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on December 28, 2010
I bought twelve of these for my digital arts studio. Overall, I'm very happy with them and even more happy with the excellent sale price I got at

* Rock-solid, beautifully saturated and bright image quality.
* Easy to use controls and driver disk (which you may need for optimum resolution on some computers)
* Kinda sexy multi-colored indicator light below the screen changes from blue (on) to amber (sleep) to off.
* Sturdy, adjustable stand which attaches easily.
* Just the right amount of "matte" finish to avoid the annoying glare and "mirror" effect that some screens have, without any sacrifice of brightness or clarity.

* As with most LCD screens, colors shift somewhat with viewing angle. If you are a graphics design or video editing shop with exacting color calibration requirements, buy a (much) more expensive IPS screen if you can. (I couldn't afford a decent IPS screen, and this inexpensive monitor reproduces color BETTER than many "bargain" IPS screens.)
* I find the (permanent) large white lettering on the lower bevel rather annoying, even though you stop noticing it after a while.
* The screen is actually TOO bright for most environments even in daylight. I turned the brightness down to zero and it's acceptable, but only because I never use the units at night or in a dimly lit room. You may want to use gamma correction software (such as adobe gamma or the Windows 7 settings) to dim the screen more than the monitor controls alone will achieve.
* One out of twelve units I ordered was dead on arrival. (Amazon promptly refunded my money.)
* Because the touch controls are on the corner of the screen, the screen wiggles when you use them. Not a big problem (how often do you use them anyway?) but mildly irritating.
* Be aware that some older video cards may not support 1920x1080 resolution. That's not a problem with the screen, but be sure you have an appropriate driver before you upgrade to any new screen!

Overall, I did a lot of shopping around and this is a terrific deal if you can get it for under $200. I couldn't find anything comparable in quality for that price.
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First of all the video doesn't even come close to showing the clarity this screen provides, but I hope it's slightly helpful in that you can see the size better in comparison to a desk and stuff.

Now about this beautiful monitor. I admit I've only been looking at it for about a week, but so far my eyes couldn't be happier. LED screens are clearly going to be the future. They look beautiful and save energy and space, and the screen is SO thin! Setup was a breeze - I just connected it to my desktop. The monitor comes with both DVI and VGA cables, but since my desktop had an HDMI output I bought a Premium High Resolution 10FT / 3m 24K GOLD HDMI TO DVI M/M CABLE FOR HDTV PLASMA DVD that uses the HDMI from my Desktop into the DVI in the monitor. I doubt I really needed to buy this, compared the cable with just the regular DVI to DVI and it still looked great, though it did seem a dash clearer (it could be my imagination).

Also, when shopping around and reading reviews of other monitors (especially LED) I noticed several customers complaining that it took a lot of setting switches to get the screen to look right.. with this monitor (at least for me) the picture looked perfect right from the start up. It does let you change the contrast and such, but I haven't dared to mess with them because I think it looks perfect as is.

About the sound.. I watch a lot of movies on my computer and listen to a lot of music, so imagining using a monitor's built in sound system horrifies me, but if you don't care about a high quality stereo system, I listened to the speakers and they'll do just fine.

So my overall review is an A+ thumbs up. I spent hours looking at monitors at Best Buy and on Amazon and anywhere else that sells them and I think I made a great choice with this ViewSonic. Granted, I've only had it a handful of days, but hopefully I won't have to revise this review for at least 3 years (that's how long the warranty is). If you have any other questions about the screen or would like to see a different video just leave a comment and I'll try to help you out!

**4 Month Update**
- Just thought I'd let you guys know it's been nearly 4 months now and my 5 star review still stands so far. Absolutely no dead pixels, and absolutely no problems. Unlike other LEDs I've seen in the store, the stand on this is very sturdy and has never even hinted at falling over. My comp doesn't have a blu ray player, but I watched some 1080p stuff online and it is noticably spectacular on this screen. And now I see Amazon is selling it even cheaper than what I paid for it ($189) so I can't recommend it enough!
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on August 18, 2010
I purchased this monitor because I wanted a 22 inch monitor and I didn't want to spend more than $200.

