Customer Reviews: ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on March 4, 2013
I can't say enough good things about this projector. It is an amazing value and delivers a superb theater experience in my living room. Just a little background in my home theater experience... In college, one of my buddies had an old auditorium projector in his dorm room. We fashioned a screen out of a grid of computer paper on his wall so that he could still open his door haha. When we got an apartment together during our senior year, we made a screen out of a California King sheet. We stretched the sheet tight and made a border out of black duct tape. We enjoyed a year of movies and shows on our 155" screen.

Fast forward to now. I wanted to take my home theater experience to the next level and this projector was the perfect way to do it! Here's a brief outline of key features and my impression of them:

The three biggest features most people look for when talking about projectors are resolution, contrast ratio, and lumens. The resolution of this projector is SVGA 800x600. This is far from full HD, which is the majority of content I'll be viewing, but the picture is astounding! I'm a stickler when it comes to picture quality. I have a 42" 120hz 3D tv in my bedroom. I ALWAYS buy the blu ray version of new movies and I stream HD all the time on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I care deeply about picture quality to say the least. That being said, this projector blows me away in picture quality. I watched Star Wars on blu ray last week on my tv and watched it again this weekend on the projector for comparison. Although the picture was slightly better on the tv, nothing compares to watching Star Wars on a big screen. The picture was very sharp. Absolutely amazing.

Contrast Ratio:
15,000:1 contrast ratio. What can I say, the shadows were very dark and the highlights were very bright. I don't have a proper home theatre with dark walls and such so there was a lot of reflected light but I was blown away again with the high contrast image.

It is important to know the lighting conditions in your theater when choosing a projector. Rooms with higher ambient light will need a higher lumen projector to overpower the ambient. With the shades drawn, I have no problem watching movies with this projector during the daytime. Of course, wait until night with complete darkness and the screen is incredibly bright and vivid. This projector beyond bright enough for my conditions.

Okay so now onto the fine details. The Viewsonic has multiple inputs for a wide variety of devices. I run an HDMI cable from my bedroom to the living room for my theater. The projector takes an HD signal and converts it to the proper resolution. I then use the 1/8" audio out to run to my sound system.

This is the only gripe I have with this projector. I have a relatively long living room. My screen is 110" diagonal and is located at one of the far sides. I wanted to be able to mount the projector and the other far end, high on the wall for convenience. Unfortunately for me, the distance was too great to fit the picture on to my screen. The projected image was about 6" too big on all sides. I was upset but this was not the projector's fault; I had a limited mounting options (I live in an apartment so no ceiling mounts) and I had a fixed screen size. My issue with the projector came in when I tried to place the projector on a table towards the back of the room. The image beam from the projector comes out in four ways: Front ceiling, rear ceiling, front table, rear table. The "rear" refers tor rear projection. All of these settings have an angle pitch that is a little extreme. The keystone adjustment offers a little correction but not enough. I had to put little pieces of cardboard under the back feet of the projector to properly line up the image. So, more options for the angle of the lens elements would have been nice but this all is not a deal breaker by any means.

Bulb life:
Rated at up to 6,000 hours. I have no clue how long this will actually last me. I imagine during the first several weeks/months I will use the projector very frequently but then may ween off a bit in order to maintain the magic of the viewing experience each time I use it. One helpful tip is to use to projector as a treat or special event. Don't watch Judge Judy or American Idol on it or it will quickly lose that "wow" factor. Instead, use it for social gatherings, the season finale of The Walking Dead, the Super Bowl, gaming tournaments, etc.

Bottom line:
I use this projector for both video and gaming. It provides a stunning picture even for a videophile like me. If you are looking into setting up a home theater, take a serious look at this projector before considering spending much more money on an HD projector. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

UPDATE: I made a video review but wasn't happy with it so I didn't post it. Instead, I will answer any questions you have about the projector in the comment section. Since writing my initial review, I have used the 3D function pretty extensively. I use the Sainsonic DLP Link glasses. The experience is very enjoyable with a much more immersed feeling than my 3D tv. The 3D elements pop off the screen at you like in the theater.

Also, I've been watching the NCAA tournament with some buddies using the projector. My house has become "the spot" for watching the tournament. It truly does create an atmosphere that a tv cannot begin to touch. We've been able to have the lights on and eat pizza and wings and drink some brews while watching Syracuse dominate ;) I'll see how well they do in the Final Four this Saturday on a glorious 110" screen with all my buddies. I'm telling you... get this projector and see how much of an impact it has on your entertainment experience!!
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on July 2, 2013
Bought this for the primary purpose of showing movies outdoors. Attached different speakers, but is so bright we can start so much earlier than dusk outside.
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on March 18, 2013
Like a lot of people, I was interested in buying a projector simply for a larger TV viewing and video game experience. If you look through a lot of these reviews and product discriptions like I did, you will probably be frustrated with all the different things to consider. I bought it just to get a little experience with projectors, and I am very satisfied.

