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on November 11, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have had the total gym in the past and this is far more durable and has more resistance, at half the cost! I waited 4 months before posting this short review, because i wanted to be sure it was not a flimsy unit. So far so good! My wife, daughter and I are using this! A friend who works out with me, at the gym was skeptical when he saw this, and after a few exercises, he was impressed with the resistance, smoothness and quality for the price! I bought this as an intermediate unit to be used on off days at the GYM, but have incorporated it as a normal routine. Solid, strong construction, great work out.
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on May 11, 2010
I got my vigorfit directly from the website([...]). It was shipped the next day arrived in perfet condition from Fedex 5 days after ordering. It is very well made and provides smooth movement. It also does not take long to get a good workout, as transitioning from one exercise to another takes little to no time at all. The only thing I have against it is that it is not made in America. I would recommend it though.
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on February 22, 2014
I did not buy from Amazon but directly from the company but I wanted to let you know about my experience.

I purchased this and received it in early December. It came partially assembled with the seat attached to the frame. Right off the bat I noticed a dent in the right frame that supports the seat but it wasn't very big and I thought, no big deal...right?!? I didn't use it right away and have only used it about a dozen times since I bought it. I noticed immediately that there was a grinding sound when I used it but thought maybe it is just a sound that would go away with some use. It didn't go away so I had my husband look at it and the bottom of the right frame bar on which the seat rests was scratched down to the metal. I called the company and Michelle calls me back. I do admit, they got back to me promptly. I send her a photo of the damage. Tells me to take the seat off and look at the rollers. No easy feat, the seat was attached when it arrived. You need two wrenches to do this. It turns out that the bottom right bolt wasn't adequately tightened and it was protruding to the point of scraping the paint and metal. She then tells me that in the assembly instructions it says to make sure all the bolts are tightened. WHO KNEW I WAS SUPPOSED TO DISASSEMBLE THE attached SEAT to make sure they had tightened the bolts were tightened properly? She is saying that the one year, they pay shipping warranty' doesn't cover this because I didn't make sure the bolts were on correctly. So then, perhaps fitness bargain should send it completely unassembled so people don't assume they know what they are doing when they partially assemble it before it is sent.
She then asks me to send her a picture of the protruding bolt...which I had already sent her. The seat moving is still making a grinding noise although we can't see anything else that is causing the noise and she wants me to take the seat off...again.