Initial impressions.

This thing is light in weight. Very light. I was able to hold the monitor in one hand/arm and use my other hand to set the base and plug in the power and dvi cable without a much strain. The base is made of plastic and feels cheap. That was my first reaction, when I unwrapped the base. Once I had it on the monitor though it did it's job. This combination though makes the monitor easily wobble if it is not sitting on a sturdy desk/table, keep that in mind. (My desk is very sturdy, so this wasn't an issue.) It comes with a VGA/DVI cable, which was a pleasant surprise.

I'm a programmer.

This monitor arrived at my place of work and as soon as it came, I immediately replaced one of my monitors and worked the whole day with it. It was easy on the eyes and I could see myself using this as my daily programming monitor. It also made my other Dell monitor look old because this monitor has great contract and was bright. Pictures and text looked great on the screen. At the end of the day I did notice that this monitor gives off very little heat, very nice. Had I based my purchasing decision on this experience, it would have been a keeper.

I'm delving into web/print design.

Here's where I have an issue with the monitor. I'm working on some website and print designs and I need the colors to reproduce accurately on the screen. I know that all LCD monitors change color saturation/contrast when looking at the monitor at an angle, however, I noticed that when I look at this monitor directly, the color was too washed out, where to me, it didn't accurately reproduce the color at the angle that it should produce the color contrast/saturation the best (or really close to it). Normally I wouldn't care for this, but I need the color to look accurate. I played around with the monitor brightness/contrast/color and that didn't fix the problem. I played around with my NVidia desktop color settings and I couldn't fix the problem. Lastly I compared this monitor with another 22 inch LCD and it only confirmed my findings.


If you are considering purchasing this monitor for normal use, i.e. web surfing, document editing watching movies, then by all means don't hesitate to purchase it, it's a good monitor for the price. As a programmer/normal user, I would give this monitor 4 stars. As a web/print designer, I would give this monitor 3 stars. Since I have to use it in designer mode, then I could not keep the monitor, so I returned it.
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on February 26, 2012
I bought this monitor in Oct 2010 and it worked fine for 1 year. It is supposed to have a 3 year warranty. Then the display from the VGA input on my ViewSonic 2450 WM - LED monitor changed and suddenly was not allowing me to view the highest resolutions that it used to be able to handle. I tried it on 3 different computers, and had the same problem, so it was not an issue with the video cards (2 were a laptop, 1 was a desktop). I have a 2nd monitor of same type - and it worked fine on these 3 computers. I contacted customer service, and after deciding it wasn't my video card that was a problem (took 45 minutes of discussion), they had me send it in on my dime. 6 weeks later, I got it returned to me - and alas, it was not fixed. I contacted customer service again and the agent I spoke with for 50 minutes adamantly declared it was my video card even though I have the same monitor that works and the damaged one does not. He said I needed to contact the manufacturers of my video card and download updates. When I questioned what had been done to the monitor that I sent in, he could not provide any description of any warranty work that Viewsonic performed - just that the monitor arrived and then was shipped back out. He also would not allow me to send the monitor back in so that it could be replaced - arguing still that it was a video card issue even though the a 2nd copy of the same monitor works fine on these 3 computers. I finally gave up - not worth another hour long phone call with another agent, and sending it back into the service center when they don't even have policies to monitor what service work was performed. ViewSonic - you make nice shiny monitors, but your customer service sucks - quit trying to pass the buck on your customers and realize when you have need to replace a broken product.
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on June 18, 2010
I just received an order of 2 of these. I've been using them for the past couple of hours. The screens are absolutely beautiful.

