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If you've never used a wine aerator of any sort before you really ought to try one out. Aerating a wine prior to drinking can significantly improve both the bouquet and taste characteristics of the wine. Some people even claim that aerating spirits can do the same thing,

There are several different types of aerators... some fit right into the neck of the bottle and as you pour the wine, it is aerated as it leaves the spout. These work pretty well untill that time that the aerator pops out of the neck if it's not firmly in place. What a mess that can be.

This aerator is the other type whereby you hold it over the glass and pour the wine into the top of it. As the wine goes through the aerator, air is injected into the wine via a venturi. This works quite well. The caution is not to pour the wine too quickly or you will overfill the capacity of the aerator and you'll have spillage.

The beauty of this aerator is that it comes apart so it can be thorougly cleaned. I have a similar aerator that also does a great job at aerating the wine, but it cannot be taken apart for cleaning, although it can be put in the dishwasher. But water doesn't really flow through it in the dishwasher so I prefer this one that can come apart. Unfortunately this is not dishwasher safe so must be hand cleaned. That's not a big deal since it is so small and easy to wipe clean and rinse.

Using this imparts no taste to the wine being aerated so no worries there.

This has it's plusses and minuses... it comes apart for easy cleaning but is not dishwasher safe. It does a good job aerating wine but there are others that may do a slightly better job... but the ones I've seen don't come apart. It's attractive and as it sits in it's holder, can generate some buzz amongst your guests. I also really like that a screen is included for help in removoing any sediment from the wine.

I was provided a sample for review.
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on January 14, 2014
I found this aerator to be so cool and inspiring on so many levels!

To begin with, as soon as you see the box you know you’ve purchased a classy product. Looks like a great gift to give or receive as the packaging is quite stylish. It comes out of the box as a sturdy weighty item-feels like heavy lead crystal. Doesn’t feel cheap, in fact, it feels very expensive.
The look is classy and high-styled making it a center-stage addition to your bar or your wine gatherings. So not only is this polished, gleaming aerator wonderful to look at, it’s so very easy to use: Open a bottle hold it over a glass and pour. If you’re like me, you’ll pour two glasses-one using the aerator and one without. Wow! The difference was easily discernible. The non-aerated wine was dull and sort of flat. The wine I poured through the aerator, was vibrant, with a glorious bouguet—three times better I would admit!

It comes with a neat little carry bag, which I plan to carry with me to wine tastings and other affairs I attend. What a conversation piece. Then there’s a cool stand that holds it sturdy on your bar or wine cart. This makes this not just a gadget but a sterling necessity for the wine with dinner crowd as well as the wine aficionado.

If you love red wine, you know, it needs to breathe in order to release the real flavor-this aerator by Vinara does the trick neatly, totally fast and with panache. I almost can’t think of anyone on my Christmas list that wouldn’t love to have one of these. It’ll make such an elegant birthday gift, take it with you on picnics, and I think especially, it would make a great gift for the person who has everything! It looks and feels spectacular and rich coming out of the box.

I honestly can’t find anything bad to add about it in this review other than once you have one you will want to keep the box close at hand because after your guests see a demonstration and get to use it themselves—they will most certainly want to know how to get one for themselves. If you’re like me, you just love to find a product that serves it purpose, is easy to store and shows well. I am really proud to sit this elegant, top of the line item on my bar. Now, I just say “wine anyone?” Vinara hit a homerun with this one!!
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Most red wines on the market need little if any aeration, but there are some that could. For example that wines with a higher tanin level like a Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Cabernet Savignon need more aeration. Not everyone has the number of hours is can take to decant a wine (nor the patience) and so this is where the Vinara Essential Wine Aerator comes in.

The ultimate effect of the Vinara has the same effect as decanting the wine. You simply hold the Vinara over your glass, pour from the bottle, and the introduction of small bubbles into the wine definitely will enhance the flavor of the wine immeasurably. After the wine wends its way down through the three layers of this ingenious device, you'll have a wine with a better bouquet and flavor than you'd ever expect.


► Fully aerates your wine in seconds giving it a much nicer bouquet and enhancing the flavor.
► Draws the "proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly."
► Can make that inexpensive bottle of wine seem like a much more expensive one.
► Made of a sturdy, clear acrylic with a no-drip stand.
► Includes a screen to remove unwanted sediment.
► Measures 2 1/4" (D) x 6" (H). It tapers down to approximately a 1/2" (D) hole at the bottom.