I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is I did a lot of research on this type of exercise equipment and I chose the Vigorfit because of the 'amazing' warrantee and the fact that I wanted to help the little guy, the company competing against the Total Gym and the Total Trainer. I think this could be a really great gym but the problems I'm having negate 'what could be'. I'm just really sad that I was so wrong about this company. I am still in contact with the company and I'm hoping I have a better resolution than many of the other people who have complained of poor customer service.
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on April 3, 2014
I ordered my Vigorfit over a year ago.  Glowing testimonies are easy to write when you’ve only had the product a week, and the shine is still new.  But I figure after a year, I’m well qualified to write a real-life unbiased testimony.
The Vigorfit gym is relatively easy to set up and use.  I like the wheels, since I have it folded in my office closet, and need to wheel it approximately 45 feet to my living room where I have room to use it.  The set-up is a quick one minute process.  I previously owned a Total Gym, which I used for several years, so feel qualified to make a comparison.  The Vigor Fit is more robust, and heavier.  I initially thought heavier was a negative, but after a few seconds of sanity, realized that getting out an exercise machine to work my body out, and then complaining that it was a little heavier than the competition was not very intelligent.  If a few extra pounds give me a little more workout, isn’t that my goal to start with?
The extra pounds seem to contribute to the stiffness of the rails.  When using my Total Gym, anything I did while lying on the board (on the rails) made the rails flex downward.  I constantly felt like I was on a spring, flexing up and down.  I weigh 190 lbs, but even at that, I don’t want my machine to make me feel that it might reach the breaking point while flexing! 
For resistance adjustment, the upward/downward adjustment on the vertical arm is similar to the Total Gym, but it seems easier to get the peg into the right hole on the first try.  The pulley and rope system is smooth, and still functioning well after a year.  On my Total Gym, the rubber (or plastic?) coating on the cables started peeling off after a few months, leaving me with pulleys that were partly coated with plastic, and partly not.  Made it rough traveling through the pulleys.  I’m much happier with Vigor Fit’s ropes.
The attachments (foot bar, foot board, and upper bar) all attach easily and quickly.  The main board is long enough that I can alternate between pull-ups on the upper bar, and overhead push-ups using the lower bar without any need to remove either bar between exercises.  The range of resistance is great – I admit to not yet having to use the resistance bands.  However, at my age (67) I readily admit that I will use much less than most younger users.  I’m maxed out in pull-ups, but just add a few more reps, instead of using the resistance bands.
Now to the cons:  After a year, I’ve only found one thing that I’m not satisfied with – and it’s very minor.  When doing exercises where the two ropes are pulled alternately (such as isolating biceps one-at-a-time), the rope doesn’t slide freely over the main pulley.  There is just a little scraping of the rope.  I’ve found that the two small plastic guide clips are rotated toward the back of the pulley, and scrape on the rope.  However, by manually reaching the clips, and rotating them toward the front of the pulley (the area where the rope does not wrap around), then the ropes freely glide around the pulley.  I’ve made this 5-second adjustment in the pulley clips just a part of my regular set-up routine, so it doesn’t really bother me.
Maybe some people are so excited about getting their exercise machine out and using it that they just can’t wait!  I’m not one of those people.  Most of the time, I view it as a necessary chore, needed to keep the aging body in decent shape.  However, I admit that after I pull the machine out, and start with the biceps exercise, the smoothness of the gliding pulleys, and the feel of being on a quality machine takes over, and I start to enjoy my exercise routine!  I’m constantly pleased with how my attitude turns from a feeling of drudgery to a feeling of satisfaction, once I start a few exercises!  If you are the type person that can’t wait to get started on your exercises, congratulations, and I envy you that enthusiasm.  But the Vigor Fit helps me to be faithful in doing my exercises – something that the Total Gym didn’t do.
One last comparison note.  Several times in folding my Total Gym, I pinched my fingers in the mechanism.  No such problem with Vigor Fit!  After more than a year, I’m very satisfied, and am glad I made the choice I did!
Hope this review helps you make a wise choice.
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on August 15, 2012
I got the VigorFit about three years ago (not through Amazon but direct through the company) and, after reading some of the reviews here, I thought I would throw my 2-cents into the mix.

I am somewhat modest and I do not like going OUT to gyms AT ALL (I have had several gym memberships over the years, too, and I've always let them lapse). I prefer to work out privately at home and have done so over time with moderate to good results (free weights, aerobics, push-up bars, etc.).

Prior to my purchase of VigorFit, I had watched the Total Gym adverts (and other exercise equipment) on TV, but not being a big Chuck Norris fan, I avoided buying it primarily because if Chuck is involved, I don't want to give any company he's a spokesman for my business.

Also, what Total Gym ads do not tell you is that to get the one that's being advertised on the infomercial, you've got to pay extra (and the basic Total Gym ain't cheap y'all).

I actually found VigorFit by accident on the internet and what caught my eye was the price and their own comparisons to Total Gym. For me, the price was right, the VigorFit web-site is a very, very good sell, and the reviews all indicated to me that this was no "fly-by-night-jump-on-the-bandwagon" product.

The VigorFit arrived quickly, although part of the container box was damaged (bent and slightly torn). But, the Vigorfit was very well-packaged and there was no damage to the machine itself. (I also got the Vigorfit Bike which is extra cost but very reasonable.)

I am mechanically-challenged and instruction sheet-challenged, but I had NO problems putting the machine together. It took me about 1-1/2 hours to set it up and I followed the clear, concise instructions to a "T", so for me (this time) it was easy.

I started out OK using the VigorFit, then life got in the way, stuff came up and had to be dealt with and the machine sat there for a long while in my bedroom.

