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on December 5, 2012
After ordering a Dell 23" monitor a couple weeks back I had to return it due to a severe case of back light bleed. The monitor was perfect otherwise. This monitor is the replacement because the Dell was out of stock at the time. so I chose the best value/most features. Out of the box this thing is blindingly bright, I never understood why companies ship out monitors and tvs this way, but as usual had to mess with the settings right away. The monitor has 0 dead pixels which makes me a happy guy. The color reproduction and contrast are not top of the line, but its a beautiful screen. I watched 'Wrath of the Titans' on blu for the first time and was very impressed with the monitor. It did have a touch of back light bleed but only in the bottom right corner, but only visible if I was staring at it the whole time. Nothing compared to the Dell. The look of the monitor itself is less than modern/sleek.. It's pretty clunky and cheap looking even for an led/lcd. It's fine for me, I'm not picky about the build, only picky about the screen. I should mention that this monitor feels solid, its just the appearance that looks cheap. One thing I noticed compared to the Dell S2330MX was the over sized base. Tons of people complain about monitors wobbling around, so the size of the base should fix that problem.
The flaw as I mentioned in the title is the menu. It's way less than user friendly. I'm a moderate tech junkie and it was frustrating for a few minutes. Once you get the hang of it, its fine. I would say that if you are less technically inclined, have a friend or family member set it up for you who can turn the brightness and contrast down for you.
One thing to think about a 22" 1080 tv or 24" 720 tv is they are still much more than the cost of a computer monitor. I purchased it mostly to watch my antenna DVR'd stuff and movies/net.flix and saved about $100 because I chose a monitor over a tv. The big difference is with a tv you get a remote and coax input, but an external DVR for my laptop was $40 solving the coax input problem, and now I can watch my shows whenever I want without shelling out $70 a month to time warner.
All in all, this monitor was well worth the $139 I paid. Yet again Amazon comes thorough for me. sending the replacement via 1 day shipping really made it a speedy swap.
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on November 22, 2012
I received my monitor the other day which I am using as an external monitor for my dell laptop. Here are the negatives first.

1. The screen has 1 dead pixel located in the upper left hand side. It's not a big deal it just looks like a tiny dust spot on the monitor. Not a big enough issue to have it replaced but annoying none the less.

2. The auto install for the video drivers on the CD did not find the monitor, but the set up instructions walks you through manual installation. Very easy to follow, but a bit annoying none the less.

3. I had a bit of screen flicker when moving the mouse and couldn't solve it until I realized I had a ground loop problem. This I later found out is a very common problem when using an external monitor with a laptop. It is not any fault of the monitor itself. A lot of different brands can have the same problem. The quick easy solution was to add a ground lift to the power cord. This is the little plug you put on the end of the cord that converts it to 2 prongs. Problem instantly solved for 50 cents. I do not worry about not having a ground since the entire monitor case is plastic so there's no shock hazard and the outlet strip will protect it.

The positive this that the picture quality is very good and the screen is very responsive so the bottom line is that it is a good buy for the money. I am very happy overall once getting past the annoyances. At least if you've read this and have screen flickering, you'll know what to try.
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on December 4, 2012
I've been a ViewSonic monitor fan for years due to their quality craftsmanship and decent tech support with frequently updated monitor drivers for all Windows versions.

I bought this 24" widescreen monitor at a discounted Cyber Monday price to upgrade an older 17" Viewsonic 4:3 monitor. Setup was easy: Attach the base to the monitor (no tools required), plug in the power cord, video cable (DVI in my case) and 3.5mm audio cable, and you're set to go.

The first flaw appeared immediately when booting up my Intel motherboard-based PC:

This monitor is very slow to resume from standby mode.

When booting or rebooting an Intel motherboard (or most name-brand motherboards), there's a manufacturer splash screen that allows you to hit a function key to go into the BIOS, or select from other boot devices, or boot from the network, etc., etc.