-Great color, perfect picture
-First screen I've never had to change the color settings on.
-Sturdy stand, minimal screen wobble
-Perfect size
-Easy on the eyes
-Great brightness
-No dead/stuck pixels
-Windows 7 automatically installed the driver for the screen

-The speakers are awful (what did you expect?)
-The screen didn't look perfect before the driver was installed, definitely install it
-The menu is not very intuitive, took a few seconds to figure out
-Changing volume is a pain
-When screen is completely black, there is a little bit of light bleed on the edges

-Don't buy these for the speakers, unless it's an office environment
-If using speakers, just turn the volume up to 100 on the screen and control it from the computer
-Remember to install the monitor driver

This is really a great monitor! As a programmer, I'm extremely happy to have two of these when working on projects.
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on June 17, 2010
This new monitor exceeded my expectations. Usually the newest technology is plagued with minor problems that lead to a larger headache but not this time. ViewSonic has continued its long tradition with this LED monitor.

Plusses -
- No time wasted color calibrating the monitor for graphic intense uses. I work with a lot of digital photographs and using the color profile that is installed when you install the monitor gives you the 'What You See is What You Get' that I have only previously seen in more expensive monitors.
- Images & videos are crisp.
- No temperature build up around the monitor. It does not have the high heat generation that LCD & Plasma monitors have. The only spot that gets slightly warm is the center of the monitor back where the bulk of the system is, and that is only slightly warmer.
- comes with ALL the cables. Unlike others it comes with cables to cover both types of video hookup and an audio cable.
- the monitor buttons are not buttons. There is a power button in the middle bottom, but on the lower right there are 2 numbers and an up and down arrow. I looked around for the buttons for the labels and was pleasantly surprised that they are touch spots. So it is easy for someone with large meat hooks for fingers to work the controls.
- The monitor tilts!

Downsides (not really but...)
- The built in speakers are ok sounding. But lets face it you are not buying a monitor like this for its sound quality. I have yet to find built in speakers that provide great quality.
- The monitor does not swivel. To change the viewing angle you have to turn the whole monitor.

I could not be happier with this monitor (ok if it were free or came with a winning lottery ticket I would be).
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on December 5, 2010
Bought this in August from Amazon and hooked it up. Looked great at first, then some discoloring starting occurring. Gets worse with darker colors. At first, ehh, it was not bad enough to send it back, but I did want to use it as my primary monitor. I'm not a gamer or anything, and I primarily do Word documents and things like that. Maybe I have too much time on my hands since I did see if it was a wide-spread problem, and, indeed, it is. Apparently, one of the batches of these LCDs have this problem. I talked to a ViewSonic tech, but he did not say it was a known issue. Hmmm? This was AFTER I read a few of the many complaints. They want me to pay to ship it to California............apparrently that is ViewSonic's only repair center in the U.S. Another disgruntled customer said View Sonic sent a tech person out get the monitor. This customer has not heard anything in 3 weeks! Pretty negative reviews on their customer support. Some customers did get a different LCD from ViewSonic only to have the problem.

For quite some time, I thought ViewSonic was the top-of-the-line. Not in my book anymore!
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on July 15, 2010
There are two things that keep me from giving five stars.

The included base only allows for tilt. There is no rotate and there's no height adjustment. As a result, you will probably need to raid the supply closet and snag a couple reams of printer paper to raise the screen.

The other issue I've had is one of my monitors (I bought two) has some irregularity in the backlight at the top corner. There's a row of brighter blobs stretching about one-third of the way across the top edge of the screen. It's almost enough to make me want to return it.

Two other minor quibbles are the gloss black frame and base that show every fingerprint and atom of dust, and the huge "LED 1080p" logo on the front. I really don't need to be reminded of its HD capability every time I look at the display.

