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92 of 97 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2013
This monitor is clearly a winner among mid-sized entry priced displays.
Don't expect studio or production quality image reproduction at this price point, but enjoy the crisp, clear and ghost free images this unit produces.

After some initial setup and calibration using AVS HD 709 the picture looks very good in a moderately lit room.

Before questioning the quality of this display, consider the following:
1- Monitors and TV's come out of the box set to be on in a very bright, harshly lit showroom/sales floor.
2- Consider the equipment you are connected to and the age of its video processing componentry.
3- Your video settings on the playback device may not be optimal.

As a certified and industry employed professional installer I can tell you this is not quite near the big money commercial grade picture quality a few officionados seek, but for everyday use it is very good, especially at the street price available.
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48 of 50 people found the following review helpful
on May 30, 2014
Received my ViewSonic VX2452MH 24-inch monitor today and after initially being disappointed and concerned, I have to say that I love the display. Few things to point out. 1- The stand feels a bit flimsy so be careful with it. 2- I purchased the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable to go with the monitor since my Dell Studio XPS PC had an HDMI output. This is where I was disappointed. Once I had everything plugged in, I couldn't get the screen resolution right. The text was not sharp. It was kinda fuzzy no matter what website I was on. The desktop would not fill the whole screen even after playing with the screen settings and installing the correct drivers from the CD that came with it. "Game Mode" setting did not help at all. It just adjusted the brightness, contrast and colorization. I was so bummed out that I nearly packed the monitor back up to prepare for a return and refund. I tried one last thing before boxing it up. I hooked up the DVI cable that came with the monitor instead of the HDMI. That's how the old monitor was hooked up so I gave it a shot. I removed the HDMI and then plugged in the DVI cable. HOLY COW what a difference!! The desktop filled the entire screen and everything looked nice and sharp. No fuzz. What a relief! So in case you have a similar problem with the HDMI hooked up, try the DVI cable instead. Very satisfied with the outcome. This monitor is excellent now. Very nice.
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55 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2013
I recently started downsizing from a Mac Pro to a Mac Mini and available ports are a concern so my 27" Apple Cinema Display had to go. With so many models and so many gripes, the selection seemed to be a no-win headache. This actually fit the criteria - hdmi, integrated speakers, size, IPS or near, relatively inexpensive, and decent response rate. It's hard to make comparison's with the Cinema display but I thought I wanted IPS. The vertical viewing angle on this seemed to be similar to an IPS screen. The horizontal viewing angle is smaller and dims when you are past the +/-45 degrees of center. It's not much of an issue as a computer monitor. The glow of the backlight at the bottom is noticeable but not much. I seem to have lucked out with no dead pixels that I can see. I wasn't expecting much of the speakers other than that they work. The hdmi and integrated speakers make for a tidy setup. The monitor can be tilted but the best adjustment is the stack of books or boxes to bring the monitor to the right height. I had bought a similar model for my brother and had the hardest time adjusting the contrast and brightness for him until I realized the contrast and brightness were swapped. Maybe it's a tomato/tomatoe type thing but contrast actually controls the brightness of the display and this model is no different. As I started adjusting the display for the settings that tomcat9 listed, I remembered the quirk about the contrast and brightness. I finally settled on contrast of 60 and brightness of 100. It still wasn't quite right so I pulled up the color profile in the Mac Mini and it had selected HD-709A. I tried the calibration and the biggest difference came with the gamma adjustment to 2.2. Everything seems to be good now. I haven't tried out the response rate yet but I think it will live up to it's billing. It is a light display but at this price, I don't think you should expect an aluminum case.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on April 12, 2015
This monitor is awesome! 2 of my friends are hooked and want to by them already. Excellent for gaming and has a hdmi input which is really nice.
review image
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107 of 139 people found the following review helpful
on October 27, 2013
To put this review into perspective, I purchased this monitor to replace a 6 year old HP LP2065 20" LCD monitor which is not HDCP compliant. On installing this monitor, I noted that the image was bright and lacking in contrast. Brightness and contrast are adjustable in the manual mode in the menu. Adjustments made the image better, but was still lacking in black level performance. Fine text was definitely softer than that on the HP monitor. When scrolling text, a yellow smear was visible trailing the text. This effect was mostly eliminated when switching to the "Game" mode. However, switching to this mode sets the brightness and contrast to fixed values. They are no longer manually adjustable. I had attended a wedding and took pictures with my digital camera. I processed the raw files and adjusted them the best I could based on the monitor's image. I had trouble getting them to look right. The color accuracy of this monitor is definitely sub-par. When I printed some of these pictures, they were dark and dull looking, not at all how they looked on the screen. I put back the old HP monitor and looked at the processed images. They were dark and dull on the screen, exactly how they printed. I reprocessed the raw files and now have good looking prints. At this point, I packed up the monitor for return. It cost me just under $15 to ship it back. Lesson learned. Here is a summary:

