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Style Name: One Monitor|Size: 24-Inch|Change
Price:$129.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on July 10, 2013
Overall this is a great performing monitor for the cost. It does not look as good as some of the higher end monitors that cost $500+, but at this price point, it is excellent. I have had the ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch 1080p Monitor for nearly 3 years and this new model is very similar other than being 2 inches larger. The screen has the same matte finish to reduce glare and the color reproduction is nearly identical. This model has slightly better brightness uniformity compared to my VX2250WM (see uploaded picture). To test uniformity and backlight bleed I used black, white, red, green, and blue full screen slides side-by-side with my older VX2250WM with both brightness and contrast set as high as they would go at 100, and then again with brightness set to zero, and contrast at 50.

+ Excellent performance/cost ratio
+ Monitor tilts up and down on base
+ VESA compliant so you can use a different stand or wall mount
+ No dead or faulty pixels
+ Backlight bleeding is very minimal - I was only able to tell that there was some when I used the black slide with the brightness and contrast turned all the way up (see uploaded picture).
+ Better brightness uniformity compared to the older VX2250WM
+ 3 year warranty

- There is no HDMI connection
- DVI cable is not included
- Like the VX2250WM it is a little too bright at night
- The speakers are small so don't expect amazing sound

The performance is very good for home or office use - it looks great surfing the web, looking at pictures, or watching movies. Images and text are clear and crisp. The off angle viewing, like any non-IPS LCD display is not great (especially vertically - it is not too bad left to right), but that is to be expected with this type of panel (it is a TN LCD panel). The color reproduction is almost identical to the VX2250WM. Mine does not have any dead or faulty pixels. It is extremely bright, so I turned down the brightness to zero and the contrast to 60 for daily use.

The blacks in movies and images look pretty good, colors from pictures are not washed out or over-enhanced. The one complaint I have is that even if you turn down the brightness to zero, at night in a dark room it is still too bright, but it can be turned down so that it is not quite as bright as the VX2250WM.

If anyone would like to see the pictures I took of the red, green, and blue slides mirrored on both monitors I can upload them, but they look exactly the same to me.

The base allows the monitor to tilt up and down which is nice, and it is VESA compliant so you can remove the base and hook it up to a wall mount or a multiple monitor mount.

The buttons to control the monitor are underneath the front bezel which makes it look better but are kind of awkward to use. There is a LED indicator light (blue when on, amber when idle) that faces down in the middle of the front bezel. If you wish, there is an option to turn off the "power indicator light" which turns off the blue light when the monitor is in use, but the amber light stays on when it is in idle/sleep mode either way.

It does have built in stereo speakers which are adequate for every day use, but similar to most built in monitor/tv speakers, they are too small to sound that well. There are plenty of cheap 2.1 computer speaker systems that will sound better.

Update 09/12/13:
I bought a second monitor when they went on sale because I liked the first one so much and wanted identical dual monitors. My original review could go for the second one as well - it works great. However, out of the box, when looking at both side-by-side, the color reproduction is not exactly the same. The first one has a slightly "cooler" color temperature while the 2nd one is a little "warmer." At first this was a little annoying, but apparently this happens with non-calibrated LCD monitors of all types. Just know that if you buy more than one and plan to view them side-by-side you may have to fiddle with the settings (calibrate) to get the colors exactly the same.
review image review image
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on October 4, 2013
The monitor itself is great- nice build and image/picture quality. As others have noted- there are two things that will be seen as a negative, if you are expecting something better:

First, the stand is flimsy plastic, and the monitor sits very low compared to others. I had written earlier that it didn't tilt, but have found out since that it does- it is just really hard to get it right where you want it, especially if you use two of these side-by-side, because the stand is so flexible. The monitor will jiggle with very little movement of the desk/table it is on- it might as well be a spring. The stand just snaps on with plastic clips- no screws. That said- these monitors are perfect if you want to mount them using an after-market articulated desk, multi-monitor, wall, or other mount. You will probably be disappointed if you use it with the included stand.

Second, the speakers are really only suitable for notification sounds/beeps. I have yet to actually buy a monitor that has speakers that are even remotely good, so in that respect- this doesn't surprise me. If you are trying to get rid of desktop speakers- this monitor is not going to help you.

Also- take note that this only ships with a VGA cable. I suspect most people have either graduated to DVI or already have a drawer or box full of old VGA cables. I'd almost rather see them drop the cable entirely and put some money into the stand, otherwise- ship it with a DVI cable if not both.

Buy this as a quality 24" monitor that is perfect for a multi-monitor desk mount. Don't count on good speakers in ANY monitor, and if you do want a better stand- pay $10-$20 more for a higher-up model from ViewSonic. they really do make good monitors, so the price difference is usually on the extras.
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on November 26, 2013
I now understand the nature of the design flaw of the stand which is not like the one in the picture as shown. It snaps in place by putting the ends of a bent bar made of the same plastic material as the housing into slots in the back of the unit. It is pushed down to lock it in place. The problem is that when you lean the unit back on the stand, it exerts force in the same direction as that needed to remove the stand. This makes the stand easy to come off and your TV falls back on its back or even onto the floor if you are not careful. If the engineers had designed it so that the force put onto the stand is the same as that to lock it firmly into place then it would have worked well. Whoever engineered its mechanical design wasn't thinking clearly. Because I am using this TV as an RGB monitor to view output from a broadcast system, I will be using the VESA mount to attach it to a floor stand where it can easily be moved around and placed as needed. The stand that came with the unit will either go into storage or in the trash.