From the time this monitor first receives a video signal, it takes 1-2 seconds to come out of standby (power LED goes from amber to blue), it displays the ViewSonic logo for 2-3 seconds, remains black for another 2-4 seconds, and then displays either the Windows boot menu (if configured) or the Windows boot screen. During this process, you can hear the motherboard's post-POST beep, but you never see the Intel logo screen, making it difficult to know when to hit a function key to bypass the normal boot routine. This is important to me as a developer, as I frequently install and test new operating systems and need to make BIOS and boot changes.

My previous 17" monitor didn't have this problem. The Intel logo appeared within 2 seconds of power-on.

The ViewSonic 22" VA2212M-LED monitor I borrowed from my office (several bought at the same Cyber Monday sale) also didn't have this problem and displayed the Intel logo just as quickly as the 17" monitor.

I'm aware that there's a BIOS setting on Intel motherboards that can insert a 5-10-15-20-30 second delay to the boot process (to allow older disk drives to spin up) that can be used to compensate for this problem, but it's not practical to have to wait that extra time every time you boot or reboot the system.

The second flaw appears when trying out the admittedly marginal built-in speakers:

Even though they're rated at 2W each, they're inferior to the ones built-in to my previous 17" monitor. The volume level never rises above what I'd consider medium, even when cranked up to 100 on both the monitor and in Windows.

They're also inferior to those on the 22" monitor, which are rated at 1.5W each.

The touch controls on the bottom right are slick, but impossible to see in low light conditions. Actual buttons on the bottom edge of the 22" version can be felt in any light, but are clunkier in appearance and to use.

For some unknown reason, this monitor uses the unsigned ViewSonic drivers, even though it's a 2012 model just like the 22" version, which uses their signed Windows drivers. The picture quality was impressive, and there were no pixel problems or flicker that I could spot after a week's use at the recommended native resolution of 1920x1080, 60Hz. But this monitor just wasn't for me, and I'm returning it for a (less expensive) ViewSonic 22" monitor.

Note: There are 4 small plastic black-on-black clips on the bottom-side of the monitor base that allow you to remove it from the adjustible monitor stem. Very hard to spot if you don't know what to look for. Wasted a lot of time assuming that the clips were internal to the stem and not easily undone.
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on March 7, 2013
Other reviewers have commented on dead pixels upon arrival. I did not have this problem. I purchased this along with a LX Desk Mount LCD Arm to mount on my desk. What a dream. I have it at a normal distance and height when I'm playing League of Legends. I then pull it out closer to me and turn it vertically making the longer pictures easier to fap to. Nothing irritates me more than having to scroll down to see everything. I used to have to cut off the face so I can see the torso and below but not anymore!

The monitor itself is vibrant. The only thing that I wish I could do is remove the base stem. There is a flat base like in the picture but when I removed it, the stem still sticks out. I think I'm able to removed it using a screw driver but I been too busy fapping.

4/5 stars because I like it and the price was right. I'd give it 5 stars if the pixel density was higher but really, we can't expect that for such a low price.
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on February 7, 2013
This monitor is great for the price. It's a nice upgrade from what I had previously.

My reasoning for purchasing this were:

1. the resolution 1080i is a very standard resolution these days, and almost any modern game supports it, while the monitor size ensured I wouldn't be squinting at the text on the screen.
2. Screen size. I almost went for 26 inches but the size difference is negligable for a larger price increase. 24 inches is good for my mediocre vision.
3. Price. The price is reasonable. I've bought Viewsonic before when picking out monitors for my mother and they've been exceptional for the price. A good value brand.

If you're looking at reviews determining whether to buy this monitor here are a few things to consider:

- This monitor has vga and dvi in, and comes with a vga cable. I have my own dvi cable and my card supports dvi or hdmi. If you're getting this for a card that has no vga port and you're considering whether you need a cable, you do. Don't buy a cable at best buy. There are several options here on amazon and other computer sites.

- This monitor has built in speakers. It comes with a cord for them to hook it up, but the cord is very short. This suits my purpose, since I simply plugged it into my steelseries shift keyboard, but if you have your tower even a foot away and on the ground, you might want to get a cable for this. The speakers are not great. My bottom of the barrel laptop has better speakers. However, they are functional, and will provide decent sound for a non-audiophile.

