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on April 30, 2012
First off, I like this bike a lot. It is a good looking bike, with some really nice looking stuff attached. However, it has has some problems, and I think buyers should be aware of them.

1. The Packaging. I am not sure if they intended to ship me an open box, but they did. There is no way this box should have been delivered to a customer. The protective shields (for the axle ends) were all busted. The box was previously opened, but reclosed with a packing strap and some box tape. When I cut the strap, the box literally fell open. It was horrible.

2. The saddle will need to be replaced. I'm not sure what type of animal that seat was designed for, but certainly not a human. It is "swooped" up in the back which forces you to put more weight on the front wheel. This made the handling a little touchy, If you replace the seat, it really improves the handling, and the bike. I got a good quality, moderately priced seat from a local bike shop that gave me priceless advice on buying a seat. The improvement in the bike was dramatic.

3. Expect to spend some more money down the road for a new rear bearing. I ride it daily to work, and frankly I am not a small person. So I expected to wear out the rear bearings a little quicker than most, but not in a month.

4. You will need to take it to a local bike shop. Not only will they true the wheels, but they may find other problems. Mine had a cracked brake lever. Since those were on my "replace them eventually" list, I went ahead and replaced them. But let a pro check the bike for you.

Still with me? Ok. Now the good news. It rides great, its light, but feels sturdy. With the new seat it feels nimble and quick. I plan on getting better pedals for it, as well as other mods. I think of this as a good platform to build a really, really great bike. Maybe its just mine, but I almost feel like its got a personality.

It is really a wonderful bike, and you will get lots of comments on how it looks. But go in with your eyes open.
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on September 16, 2012
Where to start? Not going for flow, here's some points. For 270 or whatever I paid, I'm not disappointed in this bike. That said, all my other bikes are $3,000+ bikes and so the perspective may be a little off. I think if you think a 600 dollar bike (the list price) should be amazing, you may be disappointed. I bought this to have a cheap fixie/single speed for rolling around Toronto, that I wouldn't scream bloody murder if it got stolen or damaged, and that I can ride at Mini-Drome next weekend.
Unlike other buyers who had complaints about the shipping condition of this an other Vilanos (ie box in rough shape, scratches, etc.) I had no issues - bike arrived in an intact box two or three days early. There were stand-offs in all the right spots to keep the bike from getting beaten around in the box - it was well packed.
Assembly was easy, if you know anything about bikes you don't need the video (there is no manual)
The headset is running a little rough, but not bad.
The whole bike is pretty heavy due to steel frame and deep dish wheels, but it rolls nicely.
The bike looks good, as good as the pictures. The fit is a little funny - I don't have it completely set up yet but I feel like I've got too much weight forward, even though my saddle is appropriately placed front to back and I'm not otherwise uncomfortable. Might just need to bring the saddle down a little.
The wheel ajustment is easy, and it takes about 30 seconds to switch from fixie to single speed, provided you have the tools with you.
The brakes, as most say, aren't worth anything. But a cheap set of replacements will be easy. Actually, I feel like I'll probably be eventually be replacing the wheels and steering assembly on this bike too, but it runs well out of the box. Mostly I'd like a wider handlebar, and I'd replace the headset and might as well the stem too at that time. The bars are well taped, I don't expect them to come apart anytime soon.
The wheelset, unlike other Vilano reviews, worked fine out of the box. Wheels were true, spokes were not bad (will need a tune soon), and the rubber fit the rim nicely and I haven't had any trouble in about 4 hours of riding. I've been in fixie mode though, so no comments on the freewheel mechanism.
The pedals are definitley being replaced. I've been riding them upside down because I'm too lazy to take the straps off. Will run clipless mtb I think.
Anyway, I was in a rush to buy this bike. There are lots of fixes out there, but this one was the 'right now' and accpetable bike. I'm not disappointed and given a do-over, there is a strong chance I'd buy this bike again.
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on April 11, 2012
Bike packaged pretty much the same as all the "Brand" name companies. I find that you get your moneys worth for this bike. The frame's welds are very clean as well as the paint job. After I assembled it, I took a quick test ride:
- Ride quality is very nice.
- Accelerates as expected with this gearing
- Brakes are solid (levers and calipers)
- Nice crankset
- Very good job on the handlebar tape (comes installed on the handlebars, not all companies do that).
- Wheelset is pretty true.
- Wheels have rim tape installed.
- Wellgo plastic pedals with cro-moly spindle.
- Decent seatpost with single bolt adjustable mount, not a cheap bolt through clamp steel post.