Unless you plan on spending more than $650, just go ahead and buy this projector. Great Picture quality and very easy to use. I have just white drywall in my appartment and the picture this projector produces on the wall is exceptional. There are really only 2 cons for me. The speaker is junk, but every projector has bad speakers. My advice is to go ahead and spend no more than $30 on the speakers and bundle it in with the projector to save a little on shipping. The other con is that there is only 1 HDMI port. So switching in between cable and DVD/GameSystem means you have to manually switch which device is hooked up to the HDMI. Overall all I would recomend this to anybody looking for a bigger TV viewing experience.
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on September 26, 2014
Best thing that has ever happened to my living room. Works great straight out the box. Have to adjust it to get your picture just right but that's with anything. Got my ps4 hocked up looks great even with the light on. Buy this you will not be disappointed. I got a pull down 120in screen for just 70$ with free shipping.
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on June 1, 2013
Just received my projector a day early. Kudos to amazon for sending it. We just set it up in my backyard to test it out and the resolution is phenomenal. Wasn't sure what kind of resolution would it project, but with a Blu-ray Disc and blu-ray player it rivaled any HD television for sharpness and color.
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on October 23, 2014
Shockingly awesome projector. I have had this a few months now. VERY, VERY impressed by the picture quality. Just the same as any other home theater I have seen, yet a fraction of the cost! I did not need any extra cords as the cord it came with plugged right into my laptop and BAM the projection began. We Projected onto our light blue bedroom wall and it was wonderfully perfect, then again on our livingroom tan wall, still great quality. Felt like a movie theater, then we bought a white king basic cotton bedsheet and threw it up on a fence and projected it outside using the laptop and a dvd movie. My husband wanted to buy a screen so we did, but honestly, if you have white or light colored walls or a white bed sheet, you dont even need a screen. Now, we use our external, old computer speakers to the laptop as our speakers which sounds awesome but some people go all out on sound. Either way, this projector does what we wanted, I am just hoping the bulb last a long time. We are using it as our livingroom tv now.
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on August 12, 2014
I'm blown away by this item. I am so grateful for all the good reviews that helped me make the decision to buy this model. We bought the Gemmy Deluxe 144" inflatable screen and it's awesome! The picture quality is really amazing! This was the best purchase ever.
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on July 13, 2013
First off, let me say that this is a great projector. You simply cannot beat the price!
I use this projector as an in home theater projector for movies, tv, and video games.

Let me start with the price. For $350 (what I paid) I haven't come across many other projectors that have as much value. It is a good buy. It is also very compact and small as well.

Most importantly, the picture. The picture on this thing is great. I use an HDMI cord to view my Blu-Ray player, Xbox 360, etc. (I'll get into my set up later) The resolution on this projector is SVGA. So that is 800x600, which sounds like a complete downgrade from your 1080p television or even 720p television. Yes, it kind of is when talking a strictly tech sense and those numbers can be scary. But let me tell you that the image quality looks fantastic. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and that is just widescreen. So, what you are normal to if you have bought an HDTV that is rectangular instead of the old square dinosaur TV's from the past, (to put it into easy terms). It also depends on how big your screen is and how far away you sit. I will put it into perspective for you. I am an absolute entertainment nut, I am obsessed with electronics, big screen HDTV's, etc. I always want the best picture possible. But on my budget I cannot always afford top of the line. Conclusion: This projector has great picture, you will not be disappointed watching. Movies: I don't believe that you are going to notice any lapse in picture quality, same goes for normal TV. Sports: maybe a tiny bit compared to a very nice 1080p televisions by the name brands with 120hz plus refresh rates, but not a whole lot, and trust me the huge screen you will be watching it on more than makes up for it. I used it to watch the NBA Finals and it was awesome to have people over. Let's talk gaming. I love games, I own an Xbox 360 and play everything from Call of Duty to Madden to Forza car games to Batman to Assassins Creed. I will say that they look excellent on this projector. I would say first person shooters look absolutely amazing, and for those hardcore gamers that worry about "lag" or "time delay" on the screen. I can honestly say that it had no effect on my gameplay whatsoever because I did not notice any lag at all.
I have used this projector on a bare white wall to watch movies and play games, in part because when I first got it, I was so excited to use it I just couldn't wait for my actual screen, and it looks fantastic. It looks even better when I purchased an actual Elite Screens screen. There are a number of screen options. You can go pull down (which is what I went with because price), automatic or motor powered drop down, or you can even just use a wall and border off the screen area. They even have special paint to use, but I found that normal white works just fine.