Otherwise, it's amazing that someone can stamp out displays with nearly 6.5 million sub-pixels and have them all work right for so little cost. I haven't noticed any dead or stuck pixels. It's bright, clear, crisp and wonderful to actually look at for hours. The only adjustment I've had to make is to turn down the brightness.
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on December 28, 2010
I did a lot of research and added this monitor to my 2010 Christmas wish list. I was excited to find this baby under my Christmas tree. I'm actually a Dell guy coming from a 5 year old Dell 1905FP LCD. I was nervous not sticking with a Dell but I had an old ViewSonic CRT around 2000 or 2001 and it was great and I simply couldn't pass up adding such an affordable LED monitor to my Christmas list. I did look for a Dell and LG of this size and specs but they couldn't come close to the price. Would I still choose this ViewSonic? Absolutely! You cannot go wrong with this monitor as long as you can find it at a good price ($200-$220).

The piano-black plastic looks really nice. The pictures online make the monitor look a little cheap and odd with the clear plastic along the bottom. Once I unboxed the unit and set it up on my desk I was very pleased. The larger glowing power button under the ViewSonic label within the clear plastic is nice. The buttons to navigate the brightness/contrast are touch sensitive which is cool. The base works very well and keeps the monitor in place though I wish it would pivot left to right. The monitor will only pivot forward and back (not left/right or telescope up/down).

I have a Dell laptop with a HDMI and VGA output. The monitor only has VGA and DVI input. The lack of the monitor not having HDMI is why I gave it 4 stars. I plan on purchasing a little adapter but still surprised they elected not to incorporate HDMI.

The monitor is clear and super, super, super, super bright. I had to turn the brightness way down because I was going blind. I'm amazed at the difference between my old Dell LCD and this monitor. I cannot wait to see how clear the monitor is once I get the cable adapter. Don't throw away your external speakers. The built-in speakers are fine for little "beeps" and "dings" that Windows may make but are no good if you listen to music or watch movies/videos on your computer.
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on October 19, 2011
I ordered this monitor because it got good reviews and was inexpensive. It arrived reasonably promptly, in an undamaged box. When we set it up (which was very easy) we noticed that there was a thin, vertical blue line that went from the top to the bottom of the screen superimposed over whatever program or document we had open. I tried hooking up the monitor to a different Mac, using a different connector (supplied by ViewSonic). The monitor problem appeared the same on both computers.

I contacted tech support at ViewSonic and the technician had me try a number of different things, none of which worked. She concluded that the monitor was defective and would have to be repaired/replaced. Here's where ViewSonic dropped the ball. I asked what they were going to do about it, and was told that I would have to ship the monitor at my own expense back to ViewSonic. They would then take 3 weeks to repair it and would ship the repaired monitor back to me! So, I buy a brand new monitor, which turns out to be DOA, and their solution is for me to pay to ship it back and then wait 5 weeks for the repaired monitor to reappear on my doorstep!

Needless to say, other than denying that they even sold me the monitor, this is about the worst approach to customer service they could have chosen. I pointed out (vociferously) that they shouldn't make their customers bear the brunt of their poor quality control and that I needed the monitor now; not in 5 weeks. I told them that they should ship me a brand new monitor right away, and that I would return the defective one. After a two-day wait for a response, they agreed to do this, on condition that I supply them with a variety of bits of information, and give them my credit card number and ship the original one back to them at my own expense. One of the bits of info they required was proof of my purchase from Amazon. I forwarded to them the email that I received from Amazon detailing the purchase and they insisted that it "wasn't in the proper form" so they couldn't accept it. I then took screenshots and sent those to them, which they accepted as proof.

A week or so later, I received the replacement monitor. It came in a plain brown shipping container--not the ViewSonic-branded box that the original one had come in. So, clearly they didn't simply grab a new one off the shelf and ship it to me, and I'm left wondering if what I received is a refurbished or repaired model, instead of the new one that I paid for. Also, the plastic housing that fits over the actual screen was a bit loose on top (a 1/4 inch gap). A small bit of pressure popped it back into place, but it's yet another indicia that I may have received a refurbished model instead of a new one. The replacement monitor has only been set up for a day and it seems to be working fine, and I"m reasonably pleased with the quality of the image.

ViewSonic--I hope you're reading this. I had had a very favorable idea in my mind of the ViewSonic brand until this experience. Now, I'll never buy another ViewSonic product.
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