Just minor things to mention:
- Chain looking like it's spray painted
- Chain does not come lubed
- Tires are pretty cheap, but decent quality inner tube with presta valve
- Brake pads were 2 different style, front was allen bolt and the rear was nut posted.
- The handle bars inside diameter is very small. I added a set of Nashbar bar end brake levers and they would not fit with the expansion sleeve on. I end up taking the sleeve off and used just the expansion plug. Used a rubber mallet and banged it into the handle bars.
- Saddle is pretty cheap, but hell what did I only pay for this ride??!

Only thing I'm gonna do to it:
- Mount a decent used pair of GrandPrix 4000 that I have sitting around.
- Switch to reverse brake levers. I'm just use to my Cervelo P2C TT bike.
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on July 5, 2015
This is my second time buying a cheap single speed bike from the internet, and this bike has been a delight in comparison. For starters, I've had this bike for about a month, and I haven't had to replace any of the parts. That's literally the reason this bike gets five stars. For no more money than the cost of what you paid for this - you have a bicycle that will take you from A to B.

Now if you want a more critical perspective, let's talk about that trip from A to B. The first thing you might notice is that this bike is heavy. Like sumo wrestler holding a pile of bricks after eating at a buffet heavy. I weighed it on my scale at 26 lbs, but while I ride, I constantly feel like something is slowing my pedaling down. On the flip side, once you get it going, it keeps going. And when you apply brakes.. well it keeps going. That being said, as long as you're paying attention on your ride, the brakes are sufficient to keeping you off the asphalt.

Besides that, the handle bar feels a bit narrow and the wheel doesn't look like it's actually perfectly aligned with the frame. It goes in the direction you point it, but the wheel seems like it's offset to the left underneath the stem some how? The tape the bars come with are fine, and the seat is nothing special.

Again - the reason this is getting five stars is the same reason you're looking at this bike. It's inexpensive and it's a set of wheels to roll around on. I just got back from a 15 mile bike ride with nothing changed (except a cup holder added to the frame). I averaged 18 mph on these super flat Florida roads, and the bike looks good.

If you get it, hopefully you have a similar experience as me, and enjoy!
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on June 4, 2012
I purchased this bike in blue, 54cm as a replacement for a Gavin Fisso that was ruined when I was hit by a car back in September of 2011. The price range was similar but the quality was not. The Gavin had put up with a year or two of light riding and then months of my commuting on it about 30 miles a day. For the Vilano I did not expect a high end bike but I did expect it to function, and it barely does this at times.

I have had the bike for just few months and have ridden it approximately 200 miles and so far had to pay around $100 in repairs. First, the tires were both bulging out on the sides straight out of the box. I had never encountered this problem but tried to push the tire back into the rim and then, when inflating it, apparently didn't notice the bulge and did not consider it's effect on the PSI because a few minutes after I put some air in it popped, loudly ($18). Next, after my first 30 mile commute on it the rear tire goes ($18). About a week later, on only a 5 mile or so ride, the front tire pops ($18). Finally, about a week ago I am riding back from a friend's and the right pedal snaps off ($40 re-tread). I have assembled bikes before and did have trouble with the pedals on this one... but I believe this was the fault of cheap equipment rather than my own mistake. I don't claim to be an expert and maybe I was just lucky with the Gavin but after thousands of miles that thing was still running strong with only one flat and no other problems. The only reason it is no longer functioning is because of the accident. This bike feels like it might not make it through the summer.

Amazon was extremely helpful and refunded me for the repairs because I actually bought the bike at a little more than the lowest selling price and it appeared they understood the dilemma in and cost of sending the bike back to them. Overall, I'm giving it three stars because it does look like the picture and is as described. There was no guarantee that the bike would not fall apart so quickly. Next time I'll spend a little more.

** Update: a few months ago I had to take this bike in for a (hopefully) final and most ridiculous/unnecessary repair that was entirely the fault of the manufacturer... the rear hub was installed backwards (I have a picture of it because myself and the guys at the bike shop I took it to thought it was hilarious and noteworthy). Because it was installed backwards it could not be removed yet it needed to be removed because it was "clicking" and generally not functioning smoothly. Yet because it could not be removed the fixed gear on the other side of the wheel had to be removed to install another freewheel (this is because I'd rather not ride fixed all of the time). Soooo.... the bike that was supposed to have a flip hub and dual functionality, actually just had a problem and now only functions in one way.

So much wasted time and money and I still don't feel safe riding this mess.
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on April 22, 2013
Love my Vilano Fixie! After a weekend of riding, I've come away with a handful of complements and a new appreciation for cycling, all with a much thicker wallet then I'd expect. Even with the hassle of having to send back the wrong color, I got my bike after 2 weeks, put it together in an evening, and was riding it as soon as the weather cleared. Clean construction, easy to tighten rear-wheel, and comfortable handle bars outweight the horrible saddle and plastic pedals. Stock tires work alright and the brakes needed very little adjusting.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to save some green, gain some attention, and doesn't mind adding a few modifications to the lower quality portions of the bike. Also flip that rear wheel around and join the fixie craze!
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on July 7, 2014
I've had this bike for 3 months now. And I see a lot complaints about the seat and the tires.