HDCP compliant
Light weight
Bright image
No hot or dead pixels
Good horizontal viewing angle
Comes with a complete set of cables

No height adjustment
Mediocre black level
Poor vertical viewing angle
Inaccurate colors
Scroll smear
Very limited image adjustments
Unsuitable for photographic image processing
Soft fine text

This monitor would be suitable for non image critical applications or gaming where its fast response and bright image would be a plus. As for me, I'll be shopping for something better.
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26 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on March 26, 2014
When researching this monitor, I saw the negative reviews that said this monitor has washed-out colors. But with all the positive reviews, plus the fact that it has the ViewSonic brand, I figured it was still a safe bet. I should've listened to the negative reviewers, however, because they were right on the money. ViewSonic really let me down here, for the first time ever.

The color quality on this monitor is terrible. The contrast is poor and the white saturation is over-the-top. The image looks washed-out and "foggy", as if you're looking at the monitor through a smoke-filled room.

Looking through the other reviews you'll see that many reviewers, even some of the 4-star ones, mention that this monitor is too bright. That's an understatement. I adjusted the brightness and contrast on the monitor, as well as the brightness, contrast, and gamma of my video card. Even cranking things way down, there was still too much white saturation. The image always looks washed-out, even on the darkest settings. I tried using both HDMI and DVI cables. I also tried some of the presets... Game Mode just makes it even brighter, sRGB mode and full-manual color adjustment still didn't help either. I used calibration images to calibrate the contrast, gamma, black, and white saturation. It should take no more than 15 minutes to properly calibrate a monitor (such as my previous LCD monitor, whose color quality knocked the socks off this one, even right out of the box) but even after several hours of fiddling with settings on this monitor, I am still unhappy with the result. I'm returning it for a refund.

Don't do what I did and ignore the negative reviews of this monitor. They're right. This is a disappointing monitor.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 6, 2014
First off this monitor has stunning detail and clarity in all regards. Text is bright, defined and easy to read. The Video on this monitor looks as good or better than it does on my 42" Samsung LED HD TV. The games I play also look better on this monitor than the other monitors I own (which include these 22 and 23 inch monitors. ViewSonic VA2246M, a HP 2159M and an Acer G236HL.
The refresh rate at 60Hz could be better, and compared to an old school CRT it seems to slow frame rate a little more than I care for, but the frame rate was measured from a basic low end PC, with an Intel 2000 onboard graphics adapter, and can be resolved by a simple graphics card upgrade (with a GeForce 630 the frame rate is very acceptable for my purposes). The addition of an HDMI input is a nice addition and is a useful addition compared to other monitors in this price range. (HDMI/DVI/VGA and audio inputs are easily accessible).

After setting this monitor up, and comparing it to the other monitors I'm using. The color and detail, and contrast is what has really impressed me. At a price near the $160.00 mark, this monitor would seem to priced in the lower echelon of desktop monitors (let alone multimedia units). But it's performance seems to reach well above other monitors in this price range. I did play with the color balance a little and it helped to create a more realistic palate when browsing photo's and video. But right out of the box the colors were brighter, with more detail than on the other monitors I've mentioned above. None of those monitors had the crispness in the whites, the deep blacks, or depth of color this monitor has, and none are even close after making a few minor adjustments in the monitors menu pannel. As with most monitors the panel of adjustments are easy to reach and use, and the Intel display adjustments allow for fast easy onscreen preview when adjusting this monitor (which did not require a great deal of tuning to satisfy my needs.

In addition to the great color, detail and contrast, other options this monitor offers could make it attractive for many buyers.
1. The game mode option adjust contrast, and might or might not be something I use in the future, but it's there and might come in useful.
2. The mounting options give the monitor some flexibility and at this size I could see mounting it on a wall for various uses.
3. Built in 2 watt SRS Audio might be attractive in many environments.
4 The weight, it is very lite for a 24" monitor which makes handling quick and easy.
5. Streaming Video from YouTube - Amazon Prime and Netflix on this monitor is as good as it gets. As I said the monitor looks as good or better than my Samsung HD TV. (unlike the other monitors I own this monitor re-creates a true HD experience.
I'm sure there are other things to consider, and these few might or might not be on everyone's list, but at least a couple were on mine.

Over all Not owning a monitor over $200.00 I cannot really compare this unit to one of the higher rated displays. But rating it at a monitor closer to $150.00 mark than the $200.00 price range I can say my initial reaction is that if your thinking about it's a very good bet.

The assembly should take maybe two minutes if your slow (meaning fast and easy). The resulting construction feels solid and it sits square without wobble on my desk.