Finally, all the "stuff" was resolved and this past January (2012), I decided it is "now or never" to use the VigorFit. So, I again studied the exercise guide-book, practised the exercises (practise makes perfect!), and began a daily exercise routine. I also studied and practised with the Pilates straps and the VigorFit Bike.

I can say this about VigorFit since I began to use it regularly: IT IS FANTASTIC! The exercises are varied and as one increases one's strength and endurance and does each exercise with increasing ease, one goes up to the next level of resistance. Or, one can do several variations on a theme, so versatile is the VigorFit machine and so varied are the exercise routines.

This machine is so good and the exercises are so good and the resistance levels are so good that I have yet to reach the absolute peak with Vigorfit! Even better, I look forward every day when I get home from work to exercise on the machine because the exercises are fun, challenging and, believe me, you can see results (and results are VERY important)!

I also recommend getting the VigorFit Bike which is why, I think, Vigorfit is so much fun. For example, I set-up the VigorFit Bike, adjust the resistance, set an incline level, get the MP3 player plugged into the "House Music" playlist, and then pedal away. I started out at 10 minutes, then 15, then 20, then 30; I am now up to 50 minutes without stopping! My goal is now 60 minutes. Even at 50 minutes, the time flies buy (the music helps) and when it's over, you feel like you're just getting started!

The Pilates straps are good for weekends or those times when I sense that the body just needs some good, gentle stretching. When they are done correctly and oh-so-slowly, the stretching is so invigorating and relaxing, plus Pilates helps build core strength and (I think) allows one to strengthen those muscles within the muscles for a much better, over-all fitness.

I am 63 years old and I have NEVER been as physically fit as I am with VigorFit. I receive compliments all the time. For the first time, I have ABS. I have strength. I have endurance. I am in-line skating weekends and leaving much younger people in the dust (I am skating 5-6 hours non-stop and never feel tired!)

People always ask me how old I am (because they say body-wise, I look like I'm early 30's; I say "body-wise" because my hair is almost completely white and life has given me a few wrinkles, ya know?). They ask me how I keep so fit and trim. I tell them: VigorFit (well, diet too, but I've always maintained a sensible diet (lacto-ovo vegetarian; I do not like junk food and never did--it's a moral thing with me--too many starving people in the world to indulge myself with non-essential comestibles)).

VigorFit was my choice for a home exercise gym and I have not been disappointed. And, I haven't even gotten even 1/4 of the way through all it's resistance levels and its varied exercise routines!

Also, I have spoken to Customer Service twice. Very helpful. I have asked several questions via e-mail. Very helpful. In all ways, VigorFit customer service has been fine with me.

I cannot recommend VigorFit enough! Just remember. Exercise machines do nothing if you don't use them. I recommend practising for a week or so all the exercises before doing anything. Do the exercises slowly as you learn them and how to target the muscles the exercises are designed for. It makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your workout and the results. If you do that, then when you do start using VigorFit regularly, you will not hurt yourself or get frustrated.

Fitness--good, lasting physical fitness--takes time, dedication and correct execution. Get a good diet, too. If you want to see results with VigorFit (or any exercise program), diet is very important.

So, if you're thinking of a home gym, and you don't want to pay through the nose like you would with a Total Gym (or other home gyms) AND you want REAL EXCELLENT DURABLE quality, then I cannot recommend VigorFit enough!

It is one of the BEST products I have ever purchased. I LOVE IT!
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on April 1, 2014
For a long time, I have simply gone to the gym. Recently, with family things, kids school activities, and other things in my life I have had no time to get to the gym.

I didn't want to give up and put the weight back on that I have worked so hard to get off so I bought this home gym.

I used to have a gym like this when I was in college, but I got rid of it because I didn't have room for it in my new place. Now that I have this one, it isn't going anywhere!

I love the overall build quality, it really feels like it was made for commercial use. I also love that the gym has a LOT of different activities that can be achieved by using it. You can change the level of intensity easily. Your body weight is the basis of the resistance which is excellent. It stores easily, and does't take up much room.