So to sum up the picture quality it is great! I am sure most of you on here have searched vigorously through other projectors specifications and customer reviews to see which is better and so forth. I am also sure that most of you have noticed that most of the home theater projectors cost A LOT more than this projector and can range from $550 and well into the thousands. This ViewSonic PJD5134 for the price is the best deal, and you will not be disappointed with the picture quality.

Now let's talk Features. You can use the keystone to adjust the angle of the screen (say if you have it mounted up high and angled down) this feature works great. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. You can zoom in slightly with the zoom 1.1 feature but I did not find that this held any purpose for me. To focus this projector in, you manually scroll the dial above the lens. It is very simple and easy to make it crisp and sharp. If you have read the product description you saw that you can put it in economic lamp mode. This just means it slightly dims the display to save lamp life. Now, the remote has a button labeled "my button" so what I like to do is set this button to switch back from normal and economic mode. So if I am just watching TV I will click it and put it on economic and it slightly touches down the brightness. If I am playing games or watching sports, boom I just tap my button and it boosts it up a bit. It is a really nice feature. But you can set this button to whatever you find convenient or like the most.

Now let's discuss sound and setup. Yes this projector does have a speaker built in, but if you plan to use this projector for home theater use, you'll need to hook up your sound system. What I have done is run all of my equipment through HDMI cords for the best picture possible. So, I have an Xbox 360, Blu-Ray Player (with surround sound system- Samsung HTEM45), and High-Def Cable Box all going to my projector. For many people this will pose a problem because the projector only has one HDMI input. Simple. I bought an HDMI splitter on amazon. It has 3 inputs where i plug the Xbox, Blu-Ray, and Cable into and 1 output; which I use to run one long HDMI cord to the projector. So all of my sound goes through the Samsung surround sound Blu Ray entertainment system and I have the ViewSonic PJD5134 Projector as my screen. It is a pretty easy setup but I imagine it can be confusing for some people, and if you're on a budget or need help deciding how or what to hook up, feel free to leave a message or comment and I will gladly give you my help.

In conclusion, the ViewSonic PJD5134 Projector has great picture and is overall an awesome projector for the price. Combining it with movies, sports, or video games makes it even better. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I really do not see any cons with this product because it does a great job at everything for the price.

Thank you, and good luck on choosing your home theater entertainment experience!
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on June 29, 2014
All their useless marketing aside ("colors 3x brighter with Epson!"), you just want to know one thing: is this the best projector for my money? Having tried a number of projectors in this price range, here's a rundown of your best options: (all prices at time of writing)

$330: The Epson VS230. Amazing for the price. Bright enough for lit rooms. The only thing it lacks is resolution - it handles movies and PowerPoints pretty well, but if you plan on anything else (detailed diagrams, smaller text, etc), you should consider one of the $400 options, which are 1280x800 pixels, vs 800x600 pixels.

This, the $350 Epson PowerLite 500. "Contrast ratios" aside, movies look better on this than on the VS320. On the other hand, it is visibly dimmer. If you want an inexpensive home theater, go for this. If it's meant for presentations, I'd go for the VS320.

$350: The ViewSonic PJD5134. It's a bit brighter than the Epson VS320, but that'll almost never matter - either is bright enough for daily use. This sacrifices some of the Epson's image quality for a lot of mostly unnecessary features like 120Hz refresh rate and 3D support (why would you watch a 3D BluRay on a low-res projector?). I recommend the Epson over this.

$420: The Optoma DW326e. My favorite projector for under $500, it's a tad brighter than the Epson VS230, but WAY sharper. It's basically the difference between SD and HD TV. Highly recommend:

$420: The ViewSonic PJD5533W. Basically the same as the Optoma, but not quite as sharp. However, the prices of the two projectors has varied by up to $100 in the past, so I'd recommend just going for whichever is cheaper:

There you have it - a quick rundown of your best options. Hope you found this helpful!
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on January 30, 2014
Bought this for our office to use in presentations, and wish I'd done just a bit more research first. We project from laptops - widescreens with high native resolutions - and this projector just isn't up to snuff for that application. We lose a lot of clarity, especially in text. I don't want to dock the projector ratings too much, as it seems like a fine projector for movies; but not a good choice for an office that needs to have readable text presentations from relatively close distances.
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