I did not try the speakers, since I have a set that I enjoy and at 2 watts the speakers were not a part of my purchasing decision.

I was hoping for at least good color and detail and I believe that this monitor does an excellent job and surpasses my hopes in those regards.

Even attached as a basic workstation monitor, this monitor expands the basic productivity that my other monitors provide in that regard. The actual display at 23.6" is large enough to create a smooth easy transition between multiple tasks... However this monitor goes far beyond a basic workstation unit and does a very good to excellent job in multimedia and gaming situations as well (matched with a PC designed for gaming I think it would be a very good choice as an entry level gaming monitor as well).

Finally I'm Extremely happy with this purchase, and would recommend it as a great choice for an everyday 24" display.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on July 22, 2014
I bought this because I needed a monitor, any monitor, to use with a couple of devices with HDMI output. This monitor has overall done a good job for the price, but it has some quirks that you should know about before choosing it.


* Works. No dead pixels.

* Reasonably fast to wake up.

* The "2" button is a one-press shortcut to switch inputs.

* Power supply is internal (no brick on the floor).

Cons and quirks:

* No built-in USB hub.

* The onscreen menu is handled by four buttons in a row: "1 2 ↓ ↑", where "1" is usually "back/exit" and "2" is usually "select". It's slightly tricky to remember which button to push, all of the ranged controls (like brightness/contrast) have to be selected and then changed and it doesn't display this clearly, and the "Memory Recall" function, which resets all settings, is in the main menu and has no confirmation so it's easy to press by accident.

* Occasionally has a blip of static a couple seconds after switching source (not recurring, so not really a problem).

* Cannot be easily made dim enough for comfortable night-time use; there isn't much brightness range and what there is is tedious to adjust.

* Stand has only a tilt adjustment. (When vertical, the height from the tabletop to the bottom edge of the image is 12 cm or 4.5 inches.)

* When I connected it to a BeagleBone Black running Linux in text mode, the image was shifted downward about five pixels, so that the bottom line of text is partly cut off (can't see the cursor underscore). This may be a quirk of the BBB, or it may be that the monitor has trouble correctly aligning images which are solid black on the top and bottom edges (wouldn't think that would be a problem in pure digital inputs, though).

Mixed-bag notes:

* The clear plastic ring at the bottom center is a giant blue power light. It can be disabled in the menu. But it turns amber in sleep mode and this cannot be disabled.

* Automatically tries other sources when one goes away. So if you have two computers connected and you put one to sleep it'll display the other one, which is convenient. On the other hand, it's terrible if you have, say, a Chromecast plugged in to the HDMI port (which *always* provides a signal). This function cannot be disabled.

Complete list of ports on the back:
* AC power in
* Line audio out
* Headphones out
* HDMI in
* DVI in
* VGA in
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2014
What I was looking for was a decent monitor with 'good blacks' and 'clear text' even when the brightness & contrast are turned up. I like a relatively bright screen, but I want my black background to look like the monitor is turned off. I use Photoshop for solely for fixing up photos of my kids, so I'm not professional. I causally play FPS games once an a while, but I'm not hard-core. I mostly use my machine for coding, word documents, etc.

I had the following monitors hooked up all at once: an Acer K242HL-LED, an ASUS VN247H-P and the View Sonic VX2452MH. They are all the same price range give-or-take a fist full of dollars.

The Acer was terrible. The 'blacks' were mostly gray and the text looked terrible. The ASUS was much better than the Acer, but it was hard to get good blacks and good contrast. I spent some time messing around with the settings but never had a satisfactory configuration.

I was about to write how bad the ghosting is and was surprised it was so bad on a 2ms monitor -- particularly bad when you drag a window around with dark text on a blue-ish background (think Office 2003/SSMS). Then I remembered seeing an option for "Response Time" in the settings. I just changed it from the default of "Ultra Fast" to "Standard" and there is no ghosting at all.

The ViewSonic is not as nice as the previous version (which I've paired this one with). The buttons for the OSD are physical buttons where as the previous version used a touch-sensitive bevel.

The ViewSonic is by far the winner of these three and is a good buy once you've configured it correctly.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2014
Okay so I second everything the person below me wrote about it being great for fps and about the settings. I returned the viewsonic vx2703mh-led for this on because of the better specs and didn't believe 3 extra inches on the screen size was really worth $80 bucks.

Anyway I play killzone shadow fall on it as well as bf4 both on the ps4 and am really happy with the quality. I am a loyal viewsonix customer and this is probably one of the best gaming monitors they have out right now with all things considered.

As far as the speakers they are decent but since there is a headphone jack on the monitor I simply connect that to my stereo.

Very happy with this monitor, recommend for everyone keeping a budget and want to get the most quality gaming display.
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