The Vinara Wine Aerator process does all this in seconds as opposed to hours. As soon as it's poured into your glass it's ready to go. The only drawback is that you'll need to hold the aerator over your glass, which can be somewhat awkward. On the other hand, it can be somewhat of a novelty for your guests. The Vinara has it's own little stand and, unlike some others, has a small screen on the top that will remove unwanted sediment. The look is actually quite sleek and classy.

The advantage, of course, is the enhanced flavor. The strainer does filter out any sediment and it has that built-in no drip feature as it's quite difficult to miss the glass. You can actually hear it the Vinara as it works. In addition, the Vinara Wine Aerator is has a small carrying pouch, and comes apart for easy cleaning.

Sample provided for review.
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on October 19, 2013
Bought this for my girlfriend who apparently already had a different brand. This one is larger, nicer, more solid feeling, MUCH easier to clean, and looks very nice! As far as the taste of wine is concerned, I'm not a big stickler but I definitely noticed a difference and it was pretty great!
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on July 16, 2013
Satisfaction is a guarantee when buying from Vinara! The product that I bought was the Vinara Wine Aerator, and let me tell you it is a WINNER! There are four main points that I want to point out about the aerator: 1) It is very stylish and comes in a very nice box that is perfect for gifts! It looks great on the kitchen counter. 2) It is very easy to put together and take apart if you feel like it needs a quick clean. 3) It is very easy to hold when pouring wine; you can hold it from many different angles. 4) Last but not least it makes the wine taste better and you can actually smell the difference as it goes through the aerator. Vinara Wine Aerator is satisfaction guaranteed!
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on November 14, 2013
This product is very easy to use and it works like a charm. The only minor, minor complaint that I have is the little screen filter on top - this thing is easily lost. It would be nice if this snapped into place.
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on January 11, 2014
I didn't order next day shipping and it was at my door in 20 hours!! The customer service is out of this world from shipping to the way the product is designed. Everything is glass, stainless steel, and a hard rubber compound. It came in a great carrying box that's perfect for a gift for your executive boss or newlyweds -even your mom! This is not a knock off, the quality is superb and looks wonderful on the counter. The wine tastes perfect AND I know wine. Make sure you buy the wine stopper by Vinara for $5.99 because it removes the air out of the bottle through a pumping motion and the bottle will last about ten days. Tried and true.
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on April 1, 2014
I bought this aerator after hearing from some people I work with how amazing it is. I love how it comes with the little travel pouch so it is easy to carry around and know that it won't get damaged.

The box is sturdy, and really makes the product stand out.

The product itself is made of an acrylic that is really built to last. It is thick and feels very durable. It is also very easy to unscrew and clean, that is very important.

I poured wine into two glasses, one of them with aerated wine had a marking on the bottom of the glass so I could tell afterwards. I blindfolded myself and drank from both glasses. There was a very defined difference between the two glasses. I am impressed! It really lives up to its name, and is a superior product!
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on January 15, 2014
I have owned the Vinturi aerator for a little over a year now, and received the Vinara as a gift. For fun, I did a blind tasting on by boyfriend before I tried it and his blind choice was the Vinara! I sampled them (we used a cabernet sauvignon) and the nose on the glass aerated by the Vinara was notably brighter and more balanced. The tasting provided the same results with the Vinara hitting a more balanced bouquet, and the Vinturi producing much more tannic notes. Don't get me wrong, I've been using the Vinturi for quite awhile and have always been satisfied, but now that I've tried this new one... I see the Vinturi spending most of it's time in the drawer.
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on July 11, 2013
Glad I picked Vinara!!

I am very happy to post this review on the Vinara Wine Aerator. First, I want to point out the professionalism of the seller. The item arrived before it was supposed to and came very well packaged so that nothing could damage the item. This just goes to show that there is such thing as good customer service; even on the internet. Now back to the aerator, there is plenty I could say but the main thing is this; IT MAKES THE WINE TASTE BETTER! The VINARA WINE AERATOR out performs my current Classic Vinturi Aerator! That is exactly why I bought it and that is exactly what it did! That is why I am glad I picked Vinara!
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