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on October 15, 2012
This is an amazing monitor. The display is crisp and high contrast, and the entire unit is surprisingly light. It worked instantly right out of the box and even mounted to a monitor mounting arm (made by Ergotron) that says it's only for monitors up to 24". But this Viewsonic 27" LED monitor was so light that it mounted perfectly on the arm. The URL for the arm I'm using with this monitor is:

Overall, this monitor is highly recommended. Very good value. This is what I'm using now to write daily news reports, and it's super easy on my eyes. I'm actually buying a second one to use side by side. The lower energy consumption is also an important bonus for all of us who strive to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.
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on September 14, 2012
Rarely have I received so much value for so little money. I'm using an HDMI cable connect and get Images that are bright and crystal clear, fonts that are smooth and sharp, and even though the screen is 27", I'm able to do my work without multiple eye stops.
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on February 4, 2013
I'm glad I had read the other reviews and went with this Monitor! Very clear picture, NO dead pixels. Very pleased! The speakers do suck!! Maybe I have them set up wrong, but do not think so! Its not as if the sound sucks, its clear, just does not get very loud! But I already knew the speakers sucked, so was not concerned, as I already have decent speakers

Appears well made
Great colors
HDMI and VGA outputs
NOT a glossy screen (can't see my reflection)

Speakers are very weak

But I am very happy and would recommend it to others! But being it is such a big screen, one wants to ensure you can sit far enough away from it, if not, it may just be too big. TY amazon for fast shipping.

Update: Feb 19 2013
Still very happy with the purchase, no dead pixels, love the picture

May 18 2013 Update: Love the monitor. 1 small dead pixel recently shown up at the upper left corner---it may have been here for awhile as it is barely noticeable. Father n law just bought the 25" model and he enjoys it
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on March 14, 2013
I love this monitor!

This monitor is big, and I mean BIG, and it is bright and wonderful. It took a little effort to get the calibration dialed in but now that I have, I couldn't be happier. Text is crisp and clear on my 2012 Mac Mini.

Like everyone said, the speakers are just bad. I was able to get them a bit better with some equalization, but they are nothing that you would want to listen to music with or use to watch a movie, for email notification they are fine.

I have used ViewSonic Monitors since the days of Windows 3.1 and they continue to sell high quality equipment. I would not hesitate to suggest to a friend.
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on October 3, 2012
I originally tried getting the LCD version of this monitor at Office Depot, which led to me going back and exchanging it twice because of dead pixels (both were bright green and in no way would I accept that in a new monitor). I was skeptical about buying a monitor online because of the hassle it would take to return it and some companies will only accept returns given a certain number of dead pixels. This is why I chose ViewSonic. While the build quality might not be tier 1, they accept exchanges for any number of dead pixels in any location for 30 days. I would take a 0 dead pixel guarantee and a cheap price point over a 400+ dollar monitor that might leave me hanging with dead pixels any day of the week.

Anyway, the image quality is sufficient after some tweaking of the settings, and the response time is sufficient. I am using it primarily for gaming and it hasn't been a problem yet.

Basically, if you are looking for a larger sized monitor that is 'good' at everything while being extremely cheap, this is the way to go.
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on April 19, 2015
The first monitor worked fine for about three months when all of a sudden, I vertical purple line appear right in the middle of the screen. I've contacted ViewSonic who gave me a RMA number and requested that I shipped it back to them at my own expense which ran about $80 which already meant that this was not good value for money after adding this $80 to the cost. I was told it will take 5 to 10 business days for repairs. Then a week after they have received the monitor based on FedEx tracking and no status update I called them and they confirmed that they received it and working on it after which the online status was update that they received it. I have waited another week at which time this was 11 business days and called again for an update and was informed that this is 5 to 10 business days after they log it onto their system and not from the time they received it. So, I waited another week at which time I was without a monitor for a month and called again to inquire what is going on. At this time they told me that the will send me a replacement which I received a week later.

When I connected the replacement, the monitor was flickering on and off with some bleeding in the corner. I called them immediate and they asked that ship it back again. This time, they provided a prepaid shipping label. Another three weeks and I receive the "fixed" monitor back. It lasted about 3 days until the flickering started again. I tested it with different cables and on different laptops other than my desktop to rule out a graphics card or cable issue. Two days after the flickering, the monitor have no display. The power light goes on indicating there is power, but the screen is still black.