- This is not an LED monitor. LED monitors are much more expensive than this. This is an LED lit monitor. That means you get an LCD panel, backlit by LED. It makes the monitor more energy efficient than a standard LCD, not as energy efficient as a full LED, and entirely cheaper for the manufacturer to make. It's a good merging of technology, but don't go leaving negative reviews because you can't read the product description.

It does come with a cd containing drivers for windows 2k, me, xp, vista, 7, 8, and mac. There are 64 bit drivers for those systems that came in 64bit.
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on January 18, 2013
saw some good reviews and a few mediocre ones on this monitor, but the price was fantastic. It turned out to be a great monitor, super bright, large a huge leap forward. I don't know what to say other than it seems perfect. I use peripheral speakers so never used the speakers on it though.
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on July 2, 2013
I bought this monitor to hook up to my MacBook Pro and have had it a few weeks now. The biggest draws for me were that it could do audio over the DisplayPort and had a built in USB hub. That is was very adjustable and could pivot 90° were definite pluses.

The image quality is fine -- not great, but what I expected. I have tried many monitors over the past year and this one is on par with others in its price range.

I was disappointed when I realized that my Mac couldn't control the volume via the DisplayPort and the only volume controls on the monitor are through the OSD menu. You have to click at least 2 buttons before you can control the volume -- even more to mute it. I confirmed this with customer support -- who were quick to reply. If there were a way to control the volume through my Mac this would have been a no-brainer 5 out of 5.

The 2 extra USB ports are nice and provide a workaround for the lack of sound control. I ended up purchasing these Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers, plugging my keyboard and webcam into that, and that into the monitor.

I like that I can raise and lower it and not just tilt the screen up/down. I also really like the turntable base which lets me easily spin the screen around when meeting with people in order to show them something. Rotating the screen 90° is useful for me occasionally, but in portrait mode, it's very narrow and I find I do not use this feature often.

Overall, I'd recommend this to someone but would be sure to mention the volume control issue. I wish I had known before I bought this -- at least to set my expectations.
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on June 8, 2013
The display is crystal clear and the colors are vibrant. At Amazon, this 24" monitor was half the price of similar models in the retail stores. Used next day service on Friday and it was here on Saturday morning! Couldn't be happier.

Easy to hook up & install. Comes with own drivers, but works fine with Windows driver as well. Insure your video card supports an HD monitor before you buy as you need to change your screen resolution to 1920x1080 in order for your display to fill the whole screen. I had a 17", and I can't believe how much larger this is at 24"-- it looks double the size of my old LCD monitor. And the LED is brighter and less costly to operate.

I highly recommend the 24" ViewSonic monitor while they last at this remarkable price!
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on May 22, 2013
I picked up two of these for a dual monitor setup and since I mounted them on a separate mount I am extremely pleased.
They are very light in weight and the picture is pleasing. I had no dead pixels, so works great!

The factory mount was so flimsy that I would have been upset if I was planning on using them.

Note: It only came with a VGA cable, which is not that long, even though it has VGA and DVI ports, so I had to order DVI cable separately. It also came with a 3.5mm M-M audio cable.
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on March 22, 2013
The monitor's "resume from standby mode" issue is independent of the computer. I keep my work computer running for days without letting it sleep because it is connected to a VPN and it's too time-consuming to do all the logins; so I simply power off the monitor to save electricity & wear on the monitor.

With this monitor, I had to "double-press" the monitor's power button to get it to turn on, and then I was triple-pressing... I thought I could tolerate this idiosyncrasy because I like the quality of the display, but it took 6 or more tries to get it to turn on. This was not acceptable -- I telecommute and need reliable equipment. I returned it and a different model of Viewsonic, the VX2450WM. I've had another one of those for over 2 years on my personal workstation, with zero problems. (That monitor's price had increased, which is why I thought I'd try this one --same brand & size, but apparently this one has a bug.)

I see another reviewer, Robert Bailin "rbailin" had a similar issue, but mine was not related to the computer booting or the computer's resuming from standby. Perhaps his wasn't, either.

Also, I really dislike concave buttons -- you know when you have pressed a protruded button, not so with either of these monitors.
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