It doesn't take much time to setup originally. Work out on it for a few minutes every day and you will feel great!
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on January 6, 2015
I just received this machine and am extremely impressed. I had a Total Gym years ago, turned it in for a Bowflex, but still missed the type of workouts that I had with the Total Gym.
I stumbled across Vigorfit and was hesitant to buy because of the relatively low price and added accessories. Decided to purchase this with the caveat I would return it if it didn't work out.
Glad I did- the quality is above what I thought it would be. Sturdy and even double packed for shipping care. This is a well-constructed machine and meant to last for years. They even have a lifetime warranty to back this up.
Soooo....if you really like "Walker, Texas Ranger" and enjoy looking through old swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated, then buy the Total Gym and pad Chuck Norris' and Christie Brinkley's pockets and pay for their informercials. Otherwise, grow up, save money, and buy Vigorfit.
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on April 7, 2014
I live in Europe and was initially very skeptical about purchasing a product and having it shipped all the way overseas.
I was concerned as to what type of service I would receive if I had any issues where I live so far away.

My expectations have been completely exceeded.

First, despite traveling such a long distance my new gym arrived in perfect condition. My initial impression was excellent. The gym arrived double boxed in very heavy duty and secure packaging.

When I opened the box it took me less than 10 minutes to get fully set up and started with my first workout.

I found the gym to be smooth, heavy duty and fun to use.

Now, this is the part when I became very impressed.

I have a lab puppy.

The dog chewed through the ropes after owning it for only a couple of weeks. I contacted FitnessBargains and they sent me a new set of ropes no questions asked. They shipped it all the way to Europe without questioning anything and for free.

This was obviously my own fault so I would've gladly paid, but was shocked when the rep told me they would send it to me at no charge.

I give them my highest recommendation. What awesome service and what a great experience.
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on December 9, 2014
This is a Quality piece of exercise equipment. I have had a physically active lifestyle since high school and have used almost every type of workout apparatus there is. I am so very impressed with VigorFit. I have put away the weights except for those I can use on the machine. I sure don't miss the static movement. With VigorFit I get a full range of motion workout and it's most enjoyable. I really enjoy the circuit training ease of the machine. I just entered my 60's and am looking forward to having a piece of equipment that will adjust with me as I progress. Looking forward to exercise is a gift we should all value and the VigorFit provides that !!
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on June 16, 2012
Well I will be updating this post periodically giving my opinion of the VigorFit, but right now I wanted to tell you that it's cheaper($397) on their website with FREE SHIPPING, secondly the ABT($129 sold separately) add on is worthless in my opinion(I am sending it back), and I haven't decided whether the Trampoline Rebounder($60) is worth keeping either. Their customer service VIA email is the absolute worse I have ever encountered, and he/she were telling me I was the rude one, and theyhad informed me to buy from somewhere else, this is NOT TRUE, and all I did was ask questions, I actually as a LOT of questions when making large purchases like this, and I also do it to see HOW THE CUSTOMER SERVICE really is, well they get an F+ for Customer Service, Then to return it they tell you you HAVE TO use UPS/FEDEX only, with tracking number(that's automatic with these two companies) and insurance(are they going to LIE and say it was damaged? And IF it's NOT in original boxes(s) then YOU GET NO REFUND(save the plastic it was in too). But now on to the VigorFit itself, after setting it up(manual was hard to read with super small fonts, NO VIDEO)it took me about 45 minutes to set it up, that was after I tore ALL the plastic off(it's held on with the frame & bolts)I did some of the exercises on their FREE DOWNLOADABLE exercise color manual and today I feel it(not sure if its from tearing all the plastic and lugging the 80 pound contraption out of the box, or if it was the exercising(probably both)As I use this BEFORE MY 30 DAYS ARE UP, I wil update and MAYBE add more stars, but again FITNESS BARGAINS(VigorFit Manufacturer gets "0" stars for customer service
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