Personally, the seat is just a stock seat, which is fine for me. My butt seems fine after riding it for 30-45 mins. But I ended up buying a new seat anyway just to make it more personalized and comfortable. The tires are pretty durable. I've hit several small potholes and they are fine. You just need to pump them to the max.

Assembly is pretty easy as long as you have the tools. You'll need an adjustable(or pedal) wrench for the pedals, some allen keys (or hex key) for tightening up bolts and an open ended wrench for tightening up other things. If your going to flip the back tire to get it to become fixed-gear, you'll need a special "lockring" wrench to tighten up the gear.

It came with everything (both freestyle, bullhorn handle bars and the grip tape for the bullhorn handles) and even an extra tire air pressure cap, in case something happened to the other one during shipping I guess. And the rear wheel is automatically set to freewheel. I went with the white

- Really easy to assemble
- Looks clean and sleek
- Works just fine and feels pretty good to ride on
- The tires are still good

- Stock brakes are okay. They keep loosening up once in awhile so I have to tighten them every 3rd or 4th time using the bike. This is kind of an expended maintenance.

I am loving this bike. I find myself cleaning it and readjusting it every two weeks. I take a lot of pride in having built it and customizing it instead of buying it pre-made or having a shop built it for me.

- Avenir Cling-On Seatpost Rack
- Avenir Excursion Rack-Top Bag
- EasyAcc 500ml 3-in-1 LED Flashing Torch + Bike Mount
- Avenir Men's 100 Series Mountain Saddle
- Waterproof Silicone Wrap-Around Rear Bicycle Light Red+White

I recommend this for people who just want a new functional bike or for people who are starting to get into to bicycling.
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on May 12, 2013
I'm so tired of bike shop guys getting onto me for liking these bikes! I have a Trek road bike and a Kona Mtn bike which were both very expensive. Of course I bought those when I didn't live in the ghetto. Now that the military has moved me into this poop chute of a town, I know if those bikes saw daylight my neighbors would happily take them off my hands as soon as I left for the day.
So my requirements for this bike were as follows: 1.Cheap 2. I won't care when it gets stolen, and 3. Works. This met all 3 of those requirements. I've been scolded by 3 different bike shop owners because this is NOT a super quality machine. When I tell them my situation and ask what they recommend, we always go back to look at the Treks and Specialized, etc.. So I'm convinced they just don't get it or they have tons of money to blow. And it's not that this bike won't get stolen since thieves like bright colors as much as they like expensive names. It's just that for less the 200 bones, I won't be as pissed when it happens.

This bike is cheap and heavy for what it is. You'll probably want to replace the seat and the pedals shortly. The bike shop guys WILL give you crap, but you'll probably need their help getting the brakes and everything where they need to be. So if you need just any bike to get you to work and back or to toodle around town, this one will work. If you're looking at some serious riding you're going to have to spend the money.
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on September 25, 2014
Not the best quality bike, but for being the cheapest fixie I could find, it worked! It is a very lightweight bike, and I commuted across town on it for a long time. The saddle had to be replaced cause it was extremely uncomfortable! I added a kickstand to mine too for convenience. I had a problem with getting flat tires at first but I think a guy at the bike shop fixed it thankfully! I definitely got a lot of compliments with this bike! If you're a new fixie rider and just want something affordable that looks awesome, go for it!!
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on December 16, 2013
Purchased the Matte Red in 58cm. Opened the box and the only assembly required was bolting on the front wheel, screwing in the pedals and seat, and screwing on the handlebars, total of like 8 screws. The box was pretty much in tact and the only physical damage was a scrape in the paint on one of the wheels.

Mine came with a flat handlebar attached to the brakes with grips as well as the bull bar, but the bull bar was not taped nor does it have end caps as shown in all the pictures. I guess I'm going to have to buy that before I can give it a try. The 3 stars is a pre-ride review since I'm aggravated that I need to go buy tape and endcaps before I can take it for a spin, but I'll probably update once I've done so.

EDIT 1: Raising to 4 stars because of Amazon's customer service; received a reply(extremely fast) about the handle bars not including tape and endcaps and Amazon offered me a partial refund which pretty much covered the cost of some tape and then some. While I'm still inconvenienced for a few days until the tape comes in I'm more than happy to wait it out since the deal got even sweeter.

Once I've ridden it I'll decide if it's worth upgrading to 5 stars
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