". So, I'll accept the inherit failure of the random function.


Off topic, I've read other reviews about "space", and if you don't mind, I'd like to address them:

First, the maximum resolution of this device is 800x600...providing it more than that is a waste of space on your SD card.

Second, DPI has *no impact* when it comes to digital displays (DPI stands for "Dot Per Inch" which is a printer characteristic). Suggestion: Using Bing to search for "dpi doesn't matter", and read what the authors say.

Third, since the desired resolution is 800x600, use any tool available to resize your images to this ratio (which is 4x3 incidentally, same as the old-fashioned TV sets).

To accomplish resizing from various sources (Android Phone, Nikon Camera, scanned images), I use "Visualizer Photo Resize". As a free program, it can't be beat. I set it's "Max Pixel Width" to 800, "Max Pixel Height" to 600, and turn off "Autofix colors" {Note: I'm using version, which may differ from your settings. Hopefully my advice will apply.} Lastly, I'm setting the JPG Compression to 90, which seems more than sufficient for good viewing quality.

So using remedial math, if I can fit 1,012 images in 118mb per picture of SDCard space, and each picture averages around 116kb, assuming a rather small SDCard of 4gb, it should hold about 34 thousand pictures. Is this not enough for any human being?

Regarding questions I've read about pictures not displaying, the biggest culprit I've found is the image size (the frame cannot display large megabyte images). Please use a program like described above and reduce the size.


The initial review said that this device works well for it's intended purpose; a player for random {landscape} images that you like to seek pleasure, from time to time.

My opinion has not changed, other than the "random" issues discussed above.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
Orderd this frame for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I read the other reviews about the cord being too short and they're is too short and that does stink. But I knew that before ordering the frame so it didn't come as a surprise and I'd rather have a clear picture! Outside of the short cord, I'm very happy with this frame. My mother-in-law hasn't opened it yet but I know she is going to love it. The images are beautiful and the screen is crystal clear. I ordered an 8GB SD card to go with it and without paying any special attention to the size of the image I was downloading on the card (outside of which direction it was facing), I loaded the images on the SD card. I loaded the SD card in the frame, hit the button to start the slide show and all the images look fantastic. I do work with technology but i'm not an expert and this is the first digital frame I've purchased so i was expecting to have to play with the image sizes. I was expecting some of them to show up distorted but none of them did! I loaded the kids school pics on there, which are portrait layout and all it did was cut of the lower half, they still looked great! I'm VERY happy with this purchase and will likely get one for myself.

Set up was very easy as well!
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51 of 59 people found the following review helpful
I've purchased several digital photo frames from this company and have been extremely satisfied with all. Although a number of reviewers have stated that they've had problems with ViewSonic photo frames, I've had none. Granted, the image quality is not going to be as crisp as on high-end, $100+ frames, but for the price you pay here you won't go wrong. The picture frame is very sleek and the images that it displays are more than pleasing. Only the person who requires absolute perfection would not be pleased with the resolution that this frame provides. To me, the images are crisp and the color saturation is right on the money. I've given several ViewSonic frames out to friends, and all have been pleased with my gift. Since I can see the frames in action when I visit them, I know that they are all working flawlessly. This particular frame provides an 8" screen and is extremely thin, making it ideal to place on your desk or anywhere where space is at a minimum. The images are rich and vibrant and just downright satisfying. The bottom line is that this frame and the other ones that I've purchased from ViewSonic works flawlessly and is an extreme bargain.
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30 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on August 1, 2013
All I want (I was going to say "wanted" but I still don't have something that works) is a frame that will take an SD card with some pictures of family, and just sit on a shelf and display pictures. Something so my grandmother can just sit and watch a slide show. That's not so complicated, right?

So the reviews on this frame are mixed, but I figure, hey, she's not picky. It just needs to take an SD card and show a slideshow.

So I get this thing and turn it on and look at the default slide show... Ok, that seems fine. Except that ...

CON NUMBER 1: the clock and calendar are enabled by default (and every time you unplug the frame, you'll have to turn this off). Which means that by default you have a huge clock and calendar displayed over your photographs, as if this is something that most people would want.

Ok, so I guess I can write up simple instructions for the nurse at my grandmother's home to turn that annoyance off. Let's just get some photos. So I pull up some photos from facebook, download them straight onto the card, and pop it in the back of the frame, when I discover...

CON NUMBER 2: this thing is really, really finicky about image format or size -- I'm not sure. These are ~100kb images in the vicinity of 700 x 800 -- these are not huge files, but they just show up as a red "cancel" symbol. No explanation accompanies this, and there is nothing about it in the user guide. Or on their support site (which is a godawful automated question/answer type deal that nobody has ever found useful, ever).

So I toss some random pictures, courtesy of "sample image" searched on Google, onto the card. Those all display fine. Maybe it's image names -- facebook gives very long names to things. I rename them, "1.jpg, 2.jpg" etc. No dice. Location on the disk? Nope -- it literally just won't display MY pictures.

If there were some explanation (like "I can't display this image file because ____") that would be fine. But lacking any lead on how to make this thing work, it has already proved far more frustrating than it's worth. Spend a little more, and you'll thank yourself, I guarantee it.

Edit: I forgot two more... The power cable, as others have mentioned, is comically short. And just a personal pet peeve, I guess it's not that big a deal, but you have to insert the SDHC card upside down. For real? For real.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on July 20, 2013
The power cord is ridiculously short, as others have said. The default setting is to stretch pictures. Seriously, who wants stretched pictures? Another default setting is to show a calendar on top of your photo. Again, seriously... who wants a calendar and clock on top of their photos?

This is a photo frame, not a photo-stretching and calendar frame.

Yes, you can turn all of this off, but it's a pain and not a good set of defaults.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 19, 2012
I'm usually the type that dismisses photo frames because of the screen quality. But this went on sale at a low enough price that I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. Really good actually. Similar to looking at a tablet screen. For $30, it's well worth it. I'd expect this quality on higher end frames. In fact, I'm ordering a second one right now. Only complaint...the power cord is only 2-3' ft's almost guaranteed that you'll need an extension cord. But for $30 I won't remove a star for that.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2012
Was able to get this for $30, and it performs as good, or better than the 8" Viewsonic I bought about a year ago for twice the price. The pics are excellent and there is better brightness than I expected. Don't forget to scale your pics to about 800 pixels so you can fit more on an SD.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2013
Compared to the Nix model I just bought as a replacement, this frame is very lame. It stretchs all photos to fit the screen which makes vertical photos look lousy (people get fatter). No way to override this so suggest unless all you have is horizontal photos you look elsewhere for a model that displays photos as taken. Can't figure out how to remove calendar which is superimposed on the slide. Technical support for this unit is very lame and support person had no real idea how this unit works. Menu icons are not identified on screen nor in owners manual. Unit quit working normally after about 6 months and was promptly replaced by ViewSonic. Spend the few extra bucks and get the Nix unit.
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