UPDATE: After reading the manual (what a concept) I discovered the purpose of the contents of a very small zip-lock bag containing two philips screws and some rubber breakway pieces. If you secure the stand with these two screws you should not have the trouble I described above. The manual explains how to secure the screws but it doesn't tell you what to do with the rubber pieces. I presume the little squares are to fill the holes of where the screws secure the stand(?). I don't know why anyone would need or want them because they are so small that they seem to make no difference. No one is going to notice two little black rubber pieces plugging holes in a black enclosure especially since they must be viewed from the bottom.
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on August 22, 2013
I might be a bit biased coming from a 1600x900 laptop screen, but honestly the view on this thing is beautiful.

The contrasts are sharp, the colors are good, and everything just looks amazing. All at $140, this was a bargain of epic proportions. The lack of HDMI is slightly annoying, but I bought a DVI -> HDMI converter cable from Amazon themselves and it apparently works fantastically. If you're really worried about HDMI, go for that. If not, just use the included DVI cables.
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on April 17, 2014
The stand consists of a base and a neck. The meager pictorial instructions said attach the neck to the base, and then the neck to the monitor. But the neck wouldn't click all the way into the monitor. I didn't want to force it too much. Also the screen tilted forward about 5 degrees. I called the ViewSonic support number, but the guy didn't know diddly. The next day, I tried assembling in a different order: neck to monitor (first!), and then base to neck. That worked out well, and everything clicked into place and was secure.

I also did some googling and found that the monitor is actually tilt-able. It just takes a bit of pressure which I was reluctant to apply the day before. But the tilt works fine and I was easily able to resolve the 5-degree list. Too bad this isn't covered in the instructions. I found the User Guide online (or was it the included CD ROM, I forget), but that didn't mention at all the setup nor the tilt feature.

Anyway, once I got set up, it works great. I use the monitor for my backup PC, so didn't need a huge size, but I did want the built-in speakers, so I didn't have to drag around extra speakers.

Oh yeah. As others have mentioned, the adjustment buttons under the front panel, are a bit awkward and confusing to use. But those adjustments are seldom needed, so no bigee.
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on May 6, 2015
Purchased this monitor for Blu-ray Movies. Sending movies to a projector from a sound booth so I wanted the movies to also play on the computer monitor. But Blu-ray movies will not play because this monitor is not recognized as HDCP Compliant. It is very clear when reading the specs it says "Connectivity options include DVI (with HDCP)" but my Blu-ray software (Nero and PowerDVD) says that this monitor is not HDCP Compliant so the movie does not play on the monitor. This monitor is useless for the purpose I purchased it for. I tried other DVI HDCP compliant monitor and the Blu-ray movies play just fine on the other monitor.
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on August 14, 2014
Beware of the warranty. The monitor I purchased began to flicker and black out after about a month of use. The product description with Amazon claims a three year limited warranty, but I learned to my dismay that the warranty from the reseller is only 30 days. No warranty information came with the product so I had to try to track down warranty information from the manufacturers website. READ THE SMALL PRINT. Don't make the same mistake I made.
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on October 18, 2013
These were easy to hook up and get running. They are clear, sharp, and nicely sized.

The issue that I noticed is that it comes with only a VGA cord. It should come with a DVI cord as well since that is the other connection on the monitor. I also think that the monitor should come with HDMI ports since that is how most things are anymore.
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on September 29, 2013
I bought this to replace a 6 year old Benq FP202W which had about a 20 inch display. It was still functioning quite well, though I had gradually upped the brightness setting over the years (to a full 100%.) I just wanted a larger, easier to read display. This fills the bill at a reasonable price.
Before disconnecting the Benq, I hooked up a killawatt meter. It was drawing 46 watts typically. The Viewsonic at my current settings (75 brightness, 70 contrast) draws 20 watts. I might save 50 cents a month. But every little bit helps.
I was attracted to the VA2446M for several reasons. I wanted a 300cd/m2 display. 250 may be bright enough. I didn't want to take a chance. I would rather ramp down brightness/contrast than wish I had more. The pixel guarantee is excellent (though I would hate to have to try to use it.) The vast majority of reviews I read were positive. I wanted the option to use a VESA mount. I wanted to have built in speakers (to eliminate some desk clutter.) And the price was currently the best in its class.
I have been generally pleased but:
I would prefer to have HDMI as an option, but I have seen little or no difference between VGA, DVI, and HDMI displays. In fact, I am currently using the VGA option (so I can use my video card's digital output for the TV) and do not feel shortchanged.
The adjustment control buttons are inconvenient but I have learned to operate them by touch/feel and don't feel a need to constantly mess with them.
The speakers are adequate, or should I say barely adequate. They are okay for surfing. They basically need to be set at 100% volume to be viable. These are 2 watt. Most other monitors have even less.
If there is a way to adjust the tilt I have yet to find it. But I have not found the base unstable. Connections seem secure. It suits my current needs.
Overall, the quality of the display trumps all the minor flaws. At the time of my purchase the VA2446M had the best size/quality/feature to price ratio I could find.
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on August 22, 2013
The title says it all, a painless install... just hook it up to your PC, system recognized it immediately and there was no need for the included software cd. Screen is easy to read, great color and resolution. Also seems to run cool, probably due to LED backlighting.

This is my 2nd Veiwsonic, am beginning to be impressed with this brand.


Update 11/2015: I use this as a monitor (vs TV screen) daily and find it dependable, crisp and sharp, always nice and bright. I also noted, after a recent change to a new DVI adapter, that when scrolling the text definitely turns blue -- just while scrolling, and then returns to normal. My other Viewsonic DVI monitors do not exhibit this with the new adapter. Not a biggie, this 24" screen is still worth the money, I can live with minor anomalies.
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