Another call to ViewSonic who asked me the ship it back again, but this time they want me to do it again at my cost. I refused and and said they need to provide me with prepaid label again and that I am not interested in receiving a 4th ViewSonic monitor and that I want a refund now. This has been escalated to management now. I am not holding my breath to either get a refund or working monitor anymore and will just have to write of the about $300 this monitor costed me so far and will get a monitor from another manufacturer.

I know that sometimes that somethign will go wrong with any new things, but they way ViewSonic has been handling the repairs and now that is the 3rd time I have to ship the monitor back is really not acceptable and I will never purchase another ViewSonic product again and I would never recommend this to anyone else.
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on November 7, 2014
This was very washed out no matter how much I played with the settings. Black portions of the image appear very bright. Trying to code with Sublime Text's default bright text on dark background gave me headaches.
In the attachment I compare it to this: <>, which has half the advertised contrast ratio but looks way better.
Increasing the 'contrast' setting on this monitor only makes it brighter. And decreasing the 'brightness' (either through that setting or through manually moving R, G, B values all down together) effects whites more than blacks.
review image review image
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on May 13, 2014
I have owned ViewSonic monitors for years and never been disappointed. Just be aware if running AMD Graphics cards you need to do your adjustments and settings in the Catalyst Control Center as for example; the default is a 10% underscan you need to set to 0% to fill the monitor screen.
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on November 27, 2012
I've had this monitor for exactly one week now. I bought it to use in addition to my 15" MacBook Pro for working at home. Also, I wanted something relatively inexpensive, thinking that I may make a significant upgrade in a year (Thunderbolt?) and wanted to save my pennies until the Retina display is available on large screens. I reasoned that this will make a good TV attached to a Mac Mini in the future when I'm ready to make the switch, where the resolution won't be such an issue when you're watching from several feet away.

My first impressions are that is it very bright, nice and big, great for video (and I suppose video games), and great for reading text because text is 'bigger' at the given resolution/27" screen-size combination.

The text seems 'blurry' relative to my 2010 MacBook Pro (non-Retina) because the pixels are essentially stretched-out at the same number of pixels per screen-width, but I've gotten used to that after a while. Also, I really needed to turn down the brightness because as a writer/researcher/coder I spend most of my time reading black text on white backgrounds. Mostly, I would recommend not worrying about brightness issues when choosing a monitor as it seems that they're generally brighter than they need to be for people who sit roughly 2 feet away from the screen. My brightness setting is currently set at 10 (out of 100) and setting it even to zero doesn't make the screen go black, so you don't really have full control over the brightness range. (Maybe you need another app like Shades for the Mac to get full control over the brightness from 0 to 100%.) Setting the "Eco Setting" to "conserve" seems to help lower the brightness a few extra notches.

Height Control:
Another slight negative is the lack of height control. I knew this going in, but the monitor is even shorter than I expected. The bottom of the frame is 1 7/8" off the desktop and the bottom of the screen area is 3 7/8" off the desktop. I managed to adjust this by sitting the stand on a thick book for now.

My monitor did not come with an HDMI cable. It comes with DVI, VGA, and sound cables, but no HDMI cable even though I thought previously the various reviews/website specs said all of the cables were included. Regardless, I would've needed to get an adapter of some kind for the MacBook Pro since it only has a Mini DisplayPort, so I'm using the VGA/Mini-DisplayPort adapter with the VGA cable.

The SRS sound driver works as a plug-in on iTunes, and it drops the sound between songs. This happens even when I have another set of speakers playing over my Airport Express. The song will drop on the computer/monitor but not on the speakers that are playing in the living room, so it's clearly an issue with the monitor sound driver software.

Another gripe: I paid $279 a week ago and now it's at $249, so this monitor seems to be losing its value pretty quickly. Maybe this just has to do with the holiday sale season; however, that's probably something to keep in mind while you are shopping for a monitor.
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on May 16, 2013
Ignore the negative reviews unless you are really REALLY picky. If you are comparing this to a higher res. monitor then YES this one 'sucks'. It is absolutely great for my needs and I will probably get another someday. The stand just clips on. Very cheap stand but who cares if you are careful with it. Unpack, plug in and go. I highly recommend.
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