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on November 18, 2011
The story of Phineas is found in Numbers 25:6-13. Phineas kills an Israelite man and a Midianite woman, together, while they are in the act of having sex. Such unions with foreign women were prohibited by God. Thus Phineas stems God's anger and the spread of a plague among the Israelites. Phineas receives approbation from God and "a covenant of a lasting priesthood" is announced between God and Phineas and Phineas' descendants.

In modern times, the Phineas Priesthood is a group akin to the KKK but with vengeance directed toward violators of God's (Old Testament) law, especially where victims are white. This shadowy group is clearly anything but Christian and is, like the KKK, infiltrated by the FBI. Its members are likely unwitting patsies employed in false flag operations.

Mr. Hoskins' book pretends to be a history of this movement but it is nothing more than a disjointed collection of stories about violent activity questionably attributed to the movement. There is no real history in the book whatsoever. None at all. The commentary accompanying the various accounts of so-called vengeance is a ridiculous attempt at glorifying the "Priests" and their cause. Such tripe is hardly worthy of the Internet much less than in print.

I purchased the book in hopes of learning something about the modern Phineas Priesthood. I was disappointed to say the least. It was a complete waste of money. I ended up tossing the book in the trash. It's not worth its space on a shelf.
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on January 12, 2003
First, I will explain why I took two stars off. _Vigilantes_ does promote white-supremacist idealogy, and the book is more of a long history lesson than the theological treatise I was looking for. It is a veritible Who's Who of the 'Politically Incorrect': The Crusaders, American colonists who killed off the Indians, the white settlers who were massacred in Haiti, the Confederacy, whites in South Africa, Hilter, Nazi Germany and the Waffen SS.

But what is interesting is Hoskins' concept of "knowing God." Since the Gospel declares that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and THE WORD WAS GOD," the way we know God is to follow the Law. He says that the actual appearence of the leader is of little importance (how important is the literal fact of the Burning Bush talking to Moses or Jesus teaching on the Mount to us right now?) but that we know God through following his Laws. Everyone can do pretty much what he wants, as long as the Laws, Statutes and Judgements of the WORD is strictly enforced. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Hoskins develops the concept of a 'Phineas Priesthood', Christians who resort to violence to make sure that God's will is done. He builds up this concept by a reading of Numbers 25 (where the Priest Phineas kills and Isrealite prince and a heathen Moabite princess as they were about to have intercourse), Psalms 106 (where Phineas is eulogized) and Ezekiel 9 (which is taken as a literal instruction as a method of organizing a 'cell' to fight and destroy the ungodly). There is nothing new in this concept, as Hoskins proves. There are the Japanese Kamikazes who crashed planes into battleships, Muslim Jihadis who crash planes into buildings and blow themselves up according to the literal instructions of the Koran, and there are Zionists like Baruch Goldstein follow the Law of the Talmud to make sure that gentiles get exterminated.

What I found particularly interesting were the characters who were identified as 'Phineas Priests':
-Biblical heroes Ehud, Jael and the Maccabees
-St. George who slew the Dragon (a symbol of the Devil's power)
-Beowulf, who slew the Dragon that was stealing his land of its wealth
-King Arthur, who started a war because his wife committed adultery with Lancelot.
-Crusader Orders, like the Templars, Hospitallars and the Teutonic Knights who briefly put Jerusalem in Christian hands.
-Robin Hood, who fought against King John's heavy taxes
-William Wallace, of _Braveheart_ fame.

One more note: How many Christians have heard of the Apocrypha, Jasher, Josephus, Enoch, or Jubilees? Hoskins blows the dust off of these forgotten texts and makes them useful as supplementary to the Bible. More research is needed as to why the Apocrypha was deleted from the King James Bible in 1825. Hoskins speculates that it is because of the strong support of the Law in these books that they were given the heave-hoe.
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on September 30, 1999
The Holy Spirit sat at the side of Richard Kelly Hoskins as he wrote this defining work of modern Reformed Christianity. Here is revealed how Satan has captured the establishment Christian churches and God's plan for dislodging and finally vanquishing the evil tribe that has lurked in our midst for so many years.
Hoskins sets forth the fundamental Biblical Truth of the Third Millenium: The Saxon is the blessed child of Almighty God and the sole inheritor of the Abrahamic Covenant. If anyone should doubt the divine creation of the Saxon, who are the sole decendents of Adam, who was made by God in His Image, the mater is settled and placed beyond debate. Hoskin's book will soon rank and far exceed in influence Augustine's City of God or even the Summa Theologica of St. Aquinus. Devinely inspired, Hoskin's book is beinghanded from hand to hand among the Saxon Warriors where it is leaving an indelible impression upon them and providing the inspiration tomove into action against th eenemies of God's People.
For every book published, tens are copied and passed from hand to hand in our nation's prisons wherefrom we can expect the Phineas Priests to emerge. Woe onto those who oppose the Word! Their time on this earth is numbered. We cannot lose this struggle for we are guided and protected by God Himself. Hoskins is the St. Paul of our Age, and his message is being heard and acted upon by tens of thousands throughout the world.
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on December 12, 1999
Vigilantes shows true patriots of the Christian religion much as heroes are portrayed in other religions. Reccomended reading for those searching for historical accuracy of the figures of Christianity.
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